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Hey guys, I have a quick question:

Lets say I have an Ink-Treader Nephilim and my opponent has an army of 1/1 saprolings. Now, lets say my Inky has an aura that reads "when a creature is put into a graveyard from play, enchanted creature gets +1/+1." If my opponent targets my Inky with a Lightning Bolt does he get really big or is he toast?

Does it make a difference if its my Bolt or the creatures are mine?
Regardless of who plays the bolt, your nephilim will survive and be really big.

When Lightning bolt is played targetting the nephilim, a triggered ability goes on the stack on top of the bolt. When that trigger resolves, it puts all of the copies on the stack, again on top of the original lightning bolt. As each of the copies resolve, the Aura will trigger, and its triggered ability will be put on top of the stack. All of the copies and all of the aura triggers will resolve before the original bolt resolves, and by then you will have one monster of a Nephilim.
Awesome, thats what i thought. Thank you.
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