Mirrorweave + Rhys the Redeemed

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Rhys the Redeemed

Ok, I have a Rhys on the field, some 1/1 green and white Elf tokens, and a Nacatl War-Pride on the field. I put Rhys' doubling ability on the stack and use Mirrorweave targetting the War Pride.

All creatures become NWP. The tokens that became NWP are doubled.

Now, Mirrorweave's effect ends at EOT. But, do the doubled tokens created from Mirrorweaved tokens of Nacatl War Pride change to 1/1 elves like the others, or do they remain NWPs?
The Tokens created by Rhys' ability are NWP's.
They were never under the effect of Mirrorweave, thus Mirrorweave's effect ending will not affect them.
I knew it!

Thanks for confirming.
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