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Ok, the "combo" is these 3 cards: Swans of Bryn Argoll, Seismic Assault and Dakmor Salvage. So, I discard the salvage to hit the swans for 2. I draw 2. Instead, I decide to Dredge 2. So do I ever actually ever get to draw any cards off of this if I continue the process? Or does dredge just replace everything. I was told this works, but I dont see it.
When you deal 2 damage to the swans, the damage is replaced by you drawing two cards. You can choose to replace one or both of these with dredging. Dredging 1 card replaces a single card draw, and then you can either draw the next one or dredge another card (if there is another card in your graveyard to dredge).
You would need two Dredge cards in your graveyard to replace both draws. You can't discard the Salvage in between the draws. So, at some point, you'd run out of cards to dredge I'd say.

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You'd be drawing two cards, and replacing one draw with a dredge. Every cycle would yield +1 card drawn and +2 cards 'milled' to your graveyard
ok, thank you guys!
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