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If I O-Ring an Aura (in this case, Lignify), and then the O-Ring is destroyed, I choose to what the Aura is attached when it comes into play, correct, even though they will control it (which matters for things like Weight of Conscience)?

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The Player who's control the Aura is put into play under (in this case, the owner of the Aura) is the Player who chooses what it will be attached to.
No. The player under whose control the Aura is coming into play chooses:
212.4j If an Aura is coming into play under a player’s control by any means other than by being played, and the effect putting it into play doesn’t specify the object or player the Aura will enchant, that player chooses what it will enchant as the Aura comes into play. The player must choose a legal object or player according to the Aura’s enchant ability and any other applicable effects. If the player can’t make a legal choice, the Aura remains in its current zone, unless that zone is the stack. In that case, the Aura is put into its owner’s graveyard instead of coming into play.

Hrm. Then why isn't it worded more like Crib Swap by saying 'When Oblivion Ring leaves play, the removed card's controller puts it into play'? Don't say for space--what I just said would take less space than what it current reads.

And, could you quote the rule relevant to this?

EDIT: I hate that. >.> Thanks for reading my mind, Adeyke.

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It does not matter who controls the effect hat puts the Aura into play.

What does matter is who's control the Aura it put into play under.
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