New York by Night II

“However, even had Orpheus achieved his aim, the help lasts no longer than the song, nor does the listening, and on no account might the song resound too long, otherwise the streams would return to their old courses, the wild beasts of the forest would again fall upon and slay the innocent beasts of the field, and man would revert again to his old, habitual cruelty…”
-The Death of Virgil, Hermann Broch
Translation by Jean Starr Untermeyer
The Children of Caine have walked the earth for millennia, living among humans like wolves among the sheep. Some “herds” are easier to manage than others and the streets of New York are notoriously good hunting grounds. But the top of the food chain is a precarious location.
Something is hunting the Kindred of New York City, and the elders are both concerned and baffled. It started off with Cainites disappearing, which inevitably was blamed on the Sabbat bogeyman that still lurked in the city. Then the bodies of several ghouls turned up mangled in the East River, literally torn to pieces. For weeks a manhunt raged through the Big Apple with fights between Kindred and Lupine, but the killer proved elusive. The closest to finding an answer was to rule out the Lupines: several Nosferatu and Gangrel who were in contact with something called the Glass Walkers have reported that the wolves were just as stumped and, more tellingly, had seen a similar string of deaths in recent weeks.
Finally, the Prince Pro Temp, Calebros of the Nosferatu, appointed a group to take charge of the investigation. A band of four neonates, Kindred who the court of Elysium could have little problem with, was sent out to find and, if possible, destroy whatever it was that stalked the streets of New York. The group was fabulously successful. They found the creature in Morningside Park and destroyed it with judicious use of Thaumaturgical flames. Their success seemed too easy, however, and it took nearly a week to confirm that the thing was dead. No new murders have occurred in three weeks and unlife is back to its usual, violent ways in the Big Apple. In the collective exhalation of relief, however, a new surprise hit the city: Prince Calebros was stepping down.
He was a wartime Prince and insisted that New York needed a more determined leader, as well as a primogen council, or the routing of the Sabbat was for nothing. A rush of bids occurred overnight but in the two weeks since Calebros went into seclusion they have boiled down to two: Hellene Panhard of the Ventrue and Carter Vanderweyden of the Malkavians. Both have the support of many of the city's powerful and both have distinguished genealogies that they claim entitles them to rule. As tempers rise and the Camarilla Kindred of New York begin to polarize, something will surely break soon...

This is a continuation of the original New York by Night game.
Character Creation
Number of Characters: 2-3 new players plus the previous vampires Mike Jonz and Lauren Raynes.
Generation: No lower than 11th please (as in 11th through 13th... that always confuses me).
Sect: Camarilla only, please. The Sabbat push the depravity a little too far for this game. Any clan within the Camarilla, though, (including Samedi, Gargoyles, and antitribu) are fine.
Synopsis: Alright, so this a Vampire: the Masquerade game using the d10 Storyteller system. It’s a call out to all of you who have played VtM or wish you could. Of necessity, then, it requires that you have the Vampire: the Masquerade sourcebook. I’m going to be using 3rd edition but I can get a hold of the 1st and 2nd ones so we can work something out I guess. I really want to allow anyone interested to join even if they don’t have as many White Wolf resources as they do d20. But first…
Caveats: One of the primary themes of VtM is darkness, depravity, and violence. It’s a game about the darkness of humanity and the depths to which people can sink. Unfortunately, that’s really not within the Cloak of Goodiness. What we can do, though, is a game of horror and paranoia, like that proposed in Heroes of Horror. Therefore, there will be no PvP fighting in this game and no evil characters independent of the fact that there is no alignment system per se in VtM. This really means that you will have to operate as a team and don’t turn on each other, although secrets are fine and even encouraged (see below).
Resources: You need the Vampire core book (and not Vampire: the Requiem… it’s too different, sorry). Beyond that you can make use of the Clanbooks, the Guide to the Camarilla, and the Player’s Guide if you have them. Other books I have to check on because I don’t want to have a flood of different sources and I don’t have everything of course.
Werewolf Character: In keeping with my “as open as possible” policy, I will accept one (ONE) werewolf character. In this, you’re limited to the core Werewolf: the Apocalypse book, the Tribebooks, and the Book of the Weaver. This character is a bit of a stretch so you have to come up with a reason why your Lupine is helping Leeches. I provided a bit of a hook in the intro (i.e. he’s probably just teaming up against whatever is tearing people apart on the streets of New York) but the no PvP counts doubly for Lupines.
Secrets: When you make your character, please just post the physical description of that character outside of spoilers. The character background and sheet should be hidden to increase the secrets that everyone is keeping from each other. These vampires may be cooperating, but they don’t have to like or trust each other. Everyone’s on their honors to not look through other people’s characters, or to ignore what’s there if they do.


Approved by seTiny.
Influence, Status, and Allies
I'm going to be using rules for these Backgrounds which more directly match those in the Mind's Eye Theater version of VtM than the actual rulebook. If you know what Mind's Eye Theater is, note that this is a modified system so there's no betting of traits or rock, paper, scissors to figure stuff out. If you don't know MET, don't worry about that last sentence.
The point is to somewhat clarify these backgrounds, as they can be a bit confusing. Basically they fall into several categories which are independent but related, like Knowledge or Craft in DnD 3.5e. Note that this doesn't include Contacts; those are people you can tap for favors, though it's up to the Storyteller to decide if they can actually come through on that favor. It's a good idea to concentrate your Backgrounds as well, putting dots into Influence, Status, and Allies all in Transportation, for example. Having Status in Transportation but no Allies to tap and having some clandestine Influence in the Church but no Status with individual members are both rather limiting situations. Generally-speaking Influence will let you pull strings, Allies will give you a direct line into one of the spheres below, and Status will give you some noteriety in those spheres. What's the difference? Well, oftentimes nothing. Having Influence in the Police will allow you to get someone released from jail on a technicality, for example, while Allies will allow you to call the chief and ask him to let the person out. Both situations will achieve the same goals so both Backgrounds will be useful there. However, if you get stopped on the streets by the police, Influence won't do you much good but Status would be very useful ("Don't you know who I am?").
Generally, you want to use (that is make a roll for) each Background about once a day. The more you use it (any of the types) the more you risk someone noticing (whether Kindred, Garou, mage or mortal). If you have to call the police chief three times in a night to get you off the hook with some local patrolmen, go for it. Just keep in mind that you're risking the mayor or some highly-placed officer wondering who is calling the chief at all hours, and why does he issue strange orders after every call?
The spheres of society, as well as what you can expect to do at each level, are as follows. Bear in mind that tasks may be much easier or harder depending on the specific Background:

Bureaucracy (Government officials, city infrastructure)
1 Dot Trace utility bills
2 Dots Fake a birth certificate or driver's license; disconnect a single small residence's utilities; close a small road or park, Get public aid ($250)
3 Dots Fake a death certificate, passport or green card; close a public school for a single day; shut down a minor business on violation
4 Dots Initiate a phone tap; fake land deeds; initiate a department-wide investigation
5 Dots Start, stop or alter a city-wide program or policy; shut down a big business on a violation; rezone areas; obliterate records of a person on a city or county level

Church (A particular mainstream religion)
1 Dot Gather names of most secular members of a given faith in the local area; pass as a member of the clergy; peruse general church records (baptism, marriage, burial, etc.)
2 Dots Identify higher clergy members; suspend lay members
3 Dots Open or close a single place of worship; find the average faith-associated hunter; dip into the collection plate ($250); access private information and archives of religious institutes
4 Dots Discredit or suspend high-level clergy members; manipulate regional branches of the religion
5 Dots Organize major protests; access ancient faith's lore and knowledge

Finance (Business world, banks, lending firms)
1 Dot Learn about major transactions and financial events; raise capital ($1,000); learn about economic trends; learn real motivations for many financial actions of others
2 Dots Trace an unsecured small account; raise capital to purchase a small business (single, small store)
3 Dots Purchase a large business (a few small branches or a single large store or service)
4 Dots Manipulate local banking (delay deposits, some credit rating alterations); ruin a small business
5 Dots Control an aspect of city-wide banking (shut off ATMs, arrange a bank "holiday"); ruin a large business; purchase a major company
Note: Resources represents your actual assets; Financial Influence (or Status or Allies) represents how tied-in you are to the economic world of the city. Someone might have millions, for example, but they are as in the dark about major business mergers and situations as the average citizen. As another example, you might be able to purchase a business on your own with Resource 5 but you'll have to walk in with a boatload of cash and make an offer. Having some dots in Finance can let you do this without anyone noticing...

Health (Hospitals, city clinics, therapists)
1 Dot Access a person's health records; fake vaccination records and the like; use public functions of a health centers at your leisure; get a single Blood Point of mortal blood
2 Dots Access some medical records; have minor lab work done; get a copy of a coroner's report; instigate minor quarantines
3 Dots Corrupt results of tests or inspections; alter medical records
4 Dots Acquire a body; completely rewrite medical records; abuse grants for personal use ($250); have minor medical research performed on a subject; institute large-scale quarantines; shut down businesses for "health code violations"
5 Dots Have special research projects performed; have people institutionalized or released

High Society (Celebrities, fancy parties and events)
1 Dot Learn what is trendy; obtain hard-to-get tickets for shows; learn about concerts, shows or plays well before they are made public
2 Dots Track most celebrities and luminaries; be a loval voice in the entertainment field; "borrow" idle cash from rich friends ($1,000)
3 Dots Crush promising careers; hobnob well above your station
4 Dots Minor celebrity status
5 Dots Get a brief appearance on a talk show; ruin a new club, gallery, festival or other posh gathering
Note: This is different from Fame which is your own personal celebrity. You can conceivably be the most recognized face in Europe but have no idea who is throwing what party. This is especially true of vampires; you likely have other concerns on your mind.

Industry (Factories, blue-collar workers, unions)
1 Dot Learn about industrial projects and movements
2 Dots Have minor projects performed; dip into union funds or embezzle petty cash ($500); arrange small accidents or sabotage
3 Dots Organize minor strikes; appropriate machinery for a short time
4 Dots Close down a small plant; revitalize a small plant
5 Dots Manipulate large local industry

Legal (Law firms, court system, licensing offices)
1 Dot Get free representation for minor cases
2 Dots Avoid bail for some charge; have minor charges dropped
3 Dots Manipulate legal procedures (minor wills and contracts, court dates); access public or court funds ($250); get representation in most court cases
4 Dots Issue subpoenas; tie up court cases; have most legal charges dropped; cancel or arrange parole
5 Dots Close down all but the most serious investigations; have deportation proceedings held against someone

Kindred (Vampire politics and plots)
1 Dot Gather latest Kindred gossip; learn where common hang-outs are
2 Dots Inquire about the status of individuals
3 Dots Negotiate an audience with the Prince; gain pardon for minor offense
4 Dots Gain a private audience with the Prince; manipulate the appointment of offices (Harpy, Scourge, etc.)
5 Dots Get individual Kindred banned or accepted within the city
Note: A similar sphere of power exists in other supernatural creatures' communities (such as the Garou or mages).

