Ramosian Revivalist Vs Adarkar Valkyrie

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A tap question again! My opponent has Ramosian Revivalist in play and Children of Korlis which he keeps sacrificing them and keeps bringing them back from the graveyard after each succesfull attack i make!!! Finaly i draw my Adarkar Valkyrie and try to "steal" his Children of Korlis to end this very annoying situation...I attack and deal lethal damage to him, he sacrifices the children, I tap my valkyrie, but in responce he pays and taps the revivalist and once again the children are under HIS control What must i do to end this?
Well, first-off there are a couple of issues here...

You can't use the Valkyrie unless he hasn't already sacced the Children... once it's sacced you can't choose the creature as it's no longer in play.

If you do it before you attack, that's fine... but you really can't get out of the situation... the only real way out (barring Extirpate or Offalsnout, et. al.) is to kill him in one shot... before so he can't re-gain his life as he'll be dead...
Uh. If you had dealt lethal damage to him, then he is dead... He can't regain the life until it is lost, so I'm assuming it wasn't actually 'Lethal' persay. If you want to know the specifics of how to deal with this, then go ask in the strategy and card forum where you will get absolutely bombarded with answers.

But the other rules issue which we can answer here is that you can't target the children if he had sacced it, and your ability will fizzle if he sacs it in response.
So, just to reiterate: if his life total goes to zero or lower, Children of Korlis will not save him. He'll be dead before he can use them.

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