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Guile for reference.

The ability reads that you "may play that card...". However, in all likelihood you'll be countering things on your opponent's turn. My assumption was that this overrides the limitations on what you can't/can play when it's not your turn(sorceries/creatures vs. instants/flash), because the rules on the card override the comp rules. But I'm being told that that's not true, because the comp rules are a "no" and "no"s win over "yes"s. So... who's right?
You may play a spell whenever you have permission to do so. Normally you have permission to play a sorcery on your main phase when the stack is empty. However, that permission timing is not exclusive. For instance, Guile gives you permission to play the spell you countered while the Guile ability is resolving, so you can.
You play the card during the resolution of the Spell/Ability that's causing the Spell to be countered.
[indent]413.2e If an effect gives a player the option to pay mana, he or she may play mana abilities before taking that action. If an effect specifically instructs or allows a player to play a spell during resolution, he or she does so by putting that spell on top of the stack, then continuing to play it by following the steps in rules 409.1a-i, except no player receives priority after it's played. The currently resolving spell or ability then continues to resolve, which may include playing other spells this way. No other spells or abilities can normally be played during resolution.[/indent]
The CompRules specify default times when you can play spells. They do not say "you can never play a spell at a time other than what's listed here, if you're specifically told to do so".

Guile tells you that you may play the "countered" spell during the resolution of the effect that would counter it. You may play that spell either right then or else not at all - normal timing restrictions don't apply since Guile specifically instructs you to play the spell during the resolution. (This isn't normally a time when you could play any spell, but Guile specifically tells you that you may do otherwise.)

Note that other restrictions (such as Rule of Law or Seedtime) are not overridden and may still prevent you from playing the affected spell. (If you can't - or choose not to - play the spell, it simply remains removed from the game.)
Ah, very good. Thanks much.
Note that other restrictions (such as Rule of Law or Seedtime) are not overridden

The normal timing rules are permissions, as you explained yourself. Therefore, the word "other" is confusing and possibly misleading.
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