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Hello all, I have a question regarding cards such as Barbarian Ring. Ruling 203.2b states
Ruling 203.2b wrote:
Objects with no colored mana symbols in their mana costs are colorless.

Thus lands are(unless otherwise specified) colorless. I couldn't find any rules which would change the color of Barbarian Ring when it is sacrificed(checked under Activated Effects, Colors, and in the Glossary of the Comp. Rules).

Thus I ask: When I sacrifice Barbarian Ring, is the damage dealt colorless, thus getting around cards which have Protection: Color? Likewise, would cards such as Armorer Guildmage be unable to power up a Pro: Red creature because the card itself is red, a pro: Green creature because the ability requires , or neither because the colors are cumulative?
Found my answer in
Ruling 502.7b wrote:
A permanent or player with protection can’t be targeted by spells with the stated quality and can’t be targeted by abilities from a source with the stated quality.

But this would lead to another question: Is the source the card, or the ability?
Yes, lands are colourless (unless an effect specifies otherwise).

Abilities don't have a colour - Protection stops abilities from sources with a certain characteristic. Hence Armorer Guildmage can't affect creatures with Pro: Red, but can affect creatures with Pro: Black or Pro: Green, with either ability.

When you sac Barbarian Ring, the damage is dealt by a colourless source, so bypasses Pro: Red and Circles of Protection.
Protection stops abilities from sources with a certain characteristic from targeting the Object/Player with Protection. Hence Armorer Guildmage can't affect Target creatures with Pro: Red,


If an Object has an ability that does not try to Damage, Enchant/Equip/fortify, Block, Target an Object/Player, then it CAN 'affect' and Object/Player with Protection [DEBT].
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