Media (Television, radio, sometimes the internet)
1 Dot Learn about breaking stories early; submit small articles (within reason)
2 Dots Suppress (but not stop) small articles or reports; Get hold of investigative reporting information
3 Dots Initiate news investigations and reports; get project funding and waste it ($250); ground stories and projects
5 Dots Broadcast fake stories (local only); kill small local articles or reports completely

Occult (Fringe religions, arcane information, supernatural creatures)
1 Dot Contact and make use of common occult groups and their practices; know some of the more visible occult figures
2 Dots Know and contact some of the more obscure occult figures; access resources for most rituals and rites
3 Dots Know the general vicinity of certain supernatural entities and (possibly) contact them; access vital or rare material components; milk impressionable wannabes for bucks ($250); access occult tomes and writings; research a Basic ritual from your clan
4 Dots Research an Intermediate ritual from your clan
5 Dots Access minor magic items; unearth an Advanced ritual from your clan

Police (Law enforcement, private detectives)
1 Dot Learn police procedures; hear police information and rumors; avoid traffic tickets
2 Dots Have license plates checked; avoid minor violations (first conviction); get "inside information"
3 Dots Get copies of an investigation report; have police hassle, detain or harass someone; find bureau secrets
4 Dots Access confiscated weapons or contraband; have some serious charges dropped; start an investigation; get money, either from the evidence room or as an appropriation ($1,000)
5 Dots Institute major investigations; arrange setups; instigate bureau investigations; have officers fired

Political (Individual politicians, elections, government policies)
1 Dot Minor lobbying; identify real platforms of politicians and parties; be in the know
2 Dots Meet small-time politicians; garner inside information on processes, laws and the like; use a slush fund or fund-raiser ($1,000)
3 Dots Sway or alter political projects (local parks, renovations, small construction)
4 Dots Enact minor legislation; dash careers of minor politicians
5 Dots Get your candidate in a minor office; enact encompassing legislature

Street (Gangs, street people)
1 Dot Open an ear for the word on the street; identify most gangs and know their turfs and habits
2 Dots Live mostly without fear on the underside of society; keep a contact or two in most aspects of street life; access small-time contraband
3 Dots Get insight into other areas of Influence; arrange some services from street people or gangs; get pistols or uncommon melee weapons
4 Dots Mobilize groups of homeless; panhandle or hold a "collection" ($250); get hold of a shotgun, rifle or SMG; have a word in almost all aspects of gang operations
5 Dots Control a single medium-sized gang; arrange impressive protests by street people

Transportation (Bus and subway systems, taxi services)
1 Dot Know what goes where, when and why; travel locally quickly and freely
2 Dots Track an unwary target if he uses public transportation; arrange passage safe (or at least concealed) from mundane threats (robbery, terrorism, sunlight, etc.)
3 Dots Seriously hamper an individual's ability to travel; avoid most supernatural dangers when traveling (such as Lupines)
4 Dots Shut down one form of transportation (bus lines, ships, planes, trains, etc.) temporarily; route money your way ($500)
5 Dots Reroute major modes of travel; smuggle with impunity

Underworld (The mob, drug dealers, bookies)
1 Dot Locate minor contraband (knives, small-time drugs, petty gambling, scalped tickets)
2 Dots Obtain pistols, serious drugs, stolen cars; hire muscle to rough someone up; fence stolen loot; prove that crime pays (and score $1,000)
3 Dots Otain a rifle, shotgun or SMG; arrange a minor "hit"; meet with someone in "the Family"
4 Dots Make white-collar crime connections
5 Dots Arrange gangland assassinations; hire a demolition man or firebug; supply local drug needs

University (Academics, educational institutes)
1 Dot Know layout and policy of local schools; have access to low-level university resources; get records up to the high school level
2 Dots Know a contact or two with useful knowledge or Abilities; have minor access to facilities; fake high school records; obtain college records
3 Dots Call in faculty favors; cancel a class; fix grades; discredit a student
4 Dots Organize student protests and rallies; discredit faculty members
5 Dots Falsify an undergraduate degree
Mike "Flash" Jonz

Michael "Flash" Jonz
Not quite the picture I'm looking for, but I'm still on it

"Well, I'm just a modern guy
Of course, I've had it in the ear before
And I've a lust for life (lust for life)
cause I've a lust for life (lust for life)
Got a lust for life
Yeah, a lust for life
I got a lust for life
A lust for life"
Lust for life - Iggy Pop / David Bowie

XP = 2 + 5

Public Knowledge
Underground singer of the "Arms of Fire" band.

DM's Information

Personality :
Mike is a driven man, looking for something. Currently, he fills his time trying to better his neighborhood. He had always been miserable in there, and he wants no one to feel as he did. He feels like he has failed his life twice, once when he took over the gang, then when he was Embraced and given some place within the Toreadors. Now, he want to make up for the lost time, and redeem himself.
He still has not yet completly learned to cope with the fact that he has to do some evil for sure in order to do some good eventually. Like feeding...
He respects people that are as driven as he is, though he may oppose them if he thinks it can further his cause. He does not despise people lost, and soft, because he has long been as they are.
He has not yet grown completly past by the fact that he had to live miserably because of other's egoism (as he sees it), and resents many of those that did not do a thing then, even though he needs them now to accomplish his goal.

Background :
Before Embrace :
Born in the Bronx, lived poor. Parents were former textil worker, fired when industry moved to South Asia in the 70s. They never recovered, and barely managed to raise their only son, doing small jobs here and then. Mike was unsatisfied with his life, but didn't know what he looked for.
Since he never had any money, he'd always been confined to the Apple, and he'd never known anything else. Of course, he knew there was something beyond those grey and red walls, but what it really was... so he imagined things, and tried to be as happy as possible given what few choices he had. He used to draw elephants and tigers, bears and dragons and whales on the walls. Sometimes, he even draw with two young neighbours of his, Helen and Joan, but when Helen got shot to death, he and Joan were never able to keep on pretending happiness.
When he turned twelve, he entered a gang, mainly to be around people, and find protection. He found that comradship went hand-in-hand with violence. He got to drugs because it was better than walking around purposeless. He found that deep within a shot lied a break from the shadows of gloom around him. He got to fights and illegality because that was how to garner respect, and some semblance of friendship in his gang. He found that beat was better than being beaten, in more than one way. He began singing because it was a good way to get laid. And that's when life really began for him...
At the very beginning, it was hard to get a real band working. What with the gang, and the public, and the songs, and all. But since some seemed to like it, he, Tom and Matt managed to steal real instruments, and even created a real brand new song "All through the Fire". Whether he was really gifted for singing, or he really opened his soul to the public, it was a quick hit anyway. He quickly became a beacon of inspiration for many people around him, even from outside the gang, though he never really got a hang on why.
Yet, there was a downside. He was making his gang famous, which meant it was a target. When some portorican rival killed "Strong Moe", the former leader, he was chosen by wide acclaim as their new leader. Yet, he had no idea on what to do with his newfound influence. He merely let things go on as they did before. Proved no real leader, though he tried to keep things in hand.

The Embrace :
Was targeted by Jean, a Brujah who thought he displayed the proper anger against the establishment, and had the ability to rally people to his cause. Since he moved people, he would be able to strengthen their side.
Yet, he had been remarked by a young toreador named Isobel too, who had a crush on him, and furthermore wanted nothing more than to spite the Brujah. So, she petitioned the Prince, who granted the right of Embrace, if only because she had obeyed all the rules, and had waited long enough. And because he wanted to prevent Isobel's Sire to expand his own network through Isobel's choice of Embracee. Of course, when Ewan, the named Toreador found out, he was disgruntled, to say the least. So he set out to off Michael, the quicker to beg for another choice in Isobel's name.
An evening, she plaid the innocent doll, that wanted to 'meet' her idol in a private fashion. Mike happily complied, and when they were in the heat of things, Isobel began drawing his blood, to spice things up. Of course, Mike was frightened, but he had no choice, for she was too strong, and he didn't really wanted to fight her back. Plus, it was a comfortable way to die. Only he didn't die... she merely left him to lay, with a phone number, and "Call me" written on it. Of course, he was frightened, so he didn't do it at once. But when he found out that he had slept all through the day, and that he had no lust for anything but blood anymore, well, it was too much for him, and he begged her for an explanation. She was only too pleased to have her idol asking for a meeting, and so granted it.

After Embrace :
Isobel began explaning things. What he had become, what were the main rules. That he was such a great artist.
Mike denies it, and begins getting distant from her. Yet, he can't find solace in his gang anymore. Of course, he's abused by more experienced Kindred, and he goes back to her. Isobel is very glad, and begins 'petting' him. After a time, she gets bored, and dumps him. He leaves with Anarchs, since he doesn't want to be abused again. Roams the roads wild and free, meets Anarch all over the US...
It wasn't about to last, though. One night, in St-Louis, he made the mistake to sing again, for he felt a longing for NY again. He gave one hell of a show on a local scene, but he got seen by more than one supernatural entity. That night, a local pack of Lupines tried to off him, while some Sabbat thugees tried to recruit him. He would have died if not for their help, and he remains thankful to this day. John, Mai and Dool were kind of a freak show, the fun factor notwithstanding. Yet they were fair and square with him, and not only saved Mike, but they tried to enlighten him too, about what it really meant to have become a 'Nightshifter'. "We're on to True Enlightenment, ya know ?", "We understand what's our real place in this world !" They talked him into reading about their so-called "Path of Honorable Accord", and after a few days, well, it no longer seemed so bad, this Sabbat thing. Of course, nowhere in there is it forbidden to kill, or steal, or lie. And they did all this, so long as it was within their own limited framerate of morality. So Mike left them, and kept on his road toward NY.
He had found his purpose, during his trip to San Francisco, and back. To use at last the gifts he'd been given, and to make something worthwhile of it. So he tried to become accepted on the fringes of the Camarilla, the better to change it from "within". Get what he wants, and not get soiled. Get power, and use it to improve his neighborhood, the one place where all that had been nice and precious to him had happened. Too bad he had told about his meeting with the Sabbat, that they didn't seem so bad, since they saved him. Nor that Mai seemed to have had a crush on him, too... not that it mattered much anyway when Prince Calebros called for him, and spoke about what amounted to a death kiss...
Expand on how he got his new motivation.
Talk about what was precious / nice during his like in the Bronx. Expand on the 'Lust for life' theme.

The Sheet :

Flaws : 6 points
Enemy (my grand sire). 2 points. VtM, p300.
Sympathizer. 1 point. GttC, p77.
Recruitment Target. GttC, p77.
Rival Sires. 2 points. GttC, p78.

Merits : 4 points.
Lucky. 3 points. VtM, p301.
Friendly face. 1 point. GttC, p73.

