New York by Night: VtM

“However, even had Orpheus achieved his aim, the help lasts no longer than the song, nor does the listening, and on no account might the song resound too long, otherwise the streams would return to their old courses, the wild beasts of the forest would again fall upon and slay the innocent beasts of the field, and man would revert again to his old, habitual cruelty…”
-The Death of Virgil, Hermann Broch
Translation by Jean Starr Untermeyer

The Children of Caine have walked the earth for millennia, living among humans like wolves among the sheep. Some “herds” are easier to manage than others and the streets of New York are notoriously good hunting grounds. But the top of the food chain is a precarious location.
Something is hunting the Kindred of New York City, and the elders are both concerned and baffled. It started off with Cainites disappearing, which inevitably was blamed on the Sabbat bogeyman that still lurked in the city. Then the bodies of several ghouls turned up mangled in the East River, literally torn to pieces. The last few weeks have seen a manhunt for the killer, horrific fights between Kindred and Lupine, but no real answers. The closest they’ve come is to rule out the Lupines: several Nosferatu and Gangrel who were in contact with something called the Glass Walkers have reported that the wolves are just as stumped and, more tellingly, they have had a similar string of deaths in recent weeks.
Prince Calebros, a normally in-control vampire, is furious and at the end of his rope. His approach to the problem, though, is much like his policy toward control of New York: cooperation. He’s drawn together a group of anarchs, the only ones he can count on not to be swayed by the petty rivalries of the clans.


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Lauren Raynes
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Name: Lauren Autumn Raynes Nature: competitor Generation: 11<br /> Player: copper griffin Demeanor: easygoing Haven: loft in Brooklyn <br /> Chronicle: NY by Night Clan: Assamite Concept: pragmatic opportunist<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> 7/5/3 Physical Social Mental<br /> Strength @@OOO Charisma @@@OO Perception @@@OO<br /> Dexterity @@@OO Manipulation @@@@O Intelligence @@OOO<br /> Stamina @@OOO Appearance @@@OO Wits @@@OO<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> 13/9/5 Talents Skills Knowledges<br /> Alertness @@OOO Animal Ken OOOOO Academics OOOOO<br /> Athletics @@OOO Crafts OOOOO Computers @OOOO<br /> Brawl @OOOO Drive @@OOO Finance @OOOO<br /> Dodge @@OOO Etiquette @OOOO Investigation @OOOO<br /> Empathy @@OOO Firearms @@@OO Law @OOOO<br /> Expression @OOOO Melee @@@OO Linguistics @OOOO<br /> Intimidation OOOOO Performance @OOOO Medicine OOOOO<br /> Leadership OOOOO Security @@OOO Occult OOOOO<br /> Streetwise OOOOO Stealth @@OOO Politics OOOOO<br /> Subterfuge @@OOO Survival @OOOO Science OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Backgrounds 5 Disciplines 3 Virtues 7<br /> _Generation_________ @@OOO _Celerity_________ @OOOO Conscience @@OOO<br /> _Resources__________ @@OOO _Obfuscate________ @OOOO<br /> _Contact____________ @OOOO _Quietus__________ @OOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO __________________ OOOOO Self-Control @@@@O<br /> ____________________ OOOOO __________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO __________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO __________________ OOOOO Courage @@@@O<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Merits/Flaws Path of Humanity Health<br /> _Flaw _Phobia (spiders)____<br /> _Flaw _Prey Excl (chidren)_ Bruised []<br /> _Flaw _Clan Enmity_________ @ @ @ @ @ @ O O O O Hurt -1 []<br /> _____ _____________________ Injured -1 []<br /> Merit _Light Sleeper_______ Willpower Wounded -2 []<br /> Merit _Magic Resistance____ @ @ @ @ O O O O O O Mauled -3 []<br /> Merit _Enchanting Voice____ [][][][][][][][][][] Crippled -5 []<br /> Merit _Ambidextrous________ Incapacitated []<br /> _____ _____________________ Bloodpool<br /> _____ _____________________ [][][][][][][][][][] Experience Total _______<br /> _____ _____________________ [][][][][][][][][][] Experience Spent _______<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Paths Rituals<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Inventory<br /> Weapon Dmg Range Other<br /> _Glock 17_______________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> _H&amp;K MP5-K______________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> _Katana_________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> _Kukri__________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ____________________________________<br /> Armor Bashing Lethal Aggravated ____________________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Retainer Purpose Transportation<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____Acura TL 3.2 4 door sedan_______<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Allies Contacts<br /> ______________________________________ ___Ahmed Jassari_(arms smuggler)____<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Herd Resources<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Boons Type Blood Bond Drinks Taken<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> <br /> Haven Location<br /> ____Loft apartment____________________________ ____Brooklyn_____________________<br /> ______________________________________________ _________________________________<br /> ______________________________________________ _________________________________<br /> <br /> <br /> Languages____English, French____________________________________________________<br /> <br /> Anything_Missing________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________

Born in Montreal but raised between Houston and New Orleans, Lauren has an odd mix of a French-Canadian accent mingled with a Texas drawl and some Cajun. If she thinks about it she can switch between any one of the three accents any time she wants. Throughout her childhood her father worked the oil rigs while her mother "worked" as an artist (though truthfully she's never made any real money at it). When Lauren was seven years old her parents suddenly divorced and her mother moved across the ocean to Paris, presumably to live with her parents (Lauren's maternal grandparents). For the next ten years Lauren and her father bounced back and forth between Houston and New Orleans with a year or two in Alaska and Alberta. All the while she dreamed of running away to Paris like her mother had.

At eighteen Lauren left home and moved out to the San Fransisco Bay area where she went to college at Cal-Berkeley. The laid back and easygoing lifestyle on campus appealed to her and she largely ignored her studies in favor of casual drug use and eco-oriented protesting. As her grades slipped she lost her spot on the varsity volleyball team and her full ride scholarship along with it.

Faced with flunking out of school and being forced to go back home Lauren, in a moment of desperation, took a job at a seedy strip club in Oakland. At first she only waited on tables but eventually the lure of more money in fewer hours drew her up on stage. Eventually she graduated with her degree but continued working as a dancer for another couple of years, just because it was easy.

At the age of twenty five Lauren met and fell in love with a plastic surgeon. He wasn't all that handsome and several years older but he was a nice guy and most importantly, wealthy. In the beginning Lauren was in it just for the money but by the time she agreed to marry him she could honestly say it was love. Five years later and she the world was her oyster. She was thirty two, with a wealthy husband, two wonderful kids, a house in the suburbs with a pool and two luxury cars in the garage. Life was grand.

Until Jasmine appeared.

Lauren knew the exotic middle Eastern beauty (who's real name was Nalia Yasser) from her dancing days but they were hardly friends. Naturally Lauren's first thoughts were of extortion and blackmail, which Jasmine readily encouraged. In reality the woman was an Assamite clan vampire who had been stalking Lauren for more than a decade. Once she was happiest and seemed set with her life Jasmine moved in and struck during the delivery of the blackmail pay off.

After the Embrace, Lauren's first victims were those she loved most in life. The horror of that first night still lingers, the nightmares drive her to conquer "the Beast" and cling to her humanity. At the same time the cruelty of her sire in those first years of unlife fostered a strong dislike of her fellow Kindred. A useful trait when fulfilling a contract killing. Not only did Lauren enjoy seducing and giving the final death as her clan and the contract demanded, she loved removing yet another cruel predator from the world. Plus the vitae is even sweeter than the sips she takes from Kine. The latter she takes to survive, the former is an indulgence.

Currently has a love/hate relationship with her sire. On the one hand their relationship has improved a lot over the last seven years as Lauren has accepted and even embraced her vampiric nature. On the other there is a lot of festering resentment from the first years of unlife. Lauren's recent move to New York and becoming an Antitribu has again moved them back to tense, so Lauren has one eye open just in case her sire moves to end her unlife.

In life Lauren was easygoing and laidback with no real drive or ambition. She was happy just getting by and prefered to do whatever is easy over actual hard work. Much of that has carried over to her unlife. Only she has quickly realized that the world of the kindred has no mercy for the lazy or for fence sitters. While the elders of the Assamite clan still argue and plot she has decided to side with the Camarilla. Their recent victory in New York (Lauren's latest haunt) coupled with the common sense practicality of the Traditions have convinced Lauren that they are the eventual "winning team". She's now working on ingratiating herself among them and earning some grudging respect.

