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Ok i no everyone hates slivers but ive been playing a sliver deck the last couple of weeks at FNM... and ive gotten out 2 Virulent sliver many time they said since i had 2 of them on the field all my slivers had poisonous 1 twice giving all of them poisonous 2 basically. and the other time i was told they dont over lap so they still only had poisonous 1.... which one is it? do they over lap or not?
Each Virulent gives two instances of "Poisonous 1" to each Sliver.
Thus, when a Sliver deals Combat Damage to a Player, they'll get 2 Poison counters.
EDIT: Nevermind.
thanks.....cuz i know the tap effects dont over lap, and i knew the +2/+2 from might slivers over lap but i didnt know that thanks
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