Freebie points : 15+2
Generation : 1
Obfuscate : 7
Willpower : 4
Dexterity : 5

XP spent : celerity 2; Stealth 2

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Name: Mike "Flash" Jonz Nature: Architect Generation: 11<br /> Player: Thot Demeanor: Rebel Haven: An abandoned warehouse<br /> Chronicle: NYbN Clan: Toreador Concept: Singer without purpose<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> 7/5/3 Physical Social Mental<br /> Strength @@OOO Charisma @@@@O Perception @@@OO<br /> Dexterity @@@OO Manipulation @@OOO Intelligence @@OOO<br /> Stamina @@OOO Appearance @@@@O Wits @@@OO<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> 13/9/5 Talents Skills Knowledges<br /> Alertness @OOOO Animal Ken OOOOO Academics OOOOO<br /> Athletics @OOOO Crafts OOOOO Computers @OOOO<br /> Brawl @@OOO Drive @OOOO Finance OOOOO<br /> Dodge @@OOO Etiquette OOOOO Investigation @OOOO<br /> Empathy @@OOO Firearms @@OOO Law @OOOO<br /> Expression OOOOO Melee OOOOO Linguistics OOOOO<br /> Intimidation @OOOO Performance @@@OO Medicine @OOOO<br /> Leadership @OOOO Security @OOOO Occult @OOOO<br /> Streetwise @@OOO Stealth @@OOO Politics OOOOO<br /> Subterfuge @OOOO Survival @OOOO Science OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Backgrounds 5 Disciplines 3 Virtues 7<br /> Contacts____________ @OOOO Auspex____________ @OOOO Conscience @@@@O<br /> Fame________________ @OOOO Celerity__________ @@OOO<br /> Generation__________ @@OOO Presence__________ @OOOO<br /> Herd________________ @OOOO Obfuscate_________ @OOOO Self-Control @@@OO<br /> Resources___________ @OOOO __________________ OOOOO<br /> Retainers___________ OOOOO __________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO __________________ OOOOO Courage @@@OO<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Merits/Flaws Path of Humanity Health<br /> Flaw_ Enemy (grand-sire)___<br /> Flaw_ Sympathizer__________ Bruised []<br /> Flaw_ Recruitment Target___ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ O O O Hurt -1 []<br /> Flaw_ Rival Sires__________ Injured -1 []<br /> _____ _____________________ Willpower Wounded -2 []<br /> Merit Lucky________________ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ O O O Mauled -3 []<br /> Merit Friendly Face________ [][][][][][][][][][] Crippled -5 []<br /> _____ _____________________ Incapacitated []<br /> _____ _____________________ Bloodpool<br /> _____ _____________________ [][][][][][][][][][] Experience Total _______<br /> _____ _____________________ [][][][][][][][][][] Experience Spent _______<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Paths Rituals<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Inventory<br /> Weapon Dmg Range Other<br /> Revolver, Lt____________ 4______ 12___ Rate : 3; Clip : 6; Conceal : P_____<br /> Knife___________________ Str+1__ /____ Conceal : J_________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ____________________________________<br /> Armor Bashing Lethal Aggravated ____________________________________<br /> Clothing 1______ 1_____ 1_________ Penalty : 0_________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Retainer Purpose Transportation<br /> None yet_______________ Soon, an agent Bike________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Allies Contacts<br /> No real ally__________________________ Matt, former member of his band, thug<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Herd Resources<br /> 3 fans, addicted to the Kiss__________ Some from disks and concerts________<br /> ______________________________________ Some from stealing__________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Boons Type Blood Bond Drinks Taken<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> <br /> Haven Location<br /> Abandoned Warehouse___________________________ Bronx____________________________<br /> ______________________________________________ _________________________________<br /> ______________________________________________ _________________________________<br /> <br /> <br /> Languages_______________________________________________________________________<br /> <br /> Anything_Missing________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________

Personal Advice to a fellow VtM DM :
1) IMHO, you should consider banning those Merits and Flaws :
Unbondable, VtM p300
Hidden Diablerie, GttC, p79.
Additional Discipline, GttC, p79.
2) Never ever make a roll with a Difficulty of 10. 10 means that whatever your capacities, whether you roll 10 dices, or 1, you got the same chance in the end... Make 9 the greatest difficulty, and increase the number of successes required if you feel you must.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes ?

Joseph Myron


Art by suzi9mm@deviantart

Joseph Myron is tall and lean. His black hair is cut short and efficient, and the beard is neatly trimmed. While his eyes are brown, his skin is lighter than most, though not unnaturally so. He favours white shirts and nicely tailored jeans, and either a simple leather jacket or a black duffel coat, depending on the weather. Overall, most of his clothes are either black, grey or white in color, and his wardrobe tends to seem like it belongs to a middle class businessman. He walks with a certain care in his steps, making sure that he doesn’t get in the way of someone. Though he rarely shows it, Joseph has a pair of large scars the left side of his chest, which runs long the ribs and ends on his back. The scars seem to have been made by some large predator, a tiger during one of his journeys in India is the official story. Another scar, this time a bullet wound, sits right where his heart should be. A memory from Afghanistan is what he calls that one, though most would realize that none would survive from such a wound under normal circumstances. On his right arm, directly below the shoulder he has tattooed black figures. The first one is a stylized wolf's head, while the other two are equally simple roses.

Joseph is a careful man. Part of it comes from his military training, but an equal part was hammered into him during his stay at Alamut. He rarely acts rashly, and prefers to engage in both conversations and combat on his own terms and on familiar ground. He believes fully in the teachings of ur-Shulgi and his Sire Hashan and though it would pain him greatly he would probably sacrifice himself for one of them. The security in the Children is the only stable thing in a bizarre world and nothing is allowed to threaten the Clan as long as Joseph can do something about it. He realizes his limits though, and does not hesitate to call for advice or even assistance from Alamut of the situation so requires. His relationship with his Sire is currently quite good, but very professional since he is an agent and Hashan is his commanding officer. He is suspicious towards the Separatist, but he would rather trust one of them, than Kindred from another clan, whom he sees as oath breakers and traitors. Most of them should be killed on sight and the others locked in until they see the wisdom of the Children of Haqim. While not kind and gentle towards mortals, he avoids harming them if possible and he rarely takes blood from the same person twice.


Joseph Myron

Joseph was born in the UK, more specific in London, the winter 1980. His parents were Eric and Stine Myron, his father was English by birth, his mother Norwegian. At the age of 2 the family moved to New York, where his mother had got a new job as a librarian at the N.Y Library. Joseph grew up in Bronx, close to the Hudson River. He did fairly well in school, but there was nothing special about the boy, besides that he had a knack for getting himself in trouble, and using his fists to get out of it again. He graduated from High School, and his grades were decent enough to get him into college, but instead he chose to enlist. His father on the other hand had envisioned his son as a future lawyer or engineer broke all contact with Joseph. The father and son had almost none contact at all, until late summer 2001, when Joseph got the news that his mother had died in cancer. At the funeral, the young man and his father finally made peace and began to make up for the lost years.

This reunion of sorts didn’t last long however, in the early October 2001 the war against Afghanistan began, and Joseph was among the first troopers dispatched. He did three terms during that war, and in the last one he was promoted to Corporal. One week before the end of his third term, Myron and his squad was sent on a ‘sweep and clear’ mission in the south-west of Afghanistan. Intelligence reported that a group of terrorists who had attacked a supply convoy earlier that week hid in an abandoned village, twenty three miles from the Iranian border. At 23 pm on the 13: th of March, Myron’s team, together with three other led the assault, and in the beginning everything went according to the plan. But as the squad broke into a house, they were met by fierce resistance, and as they fought their way inside they were ambushed by another group of enemies. Within seconds almost the entire squad was down, the two uninjured marines managed to get out of the immediate danger and called for help. Joseph however got shot down among the first and fell unconscious, bleeding heavily from a wound in his side.

When he woke up again, his injuries had been cleaned and he was tied to a simple wooden chair. The camera and the lights told him all that he needed to know. He was a captive, and soon he would be dead. There were four men in the room, all of them were armed. One turned on the camera, while another began to speak. Joseph recognized the language and he could already guess what the translation would look like. The man that had turned on the camera picked up a large knife from a table nearby, the blade was rusty and looked dull. They didn’t have time for more than a single cut, on his left cheek, but it was enough to make him cry and scream in agony. He didn’t have the same resistance to pain then as now. Right before the second cut a fifth man entered the room. He was of average height and weight, but he carried an aura of command around himself. The others halted, and with a single word he dispatched them. As the rebels walked silently out of the room, the man switched off the camera and the lights. The room was suddenly almost completely dark, the only light source being a faint lamp in the hallway outside.

“So... Joseph Myron, right?“
A nod.
“And do you know in how much trouble you are right now?”
Again, a single nod.
“Good. Now, I suggest you listen closely, for I am going to offer you something special. Something most people in your situation don’t get. A choice.”
Silence, and then the nod.
“The choice you have are either to stay here, with the men that just left. If you choose this, you will die. Slowly. You death will be sent to all the big TV companies and you mother will watch you die on the news tonight.”
“My mother is dead.”

The words were his first attempt to fight the man, but they carried no power and the man simply waved them away.
“I see. Well, that does not matter; the point is that you will die. Tonight.”
Silence for another second, so that the words have the time to sink in, to get a steady grip of his mind.
“The other choice you have is to come with me. To forsake your friends, family and the rest that defines you as who you are. You will be forgotten, another soldier lost in a worthless war. It will take years until you see your homeland again and when you do, I doubt that you will have any wishes at all to visit those who you hold dear. A harsh deal, but certainly it is better than nothing.”
“Yes, it is.”
“So, you accept then?”
“I do.”

There was a hint of motion and suddenly the man was standing right next to him, fangs bared.
“Welcome, then, to the Children of Haqim.”
And then there was darkness again.

When he awoke again, it was because the truck came to a sudden halt. His head smashed against the metal wall, and he cursed loudly. Then he opened his eyes, not that it made a lot of difference, the crate that he lay in was sealed shut, no light and probably no air leaked in. That’s when he panicked for the first time. When he finally managed to get his bearings again, he realized that the wounds on his body had healed completely. So he must have been out for at least a month, probably more, which meant that he could be anywhere on the earth right now. He suddenly found himself craving something. He wasn’t sure of what, but the hunger was there, gnawing on the inside, begging to be released. He fought it back, dismissed it as a side-effect of the healing and the fact that he had been unconscious for at least a month. The truck came to a halt, the crate, or cage that he was in was lifted off and rolled away. He could feel the different motions and guess what happened. All this time the lust, the hunger grew. Then there was silence, not a sound, no footsteps, nothing. It became harder and harder to control the hunger, to hold it inside. He began to scratch the walls, punch at them until his knuckles bled. He screamed and begged and asked them to let him out and all the time the monster inside him fought to be released. And then he could not resist any longer. With a scream that could have been a thousand years old the beast clawed free inside him and took control. He punched and kicked and raged until not even his newfound strength and endurance could keep him standing any more. Then he fell unconscious.

He woke up with the man was standing over him, pouring blood into his mouth. He drank eagerly, the taste of it was the sweetest, most addictive he had ever had.
“Now you know what it is to loose control. That is something that you cannot allow to happen, not in this clan, not with me as your Sire.”
And Joseph begged for an explanation, and what he asked for he got. His sire, who called himself Hashan told him of the Kindred and of the Children of Haqim. He told Joseph about Cain and Vitae, the Sabbath and the Camarilla. They spoke about the disciplines that made him special in a world where the possible took the impossible by the neck and threw it out the window. It wasn’t hard to convince Jsoeph to let go of his old life. He easily adapted to the nocturnal predatory life as a Kindred, maybe because he was surrounded by ones just like him and removed from the memories of his old life, maybe because he had longed for something like this for years, but hadn’t had the power, nor the will to seek it out. He spent several months in Alamut, learning what it meant to be a part of the Children. It was an easy life, or at least as easy as it can get among vampires. Hashan was with him the first times he hunted and taught him how to drink without killing, to avoid raising any alarms. After that he was left mostly on his own. He lived in Alamut for a time, always under the watchful eye of his sire. Hashan, who watched and helped Joseph through the first harsh lessons of his new life, also shaped the fledgling into a useful tool. Slowly, Joseph changed, his mind changed as he learned new things. He forgot the teachings of his mortal life and gave what was left of his soul to the preaching of ur-Shulgi and the belief that Haqim was returning to the world. After about eight months, Hashan declared that it was time for Joseph to see the world by himself, to watch how the Kindred of the other clans destroyed this world that they had been given to judge. He was given a one way ticket to Rome and a phone number.

