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i have 3 Merrow Reejerey , 1 Drowner of Secrets , and 1 Grimoire Thief in play, then i tapped the Grimoire Thief using Drowner of Secrets , putting 1 card in the graveyard from the library of my friend and getting the next 3 to remove from the game by the Grimoire Thief . Then I cast a Mothdust Changeling , can i untap Grimoire Thief using the 1st Merow Reejerey then tap it using Drowner of Secrets to get 1 card from the library then put it in the graveyard and get 3 cards on top then remove it from the game by the Grimoire Thief , then untap the Grimoire Thief using the 2nd Merrow Reejerey then repeat the process (the tap, get cards) and do another 1 using the 3rd Merrow Reejerey ?
First of all, the Triggered ability of the Thief is put on the Stack above the Activated ability of the Drowner and will resolve first.
Thus, the player will RFG the top 3 cards, THEN put a card into their Graveyard.

You can target the Thief will each Reejerey trigger, and respond to each resolution by playing the Drowner's ability again and again.
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