Did I cheat?

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Played tonight with a blink/revillark I am testing and I had a revillark, mulldrifter and riftwing cloudskate in play.

Anyway, I played Wrath of God sacked all creatures and put the only 2 power creature (avalanche rider) I had in my graveyard into play.

My friend said to me, don't do that, simply put everything on the stack and send the mulldrifter and skate to the graveyard before the revillark and then get those back.

I done this but it didn't seem right.

Did I cheat?
cripes, so Wrath of God and Revillark is a pretty power combination then
You could still have put the Avalanche Riders into play and no other creature though, if you really wanted do. But yeah, when Reveillark's leaves-play trigger resolves, Wrath has already swept the board and any creatures that were destroyed can be targets.

I mean, ban Rehveillark!!!1
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Note that Wrath of God destroys all creatures at the same time; it doesn't destroy things one at a time. However, that doesn't mean that you can't get back the Drifter or Cloudskate; Reveillark's ability will only be put on the stack after Wrath has finished resolving. By the time the trigger is put on the stack and you choose targets for it, the Drifter and Cloudskate are both in your graveyard and are thus both perfectly legal targets for the ability.

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What you did works but the way your friend described it was wrong.
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