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Welcome to the RPGA FAQ. If you're new here and looking for some informatiion, it's our hope that we can get you pointed in the right direction here.

Much of this information is contained in the RPGA Newcomer's Information Page, but is listed here in Q&A form for quick lookup. Once you find your answer(s) here, we still recommend reading that page for a better overall view of the RPGA.

If you have additional questions or comments, please see the FAQ Discussion Thread, here. Replies to this thread are discouraged to keep the FAQ simple and concise.

1) What is the RPGA?
The RPGA (or Role Playing Gamers Association) is organized play arm of Wizards of the Coast dedicated to role-playing products.

We're here to help you get the most out of your role-playing games, by offering a variety of free RPG adventures, as well as places to play, and a way to meet new people to play with!

2) How do I become a member?
Becoming a member is as easy as finding an RPGA session near you, or at a convention, and sitting down to play. You'll be handed a membership card when you sit down, and just like that, you're one of us.

If you're having a hard time finding games near you, please try checking our event calendar.

Nothing near you, but you still want to join and possibly run events yourself? We can help you out there too. You can also simply send an e-mail to your local DCI office and let them know you want to join the RPGA, but need a membership card to do so. Give them your name and address, and a card will be dropped in the mail to you.

Offices are listed here:

North and South America:


Germany & Austria:



UK & South Africa:

Rest of Europe:

Asia Pacific:

3) How do I login to my account?
The RPGA account login page is located here.
If you're logging into your account for the first time, you will have a default password assigned to your account. This default password uses one of two patterns:
1) If you mailed in your membership card a few weeks (or more) ago, and are logging in, your password should be your state abbreviation+zip code. So, if you're in Beverly Hills, CA 90210 your password is "CA90210"
2) If your account just became activated by playing in an event and your GM entered your account the default password is "WA98055" (The State+ZIP for Renton, WA, where Wizards of the Coast is located).

4) How do I become an RPGA GM?
We no longer distinguish between Senior and other types of DMs - we simply consider them WPN Organizers. ... We continue to offer the Herald exam as a courtesy to those that would like to test their D&D knowledge... If one already has a DCI/RPGA number, the instructions for becoming a WPN Organizer are located here: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dci/wpn

5) I've logged in before, but now my RPGA# isn't working? What gives?
In August 2008 the RPGA and DCI databases were merged.
As part of this merge, RPGA numbers were incrememented by 100000000 to avoid conflicts with DCI numbers. At this time all RPGA numbers are at least 9 digits long (newer numbers are 10 digits long).
So, if you were RPGA# 1234 before, you're RPGA# 100001234 now.

If you're still getting errors that way, please contact Customer Service by filling out a ticket at http://wizards.custhelp.com .

6) What are RPGA Rewards?
RPGA Rewards are a special "thank you" available for playing in RPGA event.
Once you've signed up, when you play in an RPGA event you'll start earning RPGA points. Every four months the RPGA mails out three rewards cards for every 20 points you've earned through play. Got 24 points? Don't worry, the extra 4 points will stay on your account for the next mailing period.

7) Where can I order (more) membership cards
The easiest way to order new DCI/RPGA membership cards is to login to the WPN membership page (see #3, above) select the Wizards Play Network option, and order cards though there.

8) How many players can I have at a table?
As a general rule between 4 and 6 players however certain adventures may have specific rules. -Kithran

9) Where can I play RPGA games?
In short, you can play RPGA games anywhere!
When you become a Herald-Level GM, you'll be able to setup events and order adventure modules yourself. When you do, you'll need to setup where you're going to be playing your event. Currently the options include:
  • Home - private games for you and a group of friends
  • Retail - Public games for anyone who wants to play, typically hosted in a retail store like your friendly local game store.
  • Game Day - Public games hosted outside of a retail environment. Libraries, universities, and other settings where anyone can join.
  • Convention - Similar to a Game Day, but spanning several days of events.

This list is subject to change, as there are reports of Game Day and Retail being merged in the future.

10) Why can't I type in my local store's information for Retail events?
BillBo;17570496 wrote:
My understanding is that, since the DCI and the RPGA community have been merged last August, getting venues approved for either game now follows the general WPN guidelines and procedures. The only current difference between the two worlds is that some RPGA campaigns can be run at private homes while this is an absolute "no go" for DCI-sanctioned tournaments which have to be at public locations, even if it's your neighborhood KFC. (I'll let you know and edit this post if this is not entirely correct.)

Now, to answer the questions raised in this thread ...

– Yes, it's perfectly possible to have sanctioning privileges for multiple locations; eg, my drop down menu currently displays eight venues.

