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i was wondering what will happen if i stole a creature middle of combat (before dmg went on the stack) with a Makeshift Mannequined Sower of Temptation. Will the creature attaking me will still assign damage to me and blokers? or will the creature be removed from combat?

specific rules citations will be apreciated.

thanks. :D
It depends on when you take control of the Creature.

Merely taking control of it will removed it from Combat...
However, if it has/been already assigned Combat Damage, then deal/be dealt Combat Damage.
can you specify which rule is this please. thanks for the clarification
[indent]306.4. A creature or planeswalker is removed from combat if it leaves play (such as by being destroyed or removed from the game); if its controller changes; if it stops being a creature or planeswalker, respectively; or if an effect removes it from combat. A creature is also removed from combat if it regenerates (see rule 419.6b). A creature that's removed from combat stops being an attacking, blocking, blocked, and/or unblocked creature. A planeswalker that's removed from combat stops being attacked.

310.4. Combat damage resolves as an object on the stack. When it resolves, it's all dealt at once, as originally assigned. The combat damage object is then removed from the stack and ceases to exist. After combat damage finishes resolving, the active player gets priority.
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