Statuesque and curvy, Lauren has always drawn second looks, with a face that's easily forgettable. Not that she's ugly or bland. In life with her big doe eyes and light freckles she was cute in a sweet and innocent girl next door kind of way, but hardly a striking beauty. Since the Embrace she has gained an almost otherworldly beauty and presence. She is olive skinned with shoulder length dark brown hair and hazel eyes.


This next section is hidden just because I'm not totally sure if it's "right" (for lack of a better term). I'm not totally up to speed on the history and politics of the Kindred so this might need a total re-write after getting feedback.

Common knowledge or rumor
Slipped into New York within the last eighteen months and followed all the traditions by presenting herself to the Prince at the Gugenheim Elysium. Had one brush with trouble for slaying a pair of Tremere weak bloods in Coney Island but charmed her way out. Not the most savvy lick when it comes to politics but she seems to know who to suck up to and how to cozy up to the winning team. A smooth talker she's a known tease who rarely, if ever, kills Kine. Hunts mostly at health clubs and sporting events. Has kept a pretty low profile and is apparently on the outs with her fellow Assamites. Rumor has it that her own sire is trying to track her down but obviously isn't putting much effort in to it.

Eric McKnight
-Child-like Mastermind-
[SIZE="3"][FONT="georgia"]"Who me? I'm just a little boy..."

Walking thru the twilight streets of New York, your eyes play tricks with you. But after a few more seconds, it seems what you saw was real. A young boy, not more than 10 years old walks towards you with a quiet calm alone in the night. As you get closer to this innocent his eyes make the smallest contact with yours....The other side of the road seems to be a better place to walk

Character Sheet--No peeking....that means YOU
Hey! I said no peeking
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Name:Eric McKnight Nature:Director Generation: 11<br /> Player:redknight Demeanor:Architect Haven:Tremere Chantry<br /> Chronicle:NYbN Clan:Tremere Concept:Childlike Mastermind<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> 7/5/3 Physical Social Mental<br /> Strength @@OOO Charisma @@OOO Perception @@OOO<br /> Dexterity @@OOO Manip-Persuasive @@@@@ Int-prob-solver @@@@O<br /> Stamina @@OOO Appearance @@@OO Wits @@OOO<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> 13/9/5 Talents Skills Knowledges<br /> Alertness @@@OO Animal Ken OOOOO Academics @OOOO<br /> Athletics OOOOO Crafts OOOOO Computers OOOOO<br /> Brawl OOOOO Drive @OOOO Finance OOOOO<br /> Dodge @@OOO Etiquette @@OOO Investigation OOOOO<br /> Empathy OOOOO Firearms OOOOO Law OOOOO<br /> Expression OOOOO Melee OOOOO Linguistics @@OOO<br /> Intimidation @@@OO Performance OOOOO Medicine OOOOO<br /> Leadership @@@OO Security OOOOO Occult-Lore @@@@O<br /> Streetwise OOOOO Stealth @@OOO Politics OOOOO<br /> Subterfuge @@OOO Survival OOOOO Science @@OOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Backgrounds 5 Disciplines 3 Virtues 7<br /> Resources___________ @@@@@ Thaumaturgical____ @@OOO Conscience @@OOO<br /> Retainers___________ @@@@O Dominate__________ @@OOO<br /> Generation__________ @@OOO __________________ OOOOO<br /> Contacts____________ @@@@O __________________ OOOOO Self-Control @@@OO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO __________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO __________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO __________________ OOOOO Courage @@@@@<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Merits/Flaws Path of Humanity Health<br /> Flaw_ +3 Child_____________<br /> Flaw_ +1 Short_____________ Bruised []<br /> Flaw_ +1 Deep Sleeper______ @ @ @ @ @ O O O O O Hurt -1 []<br /> _____ _____________________ Injured -1 []<br /> _____ _____________________ Willpower Wounded -2 []<br /> _____ _____________________ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ Mauled -3 []<br /> _____ _____________________ [][][][][][][][][][] Crippled -5 []<br /> _____ _____________________ Incapacitated []<br /> _____ _____________________ Bloodpool<br /> _____ _____________________ [][][][][][][][][][] Experience Total _______<br /> _____ _____________________ [][][][][][][][][][] Experience Spent _______<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Paths Rituals<br /> Lure of Flame_______ @@OOO Level One--Wake with Evening&#8217;s Freshness________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO Level One&#8212;Voice of Years to come_______________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO Level Two--Principal Focus of Vitae Infusion_________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Inventory<br /> Weapon Dmg Range Other<br /> Desert Eagle .50 __________ 5______ 30___ ____________________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ____________________________________<br /> Armor Bashing Lethal Aggravated ____________________________________<br /> Kevlar-laced Trenchcoat____ +3 -1____________________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Retainer Purpose Transportation<br /> Beaumont_______________ Majordomo_____ ____________________________________<br /> Alexander Barnic_______ NYPD Officer__ ____________________________________<br /> Tasha Hart_____________ Library of Congress Employee____________________________<br /> Sara Jacobs____________ Captain USAF__ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Allies Contacts<br /> ______________________________________ Nicholi Romanoff--Illegal Weapons Dealer<br /> ______________________________________ Franz Bardon--Occult Dealer__________<br /> ______________________________________ Markus O'Dell--VP of Energy technologies, Chevron Corporation<br /> ______________________________________ Aliesha Landerking--NY State Senator<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Herd Resources<br /> ______________________________________ Silent Owner of dozens of bars/night clubs<br /> ______________________________________ Significant stocks/bonds ___________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Boons Type Blood Bond Drinks Taken<br /> _____________________________ ________ Tremere Elders_______ Full Blood Bond__<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> <br /> Haven Location<br /> Tremere Chantry_______________________________ NYC______________________________<br /> Several night clubs___________________________ All Around NY____________________<br /> ______________________________________________ _________________________________<br /> <br /> <br /> Languages_English, French, Latin________________________________________________<br /> <br /> Anything Missing_ Prior encounters with werewolves has prompted him create a weapon designed directly for them. Two silver-plated syringes with 50cc of liquid silver each.<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________


"I was born in 1934, and I suppose you could say I ‘died’ in 1944. Truth be told, I was to die in that year regardless. A genius in any century, my fate was to be cruel and short. I had a quite curable form of cancer. Curable now I should restate, back then it was barely understood. The sickness was just another of hundreds of ‘wasting disease.’

Sergio Bernal, my Sire, my teacher, my savior. He saw in me a mind that should never be lost and a power that should be coveted and cultured. He was lost during the night of madness, when the Sabbat looked to retake New York. He gave me the dark kiss at such a young age, when it happened I was on the verge of young adult hood. A child to be sure, but the Second Great War was still raging, my father and brother had gone to fight and I was the man of the house. Such a thing was common and respect was given and trust earned.

But in these modern nights the young have become younger, and being in a child’s body, speaking with a child’s voice lends a blind eye to some, and a far to inspecting in others. The blood of my Sire however, continues to provide for his childer."

*Seeing a NYPD cruiser pull over a few feet from where he was standing. Walking up to the car and opening the passenger door, he takes a moment, a telling glance at the officer who lowers his head. Pulling out an envelope and handing it to the child. Another long moment passes before the boy runs a thin dagger across his wrist, the payment of blood happily received as the officer drinks, feeling the bond increase and knowing contentment. The boy waits for several seconds, letting his retainer drink, before pulling away and with a lick the wound vanishes. They share a few silent words before Eric leaves the cruiser, which continues on its way. As he looks back at me, the memory my first drink comes back...the look of his eyes, and the whisper in the back of my head to drink..was it really only 2 days ago?*

Ahh Now then Sara I have told you a little about myself...I would like you to tell me about the Military presence at JFK International….

Kariana Vinette
Malkavian Artiste


"Oh dear no, the Toreador are over there sweetie.
Worry not, everybody makes that mistake.....but only once."