– The process of getting a new location approved is outlined here (scroll down to post #1). However, if you don't have a DCI/RPGA number yet, it's easier to sign up using this online form; a DCI/RPGA # will then be issued to you as part of the process.

– Yes, it is possible that some sites that were used earlier by GMs do no longer show in the drop down menu of available locations. This is not due to some "data corruption" that occurred as part of merge, but it's due to "data verification." The WPN data team actually looked at each single venue that had been used world-wide and checked whether they have sufficient information to grandfather into the WPN system. Minor things, like a missing e-mail or a wrong street address, could have been a deal breaker already and resulted into a removal of that particular location. So in case someone has lost a former venue, just go ahead and get it re-approved.


1) What campaigns does the RPGA currently offer?
Current RPGA Campaigns include:
  • Living Forgotten Realms - a "Living" campaign for 4E. (No set expiration)
  • Dawn of Defiance - While not an RPGA exclusive Star Wars Saga campaign, the RPGA does offer reward points for play of these modules.

2) What about published modules?

Published "off-the-shelf" modules that you can purchase from local game stores are often available for RPGA rewards play as well. While they don't (usually) apply to any of the campaigns above, they can be a great way to earn RPGA rewards for playing games you already enjoy.
Adventures published in Dungeon magazine are also typically available for sanctioning for RPGA points as well.
Modules that are written for worlds that have RPGA campaigns (like Barrow of the Ogre King in the front of the Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide) are often available as "Adaptable" adventures. These adaptable modules allow you to play those published adventures as part of the campaign (in this case, Living Forgotten Realms). That way you earn points for play, AND can earn gold and experience for your character(s).

3) What's a Living Campaign?
A Living Campaign has characters typically starting at Level 1 and only gaining experience, gold and equipment by playing adventures. A Living Campaign typically has no pre-announced end date (i.e. when Living Greyhawk started no-one knew it would end this year, currently no-one knows when Living Forgotten Realms will finish. -Kithran & Kenobi65

4) What a D&D Campaign?
A D&D Campaign has a definite lifespan (normally two years) and characters receive regular Level Bumps to bring them to a consistent level in terms of experience, gold & equipment. -Kithran

5) What about non-D&D games like Star Wars or D20 Modern?
While neither of these have an official campaign at this time, there's still hope.
Star Wars SAGA currently has an ongoing free campaign called "Dawn of Defiance." While Dawn of Defiance isn't an RPGA campaign, the RPGA has created a system to allow you to sanction your play of these free modules for RPGA Rewards points.
There's talk of a new RPGA campaign for Star Wars coming in 2009, however there's been no official word.
For d20 Modern fans, there's no RPGA campaign available at this time. Speculation holds that this is because d20 Modern still needs to be updated to 4E. However, products that have a clear fan following are those that are most likely to get support from both WotC and the RPGA. Let Customer Service know that you're looking for more products in this line, and you just might see it!

10) What races and classes can I play? Can I be warforged?

As of November 25th, 2008, here's the current list of Classes and Races available for RPGA campaigns (including Living Forgotten Realms). Choices are listed as the Option followed by the source in parenthesis, and in alphabetical order.

Please do not comment in this thread. If you have comments/suggestions/cookies to give please do so in the Discussion Thread.

  • Dragonborn (PHB p34)
  • Drow (Forgotten Realms Player's Guide p8)
  • Dwarf (PHB p36)
  • Eladrin (PHB p38)
  • Elf (PHB p40)
  • Genasi (Forgotten Realms Player's Guide p10)
  • Gnoll (Dragon #367)
  • Half-Elf (PHB p42
  • Halfling (PHB p44)
  • Human (PHB p46)
  • Minotaur (Dragon #369)*
  • Tiefling (PHB p48)
  • Warforged (Dragon #364)

  • Artificer PLAYTEST (Dragon #365)
  • Bard PLAYTEST (Dragon #369)*
  • Barbarian PLAYTEST (Dragon #368)*
  • Cleric (PHB p60)
  • Fighter (PHB p75)
  • Paladin (PHB p89)
  • Ranger (PHB p103)
  • Rogue (PHB p116)
  • Swordmage (Forgotten Realms Player's Guide p24)
  • Warlock (PHB p129)
  • Warlord (PHB p143)
  • Wizard (PHB p156)

"Special" Options
Items listed below are listed for clarification.