His time in Rome was short; in fact he didn’t stay very long in any city or town that he visited in his journey. A month here, a week or two there, but it was enough to learn about the others, and to learn about their sins. He judged the first in a small town in Germany. It was a Gangrel, living alone and plaguing the town, having no respect for the Laws or the Kine who lived there. He called Hashan first, of course, to get a formal admission, then he struck. He used a crossbow that time, and moved the defenseless target to a barn a few miles outside the town. There he feasted on its blood. It was so intense that he sat laughing for hours afterwards, unable to recover from the delirium that overcame him. He killed again in the years to come, again in Germany, shortly after his first kill, and a third time in France. Both his victims had stalked the streets where they lived many years, breaking the Law of Protection almost every night. Joseph drank their blood, and his strength grew. He travelled more, visited almost every country in Europe and watched the different Clans. A few times the others spotted him first and he had to run to avoid destruction. Then, about a month ago, his phone rang. It was Hashan, ordering him to go to a postbox London. There he found an American passport with his name and picture, a ticket to New York and a name of his contact there. His first real assignment had come, and Joseph was more than ready for it.

A week and a half later it was all arranged, Sun Yang provided him with a haven in a basement beneath a library in Bronx, not too far away from his childhood neighborhood, and introduced him as a separatist who had lived in Europe for a few years before coming back to America. The Camarilla was suspicious of course, anything else would have been suspect, but they left him alone for the time being, allowing him to walk the streets as long as he behaved, but assured him that any hint of him breaking the Traditions would lead to his death. Of course this was also to be expected, and Joseph willingly agreed to it all. He received another phone call from Hashan, who told him to get closer to the Camarilla, and if possible accepted into their ranks. His Sire gave him a phone number and a name to use when he needed immediate help, but cautioned him not to draw any attention to his sources and contacts in the city. After all he had just arrived, without any support at all. He would receive further instructions later.

Flaws : 7 points

Merits : 5 points.

Freebie points : 15+2
Quietus: 7
Generation : 2
Resources : 1
Bureaucracy : 2
Willpower : 5
Starting Bloodpool 1d10=3
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Name: Joseph Myron Nature: Fanatic Generation: 11th <br /> Player:drakir_nosslin Demeanor: Conformist Haven: Basement <br /> Chronicle:NYBN Clan: Assamite Concept: Undercover Agent<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> 7/3/5 Physical Social Mental<br /> Strength @@@OO Charisma @@OOO Perception @@@OO<br /> Dexterity - Lithe @@@@O Manipulation @@@OO Intelligence @@OOO<br /> Stamina @@@OO Appearance @OOOO Wits @@@OO<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> 13/9/5 Talents Skills Knowledges<br /> Alertness @@OOO Animal Ken OOOOO Academics @OOOO<br /> Athletics OOOOO Crafts OOOOO Computers OOOOO<br /> Brawl-Dirty Fighting @@@@O Drive @OOOO Finance OOOOO<br /> Dodge @@@OO Etiquette @OOOO Investigation @@@OO<br /> Empathy OOOOO Firearms-Rifles @@@@O Law OOOOO<br /> Expression OOOOO Melee @@OOO Linguistics OOOOO<br /> Intimidation @OOOO Performance OOOOO Medicine OOOOO<br /> Leadership OOOOO Security OOOOO Occult @OOOO<br /> Streetwise @OOOO Stealth @OOOO Politics OOOOO<br /> Subterfuge @@OOO Survival OOOOO Science OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Backgrounds 5 Disciplines 3 Virtues 7<br /> Contacts____________ OOOOO Quiteus___________ @OOOO Conscience @@OOO<br /> Fame________________ OOOOO Celerity__________ @OOOO<br /> Generation__________ @@OOO Obfuscate_________ @@OOO<br /> Mentor______________ @@OOO __________________ OOOOO Self-Control @@@@O<br /> Resources___________ @@@OO __________________ OOOOO<br /> Bureaucracy_________ @@@OO __________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO __________________ OOOOO Courage @@@@O<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Merits/Flaws Path of Humanity Health<br /> Flaw_ Eerie Precense -2pt__<br /> Flaw_ Flesh of The Corpse -5pt Bruised []<br /> Flaw_ _____________________ @ @ @ @ @ @ O O O O Hurt -1 []<br /> Flaw_ _____________________ Injured -1 []<br /> _____ _____________________ Willpower Wounded -2 []<br /> Merit Ambidextrous 1pt_____ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ O Mauled -3 []<br /> Merit Cat-Like Balance 1pt_<br /> Merit Unbondable 3pts______ Bloodpool<br /> _____ _____________________ [X][X][X][X][X][X][][][][] Experience Total _2__<br /> _____ _____________________ [X][X][X][X][X][X][][][][] Experience Spent _______<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Paths Rituals<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Inventory<br /> Weapon Dmg Range Other<br /> Butterfly Sword x2(Haven)__+2___ _____ Cellphone___________________________<br /> Knife___________________ __+1___ _____ Rifle with Scope_(Kept at Haven)____<br /> Hvy Pistol______________ ___5___ _30__ Crossbow with Scope_(See above)_____<br /> Stake___________________ __+1___ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ____________________________________<br /> Armor Bashing Lethal Aggravated ____________________________________<br /> Class One___ ___1___ __1___ ____1_____ ____________________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Retainer Purpose Transportation<br /> _______________________ ______________ Kawasaki ZX-12R (Bike)______________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Allies Contacts<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Herd Resources<br /> ______________________________________ Supplied from Alamut________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Boons Type Blood Bond Drinks Taken<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> <br /> Haven Location<br /> Basement in a closed down library_____________ Bronx____________________________<br /> ______________________________________________ _________________________________<br /> ______________________________________________ _________________________________<br /> <br /> <br /> Languages: English______________________________________________________________<br /> <br /> Anything_Missing________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________

Lauren by the numbers
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Name: Lauren Autumn Raynes Nature: competitor Generation: 11<br /> Player: copper griffin Demeanor: easygoing Haven: loft in Brooklyn <br /> Chronicle: NY by Night Clan: Assamite (sorc) Concept: pragmatic opportunist<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> 7/5/3 Physical Social Mental<br /> Strength @@OOO Charisma @@@OO Perception @@@OO<br /> Dexterity @@@OO Manipulation @@@@O Intelligence @@OOO<br /> Stamina @@OOO Appearance @@@OO Wits @@@OO<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> 13/9/5 Talents Skills Knowledges<br /> Alertness @@OOO Animal Ken OOOOO Academics OOOOO<br /> Athletics @@OOO Crafts OOOOO Computers OOOOO<br /> Brawl @OOOO Drive @@OOO Finance OOOOO<br /> Dodge @@OOO Etiquette @OOOO Investigation OOOOO<br /> Empathy @@OOO Firearms @@@OO Law OOOOO<br /> Expression @OOOO Melee @@@OO Linguistics OOOOO<br /> Intimidation OOOOO Performance @OOOO Medicine OOOOO<br /> Leadership OOOOO Security @@OOO Occult @@OOO<br /> Streetwise OOOOO Stealth @@OOO Politics OOOOO<br /> Subterfuge @@OOO Survival @OOOO Science OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO Underworld__________ @@OOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO Kindred_____________ @OOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Backgrounds 5 Disciplines 3 Virtues 7<br /> _Generation_________ @@OOO _Assimite Sorcery_ @OOOO Conscience @@@OO<br /> _Resources__________ @@OOO _Obfuscate________ @OOOO<br /> _Contact____________ @OOOO _Quietus__________ @OOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO __________________ OOOOO Self-Control @@@@O<br /> ____________________ OOOOO __________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO __________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO __________________ OOOOO Courage @@@OO<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Merits/Flaws Path of Humanity Health<br /> _Flaw _Phobia (spiders)____<br /> _Flaw _Prey Excl (chidren)_ Bruised [/]<br /> _Flaw Clan Enmity (Tremere) @ @ @ @ @ @ O O O O Hurt -1 [/]<br /> _Flaw _New Arrival_________ Injured -1 [/]<br /> Merit _Light Sleeper_______ Willpower Wounded -2 [/]<br /> Merit _Magic Resistance____ @ @ @ @ O O O O O O Mauled -3 [/]<br /> Merit _Enchanting Voice____ [x][x][x][x][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ]Crippled -5 [/]<br /> Merit _Ambidextrous________ Incapacitated [ ]<br /> Merit _Friendly Face_______ Bloodpool<br /> _____ _____________________ [x][x][x][x][x][x][x][x][x][x] Exp Total __2____<br /> _____ _____________________ [x][/][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Exp Spent _______<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Paths Rituals<br /> Awakening the steel_ @OOOO _Black Sunrise (aka Wake with evening's freshness)___<br /> Confer with blade___ @OOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Inventory<br /> Weapon Dmg Range Other<br /> _Glock 17_______________ __4____ _20__ ____________________________________<br /> _H&amp;K MP5-K______________ __4____ _25__ ____________________________________<br /> _Katana_________________ _Str+2_ _____ ____________________________________<br /> _Kukri__________________ _Str+1_ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ____________________________________<br /> Armor Bashing Lethal Aggravated ____________________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Retainer Purpose Transportation<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____Acura TL 3.2 4 door sedan_______<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Allies Contacts<br /> ______________________________________ __Salvatore Costa (mafia lieutenant)<br /> ______________________________________ __Callista (Assimite - Sisterhood of<br /> ______________________________________ ___the Erynes member in NYC)(minor)_<br /> ______________________________________ Gillian (occultist at Long Island U)<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Herd Resources<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Boons Type Blood Bond Drinks Taken<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> <br /> Haven Location<br /> ____Loft apartment____________________________ ____Brooklyn Heights_____________<br /> ______________________________________________ _________________________________<br /> ______________________________________________ _________________________________<br /> <br /> <br /> Languages____English____________________________________________________________<br /> <br /> Anything_Missing________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________

Back story

Lauren was born in New Orleans but raised mostly in Houston and West Texs. Throughout her childhood her father worked the oil rigs while her mother "worked" as an artist (though truthfully she never made any real money at it). When Lauren was seven years old her parents suddenly divorced and her mother moved across the ocean to Paris, presumably to become the next great artiste. For the next ten years Lauren and her father bounced back and forth between Houston and New Orleans with a year or two in Alaska and Alberta. All the while she dreamed of running away to Paris like her mother had.

At eighteen Lauren left home and moved out to the San Fransisco Bay area to attend Cal-Berkeley. She studied for her degree in Education and competed on the varsity volleyball and swim teams, but dance became her first love. Tall and blessed with long legs and a natural grace, plus a drive to be the best born from years of athletics, Lauren exceled at all kinds of dance. Enough so that by the time she graduated she held aspirations of becoming a professional dancer.

Eager to pursue her dream she moved first to LA and then to Las Vegas but was unable to break in to the business. The next thing Lauren knew, she was stuck in Vegas without a car (she had to sell it to pay off a gambling debt) and broke (with another big chunk of debt looming). That’s when Dino Maretti appeared. Lauren didn’t know this but he was a small time crook with connections to the Costa family. It was Dino who held her gambling debt and he had a novel way for her to pay it off. Desperate and out of options she accepted Dino’s offer and began dancing at the strip club he owned.

Working as a stripper was hardly the life Lauren had pictured for herself but she had to admit that the money was good. As an added bonus Dino introduced her to some of his friends and “uncles” (mobsters in the Costa family) who took her to fancy parties and expensive clubs. In no time she was being showered with expensive gifts, clothes, and jewelry, and living in a luxurious penthouse.

After a few years of partying with the Vegas mob Lauren met and fell in love with a plastic surgeon. He wasn't all that handsome and nearly twenty years older but he was a nice guy and most importantly, wealthy. In the beginning Lauren was in it just for the money but by the time she agreed to marry him she could honestly say it was love. Five years later and the world was her oyster. She was thirty two, with a wealthy husband, two wonderful kids, a house in the suburbs with a pool and two luxury cars in the garage. Life was grand.

Until Jasmine appeared.