[Sblock=Character Sheet/Background]

Character Sheet

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Name: Kariana Vinette Nature: Generation: 11<br /> Player: GlassGEO Demeanor: Haven:<br /> Chronicle: Clan: Malkavian Concept: Charming "Uppity" Artiste<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> 7/5/3 Physical Social Mental<br /> Strength @@OOO Charisma @@@OO Perception(intuition)@@@@O<br /> Dexterity @@OOO Manipulation @@OOO Intelligence @@@OO<br /> Stamina @@OOO Appearance @@@OO Wits @@@OO<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> 13/9/5 Talents Skills Knowledges<br /> Alertness @@OOO Animal Ken OOOOO Academics @@OOO<br /> Athletics OOOOO Crafts(Paint) @@@@O Computers OOOOO<br /> Brawl OOOOO Drive OOOOO Finance OOOOO<br /> Dodge @@OOO Etiquette @@OOO Investigation OOOOO<br /> Empathy @@OOO Firearms OOOOO Law OOOOO<br /> Expression(Emotion) @@@@O Melee @@OOO Linguistics @OOOO<br /> Intimidation @@OOO Performance OOOOO Medicine OOOOO<br /> Leadership OOOOO Security OOOOO Occult @@OOO<br /> Streetwise OOOOO Stealth @@OOO Politics @@OOO<br /> Subterfuge @@OOO Survival OOOOO Science OOOOO<br /> <br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Backgrounds 5 Disciplines 3 Virtues 7<br /> Generation__________ @@OOO Dominate__________ @OOOO Conscience @@OOO<br /> Status______________ @@@OO Auspex____________ @@OOO<br /> Resources___________ @@@OO Obfuscate__________ @OOOO<br /> Allies (Neo/Ancil)__ @@OOO Dementation _______ OOOOO Self-Control @@@@O<br /> Herd______________ @@OOO __________________ OOOOO<br /> Influence (Society) @OOOO __________________ OOOOO<br /> Influence (Politics) @OOOO __________________ OOOOO Courage @@@@O<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Merits/Flaws Path of Humanity Health<br /> _____ _____________________<br /> _____ _____________________ Bruised []<br /> _____ _____________________ @ @ @ @ @ @ O O O O Hurt -1 []<br /> _____ _____________________ Injured -1 []<br /> _____ _____________________ Willpower Wounded -2 []<br /> _____ _____________________ @ @ @ @ @ O O O O O Mauled -3 []<br /> _____ _____________________ [][][][][][][][][][] Crippled -5 []<br /> _____ _____________________ Incapacitated []<br /> _____ _____________________ Bloodpool<br /> _____ _____________________ [][][][][][][][][][] Experience Total _______<br /> _____ _____________________ [][][][][][][][][][] Experience Spent _______<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> <br /> Inventory<br /> Weapon Dmg Range Other<br /> Fencing Blade___________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ____________________________________<br /> Armor Bashing Lethal Aggravated ____________________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Allies Contacts<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Herd Resources<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Boons Type Blood Bond Drinks Taken<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Languages : French, English _____________________________________________________<br /> <br /> Anything_Missing________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________


Presitgous Sire - 1 Social Your Sire has or had great status amongst your sect. Most likely he/she is not around anymore.
Elysium Regular - 1 Social You are known at Elysium, and all the movers & shakers know who you are.
Oracular Ability - 3 Super With an ST present, you may make a Perception + Occult roll to discern an omen, then an Intelligence + Occult to understand it. Only to be used in the presence of an ST at their request (not yours).
Blush of Health - 1 Physical

Uppity - 2 Social You are proud enough of your status & clan that you’ve shot your mouth off and made some enemies who will take action to embarrass and harm you.+2 difficulty on Social rolls vs. those you have alienated.Make a WP roll vs. 6 to keep your mouth shut any time the opportunity comes to brag about your lineage, clan, or status.
Old Flame (Ventrue Brother) - 2 Social Someone you once cared for deeply is now your enemy.They still attempt to play on your sympathies for “old time’s sake” while working against you. You must succeed on a contested Manipulation + Expression roll to act before the situation becomes life-threatening.
Clan Rivalry - 4 Social One clan in particular has garnered a great dislike of you. +2 difficulty on all Social rolls relating to members of the clan in question.
Recruitment Target - 1 Social The Sabbat want you, willing or not, and they want you bad.


Kariana Vinette was once the daughter to a wealthy, and succesful, merchant in Victorian Paris. Her father, targeted by a power hungry Ventrue known as Jean-Luc, was to be a source of vast knowledge and money to this man. However, the old man was far too fragile to be fully ghouled, and so Jean-Luc planned on taking the mans beautiful daughter. Kariana herself had a decent mind of her fathers brilliant business knowledge, but was much more intersted in her skill at painting. Though it wasn't refined, she had talent...and a great deal of it. It just so happens that one of Jean-Luc's coterie mates was particularly upset with the pompous ventrue one evening and learned of his plans to take Karianna under his wing. Both fearful for the Ventrue destroying her raw, god granted talent through the oppresive and depressing ways of the "kings"...and in spite of jean-Luc in general....Edmond Serrante beat him to it and ghouled the young girl.

Forced to make do with a back up solution, Jean-Luc settled for the gentleman's son, and karriana's brother. This in fact ended up a much wiser plan, since the young man had a much keener mind for money and trading that Karianna. Though Jean-Luc and Edmond were at odds for a while, eventually they came to terms of a sort and "forgot about the issue". ((Old Flame))

It is important to note, that months before her sire, Edmond, ever met Karianna he had been charged by the prince to invesitgate and "fix" the issue of some "rebel" toreador making a scene in Paris. Their coterie accomplished the ordeal magnificantly, though the leader of these Antitribu Toreador was never found.

Many years afterward, once Edmond had been hounded again and again by more of these rebelious Toreador...and once Karianna became a target after her embrace Edmond came clean to her regarding the disapeerance of the Antitribu. Though he assured her that it was a matter of "temporary" insanity, it has none-the-less been a burden upon him sense that night. The power it gave, while worth the danger, came with the powerful psyche of the Toreador, and apparently the desire by her bloodline to "take back her blood" somehow. ((Recruitment Target))

Karianna learned quickly that Edmond was definatly no friend of any Toreador, Camm or Sabbat. The Sabbat wanted his the essence of hisblood, the Camm just wanted his blood...preferably spilled upon one of their canvas. Desite his fervent hatred of everything American, when his coteries duties led them there, he forced himself to make do. At least one good thing came of would be a somewhat fresh start among the courts.......for her at least. Edmond's name had allready filtered among the Toreador in New York, their destination....but it asn' a fervent enough hatred to stain her name completly....yet. ((Clan Rivalry - Toreador))

Once in New York, Edmond continued to do what he did...and continued to alienate the Toreador from him. Karianna did a fair job of keeping the peace, but in truth...she was proud of her sire and let that be known on many an occasion. Many an occasion which usually undid some of her peacekeeping work. in the end, she has been left with a currently stable, if lopsided, relationship with the Artisans. They both dislike each other, but for purely artisticaly competitive reasons. Karianna "is" the best....well...second to her sire, for now, and she makes no effort to hide this fact. And the Toreador make no effort to hide their disdain for her uppity nature. ((Uppity))

One thing can be said for her sire in a socially good light. He and his coterie knew what they were doing in the courts. His entire coterie used their status in Paris well, and made numerous allies and deals in New York to help themselves stay afloat, and excel in their new home. Karianna herself followed suit, but made her own allies amongst the other Neonates and Ancillae, letting her elders keep to their own circles. ((Presitgous Sire, Elysium Regular))

When the wave of insantiy spread through her clan, it didn't seem to afect Karianna or Edmond as much as others, at first. Edmond however, delighted in his power over fueled him in his lengthening years. So he himself delved into the strange power that came with the madness,a nd my doing so...his desire for control over others grew even stronger. With Karianna's help, he was able to grasp what was left of his sanity and reflect upon it, but it is safe to say that he has been left marked by the experience.

Due to this, Karianna initially made consious efforts to avoid the so called "network" as much as possible, even avoiding other Malkavians for a while. However, in recent months the pull has begun to grow and it is still growing stronger. Knowing that it will not be long before she is forced to succumb to it's call, she has done much research into it's effects and has begun strengthening her resolve as much as possible for that day. However, when one focuses on their ctrength of will, they tend to let their strength of emotion slide and recently Karianna has grown more distant from her common issues of humanity and morality. ((Lack of Dementation; Higher Self Control/Courage, Lower Conscience))


Rufus Sykes
-Liaison to the Independents-
"I am more Kindred than you, for I embrace the night, and all that it brings."

