Combat damage step and Tribal Lords

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I just want to be sure what amount of damage is dealt.

Situation on board is as follows:

My attackers: Wizened Cenn, Goldmeadow Harrier -A , Goldmeadow Harrier - B.
OPs blockers, to simplify: vanilla 2/2 blocking Cenn, vanilla 1/2 blocking Harrier A.
Combat damage step, no instants/abilites used.

Combat damage is assigned: Cenn gets 2 damage, his 2/2 too. Harrier A gets 1 damage, his 1/2 gets 2 damage; my unblocked Harrier B hits him for 2.
Combat damage resolves: Cenn goes into graveyard as BSE, Harriers 're now 1/1. Blocked Harrier A dies too.

Summary: OP gets 2 damage. Only my Harrier B stays on board.

Question is: Am I correct?
Except for the fact that you misspelled "SBE", Yes. That's Correct.

SBE stands for the State-Based Effects.
Right, Kithkins with BSE would be terrible :P

Thanks for fast answer!
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