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I don't know what rules question to ask, so I'm going to throw out an example and if someone can explain it that would be great, and if that person can explain why it works the way it does then that would be even better:

Phillip plays Grapeshot as the fourth spell played this turn. The spell and three copies go on the stack, all targetting Bender. Phillip has a Pyromancer's Swath in play. Bender plays Plated Pegasus and everything resolves. Can Bender choose for the Pegasus to reduce the damage of each copy of Grapeshot to 0? Will the Swath then increase the damage of each copy to 2?

If Phillip plays Fireball targetting Bender and 3 of his creatures, paying a total of two mana for X (and three for extra targets and red for the cost), will the Swath increase the damage from 0 (rounded down from .5) to 2? (No pegasus this time.)

[indent]419.5a If a source would deal 0 damage, it does not deal damage at all. That means abilities that trigger on damage being dealt won't trigger. It also means that replacement effects that increase damage dealt have no event to replace, so they have no effect.[/indent]
The Player, or controller of the permanent, that'll be dealt damage chooses which Replacement/Prevention effect to apply first.
Thus, they can choose to apply the Prevention effect, thus the Grapeshot spell is no longer dealing any Damage, and the Swath is no longer applicable.

No damage is being dealt to any of the Targets, the Swath is not applicable.
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