Enchanted Evening + Aura of Silence

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I'm currently working on a deck that includes these 2 cards and was wondering about something.

If Enchanted Evening and Aura of Silence are both in play, would the opponent have to pay 2 mana for every permanent card (Lands, Creatures, Artifacts, Enchantments) they play since bringing them into play would then make them a permanent enchantment through Enchanted Evening's effect? Or would they only become enchantments once they are in play and Aura of Silence's first effect does not affect them?

Enchanted Evening's text does not state that the cards need to be in play for them to be affected, so I would assume that they are still considered enchantments while they are still in their respective owner's hands.

Can I get some clarification on this?
A permanent is a thing in play. Enchanted Evening only affects things in play. Before the thing is in play, it's either a spell or just a card; not a permanent.

Evening only affects Permanents. It does not affect Spells on the Stack, or Cards in other zones.
OKay, thanks for the clarification. I'm still only new to the game and I'm just trying to see what works and what doesn't.
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