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MY friend taps [CARD]Jagged-Scar Archers[/CARD] to deal damage to a flying creature I control. I tap [CARD]Royal Assassin[/CARD] to kill [CARD]Jagged-Scar Archers[/CARD] the ability resolves so my flyer is still alive. This is correct?
We're not sure what you are asking...

The ability of the Archers will still resolve.
Once Activated/Triggered, abilities are independent of their sources.

When the ability resolve, it'll use the Last-Known Information about the Archers to determine how much damage to deal.
Once an ability is on the stack, it exists independant of the source that made it. Killing the Archers will do nothing to its ability on the stack. When the ability resolves, if the Archers are no longer in play, the game will use the last known power of the Archers to determine how much damage to deal.

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Ohhh okay that answers my question my Flyer would still die sadly I have another question. I have two [Card]Sensation Gorger[/CARD] in play I do upkeep reveal it. I do the first [Card]Sensation Gorger[/CARD] and I like my hand so I don't do the other kinship from the other [Card]Sensation Gorger[/CARD]. But if I don't like my hand can I play the kinship off the other one to discard and redrawn four more cards? I near 100% sure I can.
When each trigger resolves, you look at and can reveal the current Top card of your Library.

If, when the first trigger resolves, the top card shared a Creature type, you can have players discard their hand and draw 4 cards.

As such, there is a new Top card on your Library.
If you want to Discard and Draw again, the NEW top card will have to share a creature type with the Gorger.
Ahhh okay I didn't know that I would have to reveal the top card again. Thanks!