Lauren knew the exotic Middle Eastern beauty (who's real name was Nalia Yasser) from her dancing days but they were hardly friends. Naturally Lauren's first thoughts were of extortion and blackmail, which Jasmine readily encouraged. In reality the woman was an Assamite schismatic who had been stalking Lauren for nearly a decade since she had first detected Lauren’s inate talent for magic. As an inheretly cruel and spiteful creature Nalia wated utnil Lauren was happiest and set in her life before she moved in and struck, turning the delivery of the "blackmail" pay off into Lauren’s last day as a mortal.

After the Kiss, Lauren's first victims were those she loved most in life. The horror of that first night still lingers, the nightmares drive her to conquer "the Beast" and cling to her humanity. At the same time the cruelty of her sire in those first years of unlife fostered a strong dislike of her fellow Kindred. A useful trait when fulfilling a contract killing. Not only did Lauren enjoy seducing and giving the final death as her clan demanded, she consoled herself in the knowledge that she had removed yet another cruel predator from the world. Plus the vitae is even sweeter than the sips she takes from Kine. The latter she takes to survive, the former is an indulgence.

Lauren currently has a love/hate relationship with her sire. On the one hand their relationship drastically improved over the last seven years as Lauren accepted and even embraced her vampiric nature. On the other there is a lot of festering resentment from the first years of unlife, particularly in the deaths of her loved ones. While she won’t let go of that anger she has grown to appreciate Nalia’s teachings and has feigned something close to friendship in order to glean more sorcerous secrets from her sire.

At least that was the case until Lauren's recent move from Vegas to New York (a city Nalia loathes) turned the relationship back to icy. Should Nalia discover that Lauren is growing increasingly close to Callista, an Assamite sorceress and arch-rival of Nalia, the chill could break into outright hostility. Not only because of the rivalry between the two but also for the contempt Nalia has for the Sisterhood of Erynes, whom she sees as weaklings with a heretical interpretation of Haqim’s Laws. Lauren however has already embraced the Sisterhood’s views and their quest for humanity, while adhering to the Law of Judgement.


In life Lauren was easygoing and laidback on the surface but extremely driven and compettive below. Much of that has carried over to her unlife in which she appears to stay aloof from the politics and plotting but secretly strives to have her name whispered alongside those of the best assassin and sorcerors among the Children of Haqim. Besides her disdain for clan politics (which is authentic) she is outwardly friendly and quick to laugh. She still loves sports and dancing and does most of her hunting at various nightclubs, healthclubs, and sporting events.


In life Lauren was attractive but hardly a striking beauty. She was more along the lines of cute in a sweet and innocent girl next door kind of way, thanks mostly to her almond shaped hazel eyes (from her mother) and light freckles (her father’s). As all of Haqim’s Children do in their seventh year of unlife Lauren’s skin recently returned to it’s living olive tone (another gift from her mother). Her hair is shoulder length and chestnut brown but she often colors it auburn or adds blonde highlights before going out at night. She has a couple of tattoos from before her Embrace but they’re normally concealed by her clothes. Since the Embrace she has gained an almost otherworldly beauty and presence.

Common knowledge and rumor

Common knowledge or rumor:
Slipped into New York within the last eighteen months and followed all the traditions by presenting herself to the Prince at the Gugenheim Elysium. Had one brush with trouble for slaying a pair of Tremere weak bloods in Coney Island but charmed her way out. Not the most savvy lick when it comes to politics but she seems to know who to suck up to and how to cozy up to the winning team. A smooth talker she's a known flirt and seductress who rarely, if ever, kills Kine. Hunts mostly at health clubs and sporting events. Has kept a pretty low profile and is apparently on the outs with her sire, although she is part of some sisterhood or social clique among the Assamites, so she’s not a total pariah. Some members of the Tremere would love to see her staked for unknown reasons. There's more venom to it than warranted by the final deaths of a couple of weak bloods.

15 freebie points—(unspent.)

Name: James Walsh (Occupational Therapist, cognitive specialist)
Nature: Loner—(Regain a will point when you accomplish something on your own)
Generation: 13
Player: Trebbellar Laeyway
Demeanor: Fanatic—(Regain a will point when you accomplish something towards your goal)
Clan: Malkavian
Concept: (See character description)

Wits @@@OO
Intelligence @@@@O
Perception @@@OO

Charisma @@OOO
Manipulation @@@@O
Appearance @@OOO

Strength @@OOO
Dexterity @@OOO
Stamina @@OOO


Science @OOOO
Politics @@OOO
Occult @OOOO
Medicine @OOOO
Linguistics @OOOO
Investigation @@OOO
Finance @@OOO
Academics @@@OO
Computers OOOOO

Alertness @OOOO
Athletics OOOOO
Dodge @OOOO
Empathy @OOOO
Expression @@OOO
Intimidation @@OOO
Leadership OOOOO
Streetwise OOOOO
Subterfuge @@OOO

Animal Ken OOOOO
Crafts OOOOO
Drive @OOOO
Etiquette OOOOO
Firearms @OOOO
Melee @OOOO
Performance OOOOO
Survival @@OOO
Stealth OOOOO
Security OOOOO



Auspex @OOOO
Dementation @@OOO
Obfuscate @@OOO

(Virtues 7)
Conscience @@@@O
Self-Control @@@OO
Courage @@@OO



Path of Humanity

Blood Pool-- VTM blood pool roll (1d10=2)

Hurt -1
Injured -1
Wounded -2
Mauled -2
Crippled -5




Weapon Dmg Range Other

Armor Bashing Lethal Aggravated





Herd Resources

Boons Type Blood Bond Drinks Taken

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Character information


James Waldenberg was born in the rural areas of Wisconsin in the year 1957. His father was a farmer and his mother was a homemaker. A simple life led throughout childhood, to be sure.

Growing up on a farm is not easy work by and measure. While life may have been simple, it was indeed grueling. Waking up every single day at 5 in the morning, going to sleep promptly at 6 or rarely as late as 7; if anything, the farm life was one of simple continuity.

James endured this life until he was 17. He left one day, telling his father he was joining the army so he could pay for his school and not lead the farm life forever.
After the army and his dream of going to college and making something of himself…..

James Walsh was a man who was seen as one of the greatest cognitive specialists in therapeutic practices there has ever been in a long time. He has been all across the United States. He has travelled to Japan and the Middle East. He has been across all of Europe and Australia. Think of a college and he has more than likely given a seminar or even taught a class. His name was respected and awed as one of the best; the greatest in his field. Sadly, he has faded from the world, a true loss to society as a whole.

It all started one day. James was known to never involve his patients outside of the practice. He was the type to always treat them in the office, never outside. He always kept things professional and strictly controlled. One day, this all changed.

As he was preparing to leave for the day, a man stepped into the office. He explained he needed help, and was told to make an appointment for the day. This would not do, and the man was very adamant. The man offered James three times his usual, yet the money, while persuasive in its own right, was not what convinced James to treat this man.
Though his face was obscured with sunglasses and a cloth mask always, it was easy to see the signs of dementia upon this man’s frame. This, if anything, is what convinced James to treat him.

Time went by. Once a night sessions were now three a night. In the beginning, the man would do nothing but rant and rave about obscure things whose meanings were many times lost upon James, but soon, with his inquisitive mind, James was able to decipher the man’s cryptic words at every turn. Were the money to stop coming, James would have continued to treat the man; for in him he saw a path that would surely lead to the pinnacle of his career. He knew that if he could treat this man, no matter how long it took, the knowledge he would gain would forever place him as the greatest cognitive specialist that ever lived. Sadly though, this chance would never come.

One night, as the conversation intensified, the man expressed a deep, darkly intense desire. He spoke of drinking crimson rain that flowed from the fleshy waterfalls on a continuous basis. He spoke of a never ending night he could never shine a light upon. The man was trying to tell James what he was and how his mind became the way it was, but it was too hard. He started going into convulsions, and as James tried to help him, a sharp pain was felt in the neck. James could feel his life draining. His last thoughts on how he had become too close with the patient; a mistake he knew he should have never made.

Awakening in his office the next night, James awoke with a thirst he never knew. He drank all the water in his office. He ate all the food, but nothing sated him. A short time passed, and the man re-entered. He spoke of initiations and welcoming, but James could barely hear him. All he heard were rants that spoke ten times as fast in his head. He could discern nothing right away, but eventually, it became less discombobulated in his mind, the words flowing clearly. He still did not understand, but he was beginning to realize what the word “embraced” meant, and what kind of life awaited him.

Personal Information

James has a long, hard time of adjusting since his embrace. He has taken in some patients, but many left; for his words and thoughts are nothing more than indecipherable meanings to all but another Malkavian.
He has left his practice, as well as the world he once knew. He feels this loss from human society greatly, but the feeling is hard to understand, for often he does not realize what he is even thinking or saying.

When talking to James, it is easy to realize that he is a son of Malkav. If the sight of him does not show it, the way he speaks will. He retains the insight he had into the mind as a mortal, and with the gifts of Malkav stirring through his blood, his perception and insight has become even greater. Sadly though, it is not something he is as aware of as when he was a mortal.

James can often be heard repeating his words many times. “My name is the one, the one, the one with the mind. I heal, your minds, mind, mind, mine. I see you on paper written with, with, a stick that flows liquid, liquid, yes….I see liquid forming your pain. Telling me, telling me, telling me all that I wish, yes, yes, everything I wish for filings and reference. Leave the cash at the door, yes, at the door with my assistant, assisting me with my references in drops of liquid. Come back again, but come again tomorrow, tomorrow or next week, maybe next week when you have time tomorrow. I’ll be here, yes, here I will be. Referencing your pain with my mind, it’s all mine, mine for the taking, mine for the knowledge, mine for the power.”
After the occurrences of the last few weeks, this party was exactly what was needed. The Kindred of New York, at least those loyal to the Camarilla, were skittish and paranoid, and skittish vampires mean violence. The normally prime hunting and revelry that occur around the holidays had been subsumed by the Phantom Killer, the search to destroy it, and the long, somewhat anticlimactic confirmation of its destruction. Things were started to get heated, even at Elysium, and so the elders, in a move that everyone knew was mostly a bid for entry into the soon-to-form primogen, announced a week of debauchery to cool everyone's head.
The designated site of Elysium was announced every night, sometimes a concert, sometimes a fight club, sometimes a bordello, but tonight it is at Six of One, a bar in Chelsea. It is owned by an effete Toreador named Simon McGuire, who has gone all out for this evening. The place is far from a rough establishment, and is more of a nightclub for middle Chelsea residents who want to pretend they’re going “clubbing”. To vampires it’s a paradise: the kine dance and grind around the dance floor, tipsy and just tired enough to be talked into heading for a dark corner. There are always familiar faces around the club, even in a city as large as New York, but tonight the effect is almost comical. Theo Bell, the Brujah justicar, stands moodily off to one side; Valentine, the willowy Frenchman, sips a wine glass of vitae as he chats with three simpering women; Bez Dunsirn, a Giovanni whom no one is particularly familiar with, stands as an icon of the Independents with a thuggish-looking ghoul at his side; the anachronistic but debonaire harpy Mazz is engaged in a game of darts with the equally rakish Harding First as if recreating a scene from The Sting. Between these faces and the crowd of yuppies, ghouls and mortal sycophants to the Kindred dotting the place, the Six of One feels both crowded and electric.
Across the bar, Lauren Raynes can see the moody face of Mike Jonz, the vampire she hunted with some weeks ago. The two haven't spoken for almost three weeks and a reunion is somewhat of an awkward prospect after the attention their previous activities have accrued since they took place. They're presence is noted by Joseph Myron, however, who has been briefed on the local news by his master Sun Yang, a powerfully-built Mongolian man standing somewhat behind him. They're faces look exactly like the photos he received in his dossiers, though they don't seem to be spending time together. In a dark corner to one side, James Walsh broods in his own thoughts, perhaps wondering why he even came to this.

