Primordial Sage's Triggered Ability

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Primoridal Sage.

Here's my main question: If I play a Shambling Shell, the Sage's triggered ability goes on the stack. I can then respond (before the triggered ability resolves) by sacrificing the Shell and putting a +1/+1 counter on a creature. I let the Shell's ability resolve, and then, when the Sage's ability resolves, I can dredge the Shell with the draw that I got from the Sage's ability. Right?
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Primordial Sage; Spelling Counts!

You can only play the Ability of the Shell while it's In Play, under your control.
The Shell is currently a Creature Spell, still on the Stack.
The problem is that the ability of the sage triggers after the spell is put on the stack. This it'll resolve before the spell, and therefor your scarab isn't in play and can't be sacrificed.