Character Sheet
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Name: Rufus Sykes Nature: Traditionalist Generation: 11<br /> Player: Darthnazrael Demeanor: Conniver Haven:<br /> Chronicle: NYbN Clan: Lasombra Concept: Ambitious Agent<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> 7/5/3 Physical Social Mental<br /> Strength @@@OO Charisma @@@OO Perception @@OOO<br /> Dexterity @@OOO Manip. [color=dimgray](Persuasive)[/color] @@@@@ Intelligence @@OOO<br /> Stamina @@@OO Appearance @@OOO Wits @@OOO<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> 13/9/5 Talents Skills Knowledges<br /> Alertness @@OOO Animal Ken OOOOO Academics OOOOO<br /> Athletics OOOOO Crafts [color=dimgray](Tattoos)[/color] @@OOO Computers @OOOO<br /> Brawl @@OOO Drive OOOOO Finance OOOOO<br /> Dodge @@OOO Etiquette @@OOO Investigation OOOOO<br /> Empathy OOOOO Firearms @OOOO Law @@OOO<br /> Expression OOOOO Melee OOOOO Linguistics OOOOO<br /> Intimidation @@OOO Performance OOOOO Medicine OOOOO<br /> Leadership @@@OO Security OOOOO Occult [color=dimgray](Abyss)[/color] @@@OO<br /> Streetwise @OOOO Stealth OOOOO Politics @@@OO<br /> Subterfuge @OOOO Survival OOOOO Science OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO ____________________ OOOOO<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Backgrounds 5 Disciplines 3 Virtues 7<br /> [u]Generation[/u]__________ @@OOO [u]Obtenebration[/u]_____ @@OOO Conscience @@@OO<br /> [u]Status[/u]______________ @@@OO [u]Dominate[/u]__________ @@OOO<br /> [u]Influence[/u]___________ @@@OO __________________ OOOOO<br /> [u]Contacts[/u]____________ @@@OO __________________ OOOOO Self-Control @@@OO<br /> [u]Resources[/u]___________ @@@@O __________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO __________________ OOOOO<br /> ____________________ OOOOO __________________ OOOOO Courage @@@@O<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Merits/Flaws Health<br /> _[u]1 F[/u]_ [u]Poseidon's Call[/u]______ Path of Humanity<br /> _[u]1 F[/u]_ [u]Bad Sight[/u]____________ Bruised []<br /> _[u]1 F[/u]_ [u]Rebellious Look[/u]______ @ @ @ @ @ @ O O O O Hurt -1 []<br /> _[u]2 F[/u]_ [u]Vengeful (Sabbat)[/u]____ Injured -1 []<br /> _[u]1 F[/u]_ [u]Infamous Sire[/u]________ Willpower Wounded -2 []<br /> _[u]4 M[/u]_ [u]Primogen Friendship[/u]__ @ @ @ @ O O O O O O Mauled -3 []<br /> _[u]1 M[/u]_ [u]Rep[/u]__________________ [][][][][][][][][][] Crippled -5 []<br /> _[u]1 F[/u]_ [u]Deep Sleeper[/u]_________ Incapacitated []<br /> _____ _____________________ Bloodpool<br /> _____ _____________________ [][][][][][][][][][] Experience Total _______<br /> _____ _____________________ [][][][][][][][][][] Experience Spent _______<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Paths Rituals<br /> ____________________ OOOOO [u]Calling the Thing in Darkness (Lasombra P. 73)[/u]_______<br /> ____________________ OOOOO [u]Descent into Darkness (Lasombra P. 73)[/u]_______________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> ____________________ OOOOO _____________________________________________________<br /> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<br /> Inventory<br /> Weapon Dmg Range Other<br /> [u]Heavy Pistol[/u]____________ ___[u]5[/u]___ __[u]30[/u]_ ____________________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ________________________ _______ _____ ____________________________________<br /> ____________________________________<br /> Armor Bashing Lethal Aggravated ____________________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> ____________ _______ ______ __________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Retainer Purpose Transportation<br /> _______________________ ______________ [u]Porsche 911 Turbo[/u]___________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ___[color=grey][u](Meteor Grey Metallic)[/color][/u]___________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> _______________________ ______________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Allies Contacts<br /> ______________________________________ [u]Duncan Yarborough[/u]___________________<br /> ______________________________________ [u]Brian Connor[/u]________________________<br /> ______________________________________ [u]Lisa Neargarder[/u]_____________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Herd Influences<br /> ______________________________________ [u]Political 1[/u]_________________________<br /> ______________________________________ [u]Underworld 1[/u]________________________<br /> ______________________________________ [u]Legal 1[/u]_____________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> ______________________________________ ____________________________________<br /> <br /> Boons Type Blood Bond Drinks Taken<br /> _____________________________ ________ [u]Lisa Neargarder[/u]______ ______[u]3[/u]_______<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> _____________________________ ________ _____________________ ______________<br /> <br /> Haven Location<br /> [u]The Grotto and the Grey Lady[/u]__________________ [u]Sykes lives in a vast underwater[/u]_<br /> ______________________________________________ [u]grotto in the Upper New York Bay,[/u]<br /> ______________________________________________ [u]under his private charter boat.[/u]__<br /> <br /> <br /> Languages_[u]English[/u]_______________________________________________________________<br /> <br /> Anything_Missing________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________<br /> ________________________________________________________________________________

Major Contacts
  • Officer Duncan Yarborough:
    Yarborough is a well-ranking officer in the NYPD with a spotless record. A model officer, if you will. Even considering running for sheriff sometime soon. It's too bad about those incidents at the men's truckstop, with Manny and Tom, two well-known male prostitutes. That could really hurt his reputation as a 'true conservative, who's tough on sex crimes'.
    Well, Sykes pulled a few strings, and word never got out. Case closed. Yarborough's still a 'model officer', he just slips Sykes a little info and cash on the side, as long as this doesn't get out.
  • Brian Connor:
    Brian's a rough-and-tumble sort who actually ranks pretty high in the Irish mafia. He would be a rat, but he's found that working with Sykes is a lot less dangerous, and in return Sykes keeps the heat off of him. It's a real win-win situation. Meanwhile, Brian slips Sykes some info and cash from the underworld.
    Brian usually works drug deals, as his main source of revenue, and Sykes takes his cut off the top (a measly 5%).
  • Lisa Neargarder:
    Lisa is a well-to-do prosecutor under the District Attorney. She works directly for the DA, and has his ear on a few issues, if you get the drift. She has photos of them together, and he has a wife and kids. Enough said.
    Lisa's also had her fair share of trysts with Sykes, and she's been blood bound to him along the way. Firmly in his pocket, she's one of his most powerful and viable legal resources. She, also, is a key source of revenue and link into the political world of New York.

The Grotto and the Grey Lady:
The grotto is roughly the size of a church or warehouse. Long ago, Sykes had a lot of meat and live dogs brought down to the grotto. He fed the animals, until such time as they used up the air supply of the cave, leaving it filled with carbon dioxide, making the place uninhabitable by living beings. The dogs were disposed of by being dumped back into the river over a long course of time so as not to rouse suspicion. This all took place about 8 years ago. It was one of his less humane moments, but necessary. It's part of the reason he has a humanity of 6.

His privately owned charter boat, the Grey Lady, sits above, and not far from, the hidden entrance to the underwater grotto, at a dock. The dock, itself, is under the control of Sykes, as its owner, Trey Whitely, is one of his minor contacts.

A loud thud. That of the back of a clawed hand landing squarely on the side of a face.
"Carson, you fool! That one was mine!" the Tzimisce Priest berated the young Lasombra, "He deserved no less than Tzimisce blood!"
Dejected, Carson stayed on his knees and shrugged, "I'm sorry, Grigori. I got mixed up." This was followed with a hard kick to the face.
"Bah!" the deformed fleshwarper shrugged, himself. Gesturing to the freshly embraced body of Rufus, he commanded his packmates, "Well, don't just sit there. Throw him in the hole with the others! No use crying over spilt cattle."
With that, two burly men, one obviously a Nosferatu Antitribu, grabbed the fresh corpse of Rufus, and threw him into a 10 foot deep hole in the dirt. He landed clumsily on 4 other bodies. And then the dirt started piling on.


Short Version:

Rufus Sykes was an average middle-class tattoo artist from Boston, who just happened to be descended from an 8th century Anglo-Saxon king. These two facts are what attracted the attention of Grigori Novgorod, a Tzimisce genealogist. Excited to introduce a pure English lineage into the Tzimisce clan, Grigori was happy to claim Rufus as his prize childe. It was not to be, however. Carson, a bungling Lasombra in the same pack, embraced the young Sykes, instead of his own chosen prey, a middle-management yes-man. It was an accident, but one that cost Grigori his prized childe. So, the yes-man was slaughtered, and Rufus thrown into the mass grave with all the rest of the pack's choices for embrace.

