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Sorry bout not tagging but this is a rush question. If player A has Nath of the Gilt leaf out and his upkeep comes around targeting player B who has 2 cards in hand for the random discard. Say one of player B's cards is an instant, when would player B have to decide to play the instant? Can he wait until a random card is chosen to be discarded and see if the instant would be the card he would have to discard? Or would he have to play it before the card is chosen at random by Nath.....if he can play it when it is chosen to be discarded does he have to discard the other card now or not discard one of the 2 cards at all?

They would have to decide whether or not to play their instant before the ability begins to resolve.

Once it does begin to resolve, and the card is randomly chosen, it's too late
Thanks, I thought so we had some differing opinions.....
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