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Hi, i have several questions about spellstutter sprite's triggered ability.

1: Can you counter a 1 mana spell with no faeries in play?
In response to my opponent playing a raging goblin can i play spell stutter sprite and cancel the spell.

1(b): subsequently if 1 is true, does that mean i need x-1 faeries in play?
I have a bitterblossom on the table and 2 untapped land. My opponent plays a grizzly bears. Can i counter that by play spell stutter sprite, with 2 faeries being the one in play and one on the stack?

2: Can I play a spellstutter sprite with no spell to counter, and have it remain on the table.

2(b): similarly, can shriekmaw be played with no creatures on the field.

I apologize for such an easy question, i did skim topic headings trying to find one relevant.
When you play Spellstutter Sprite, it goes on the stack, and eventually resolves and comes into play. When it comes into play, its ability triggers and goes on the stack, and you choose a target spell for it with CMC <= the number of Faeries you control. Assuming the Spellstutter is still in play (e.g. assuming no Engineered Plague in play set to Faeries), that number will include it. Later, when the trigger resolves, it will again compare the target's CMC with the number of Faeries you control. If the Spellstutter is still in play (e.g. it hasn't been Shocked), it will still count. Assuming both checks passed, the ability will resolve and counter the spell.

tl;dr: You can't counter a 1 CMC spell with no Faeries in play, but odds are you will have a Faerie in play; the Spellstutter itself.

If you are unable to select a legal target when the ability goes on the stack, the ability is simply removed from the stack. The Spellstutter Sprite is already in play, and will remain there until a rule or effect moves it. However, if there is a legal target, you must choose one.
1) Yes. When you play Spellstutter Sprite it goes on the stack on top of the spell that you're trying to counter and it resolves before that other spell. So when the Sprite comes into play its CIP effect triggers and it counters the other spell that you're trying to counter. So you can counter Raging Goblin with the Sprite.

1b) When the Sprite comes into play and its CIP triggers you'll have two Fairies in play (Bitterblossom and Spellstutter Sprite) so yes, the Grizzly Bears will be countered.

2) When the Sprite has come into play it's no longer a spell so it can't counter itself.

2b) Shriekmaw's CIP effect can't target itself because it says "nonblack". Shriekmaw is black so it can't destroy itself.
1: Technically, no, but effictively yes. The reason is, the Spellstutter herself is in play and counts as a faerie, so you do have one faerie in play. She's not on the stack, because her ability only triggers after she enters play.

- Opponent plays Raging Goblin. It goes on the stack.
- In response, you play Spellstutter. It goes on the stack.
- Spellstutter resolves and comes into play.
- Spellstutter ability then triggers and goes on the stack.
- Spellstutter ability resolves, countering the Goblin.

2: Yes. Both creatures have abilities that only trigger after they've entered play, they're not a restriction on your ability to actually play them. The abilities will try to trigger but will be countered for lack of targets.
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