By the time Rufus dug his way out, as was expected of him, the pack had been slaughtered by the local Camarilla presence. Rufus was discovered in a frenzy by a small coterie, and he was delivered staked to the primogen council. In his frenzy, he had dropped a Shroud of Night. Doing so alerted the coterie to his lineage, and thus the neonate was passed off to Simon Grey, a very respected Lasombra Antitribu in the Boston Camarilla scene.

Under Simon's tutelage, he learned the history of the True Lasombra, or as the sabbat traitors call them, the "Lasombra Antitribu". He learned how to move through political circles like a pro, and all the other tricks to being a true Lasombra. In time, he was released from apprenticeship, and sent away to make his own way.

In so doing, he found himself in New York City. Where better to form a budding reputation. Due to the touchy feelings of the local Camarilla towards Lasombra, he started his machinations amongst the Anarchs and Independents. Soon, he had completely ingratiated himself amongst them, while he had also worked his way into the Camarilla politics. He made no attempts to hide his admiration for Aisling Sturbridge, and her diligence against the Sabbat, and overall wise leadership.

Now, some time after, he has become quite comfortable amongst both the independents and the primogen council. In so doing, he has become the Primogen Council's Liaison to the Independents. While not a true position, he is afforded status similar to that of a seventh primogen, and usually sits on their meetings. He, however, is not obligated to do so, and frequently spends time amongst the neonate independents, guiding them as he once was.

Simon had instructed him in the ancient magicks of Abyss Mysticism, and Sykes carries on his practice and learning today. Still hardly a master, he is vigilant in his learning, and actively seeks books on the subject of the Dark Gods and the Abyss.


Sykes' Car
[font=garamond][i][b]Porsche 911 Turbo
in Meteor Grey Metallic[/b][/i][/font]


Rufus Sykes' most obvious feature is the massive tattoo that covers part of his face, all the way down to most of the right side of his torso and shoulder (which manifests statistically as the Disfigured flaw). Other noticeable features are his striking grey eyes, the shock of red hair among his short black spikes, and the neatly groomed black suits, whose ties usually vary in warm tones, so as to match his tattoo.

He stands a menacing 6'5", and weighs around 210 lbs. While he's not in peak physical condition, his form has a generally brawny shape to it, though lacking in definition. Most people never see his full tattoo, however, as he rarely removes his suit in public.

Art is copyright 2006 Hilary Dawson and Andrew Clequin.
This close to the holiday season, Madison Square is absolutely packed with humanity. Decorations of pine ropes and ribbons decorated all of the streetlights and holiday music filled the stores. They had been slowly filling up the plaza more and more each night since mid-November and now, two weeks before Christmas, things were gearing up for the final sprint.
To the people walking in the plaza it no doubt seemed comforting and welcome. To the Kindred who stalked across the plaza this night, it was a scene of irony and bitterness. To most of the Dead, the "Season of Hope" was a phrase that tasted like bile in their mouths. Vampires generally had little desire for cheery carols in their unlives and little hope at all. They were the Damned, and the Damned did not factor well into Christmas.
They seemed to converge on the steps of the Gardens, directly under a lamppost with a shining silver wreathe on it. The notes they had received, through email, phone, and messenger, had said only that: meet under the lamppost to the right of the steps, the Prince demands it. No explanation was given, but they could guess. There had been a lot of talk about the "Phantom Killer", the "Terror of Caine", who had been stalking Licks throughout Manhattan. What was most puzzling was why Calebros had called these particular neonates together.

Alright, I'll introduce a way into the story soon, but if people want to post some dialogue and maybe what the other characters may know about you it'll make sure I don't give away to little (or too much).
Sykes answers to 'Sykes', 'Mr. Sykes', or 'Sir'. It's pretty impossible to mistake Sykes for anyone else, due to the massive tattoo that stretches from the side of his face down onto his torso, which is always covered by a sable suit, and, in this weather, a long black trenchcoat.

That's why you can immediately recognize and remember him when you see him at the lamppost; Sykes has a seat on the Primogen Council. He's not technically a member of the Council, but he sits on the majority of the meetings. He's the Council's Liaison to the Independents, which includes Anarchs as well as the Independents. Effectively, he's like a 7th Primogen, representing his portion of Kindred society.

Sykes is subject to all the rumors of Lasombra and, more importantly, Lasombra Antitribu; he's conniving, backstabbing, manipulative, and underhanded. The one thing you never accuse him of, however, is being a member of the Sabbat. That's a surefire way to lose a limb, or worse.

Seeing Sykes under the lamppost brings to mind a thought; perhaps it's Sykes that sent you the note. But why is the Prince working through him, the Liaison to the Independents?
Elysium Gossip of Karianna Vinette
Karianna is usually considered a "friendly face" wherever she goes....except for Toredor parties she's not invited to of course. Her Parisan roots show through in her mannerisms, etiquette, and appearance, though her accent has faded a great deal from her time in New York. Depending on the occasion, she can either be seen in a stunning gown, or simple yet stylish clothes that usually have managed to attract a spot of paint or two.

Karianna is a kindred who was given her "start" because of her sire, Edmond Serrante, former Primogen for the Malkavians. His coteries support of the Cammarilla in Paris was invaluable, as it has been in New York as well.

However, while his pressence certainly bolstered her status, she "worked the crowd" in her own manner as well. Very often karianna could be seen associating with neonates and ancillae alike. Anyone who makes court business their own has heard her name on many occasions, usually favorably.

Except for any Toredor that is. They make no effort to hide their disdain for her, and she almost seems to delight in reminding them why they dislike her...whcih she of course plays off as a simple matter of jealousy on their part. Ironically, she is quite often mistaken for a Toreador by Kindred new to the city, though she holds them no grudge for the mistake, the first time it happens. No one has ever repeated the mistake though, so what the consequences are remain unknown.

To the courts dismay, recently her sire tendered his resignation as Primogen for the time being to attend to business. A shock to quite a few, Karianna made no effort to fill the empty spot, and in fact, is a firm supporter of his recent replacement.

This evening, with the season chilling down Ms. Vinette walks down the street in a nice blue sweater and scarf ensemble, accompanied by a lengthy and suprisingly warm looking sweaterskirt and knee length overcoat. Almost a trademark for such an informal meeting, her left hand has a few spots of white and blue paint on it, that look to be possibly still drying.

"Good evening Mr.Sykes, I trust you've been well through these foretelling evenings? I must admit, I've missed our occasional chats after the meetings these most recent of nights." Always a vision, her appearance and personality seem just as radiant as ever.
Elysium Gossip of Eric McKnight
While rarely seen at court or Elysium, his physical condition makes Eric quite unmistakable. The body of a 10 year old, but the heart of a predator and the power of the Tremere are both known to be hidden by the childlike image. This not to be out done by the second oddity in both Kindred and Kine society, Eric is rarely seen without a lit cigarette. Normally even the slightest sign of open flame brings hesitation to the undead, the blood magic that flow thru the ‘childs’ vitae is that of hellfire itself.

While not nearly the oldest kindred in NY, it is the only city he has every called home for nearly 75 years. With the assistance of his clan, and his own need to master his destiny with his obvious handicap, he is rumored to have ghouls in high places within government and industry, and a near inexhaustible personal wealth.

Exiting an ally just a few blocks from the gathering, the eyes of a predator who has the contentment of just feeding, makes his way towards the lamppost. Wearing an ornate trench coat, and various trinkets from around a necklace.

Pulling out a simple lighter a pack of seemingly generic smokes and takes what little he can into his dead lungs. “Stykes…Lady Karianna, I trust the night finds you both well."
Actually, while a lighter can be scary to the most skittish of vampires, a cigarette is commonplace, specifically in the winter. As explained below…

As soon as Sykes notices the cigarette, a look of sudden recollection hits his face, and he reaches into the pocket of his coat. Out of it he pulls a fresh package of clove cigarettes and a silver zippo with a jewel-encrusted crown embedded in the side.

In the flick of a zippo, there's a lit cigarette in Sykes' mouth, and he's puffing smoke to simulate steamy breath in cool night air. The cigarette. One of the singular most important items to the success of the masquerade.

