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regarding Shapeshifter's Marrow

If I have 1 Shapeshifter's Marrow in play and my opponents upkeep begins so that he reveals the top card of his library, in the case that it isnt a creature can I then activate an ability/play an instant to mill said card or make him draw said card in a fashion that he would have to reveal the next card in his library?

For instance his upkeep begins and he reveals a sorcery. I activate an ability on a creature I control that removes the top card of his library. Does he then have to reveal the top card of his library again or would he go ahead and just draw the next card like normal?

Also, if the card he reveals is a creature can I activate an ability that removes the top card of his library in response so that Shapeshifter's Marrow will not trigger?

The revealing of the card is either hit or miss.

While you can 'Mill' the card after the trigger has resolved...
That will not change the fact that a NonCreature card was revealed and the Marrow does NOT become a copy of a Creature.