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I was looking at the preview cards and a debate started between me and my friend. Mossbridge Troll says that if its destroyed regenerate it. He says that it will regenerate if it's terrored, and I disagree. I believe that the terror's "can't be regenerated" effect will override the troll's regeneration. Can someone confirm this for me so I can smack my friend in the mouth for thinking.
If someone Terrors a Knight of the Holy Nimbus, it WILL be destroyed.

The Terror's "can't be regenerated" stops the Regeneration replacement effect from applying.
In Magic, "can't" ALWAYS beats "can". The Troll won't Regenerate from Terror.
You are correct. Since terror prevents the troll from regenerating, it does not regenerate. The only notable difference between Mossbridge Troll's regeneration and Revered Dead's regeneration is that you have to play the dead's ability to set up a regeneration shield, wheres the Troll sets up the shield automatically. In both cases, terror prevents the regeneration shield from working.
In Magic, "can't" ALWAYS beats "can".

While true, it's irrelevant at the Topic at hand.

The ability Knight of the Holy Nimbus does not state that it "can" regenerate, it states that it does regenerate.

Vedalken Orrery vs. Teferi, Mage of Zhalfir is an appropriate example of a "Can" vs. "Can't" scenario.
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