"Of course it does. And yourselves?"

At this point, he takes a second look at McKnight, now noticing his clothes, rather than just the open flame in his hands.

"Well, well. We do like to stick out in a crowd, don't we?"

He laughs a bit. The statement is ironic, coming from a man whose face is heavily tattooed.
Karianna purposefuly takes a breath in order to force an exagerated sigh, followed by mentally programing herself to take regular breaths. (I assume blush of health would provide enough warmth for at least slight "winter breath")

Eric, Eric, Eric. I know you have this "thing" for fire...but think it's "normal" for a 10 year old to be smoking?

Leaning close, "It's no breach of protocol of course, but it does draw attention...unwanted attention."

I must compliment you on the jacket however, it adds a year or two I think. Very nice.
“In this city, anything is normal. Besides the fact that the kine seem to be well engrossed in their celebrations, one could hunt in the open and they would be none the wiser.” The young voice tainted with years.

Taking another slow intake of the smoke
“And as dear Sykes has pointed out. The three of us under this dim light has the chance to draw far more attention than an adolescent smoker.”
Sykes chuckles a bit at Karianna's assessment.

"Yes, if you're going for the 'Damien Omen' look."

He takes another drag from the cigarette, and takes a look at the crowd in the Square, trying to pick out a familiar face, or any other face looking directly at them.

I still think this is a set-up…

There is a killer on the loose.
“The night would find me better if it were to progress. A summons to Court is one manner, but I find such clandestine exchanges tiresome.” Flicking his smoke into the road pulling the pack out again, then with a change, sliding it back into a pocket.
For the fifth time Lauren paused to gaze at her reflection in a store window. Nearly a decade of unlife and the trick of the blood still fascinates her. The mist of her breath in the air, the reddness in her cheeks. Despite the bitter denouncements of her sire, who said it was wasteful vanity, Lauren felt that it was worth the cost in vitae to look alive again. Of course, Nalia had a point when they had been living in the warmth of California, but here in the chilly winter nights of New York Lauren could argue practicality and the First Tradition. She could almost hear Nalia’s voice, ‘their Masquerade is still more wasteful vanity. Take care, be smart, and save your blood for when you truly need it’.

Shrugging off such thoughts Lauren turned away from the window and scanned the crowd. With a wry smile she watched them hurry along on their little chores, blissfully unaware of the fact that they were nowhere near the top of the food chain. That was another feeling she enjoyed. Being the cat perched smack dab in the middle of the blind little mice. Speaking of which a delectable blonde had just wandered into La Senza.

Back on the street and fully fed Lauren checked the time on her watch. Meeting time.

Closing her coat and forcing her breath out she quickly melted in to the herd. It swept her along the sidewalk, the press of warm bodies and the waves of sound and scents. Unlike most of the Kindred, she still harbors sentimental feelings for the Christmas season. The hustle and bustle, the decorations, the music, and the shopping still make her smile. That and having just fed put a little extra bounce in her step.

She knows that it’s silly, or foolish sentimental drivel as her sire used to put it, but Lauren is determined to cling to as much of her humanity as possible. She has seen the monsters that Kindred can become and she won’t let that happen. She’s a predator, a deceiver, a killer but that base part of her nature, the Beast, she’ll fight to the bitter end. Judging by the shopping bags dangling from her left hand, she might be winning.

Nearing the Garden she slips off the street and into a Starbucks. Waiting in line she subtly adjusts the Glock handgun nestled in the small over her back. The mysterious summons on her iPhone has her on edge but she dare not turn down the Prince, not with the Coney Island incident still fresh. The Warlocks had howled for Final Death or at least exile. Over a pair of 15th generation weak bloods of all things. Still, there had been some anxious moments before the eventual reprieve. To this day Lauren believed that someone of influence had stepped up and put in a good word on her behalf. Perhaps this summons was the favor being called in.

Outside on the corner she savored the warmth and smell of her latte while surveying the scene. Three kindred stood right where they were supposed to be. The one was unmistakable with his tattoo. Sykes. He has pull with the Primogen and champions the independents like herself. Perhaps he was the one who calling in the favor. Or was he just the Prince’s mouthpiece?

The woman looked familiar but the name escaped her for a moment. A Malkavian artist… Karianna if she remembered correctly. Lauren had seen some of the woman’s work and it was good. Very good. How talent like that had slipped through the Toreador’s fingers was a mystery. Probably a good story behind those pretty eyes.

The third member of the trio could only be Eric McKnight, the childlike Warlock. Between her clan’s enmity for the Tremere and the bad memories sparked anytime she saw him, she had given him a wide berth. Poor Noah would have been about his age when…

Pulling herself together she crossed the street with the rest of the herd. If this was a trap of some kind, Lauren couldn’t imagine a common enemy this disparate group might share. Still, she kept all her senses on high alert as she slipped quietly as a ghost up beside the others. She held no expectations of going unnoticed by her fellow licks. Their senses are too sharp for such a half hearted effort at stealth. She only did it because that’s what they’d be expecting.

Evening everyone. Mr. Sykes. Looking dapper as always. Mr. McKnight. Love the coat. Very Sergeant Pepper.

Switching to French she adds, Bonjour Ms. Vinette. Radiant as ever. Are you doing something different with your hair?

Sorry for being late. Parking in Manhatten is harder to find than a honest gypsy. Hiding her smile behind her cup she inhales the sweet aroma and waits.
The Assamite, how their clan overcame the curse we placed over their fangs is astounding, though not entirely unexpected. Nearly 600 years had past since the curse was first placed, its effect had surely thinned with the blood of centuries. The need for a reapplication is still in debate among the clan.

Lost in thought at seeing the approach of the fourth. “One would be wise not to speak ill of the gypsy Lauren, I have reason to believe a coterie of Ravnos are within the city. Charlatans they may be, but they are quite honest about being so.”
With a slight bow of her head she says in playful tones, An honest charlatan? No contradiction there.

But, thanks for the... education. I bow to your greater years and knowledge of the city.
she adds with all sincerity and respect.

However, I don't think the reason we're standing here has anything do with those gypsy licks.

The rest she leaves unspoken.
Thanks for RPing guys. I've had a crazy week and it's probably going to be a crazy weekend as well. Here we go, though.

"Indeed not," an amused female voice interrupts them from the direction of the steps. Isabella Montale stands on steps leading up to Madison Square Gardens, wearing a short jacket and miniquirt despite the cold weather. She's only just stepping outside, but Izzy is an Elysium groupie with a reputation for pushing the envelope with the Masquerade. "Perhaps we should move inside where things're a little less conspicuous."
Izzy Montale has olive skin from her Italian heritage, hazel eyes, and thick hair. From a distance she could be Lauren's twin, a fact which has caused some difficulty for the young Assamite as she tries to fit into Camarilla society. Reminding someone of a rebellious Brujah neonate isn't a great first impression. Izzy, for her part, loves the game. "Nice to see ya, sis," she says patronizingly to Lauren. And beckons to the others, "C'mon then, Sykes, Eric, Kariana."
“Life was full of contradiction, why should unlife be any different?” glancing around again, with the induction of the fourth, their simple oddity had turned into something the kine might actually notice.

“Agreed…of the many things the gypsies are, brutal is rarely one. Though, on another note to Sykes brought up earlier. I fear we have become more than a little notable in this situation.” Turning towards the mass of humanity. “The sheep care little if they see a single wolf, but when a pack forms…”
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With the slightest of nods to the Brujah, Eric moves inside. "Perhaps now we shall gain some answers..."
Despite the sometimes dangerous mistaken identity Lauren can't help but like the controversial Brujah. At least she can take a joke. Not like that dour little warlock. I wonder if his age makes him so jaded, or whether the embrace is harder on children. Poor thing.

Unfortunately the sight of Isabella here and now is anything but reassuring. In Lauren's eyes the way she pushes the boundries of the Masquerade makes her a prime candidate for a Black Hand agent.

Hello to you 'sis'. Nice to see you. she says with a sincere smile. Moving up the steps she gives Isabel a friendly hug. Partly out of affection. Partly to give the herd something they'd expect to see. Mostly to frisk the Brujah for weapons. Namely guns or knives hidden around the waist or in the small of her back.

