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can creatures be white permanants ?

lets say i have three plains and 3 1/1 white kithkin soldiers

and i play this card Kithkin Rabble

what wouldits power and toughness be ?
Every Object in the In Play zone is a Permanent.

It'll be a 4/4, you control 4 White Permanents; The 3 Kithkin Creature Tokens and the Rabble, itself.
The Plains, like all Lands, are Colorless by default.
what about the new shadowmoor hybrid cards ?

what if i had a 1/1 creature thats white /blue ?
An Object with a MultiColored Hybrid Mana Symbol in its Mana Cost is both of the Colors of that Mana Symbol.

Zealous Guardian is both Blue AND White.
Since it IS White, it'll count toward the Rabble, while it's a Permanent.
Okay, any thing that is in a in-play zone is a permanent, (enchantments, planeswalkers, lands, creatures etc.) The three tokens are white so that makes the rabble a 3/3, but the rabble also includes itself in the calculation so it is a 4/4, lands are colorless since color is TYPICALLY determined by casting cost and lands do not have a casting cost.
Edit: Feigal beat me to it
...since color is determined by casting cost.

not necessarily...

an ability of a card may specify its colour (Transguild Courier, Evermind, Dryad Arbor, Pact of Negation)
or an effect may alter its colour, but not its casting cost (Moonlace, Prismatic Lace)

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