  • Dark Pact Warlock (FRPG p42)
  • Gnome (Requires RPGA Promo Card 1)
  • Orc (Requires RPGA Promo Card 3)
  • Shadar-Kai (Requires RPGA Promo Card 2)
  • Spellscarred - Flamespeed Initiate (Requires RPGA Promo Card 4)
  • Spellscarred - Sight of the Unseen (Requires RPGA Promo Card 5)

* - Dungeons and Dragons Insider subscription required for these issues of Dragon Magazine
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How to order/sanction events

warfteiner's guide to sanctioning events
So, we've had plenty of folks asking how to order adventures and how to navigate the "new" RPGA/DCI site. I use the quotes simply because I should've had this posted weeks ago but work interfered (doesn't it always?) and many people are now quite comfortable with the site... but this post is for those of you that aren't 100% comfortable with it and want a picture-by-picture guide!

Each image should be pretty close to exactly what you see on your screen. If the format looks slightly different, please know that I use Firefox - IE/ Opera/ Mosaic/ etc will have a different visceral look and feel, but the same functionality at the heart of it.

A few things to assume, here:
1 - You are a Herald-level DM or higher.
2 - You have basic web familiarity.
3 - ... you'll send me pie. I love pie.
4 - The images are not edited. They're goofy-lookin' 'cause it's late and I'm using Windows paint...

Here we go! Follow the circles to find the easy path!

1.) From the basic http://www.rpga.com website:

2.) The RPGA/ DCI log in. Enter your number (old-schoolers, update to a 9- or 10-digit number please) and password.

3.) Hit your event sanctioning button. Look to the lower-right of your screen.

4.) What are we playing today? Circles FTW!

5.) What type of event today? Use your drop-down box.

6.) Here are your options. Conventions will need a convention code (or so I hear; I've never set up a convention).

7.) Where are you playing? At home? At your FLGS? Your local disco? Spell it out, man!

8.) Personal data. It's not shared, and if you don't fill it out, Chris Tulach will find you... and make you work in HQ at GenCon... (and you still can't rub Dave C.'s bald head for good luck when you get there)
(so: if you want to get an RPGA-sanctioned game for Joe, Jim, Kim, and Bob on the block... make it a home game so random scrubs don't show up at your front door demanding xp and Mountain Dew)

9.) Sort the campaign files for easy reading:

10.) Add some adventures to your event order. Bear in mind that home games only get two adventures no matter how many consecutive days Joe, Jim, Kim and Bobbo keep you practicing those Iron DM skills. The little circle on the right is where you should be selecting your desired adventures, the big circle on the bottom is what you need to hit after you select the appropriate adventures-in-question:

11.) Verify your selected adventures! Few things suck harder than going to all this work only to realize that you've ordered the wrong adventures for your event (ok, so lots of things are worse but we're talking in dice-chucking terms here):

12.) Verified, locked and loaded? Awesome, let's go press that little "next" button and move on. It wants to be hit! Look at it!:

13.) Finalize it!

14.) Go to My Events!

15.) Check your email for the sanctioning number (this is mostly used when a DM has set up multiple events and gamedays). Then, inside My Events, find the event with the sanctioning number that was emailed to you and click on it.

16.) Find the adventure(s) and download it! Hopefully you have software to deal with .zip archives and .pdf files...

17.) Reporting an event is a whole 'nother animal. We can cover that later, time permitting...

So, there you (mostly) have it. It's clunky and looks like I threw it together... because I did. If there is demand I can do a whole slick flash presentation later on - but for now, hopefully this will help the new DMs or those that just don't know the new system yet.

Feedback encourages, PMs welcome, and pie suggested. Warm pumpkin, or maybe some dutch apple with caramel glaze this week?

- warfteiner.
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How to report events

warfteiner's guide to event reporting
On with the show!


First and foremost, you're gonna see this screen. Enter your DCI number and password to continue.


Next, see the circled bit that says "Event Reporting"? That's where we're headed.


Click the little bubble next to the event that we're going to report, and then click next. Yay, follow the circles! ;)


We have a choice to make at the bottom of the screen: are we canceling the event (and making sure we award no points, gold, or experience at all - to anyone!, or are we reporting the event? Choose wisely...


Enter the player and DM numbers in the appropriate boxes, and click the "Add Player" or "Add Judge/DM" buttons as appropriate. Note: a judge can also be entered as a player if there are multiple sessions for this reporting event.


If you see this, your player has indicated an invalid or non-existent DCI number. Feel free to pillage their village at your leisure. (that's right, I said it... and I'll say it again, too, when I get another bad DCI number! :P)


Review your player and judge names. If something is in error, such as that judge Alan being a big jerk that isn't allowed to judge anymore because he always tries to TPK his parties with gigantic flying aboleths and illithid vampires that weren't in the adventure (DME?), now is the time to change it. Otherwise, click the "Add Session" button and we'll marshal forward.


Here we see a couple drop-down boxes. When you click the black arrow in the "Adventure" box you will see a list of all the ordered adventures for this event (remember, for home events you're limited to two adventures total). When you click "Judge", you will get a list of people that you just entered under the judge heading, and the same is true for the "Player" boxes as well.


