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Hello all.I have a question about "Indestructible" effects."Idestructible" means :"Destroy" effects and lethal damage don't destroy it.Does this apply to "target creature gets -X/-X untill end of turn"Like,if i do Last gasp(-3/-3) to an indestructible creature,with power and toughness 3/3,will it be destroyed,or it will stay in play?
Because -3/-3 is neither lethal damage or "destroy" effect.Please answer
When a creature has 0 or less toughness, it goes to its owner's graveyard. This is not destruction, so being indestructible won't save it.
Also, please post further rule questions you may have in the Rules Q&A forum.
Because -3/-3 is neither lethal damage or "destroy" effect.

Exactly this.
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