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If an auriok steelshaper with umezawa's jitte attacks into loxodon hierarch, is there any way to save the steelshaper?
Assuming the Jitte starts with no counters and you're not going to use anything outside of what has been mentioned here, no. State based effects destroy the Steelshaper before the Jitte triggers and receives its counters.
Thanks! That's all I needed to know.
By the way, am I the only one that thinks your signature is way too long and belongs into an sblock?

Edit: Thanks, that's much better.
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Prolly, but I can't make it work AND explain how sblocks work... I'll try something.

EDIT: This better?
Actually, you can put it inside the outer sblock. You just need to break up your no-parsed [/sblock] tag, since that is what trips up the parser.

inner[/sbl[/no[/noparse][noparse]parse]ock] =

inner[/sbl[/noparse]ock] =
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