Here you can see that I have already selected the appropriate adventure from my drop-down menu, as well as giving that terrible DM Alan a chance to redeem himself. His players are indicated in their own drop-down menu, and I'm going to make darn sure that I credit the correct character for each player (as they're all indicated 1-Default Character, I'm hoping we're good but I can always check by opening that menu).

Be sure to record the correct total for the gold and XP gains/losses, as well as Bundle IDs and Certificates. These last two have their own vague but perfectly functional drop-down menus.

Finally, adventure questions. These should've been answered by the judge at the table - all you have to do is move those bubbles to this form. If the questions aren't answered, be sure to salt the judge's lands, and.... yeah. You get the point.


If you need to add another game session, now is the time to do so; simply repeat steps 5-10 as many times as needed until all your tables are entered. Otherwise, let's move on!


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Just so you are aware, the email for North and South America does not work. At least it did not work when I tried it.

Is there a new or secondary email address to send information to?
Muahahaha!!! I'm a Black Based Rogue. Maybe thats why I like being the DM...

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D&D Home Page - What Class Are You? - Build A Character - D&D Compendium

Just so you are aware, the email for North and South America does not work. At least it did not work when I tried it.

Is there a new or secondary email address to send information to?

People in the Americas should contact the RPGA via the customer service system at www.wizards.com/customerservice.

If the 'Email Us' tab there does not work, see this thread: http://forums.gleemax.com/showthread.php?t=1133626

Running D&D Adventurers League events in Sheffield, UK from August. Contact me for more details.

Ty much!

Also I found this thread which went into the process in detail.
What Would Galstaff Do? Random GM Tips: Three Clue Rule http://www.thealexandrian.net/creations/misc/three-clue-rule.html
Apparently the sign-up process for Private Play only GMs (who do not want to run public events at a public venue) has changed again. 

Instructions are here: wizards.custhelp.com/cgi-bin/wizards.cfg... - essentially you have to obtain an RPGA or DCI  number (the easiest way is to go to a game store which runs Magic or organised D&D events and ask for one), then you need to email Wizards and ask them to authorise you to create private play D&D events. People in the Americas should use the customer service system at www.wizards.com/customerservice - people elsewhere may find that this works, or may find that contacting their local WPN/DCI/Hasbro office is quicker. Contact details are here: www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dci/sancti...

People who want to run public D&D events can use the simpler system of filling in the form here: www.wizards.com/Company/WPN/Join.aspx

Running D&D Adventurers League events in Sheffield, UK from August. Contact me for more details.

Does sending an E-mail to WoTC requesting the RPGA card stiil works?
Does sending an E-mail to WoTC requesting the RPGA card stiil works?

Not if the recent changes to the customer service answer is accurate. 

If you want to run public events (whether that's LFR or Gamedays in any public venue, or those or Encounters in a store) you can get a DCI number by joining the WPN using the link above.

If you just want to run LFR in private, at the moment you will need to get DCI numbers for you and for your players from a store. In the future, home play of LFR will not be linked to the DCI/WPN system and you will be able to get the adventures from an alternative source (probably the LFR group: community.wizards.com/lfr).

Running D&D Adventurers League events in Sheffield, UK from August. Contact me for more details.

Well the main problem is that there are no stores in my country that publsigh DnD. So I can't obtain DCI numbers. So is there a way to obtain them somehow?
Can you tell us where you are? Most parts of the world have coverage from WPN even if there isn't a distribution deal in place. 

Also, if you let us know exactly what you're trying to do, that'll help us advise you.

Edit: Please could we carry on this conversation in a new thread? If you start a separate thread for this question I'll reply there, as this was originally designed to be a place for answers to frequently asked questions to be posted, rather than a place to ask questions.  

Running D&D Adventurers League events in Sheffield, UK from August. Contact me for more details.

The FAQ needs a lot of updates...
So is the RPGA dead?
So is the RPGA dead?

Absolutely not; it's just that all the message traffic is in a different location now.

When WotC rebuilt the message boards a couple of years ago, they established a "group" for LFR (which is the RPGA's only current campaign), and that's where 99+% of the posts now wind up.   All of the old boards were left up, however, and that's why it's still possible to post here, in what looks like a very "dead" message board.  The only reason *I'm* here to read this and reply is that, as the VCL for the RPGA, I make a point of coming back to these old boards every few days, to see if anyone's accidentally posted in the old boards, looking for LFR / RPGA info.

The new group is here:

The message boards for the group are here:

Note that you will likely need to register to join the group before you can post on the boards.

Hope this helps!
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