Are all enchantments aura's?

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Simple question: are all enchantments aura's?

because a friend of me has blanchwood armor wich in the new version is an aura.. int he old version it isnt.

So when he uses it on bramble elemental will it trigger the ability, IF it the enchantment doesnt state "enchantment - aura"?

thx in advance

Auras are the SubType of Enchantments.
Thus, all Auras are Enchantments, but not all Enchantments are Auras.
To answer a slightly different question to the one asked.

Cards do not have the text that you read on the cards. They have the text that the Oracle database says they have. (This is a rule of the game).

If an old version of a card says something different to the Oracle database, Oracle is right and the card is wrong. To find out what Oracle says, look the card up in Gatherer or use the Autocard feature here when asking your question.

When you look up Blanchwood Armor, you will see that it is an Aura, because the Oracle says it is. Thus if you enchant Bramble Elemental with an old version of Blanchwood Armor, the Elemental will trigger.
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Also note (which I think is the question you are actually asking) all older enchant creature (or artifact/land/whatever) have all been issued errata to make them aura's.

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Enchantments that can't stay in play on their own are called Auras. An Aura comes into play attached to a permanent (or in rare cases, a player) and affects that permanent while it’s in play. If the permanent leaves play, the Aura is put into its owner’s graveyard.

Primal Rage is an example of an enchantment that isn't an Aura.

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