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Is there any way to activate Mirror Enitity's ability before, say, a Sporesower Thallid's ability, which activates during the upkeep? I'd like to make Selesnya-esque deck utilizing those. Any ideas?
The Thallid's ability triggers (not activates) at the start of your upkeep, and goes on the stack before any player gets priority. You can then respond to that ability with the Entity's. If you do, the Entity's ability will resolve first, and all creatures you control will be Fungi before the Sporesower's ability resolves and puts a counter on each Fungus you control.
Sporesower Thallid's ability triggers (not "activates") at the beginning of your upkeep (not "during"). You can't play anything before it triggers, but it still uses the stack. While the Thallid's ability is on the stack, you can play Mirror Entity's activated ability, which will then resolve before the Thallid's triggered ability.
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Whoa, that's... eerie.
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