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You can stack them, right?

So, say I have a Purity, a Sphere of Law, and Manabarbs in play. Could I tap land for mana, put the damage on the stack, and then layer the other effects so that I gain life from Purity instead of preventing the damage with Sphere of Law?

If so, in what order would I put them on the stack?
The Purity and the Law are not triggered abilities: they are replacement and prevention effects. They don't use the stack. But yes, the affected players get to choose in which order to apply them, so you can choose to apply Purity before applying the Law.

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These are not triggered abilities, but replacement and prevention effects. They do not use the stack. You, as the player affected, decide which replacement/prevention effect to use first and the other one is no longer applicable.

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First of all, of the 3 cards you mentioned, only 'Barbs has a Triggered ability that uses the Stack.
Purity and Sphere have Static abilities that generate Prevention effects; They do not use the Stack.

Since you are the affected player, you choose which prevention effect to apply first.
Then, the other would apply, but it's no longer applicable.

Thus, you choose whether you gain the 1 life via Purity, or merely prevent the damage via the Sphere.
they are replacement effects.

but replacement and prevention effects.

Where do either of you two see ANY Replacement effects from the Cards mentioned?
[indent]If noncombat damage would be dealt to you, prevent that damage. You gain life equal to the damage prevented this way.

If a red source would deal damage to you, prevent 2 of that damage.[/indent]Prevention =/= Replacement
Great to know. Thanks.

Are triggered abilities only found when a card says "When", like Spelltithe Enforcer? And those use the stack?
Triggered abilities are written as ["When," "Whenever" or "At"] [Event] , [Effect]

Thus, as long as the Triggered ability is not a Mana ability, it will use a Stack.
[indent]A Triggered Mana ability is a Triggered ability that a) does not Target, b) triggers off of a Mana ability and c) could produce Mana.
For example; Heartbeat of Spring has a Triggered Mana ability, it will not use the Stack.[/indent]