Alright, go for it! I'll let you guys interact with whomever you feel like until I think it's time for the plot to move.
Joseph stands silent, watching the crowd, taking note of the faces he recognize from the briefing Sun Yang gave him earlier, and takes care to replace the photos in his head with their real faces. The club is pulsating to the music, the fast-paced rythm is like a heartbeat, and the kine move along to it, as if they are the blood that keeps the building alive. And in a way they are, he realizes. A faint smile later he scans the crowd, looking for a suitable kine to feed from. He hasn't hunted for a few days now, and he can feel the hunger inside him, better to sate it now, and sate his hunger for knowledge later. He mimics to Sun Yang that he'll be back in a moment, and moves towards the dancefloor. His brown eyes search the crowd, looking for a not too drunk girl who looks like she needs some attention.

Mephit, do you need any rolls for hunting here? I'm AFB right now, and can't recall what skills it is that you use.
Brooding moodily at the bar, Mike was quite lost in his thoughts. Since he hadn't taken part in the actual killing of the Phantom Killer, it seems he didn't get as much spotlight as he would have liked. And now he was wondering what he could do to garner some influence at last, and actually make a name for himself in this Apple.

The Justicar... out of the question, though they share some leathery look. The local elders... of course, he should go and play the lackey for them, he knew it was the smart move. But he was so reluctant to abase himself. Of course, he should throw his lot in with one of the two candidates for Princedom, but which one ? Indecisiveness, again. When would he overcome it ?

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes ?

James is off in a corner of the club, sitting in the darker sections. It appears he is having a conversation, but no one but himself is around.

Most tend to stay away from James, fearing his Malkavian heritage might somehow unleash itself at any moment, but for all intents and purposes, James is a pretty decent sort. Leave him alone, he'll leave you alone. Unless for some reason he feels compelled to not do so.

Currently, James is scanning the crows. Muttering to himself every little detail that he sees about someone. Their hair color, eye color, build, looks, clothing, what they may be thinking, he is sizing them up and assesing every facet of their beings. Why, exactly? Who knows. It just seems like a natural thing to do.
Joseph spies a tipsy woman with dark brown hair dancing alone with a beer bottle in hand. She has her eyes closed and seems to be dancing slightly off-beat, lost in her own little world. The dance floor is crowded, though, and it takes a few minutes to reach her. When he actually does reach her, she seems oblivious to Joseph's presence and still concentrating on the music beat.

I would say you should roll Perception to try and pick up on how easy a target this will be and then Manipulation to try and talk that person into following you into a dark corner...


"This seat taken?" a voice asks behind Mike. The man turns with surprise to see Valentine, dressed in a long silk coat over a similarly nice shirt. The French Toreador stood out in every respect in the bar: wrong dress, wrong attitude, wrong continent. He was a fairly discerning, or even condescending, man and so it was somewhat unusual that he would take interest in a stray like Mike Jonz.
Valentine doesn't wait for an answer but sits perched on the bar stool next to Mike. "Two glasses, Jerry" he says to the ghouled bartender, and looks sideways at his clanmate. "Quite a fete, non?"


No one seems interested in breaking into James's thoughts in a similar fashion and the Malkavian is left to his own devices. He watches the ebb and flow of the crowd, seemingly transfixed by the scene and commenting on it to himself. He might be the only one to notice, then, the small argument taking place by the kitchen.
A tall woman (Kindred or kine he couldn't be sure) with jet black hair and an olive complection, is having a heated exchange with a red-headed man who looked to be in his mid-twenties. She said something sharp, and he retorted, turning to walk away into the crowd. A dangerous look flashed across her features and she grabbed his arm with a viper's quickness. In a moment he was dragged backwards through the door that led to the back alleyway behind the Six of One.
Lauren was having a grand time. Despite yet another heated argument with Nalia, the gist of which was get her sorry butt out of New York or she’d regret it for the rest of her very short unlife.


But not tonight. She was having way too much fun dancing, losing herself in the music and the warmth and smells of the mortal bodies. Even the fact that most of them are ghouls doesn’t bother her for once. Something about mortals cozying up to the Kindred makes her uneasy. At times she wants to shake them and scream at them to hold onto their humanity while they can. On the other hand, she’s often tempted to acquire one or two. Just to keep watch on her haven during those daylight hours.

(ooc... the following only happens if Lauren happens to spot the arguing pair. Obviously that’s up to MJ so I’ll just delete it out if ruled against.)

Her thoughts are interupted by the commotion between the raven haired woman and the red head. Must be something serious for such a breech of Elysium protocol. None of her business for sure, but she can’t restrain the need to know.

Despite what curiosity did to the cat Lauren slips away from the dancefloor and heads out the front doors, for some air if anyone asks. Once on the street she pushes the blood to her skin, forces herself to breathe (in case it’s cold out) and produces her cell phone from her purse.

Under the guise of making a call she wanders around to the side of the building until just around the corner of the alleyway. At that point she powers off the phone and steps lightly around the corner wits + stealth = 7, 4, 2, 5, 5, 10, drawing a Cloak of Shadows around herself as she does. Hopefully unseen and unnoticed she stands perfectly still and watches.


Any chance Lauren recognized either one of them?

Also, I’m completely lost on the sorcery thing. Do I need to put a point into “Assimite Sorcery” or Thaumaturgy instead of another Discipline? Can I use the 15 freebie dots towards that? I’m going back through the book as a refresher but I must be missing some detail from somewhere.

I ended up making quite a few little changes (added some minor contacts etc) that may or may not be against the rules. If you catch anything let me know and I’ll make the corrections.
"This seat taken?" a voice asks behind Mike. The man turns with surprise to see Valentine, dressed in a long silk coat over a similarly nice shirt. The French Toreador stood out in every respect in the bar: wrong dress, wrong attitude, wrong continent. He was a fairly discerning, or even condescending, man and so it was somewhat unusual that he would take interest in a stray like Mike Jonz.
Valentine doesn't wait for an answer but sits perched on the bar stool next to Mike. "Two glasses, Jerry" he says to the ghouled bartender, and looks sideways at his clanmate. "Quite a fete, non?"

Being adressed by a man such as Valentine was probably not going to lead him into anything good, but whatever the man expected of him -why would he speak to him otherwise - it would be better than this feeling of helplessness that stained Mike so much. So he tried to answer, and to keep his wits about him.
"Yes indeed. M. McGuire outdid himself, didn't he ?"
Better be non-commital than to breach some etiquette Mike would probably not have the first clue about... But was the man here for a point, at least ?

Perception + Empathy = 1, 2, 4, 10, 10 + 4 (reroll of remaining 10 after the 1 cancelled the other 10)

Other events slipped by Mike, and he dared not turn his head to even acknowledge them. Even though he was keenly aware that something was happening, it seemed pretty uninteresting, all said.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes ?

Joseph stands perfectly still for a moment on the dance floor, earning some strange looks as he studies the drunk mortal. He takes a quick look at himself, making sure that nothing is out of the ordinary, and then he proceeds towards her; the game has begun. And in the beginning everything proceeds smoothly. He walks up to her and starts to dance, trying to get her interested at the same time as he tries to decide whether she's a ghoul or not. He isn't interested in ruining the party of anyone else, and using another Kindreds ghoul wouldn't be particularly polite.
She seems moderately interested though, and he realizes that she might not be as drunk as he thought, or perhaps she’s not interested in him, or any other guy at all. Seeing that he has probably ruined his chances with this kine, he continues to dance, but turns once again his attention towards the undead parts of the visitors.

ooc... in my personal experience you can prepare for a slap or a drink in the face. Worst case, she gets "creative" with that beer bottle.
Lauren slips outside without anyone noticing, speaking loudly into her cell phone to allay any suspicion. She had recognized the dark-haired woman as Angela Lugosi, the woman she had seen when she and the others were here before on that fateful night. She's a predatory Toreador, according to what Lauren heard last time, and not friendly towards other Kindred whom she feels are interrupting her hunt. Thus it is no surprise that Lauren hears raised voices in the alley as she moves away from the busy street.
"What the hell do you mean you lost him?" Angela is saying with a snarl. "You were supposed to meet this rat-thing, why would he avoid you?"
"Well he... I mean I... You told me to try to bring him back to your studio," another voice, probably the red-haired man's, replies.
There is the sound of a slap to the voice and another sharp crack like the breaking of bone. "After the information you half-wit!" Angela snarls, "Now what am I supposed to do?"

"Quite," Valentine replies cryptically to Mike and sips his wine glass, gesturing the young neonate towards the other. "Now," Valentine replies, at once purposeful and casual, "It seems to have been a favorable season for you. You were among those who were hunting the Phantom Killer, yes? Or at least you know them. I have been meaning to congratulate you all, but I find myself... lacking an introduction. It is certainly a relief having the thing gone. Do you agree?"
Away from the two Toreadors at the bar, Joseph finds himself met with a slack, blank stare from the young woman he was approaching. She looks confused, but continues to dance as he joins her on the dance floor. The two dance near each other, though not quite together, though the young woman seems to forget about the earlier boldness and shifts closer with every beat. It is at this moment, as Joseph notices the woman moving closer to him, that he sees Lauren Raynes leave through the front door.
Sun Yang had pointed out this woman before, a renegade antitribu of the clan who seemed completely ignorant of the Assamites as a whole. The elder vampire seemed to think that she could be one back, that her estrangement from the clan was mostly due to her sire instead of personal choice, but the Law of Judgement made it hard to see her as anything less than an infidel. Still, if she were stepping outside this would be a good moment to at least come to know his enemy. She did seem in a hurry, though...
Well, that was interesting. Lauren thinks to herself, secure in the concealing shadows.

Once it's safe to do so she slips silently away and returns to the club through the front entrance. Dropping the veil of false life she weaves through the crowd, making a small note of Valentine talking to Mike at the bar.

Eventually she reaches her targets and sidles up to where Mazz and Harding are engaged in a lively game of darts.

Evening gentlemen. How's the game?

She let's the double entendre hang there and waits to see how the notorious Harpies respond.
Taking the glass of wine, as he was invited to do, Mike listened to Valentine with great interest. He tried his best not to display it, but it would be obvious to all but the most remotely distant of their Humanity.
Now, that's what he wants ! And I can provide it !

"Truly indeed, this nefarious presence is a thing of the past, and we had our share in the doing. Certainly, the others would appreciate your congratulations for all their worth, and I'll try to arrange a meeting at your leisure. What would be convenient for you ?"

Does Mike know what happened of Eric Mc Knight and Karianna Vinnette ?
How ended our relation with the Nosferatu Uncle Smelly ?

You wanted to know what we would do in the off-stage time, right ? I think Mike would have been trying very hard to make sure the creature was dead. Since he took no part in the actual killing, he would have liked to claim some achievement as his, and the praises that go with it. So, he would probably have played along with Uncle Smelly. Not about removing Calebros, but about learning more about the Phantom Killer.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes ?