Any roll I'd need for that? Perceptions+Subterfuge?
@Copper Griffin: I think Perception is all you need, and then Subterfuge can be for making it seem like a hug. Perception: 3 successes; Subterfuge: 1 success.
Izzy accepts the hug with a smug smile, though Lauren feels her stiffen after a moment. Did the hug last too long? Anyways, it worked: the Assamite could clearly feel the pistol tucked into Izzy's waistband.

With his connections to the primogen council, Rufus knows that Qadir al-Asmai, the sheriff of New York, has been pushing for Isabella as a knew scourge. The elders, though, think she's a bit too risky but this hasn't stopped the young Kindred from acting like she has the job already.

Isabella disentangles herself from Lauren and laughs. "The Big C'll wanna explain everything in person," she says to the group at large, "I'll take you up to his box."
The lobby of Madison Square Garden is crowded but fairly quiet, especially compared with the noise inside. The Rangers are playing the Montreal Canadiens and the place is packed with kine shouting for their teams. There are probably more than a few Kindred in the crowd as well enjoying the game, which leads the vampires following Isabella to think uncomfortably about other Licks visiting from the Sabbat-infested Montreal.
The conference boxes, though, are a little removed from the main seats and by the time the group reaches them the sound has died down a bit. The box which Calebros designates as Elysium is far more formal than the bleacher seats of the sports venue. The small space is filled with plush divans and draperies. Several influential Kindred can be seen sitting around the room with ghoul servants bringing them crystal glasses of fresh blood. The source of this blood, evidently in the back room, is kept tactfully in the back room (this was no Sabbat gore fest, after all) and the only source of entertainment for the assembled Cainites is a hanging cage of brass polished to look like gold. A young woman dances inside, silk wrapped suggestively around her bronzed skin, and slides along the bars as two apparently young vampires watch with looks of predatory lust.
The Prince himself is not present yet, but all of the group recognizes Qadir al-Asmai as the Toreador walks towards them. "Excellent," he says without much introduction, "Calebros will be here shortly."
in this game, are weapons prohibited in Elysium, or just violence as a standard?
Lauren files what she learned away and follows the Brujah inside. She's on edge now but the odds of Izzy or anyone else launching an ambush in such a public place are next to none.

However there is another possible threat. The smattering of familiar Canadiens jerseys in the crowd of kine. The chances are good that at least a few Black Hands made the trip down from Sabbat controlled Montreal. It's a disturbing thought.

Splitting her attention between the crowd and Isabella she makes mindless small talk on why sporting events are among her favorite hunting grounds. A fact she shares with Isabella and the others once inside the safety of the elevator.

Hockey fans are among my favorites. Maybe it's from sitting in a big chilly arena for three hours. Or maybe it's the violence of the game. Whatever it is it gives the vitae a nice tang. I think it's probably the violence of the sport because football fans are good too. I stay away from golf and tennis fans. Too bland.

Once safely inside Elysium the danger of an ambush is replaced by the inherent dangers of political jostling. It doesn't help when Qadir al-Asmai approaches. Lauren has been trying to impress the sheriff of New York for months.

Accepting Qadir's brusque greeting with a nod she simply asks What's the score?

I'm guessing that since we weren't frisked, that weapons are allowed. If not then Lauren surrenders her handgun to the Sheriff.
Lauren excuses herself and prowls around the edge of the lavish suite. She's still a very tactile creature and slowly drags her fingertips over pillows, cushions, drapes, and polished woods that decorate the room.

She politely turns down the offered refreshments with a smile and explains that she's full already. Besides, I have to watch my girlish figure. she adds, falling back on an old mortal joke.

Alone again, she leans against the wall, folds her arms across her chest and watches. She watches the dancer for a moment, admiring her lithe figure and grace. A smile plays at her lips as she wonders if the woman would make a good childe. It's nothing but an idle thought and not one she'd seriously consider. An immortal companion would be nice. And the clan could probably use another talented killer. Most of all, it would probably infuriate her sire.

After that she checks out the assortment of licks scattered around the suite. She notes which clans are represented and by whom. If any are armed she makes a mental note of it. Mostly she's curious about which power brokers are here, if any, and who they're talking to. For that, she really just watches who Rufus and Karianna talk to.
Sorry! For real, now, I'm back...
@redknight: I thought about that and decided that in the uncertainty of New York at the moment, no one wants to be unarmed. Besides which the harpies and scourges of the city have better things to do than collect up weaponry at the door. This certainly isn’t the case with unknown vampires, but all of you have presented yourselves to the Prince before and so you have the benefit of the doubt.

Al-Asmai looks about to answer then pauses and glances toward the wide, tinted window that looks out onto the hockey rink. It’s apparent that he took Lauren’s question to mean something else and realizes that she meant only the game. “The Montreal team is ahead,” the sheriff says with a pale smile, “By a lot.” It winter could smile, it would smile like Qadir al-Asmai. “I don’t understand this game myself,” he continues in his crisp Indian-British accent, “It seems like an open brawl on the ice. It’s foolish sports like this that remind me why the States are in such a mess, but truth be told I don’t have much opinion of any sports. Few of them are played at night, anyways.” The elder Kindred’s face doesn’t change at all, but he swings the conversation abruptly back to business. “Do you know why Calebros has asked you here tonight?” he asks with a neutral expression that makes it difficult to tell whether he is pumping the neonates for information or testing their comprehension of the situation. Either way, it’s interrogating conversations like this that give Qadir his reputation among the courtiers of Elysium.
Sorry, for my absence as of late, big end of term school project.

When Lauren arrives on the scene, Karianna makes idle chatter with her, in between her "lessons" on the Ravnos. Talking about her hair, Lauren's new shoes, and other fairly normal chatter for two females standing on the sidewalk at christmas time. She is genuinely talkataive and friendly toward her at the moment though, so it is only partly a show for the mortals, and partly an actual interest in getting to know her better.

Karrianna greets the brujah in a purely formal manner however, knowing the near-Trouble she's almost caused in the past. Sometimes she doesn't understand America, or specifically New York. Such a trouble maker would have been dealt with swiftly in Paris.

Otherwise, she follows the others up to the private box, eager to get inside. Though she's certain no sabbat would be foolish enough to try anything here, none can be to careful. Their proximity to a known Sabbat area always worried both her and her sire, but thus far, nothing had come from that worry. Whatever troubles they had, must have left them in Paris..but still, one can never be too careful.

She takes note of the game below, but is much mor einterested in the game above. Taking a careful note as to whom else is privy to the prince's private "Hockey Santcuary".

As the Sherrif begins speaking, and more importantly when he begins his typical "friendly interogation" Karianna tries to pay close attention to the minor details of a person that give their motives away. Unfortunatly, the sudden cheer of the fans hinders her attempt greatly.

[1 Succ on Perc+Empathy. Assuming 1's still cancel succeses, that is (Otherwise 3 Succeses). I've been playing requiem for too long. :P]
Once inside the private box, he makes a quick note on the players at Elysium tonight, before moving towards the window. Watching the game with idle interest but focusing on the crowd below. The Sabbat would almost certainly be in force, attending the event. Perception (1d10=2, 1d10=9)

Turning back towards the group he glances at the two newborns drooling over the entertainment. His disgust is rather visible, mumbling his disapproval with the veiled comment of Brujah, or possibly Gangrel willingness to sire anything. Making his way towards the Sheriff in time to hear his question to Lauren.

“The game is quite simple dear Sheriff, its Rugby on ice. Oh and I would be remiss if I didn’t point out, Hockey is the national sport of Canada…not the States”
Yep, botches cancel out successes, GlassGEO.
Several prominent Kindred are in attendance tonight including Helenne Panhard, standing to one side, and Theo Bell, complete with his customary Yankees cap. Helenne is no surprise, she's vying for the position of Prince when Calebros steps down in less than a month and she wants to miss nothing at Elysium before she does. Eric didn't know that Bell was back in town, though: the archon has been traveling for months if he remembers correctly.

She doesn't pick up much from Qadir. He's a pretty inscrutable man, even for a vampire.

