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if i have frogtosser banneret and i attack my opponent

he doesnt block

play my stinkdrinker bandit for prowl cost

does the banneret reduce prowl cost??
The Banneret will reduce the Total Cost of the Spell to .
does banneret also work on suspend??

like Infiltrator il-Kor
It reduces the total cost of playing the spell; it does not reduce the cost of taking the special action of suspending it.
While taking the Special Action of RFG'ing the card from your hand with Time counters? No.

While playing the Spell during the resolution of the [Play-Me] trigger? Yes... But that's kind of moot, since you're playing the spell without paying the Mana Cost.
what if i played conspiracy stating "cleric rogue"
*dont know if i can state 2 types*

and played edgewalker

can i essentially reduce my prowl cost to zero with bannerets??

another question:
[indent]can i reduce the cost of MORPHING a rogue with the banneret?[/indent]
You can only choose one Creature Type for Conspiracy.
However, IF there was a Cleric Rogue, then both the Banneret will reduce the Total Cost by and the Walker will reduce the Total Cost by .

Face-down Creature spells do not (naturally) have a Creature Type, so No.
However, if the face-down spell got a Creature Type via Conspiracy, then its Total Cost would be reduced.

Also, the Bannerets do not affect the Cost of the Special Action of turning a face-down Creature face-up.

Finally, a lesson on the Total Cost...
The Total Cost for a Spell is figured out in a 3 step process;
  • Begin with the Mana Cost or Alternative Cost
  • Apply any Additional Costs or Cost increasing effects
  • Apply any Cost reducing effects

Thus, it does NOT matter whether you are playing the Spell via its Mana Cost or an Alternative Cost (like Prowl), the Total Cost WILL be reduced by a Banneret, as long as the spell has one of the appropriate Creature Types.