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couple questions on blink.

Lets say my opponent plays a shriekmaw, nameless inversion, damnation, or anything that would kill my creature and I use momentary blink on my creature in response to him playing a card to destroy it, since my card is removed temporarily would it not die or would it still die after i it comes back and i use its effects?

One more quick question.. Lets say I have a riftwatcher out with 1 vanishing counter left on it, if I use blink on it does it come back into play with 1 or a new 3 vanishing counters remaining?

Thanks for any help
yes and no lol. When you opponent plays shriekmaw or nameless inversion, its effect then goes on the stack targeting your creature, you can respond by momentary Blinking your creature, when it returns to play it is now a "new" creature, and is no longer the target of the spell, so the spell would fizzle. Damnation on the other hand will still kill your creature, when you creature returns to play, damnation is still on the stack, and upon resolving it doesnt target anyweay...and boom. the only way around that would be things like Ghostway.

When you blink your riftwatcher, not only does it come back with 3 vanishing counters (new creature), you will gain 2 life on its way out and 2 on the way in.
Thanks alot for the response! I was just playing a game and another question came up between me and my friend. If I use blink on a tapped creature like lets say after I attack with it. Does it come back into play tapped or untapped?
It comes back untapped. Think of it as a totally new card.
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