[SHA] Stinkdrinker Bandit w/SHA card question.

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Say for example I have a bunch of warriors on the table, and a Stinkdrinker Bandit. I attack, everything goes unblocked, and then I play Mirrorweave on the bandit. All of my creatures become rogues.

Do they all get the +2/+1 bonus or not? I play the 'weave *AFTER* the blockers are declared and so maybe the bonus wouldn't trigger?
They will not get the bonus. At the time the became "unblocked attacking creatures" (ie, when your opponent declared that he wasn't blocking them), they were not rogues, so the ability will not trigger. Turning them into rogues will not trigger it either.

If you want them to get the bonus, you must mirrorweave before blockers are declared. Note, if you do this, they will all trigger for each unblocked creature, meaning they will probably get very large.
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