Alluren Urzas incubator ruling

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I'm running alluren and incubator in my sliver deck......
can I play a vampiric sliver for free if I have an alluren and incubator in play? or any sliver with casting cost of 3 or less due to the incubators effect.

I was told I couldn't because it says converted not total casting cost????
I thought it was bs?

does anyone know what the ruling is?
Urza's Incubator

Incubator reduces the cost to play the spell - it does not reduce the converted mana cost, which is the sum of the mana symbols on the top-right corner of the card.
First of all, "casting cost" does not exist.

The Mana Cost is what is written in the upper corner of the Card.
The Converted Mana Cost is a single number that represents the amount of Mana in the Mana Cost.

Incubator affects the Total Cost; It does not affect the Mana Cost or Converted Mana Cost.
Thus, it will not allow you to play Vampiric Sliver via Aluren.
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