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I know of a card that gives a creature +X+X where X is the number of forests you control. So say you have 5 forests when you bring it out, then you put another one out. Does that turn the +5+5 to +6+6? Or does it stay +5+5 because there was only five when it was put into play?
Without knowing the card I can't say for sure, but I'm fairly sure you're talking about Blanchwood Armor, in which case yes, the bonus is continuously recalculated based on what you control.
If on the other hand it's a one-shot effect with a duration, the p/t bonus is calculated when the effect resolves and is locked-in from that point on.
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yeah, if the bonus comes from a static ability such as "enchanted creature gets +X/+X, where X is...", the bonus changes with your forests. If the effect comes from a spell or some non-static ability (i.E. "target creature gets +X/+X until EoT, where..."), the bonus is locked in.

Also: If the effect would say "Target creature gains "this gets +X/+X, where..." until EoT", the bonus would change, since the one-shot effect created a static ability, which falls under case 1.
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