OOC for Lauren
[color=gray]A few things to clarify. Firstly, in the alleyway you talked about Lauren using shadows to hide herself. I didn't put enough thought into this at the time, but I assume that you meant some use of Obfuscate and not Obtenebration. Relatedly, if you put your character sheet in code brackets, it'll be a lot easier to read.
Secondly, Lauren would know that only Mazz is a harpy. Harding First is certainly a well-connected vampire, a Brujah like Mazz but a little more of a hoodlum, but he doesn't have any official position.
Thirdly, just as an update, between the last thread and this one, Lauren and the other vampires went through a lot of interrogation by the elders of the city. At times Lauren feared for her life as tempers flared and she knows that the attention that the investigation drew to Nalia is part of her current estrangement from her sire. The whole affair left a bad taste in the mouth of everyone involved and the fledgling coterie was ended before it really even began. This may very well be the first time in weeks that Lauren has seen Mike (you tell me ;)) and she has no idea where Katriana, Rufus, or Eric have gone to.

Harding First pauses in mid throw and glances over at Lauren as she approaches. "Evenin', love," the Brujah says jovially in a bubbling English accent. Like Mazz he looked like a caricature, though Harding looks like he stepped off the set of Oliver Twist rather than Legends of the Fall like the harpy. "We was jus' finishin' up now that the crowd's arrivin'. Thought we'd go'n' have some fun in the rest o' the city. Make this a real carnival, eh?" He throws the dart, spot on at the center of the bull's eye and drawing a heartfelt swear from Mazz. Harding makes good on the light this maneuver casts him in and turns to face Lauren fully while Mazz goes to retrieve the darts. He gives her a predatory glance up and down and grins, letting his fangs show with a wink. "Whaddya say, then? Care for a bit of... fun?"


"Why not tonight?" Valentine says, sipping his vitae carefully and then giving it a look. The Frenchman either doesn't like the blood in the wine glass or he has changed his mind about drinking it. Either way, he puts it to the side with a third still left. "It is a night of frivolity, is it not? I know of a club, rather exclusive, where you could be my guest. And the others," he adds, making another inscrutable expression. "I can treat you to a fresh drink there. Beautiful kine under my protection and a quiet atmosphere where friends might talk." At the mention of the mortal's blood, Valentine's expression becomes suddenly very understandable as the vampire licks his lips.
Between the last thread and this one, Mike and the other vampires went through a lot of interrogation by the elders of the city. Tempers flared and Mike was in a tough position trying to make a name for himself. He managed to work his way onto the investigation squad, however, and went with several other vampires, including a childe of Valentine's named Francois, to search for signs of the creature. As the city knows now, though, they found none and eventually the Prince called a halt to the search just before announcing his own abdication. Mike managed to gain some noteriety for his role, but his companions from that fateful night scattered to the winds. The whole affair left a bad taste in the mouth of everyone involved and the fledgling coterie was ended before it really even began. Most of the neonates kept a low profile and there are rumors of some leaving the city for good. As a result, Mike truly doesn't know how to satisfy Valentine's questions; he knows about as much as the ancilla about their whereabouts, if even that much.
Joseph watches as Lauren exits the building, seemingly in a hurry. For a moment he considers following her, maybe even try and talk to her, it is important that he gets a few contacts in the city, but he decides to wait until she gets back. Instead he turns his attention to the lady once again, smiling towards her.


He shouts over the music, trying to instigate a conversation without really knowing what to say. He forces the smile to remain on his face as he dances a little closer to his potential dinner.

I'm a bit rusty when it comes to the rules, so I don't remember if I can try again after botching a roll, but if I can, another manipulation 4,5,5
OOC Joseph
I don't think there's a specific rule, but botches usually mean that something goes wrong. In this case you can try again, but Joseph's already made a bad first impression. Oh, and I never gave you a specific response to the Perception. She's drunk so it should be easy, but now she's drunk and possibly annoyed. Bad luck there.

The woman looks up at Joseph with seeming confusion then stands on tiptoe to shout in his ear. "Just here to dance," she says, bouncing her shoulders a little as if to demonstrate. A sly look creeps over her face and she leans in again. "Unless you want to buy me another Mike's." She holds up her half-empty bottle of hard lemonade and then turns as a new song comes on to cheer on the DJ.
Seeing the two argue in the kitchen and then move off; apparently outside, James lifts himself up out of his seat, intent on seeing what all the commotion is about.
After the trials and tribualtions he has gone through in the many, past nights, he does not want to get caught up in something he was never aware from the start.....again.

Seeing the two move off outside, James will use his obfuscate ability if there are no good shadows to stand in. As it stands, he waits to see if there is anything suspicous looking about the two, and listens as to what their argument could possibly be about.

I'm Hoping this is just some mortals ruckus. We've had enough trouble in the past. Including everyone else as well.

I have to remember this thread is in the sci-fi area, not the real fantasy area.
A tempting offer, although she's heard that the Brujah tend to "play" a little rough. Plus she doubts that these two dress like anachronisms just for kicks. They're probably as old as their fashion sense.
Does Lauren have any idea on what generation these two are?

Still, a chance to make the kind of connections that Harding First enjoys is an opportunity not to be missed. And she's still hoping to subtly learn of what Mazz may know about Angela Lugosi. Finally, it was an escape from the awkward reunion with Mike Janz, whom she hasn't spoken with since "the hunt".

"I'm always up for some fun," she replies with a coquetish smile. "This place is going downhill since Lugosi had that outburst with the redhead. Poor manners that, considering."
"Anything for a beautiful lady..." Says Joseph and heads of towards the bar. After some waiting he finally gets hold of a bartender who serves him the Mike that the lady was asking for and a wiskey for himself. He pays and tips enough so that the waiter will remember him and heads back to the still dancing woman. As he gives her the drink, he smiles again and says.
"Let's find a place to sit down while we drink these, and then we can continue dancing, I need to rest my feet for a while." He nods towards a currently empty couch along the wall, next to the dance floor, and pretends to sip on his own liquor.

He notices that Lauren has returned to the club, and is talking to a pair he does not recognize.
Good, hope she stays for a while, it might be advantageous to introduce myself to her, even if she is a traitor to the Children...

Any new rolls? And is Mike's a beer or a drink? And does the bartenders serve anyone the special 'wine'?
Having heard of Valentine's proposal, Mike readily agrees to try and introduce him. Nodding to the bartender for two more glasses, he quickly spots Lauren, discussing with what looked like two bikers. Moving toward her with fake confidence, he closes in offering her a glass of "wine".
"Good evening Lauren. It's been too long a time, already."

What does Mike know of Harding Fist or Mazz, please ?

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes ?

ooc.... "Mike's Hard Lemonade" is basically a bottled drink that's, well, lemonade spiked with vodka. Sort of like a wine cooler, if you have those "across the pond" in Europe.
Whoops, yeah should have explained the hard lemonade. It's like carbonated lemonade with liquor... I guess it is close enough to a wine cooler like CG said. Also, the bartender has vitae for sale if you are willing to purchase it... of course most Kindred prefer the fresh stuff.
Slipping out into the alleyway, James finds the dark-haired woman poking her finger into the man's chest. "After the information you half-wit!" the woman is snarling, "Now what am I supposed to do?"
The door from the bar closes behind James as he wraps himself in shadows with his Obfuscate ability. The two look up at the sound but don't seem to see anything. The woman continues to stare towards the door but the man speaks up in a quavering voice. "What does it matter if we lost this thing? He didn't seem to know about Calebros's warren anyways."
The woman tears her eyes away from the door with a furious look. "Don't hide behind this creature's incompetence to cover your own. You were sent to find this information and you came back empty handed." She looks at the man as if at a bug she can't decide whether to crush. "If I hadn't spent so much effort on you already, you'd already be dead. As it is, I think you can see what a week without vitae is like."
"No!" the man screams, grabbing at the woman's sleeve as she turns.
Whatever else he was going to say is interrupted with a blur of motion. In an instant, the man is lying on the ground moaning as his mistress stands above him with a clenched fist. James can see blood pooling out from under his head and onto the pavement of the alleyway. "Don't touch me," she says in a voice of frozen anger.

Mazz turns to look at Lauren and makes a sour face. "Lugosi's here? Surprised she's not tryin' to kick everyone out."
"All the more reason to get outta here," Harding says, then stops short as Mike approaches the group with Valentine behind him.
"Good evening Lauren. It's been too long a time, already."
Harding decides to engage Valentine since Mike is talking to Lauren. "Care for a wager, sirrah?" he says, waving the darts at him, "I'll even spot ye ten points on top. Loser has tah swim the Channel!" Valentine ignores the Brit's jibes and watches Lauren instead.
Mazz ignores the whole group, focusing on the dartboard and clearly indicating his boredom with the scene.
Common Knowledge about Mazz and Harding
Mazz is a Brujah harpy who served Prince Calebros during his brief reign. Harpies are usually pretty heavily tied to regimes, however, so he is unlikely to be very happy with Calebros stepping down.
Harding First has a somewhat lower profile. He and Mazz often hunt together and have a similarly renegade sense of humor. He has no official position among the Kindred of New York and, despite being a loud-mouthed Cockney Brujah, stays below the radar of most vampires.
Any more information can be had by a Int+Politics or Int+Streetwise roll.


The woman finishes the rest of her drink while Joseph approaches and reaches for the next. She looks at the couch dubiously, and then stumbles in her steps. She mumbles something inaudible like "Maybe you're right, and motions to another group of women. They nod and go back to their own dancing while Joseph and the woman head toward the couch. "I'm Susan," she says as she drinks some of the new bottle. She feels the couch, and then looks at Joseph slyly. "You always use this line?"
"That line? No no, I only use that when my legs are tired. Otherwise I'd have said something about your beautiful eyes." Joseph says and smiles again. He sits down on the coach with a pleased sigh and pretends to massage one of his legs for a moment.
"It's great to have a break, don't you think? I mean, I enjoy dancing as much as anyone, but it's nice to just sit for a while too." He says and moves a bit so that Susan can sit down by his side.
"By the way, I'm Joseph, nice to meet you..." He pretends to sip his drink once more, while watching his future meal take her place next to him.
Lauren hesitates before turning around. Great. This I did not need.

Mike Jonz, hello there, she says without much warmth or enthusiasm. Has it really been that long? Hmmm. I suppose it has been a few weeks, or months, or whatever.

I meant to call you but I got a new phone and there was a screw up with my sim card. Well, wouldn't you know it but I lost a whole bunch of numbers and stuff. Ugh! A

Anyways. How have you been? How's the music biz?

As the last several words tumble out past her lips her eyes have shifted in the direction of Valentine. It's not hard to guess that Mike isn't here just to rehash past events.

question on Harpies

Can someone enlighten me on what exactly a "Harpy" is? All I've managed to glean is that they're the Camarilla's gossips.
On Harpies
Can someone enlighten me on what exactly a "Harpy" is? All I've managed to glean is that they're the Camarilla's gossips.

[color=gray]Ha! True, I guess, but they are pretty influential gossip... Harpies are more like the medieval seneschal: they keep track of status, protection, debts, etc. When a Prince decides to officially recognize (and therefore protect and listen to) a vampire in his territory, it's the harpy who is in charge of letting people know and adding that name to the list. When one vampire asks a great boon of another, the one doing the favor would do very well to request an official notation from the harpy (unless it's something secretive) so that A) everyone in the realm knows the power that the lender has over his debtor and B) sixty years from now when the boon is called in there's a witness who can verify that it is actually still owed. In a society as dominated by secrecy and relationships as the Kindred's, it's easy to appreciate how powerful the position of Official Secret Keeper would be. Also, perhaps, how fragile a position the harpy of an ex-Prince is: the last thing a new Prince wants is to have a vampire around who's better informed than he is. Much easier to just "clean house".

Susan sits next to Joseph, but keeps several inches between herself and the vampire. "I guess I could use a break too. We've been here for an hour and I had to work all day. Hard to say no to four dollar drinks all night, though. I don't why they picked tonight to draw in the crowds, but I don't mind a bit..." She scans the crowd, waves distractedly to someone, and then settles her gaze back on Joseph, taking a sip of her lemonade as she does. "I thought you were a bit forward when you walked right up before. Lucky for you that's my style." She smiles in a sultry way, then continues to veer from subject to subject. "Are you here often? I haven't seen you around before.
ooc for MJ

Your PM box is full (holy crud! btw) bit I was just flipping through the Guide to the Camarilla and spotted a Merit & Flaw that I think would fit my char perfectly.

Would you mind if I added:

New Arrival (1pt flaw)

Friendly Face (1 pt merit)

Lauren steals another curious glance at Valentine, almost praying that the Frenchman from the MSG Elysium will interject and break the painfully awkward reunion with Mike.
Watching the interaction between the man and the woman, James licks his lips as he sees the blood pooling from the mans head. The speed with which the woman moved and the mention of no vitae for a week makes James realize that the woman, is more than likely kindred. However, he is not quite certain what the man is. Though he is pretty certain that the man who is bleeding is a ghoul.

Hmmmm, interesting (James thinks.) Some sort of dispute. Ahhh, blood in the head, now out. If I were seeing this patient, I would be most interested in his cognitive abilities....or tastes, rather.

James continues to watch the exchange.
OOC for CG
Yeah, sorry about that. I cleared the pm box out so that should be fixed. I'm fine with that merit/flaw combination, go ahead and add it. Are you thinking of any other changes for Lauren?

Valentine steps forward at that moment, much to Lauren's relief and extends a hand to her. "Enchanté," he says smoothly, and adjusts his lapels. "Michael here was kind enough to offer to introduce me," he continues, making Lauren's heart sink. This was not a rescue after all but more gas on the fire! "I had hoped to express an invitation to both of you at a private social club uptown."
"Oi, hold up, Frenchie," Harding says stepping forward. "She's with us tonigh'!" Mazz drops his darts as well, grinning slightly with fangs exposed. Given his indifference so far, it seems more likely that the harpy is more interested in a scuffle than actually in holding onto Lauren.
Valentine bristles but merely purses his lips in response. "I believe the lady might choose for herself." Three sets of eyes swivel towards Lauren.


James sees the ghoul push himself up from the ground, groaning and subservient. "What would you have me do to make it up to you?" he says in a barely audible whisper.
The black-haired wipes a spatter of blood from the back of her fist while she replies imperiously. "You will return to the subway station and wait there until the rat returns. Don't come back until you have something to show me." She glares at the man crouching on the ground. "And so help me, Trevor. If you fail me again, it will be the last time." With that, the vampire turns on her heel and stalks back into the club, brushing within a few inches of James's shadowed hiding spot as she does.
Well, you've really stepped in it now girl. I just wanted to hear the dirt on that Lugosi woman.

Caught in the middle of a showdown Lauren has to think fast. On the one hand, Valentine was the lone voice, or at least the strongest, of opposition against her being given the assignment of hunting down the bug monster. Now he suddenly wants to invite her to a 'private club'. Intriguing to say the least.

On the other hand, she's just really curious about Lugosi and sees the Harpy as a great source. Plus it wouldn't be wise to tick off a Harpy, even one who's probably on the way out. He may not have the same connections and pull in the next Prince's court, but he's still going to be a player. She also doesn't want to give him, or any Brujah, an excuse for a fight, which he's obviously itching for. Better to defuse all that and allow everyone to save face.

Boys. Boys. No need for any fuss over lil ole me.

I appreciate the invite Monsieur Valentine, and I'd be happy to join you in a few hours. I mean, it's a most intriguing offer for sure.

It's just that I can't be rude to Harding and Mazz after they asked me to hit the clubs first.

Char + Expression (10, 10, 10, 10) Um... wow. She should have asked them for their wallets or to be the new Prince of New York while she was at it.:D

ooc for MJ

And to answer your question, I was also tempted by the Sire Rivalry flaw b/c I could see her mortal magical talent being coveted by both the Assimite and Tremere (and I'd use the 2 pts to regain Linguistics and her French fluency) but I don't think it's necessary. Might be some fun RP or it could be overkill.

Long answer short, I'm fine with the char as is now. And I've edited the char sheet post above.
The less-than-warm welcome from Lauren was no real surprise, and yet it gave Mike pause enough to seem unsettled. And that time was more than enough again for the experienced Valentine to step in, and take the lead once more, just when Mike could have hoped to make some good impression at last.

When the Brujah began blatantly looking for fisticuffs, Mike tried to step in, since it was a more familiar ground, but Lauren beat him to it. His heart sank further down. Am I so pathetically useless ? A mere watcher of my own life, and no actor ? No, no, no !! And since she made such a point for herself ( you can reroll 10s, btw, CG, did you know ?), how could he hope to add anything...

Yet, the fear of being completely forgotten when he was slowly crawling his way into the spotlight made him throw caution to the wind, and the Toreador neonate could only add a pathetic "Yeah, I fear she's right, you know" to Valentine. Though it was probably not what the Ancillae wanted to hear, he would probably play along...

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes ?

Watching the vampire woman walk back into the bar, James follows after her, heading back into the bar after a few moments. As the door swings open and he is enwrapped in shadow for a brief second before the light hits him when walking inside, James released his obfuscate ability, not wanting a place full of kindred and all other sorts of creatures to notice him; if indeed anyone would be trying to do so.

As he enters the bar once again, James looks for the woman again. When he sees her, he approaches. Sniffing the air as he gets in her immediate vicinity. Commenting...

Mmmmm. I can smell something quite tasty on you. Doesn't smell rather gourmet, but I suppose it will do. Can't always choose what you choose to choose all the time, especially with all the trouble going on. Fights, intrigue, politics, its a wonder a good meal can be found these days.

Yet, do I keep track? I can't remember. Perhaps I wrote it down somewhere? Hmmmm, I will have to travel back to the office and see what sort of data I collected.

James waits on the womans response. Unsure as to why he would mention blood and the smell of it, other than the fact that it's the only thing that comes to mind. His desire for conversation is usually sated with himself, but he thinks it may prove prudent to at least be somewhat sociable. He's not sure how long everyone plans on hanging out at the club, and it seems like this is the only interesting aspect so far.

James would much rather be back at his practice....if he still had one.
Sorry to take so long getting back to you guys. Busy week.
So I checked out the invisible castle rolls, CG, and I think you might have put in 10 for the dice instead of 1d10. When I rerolled, however, I got this . Somebody really wants you to get four 10s, go figure.
Good advice on the rerolling, Thot, but that's actually only for specialties. Check out page 117 of the VtM core book for how specialties work.

"Too right, pally," Harding says with a sneering grin. "Lady's got plans." The Brujah steps up next to Lauren, throwing a casual arm around her shoulder which is obviously supposed to draw a response from Valentine.
The Toreador ancilla merely raises an eyebrow, however, and nods curtly towards Lauren and the men. "Another time perhaps."


Across the bar, James sees the back of the black-haired woman stiffen at his comment. She turns and stares at the Malkavian with a mixture of fury and confusion. "What did you just say to me?" she hisses through clenched teeth. "Just who in the hell do you think you are?" Her fury is suddenly doused by an icy expression. "Oh, fu-... You were the little rat I heard in the alley, weren't you? Listen here you presumptuous..."
Whatever else the woman was to call James is lost as the screams of fear start to drown out the loud music. The crowd shifts like a tide, making way for a stumbling figure who is staggering from the back wall, screaming soundlessly. Many are able to recognize the figure as Ephraim Wainwright, an influential Tremere in the city. The "Imp" is easily recognized by his very short stature, standing barely four feet tall, but his ugly face is twisted in agony as he staggers across the dance floor. His normally elegant Victorian gentleman's glasses fall on the ground as the music is cut, just in time for Imp to collapse into the tall table in front of Joseph and Susan with a loud clatter.
"Jesus," Harding says as Mazz rushes past him towards the toppled table where a mist or smoke seems to be drifting. The crowd is pushing backwards away from the scene, not sure what's going on but disconcerted by the groans still coming from the table. When James looks around for the woman he was talking to, he finds her gone, probably escaped out the back of the club, again.
Mike, meanwhile, finds his view blocked as Valentine steps forward to the edge of the crowd. As he involuntarily leans to his left for a better angle, his shoulder collides with a thin man in a jacket whom he is shocked to recognize as Richard Schaden, a man he hasn't seen since that fateful night the last time he was in the Six of One. Schaden has a harried look on his face and is pushing quickly towards the door with obviously purpose.

And the plot comes to you!
OOC for Copper Griffin
I'm not opposed to Rival Sire but a few things come to mind. First, just recognize that Tremere blood magic and Assamite blood magic have next to nothing in common. Lauren's sire is unlikely to have anything the Warlocks could use let alone want. However, she might know something else, such as secrets stolen from human mages or something else. Alternatively, Lauren might have been targeted for Embrace by someone else (as the flaw actually reads, I think) in which case we'd need to explain how that vampire can be a credible nuisance here in New York when he's, presumably, in California where Lauren was originally Embraced.
The more I think about it, I think this is a pretty doable thing, but the more details you give me the more I can start implementing it.
Upon seeing M.Schaden flee the shocking scene of a Cainite dying in front of kines -a serious breach of the Masquerade, if any, Mike nearly freezes in his track. Yet, the lost opportunities from before come back to the shore, and he decides not to waste this one, and to follow him as best he can, making good use of both his obfuscating powers, and regular stealth ability.

1) Shadowing = Dex + Stealth = 6,7,3,7
2) This is assuming that he does not flee in fear. That's how I understand "with obvious purpose".
3) Checked p117, you were right, MJ, of course.

Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes ?

Lauren's reaction is much like everyone elses. Surprise. But she also instinctively reaches to the small of her back for either her gun or knife which are normally there. However, in Elysium, her hand closes on nothing.

Instead she takes the moment to slide away from Harding, after making a mental note to cut his hand off the next time he touches her, and pushes a scrambling Kine out of the way. Upon seeing "the Imp in obvious death throes her first thought is good riddance.

Her schadenfreude is short lived as the impact on the Masquerade dawns on her.

A number of quick solutions fly through her head. Terrorists maybe. But that might bring it into the news faster than a simple shooting in a bar would.

Before she can decide she notices Mike slipping out through the crowd, his eyes fixed on another figure who’s also fleeing the scene.

She doesn’t have any vested interest in keeping Jonz from final death, but she knows he has a penchant for diving in head first. She’s as surpised as anyone when she finds herself following the Toreador singer.
Mike hurries out into the frosty air outside the club and instantly the sounds of the club fade to the staccato horns and shouts of the street. He looks around and quickly spots the figure of Richard Schaden, now wearing a long coat, moving east along 20th Street. He can't see the man very well, but it looks like Richard is looking up the street either at something or someone.
Behind Mike, Lauren steps out of the club and sees the Toreador hurrying towards 8th Ave.
Rolls for finding Schaden in the crowd and for noting that Lauren followed you out of the club. I'm saying that two successes (difficulty 5) let's you keep a pretty good eye on Schaden but Mike isn't immediately aware of Lauren. She'll have to make her own shadowing rolls of course.
James, unsure as to what exactly is going on, instantly moves towards the back door again, quickly seeing if there is any way he can determine where the woman went.

He is completely unsure as to what to think about the recent situation, but his mind cannot normally compute the many incessant thoughts that stream within it, and as such, he is able to focus on what was happening earlier, giving this current situation no real thought at the immediate moment.

I don't know what rolls are necessary, and would prefer you to roll them if that is all right with you Mephit. At least until I feel I have gotten the hang of everything.
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