"'S all the same if y'ask me, mate," a man cuts in with a thick Cockney accent, "Colonies is colonies, eh?" The man is standing by the window watching a brawl out on the ice with a grin. Despite his accent, the man is dressed like a cowboy: leather boots, jeans, cotton shirt, leather belt.
Qadir looks about to say something in return when the door opposite where Izzy lead the group in swings open. A thuggish looking man walks in, obviously strong but lacking the predatory grace of a vampire. Someone's ghoul bodyguard, it seems, and the "someone" is revealed a second later when a well-dressed, hunch-backed Nosferatu enters the room taking his hat and trenchcoat off for the ghoul to collect.
"Good evening," Calebros says with a casual tone more indicative of welcoming guests to a tea party instead of the center of Camarilla society in New York.
The assembled Kindred murmur a greeting in response and the Prince surveys the room with his ghastly visage. His wide, deep-set eyes squint even in the diffuse lighting of the box, accustomed as they are to near or total darkness. "Isabella," Calebros says through a mouth full of jagged fangs and raw gums. The Prince beckons with a hand of permanently taloned fingers. "Porti loro qui."
Izzy, looking much more formal than before, whispers to the neonates as she steps toward the large throne-like armchair that Calebros settles himself into with a grunt. "C'mon."
Sykes lets all the others enter the box before him, and as he does so, he scans the box for any of the city's luminaries, whether that be Aisling, Theo, or anyone else (Perception + Politics = 2 Successes).

The first face he spots, however, is the wicked grin of the Sheriff. As it seems the others in his entourage have approached the Sheriff, Sykes decides to make himself busy by casually greeting others as he makes his way to a trash bin. There, he puts out his cigarette on the interior of the bin, and drops it therein.

After a few moments have passed, he decides to approach the sheriff aloofly, but catches the Prince's entrance halfway before he can. Noticing the young Isabella's gesture to the other members of his group, he gracefully moves behind them in the direction of the Prince without missing a beat. He is calmly confident as he approaches Calebros, almost informal, but not quite. As he walks, he looks to those around him, and catches the trademark Yankees cap halfway there. He nods familiarly to Bell before returning his attention to the fore.
As always the sight of Prince Calebros is unnerving.

Upon his entrance Lauren quickly regroups with the others who were summoned and then follows Izzy's directions, moving to where she bids.

If she still had a heart, it would be beating like a hummingbird on an espresso buzz.
Moving towards the ‘throne’ he stops and gives a slight nod to Helenne before moving on. Standing before the Prince and giving a bow, “Procer Calebros. Veneratio praesto vos.”

Stepping aside after the greeting giving the Prince his full attention.
In addition to the archon Theo Bell and the plain-faced harpy Helenne Panhard (Rufus knows everything revealed in the spoiler to Eric), Rufus recognizes the man who comes to talk to the group as Mazz Maslowe. The vampire is a walking turn-of-the-century anachronism, half-David Copperfield, half-Paul Newman in "The Sting". He also recognizes Valentine, the foppish Frenchman who enjoys politics with a disturbing satisfaction, and realizes a moment too late that trouble might crop up between Valentine and Kariana.

Calebros carries himself with a strange calm, living as the undead without any sign of the existential crises or cruelty of other vampires. In this way he seems like a paternal figure, something his old-fashioned tweed suit only accentuates. The four neonates gathered before him, though, know full well that anyone who expects Calebros to be kindly or forgiving is in for a rude awakening. "As you know, there has been a disturbance among Caine's children here in New York..."
Before the Prince can continue, though, he is interrupted by a thin man in an impeccably pressed suit and fashionably refined features. The mood in Elysium suddenly feels tense and the four are uncomfortably at the heart of the sensation. "Pardonnez-moi, mon Prince," the Frenchman says, "But I must speak my mind, 'ere under ze laws of Elysium." The man, who the group all can at least put the name "Valentine" to, gestures to the neonates without really looking at them. He does manage to spare a contemptuous look in Kariana's direction, but that might be imagination. "Zeze untested younglings are to find ze answers to zis problem? Is this not a dangerous gamble, monsieur?"
Calebros looks, if anything, amused though it is difficult to tell with his grotesque looks. Qadir al-Asmai is the next to approach the armchair, all business and calm as usual with a quick bowing of his head. "I'm afraid I must agree, sir. This is a dangerous time to be taking chances, with the Sabbat still prowling Chinatown and the east boroughs."
"Unlife is always a dangerous time," Calebros says cryptically, "And the Sabbat are not our only enemies." The Prince turns to the vampires gathered before his throne, however, with a look that makes it clear he's expecting them to defend their own interests in his court.
Valentine has been making trouble for Kariana and her sire since they arrived in New York. He's Parisian, that much is true from his accent, and from a few choice phrases Kariana can tell that he was probably Embraced about the same time as she was. But neither Kariana nor Edmond recognize the man or the name from those nights.
If he recognizes them he hasn't said anything, unless his jibes and snide looks are supposed to be some sort of message.
While undoubtably one of the youngest vampires in the room Lauren has never been shy about speaking her mind. A trait that frustrated her sire on numerous occasions.

With all due respect, and under the laws of Elysium already pointed out by Monsieur, I think that this plan of the Prince's design is the perfect solution. At least, the vague grasp I have of it.

Whatever it is that is hunting the city's Kindred, whether it's a rogue lupine, the Black Hand, or even an especially creative Leopoldite, it's only attacking lone Kindred. So ideally you send a group united together to hunt it.

But which group?

Should the Prince select a group from one clan only, the others will cry favoritism. A sampling from each clan? The team could easily be hamstrung by it's own infighting.

So, in his wisdom he picks four loosely aligned and dare I say it, outcasts. At worst we fail and find the final death. At best, we track down the fiend and kill it. Sounds like a win-win for you guys. But that's just my take.

Charisma + Expression, 5, 6, 3, 9
"I take it then, Valentine, with your profound misgivings of our Prince. Questioning his sincerity and ability to determine the worth and ability of others, that you have an idea of your own?"

Turning to look at Valentine, the voice of a child, with the razor-edge of sarcasm.

"Perhaps you…with your infinitely more experienced past would lead us into the night, single handedly shed light on the attacker, and then tuck we mere whelps in before the day breaks the skyline?"

Moving slowly towards the gathered kindred, speaking to them as if addressing a courtroom jury. Before turning back and directing the final to Valentine.

"What gamble I wonder it is that you speak? The unlives of four neonates, woefully untested as you have pointed. Or is there some reason you would still prefer none take a harder look at this situation…I wonder…"

Manip+Subterfuge (1d10=9, 1d10=10, 1d10=10, 1d10=6, 1d10=10, 1d10=9, 1d10=5) (HOLY CRAP!!)
Under his skin, Sykes boils with anger at the foolish Frenchman's insolent comments, but his face remains as poised as ever. (Sykes successfully resists Frenzy from Malicious Taunts (diff 4) with 3 successes, 1 success, and 2 successes.) As the 'young' Tremere finishes up his dazzling speech, Rufus smoothes his lapel and steps forward with a casual grace. In doing so, he casts a horrid glare.

"So I'm an 'untested youngling', now?" he spits the words with bile, "Is that how you speak to all of the council? Or do you think you can get away with it because 'it's just me'?" (Manip + Status = 4 successes to convince Valentine to hold his tongue.)

His glare intensifies, now, though there be a gap of some ten feet. He restrains himself from pulling the shadows from the corners of the room for effect.

I'll not breach Elysium, but nor will I suffer fools, he thinks to himself.
Wow. That kid has a way with words.

Lauren is visibly impressed by the warlock's empassioned speech and nifty verbal trap. Only it's short lived as Rufus appears on the verge of striking the insolent foreign lick. Almost instinctively her hand inches closer to the gun nestled in the small of her back. It's only when her fingers touch the bottom of her jacket that she remembers she's in Elysium. More importantly there are bigger, stronger vampires than she who can, and will, enforce the law.

Is this a show for the Prince? Some blatant butt kissing, or is he sincere? Seems like such a silly little slight to get so riled up over.
Ditto. Nice rollin', redknight.

Valentine looks furious, his eyes flashing dangerously within his pale face. He sucks in air to return a snappy argument to Lauren when Eric cuts in with coldly-delivered lines that push the tension in the room into a tangible force. The Frenchman simply glowers at the Tremere for a minute, searching for a retort, but when the fool Sykes rubs salt in the wound. Without another word Valentine storms out of the room, pausing only to deliver a scathing whisper to Rufus. "You may think you are untouchable, mon comrade, but you are a flash of thunder and nothing more."
As Valentine stalks from the room, it is clear that Qadir al-Asmai is not so speechless. "This is of course an excellent point, sir, but the fact that these vampires have little experience in the field and are not necessarily beholden to yourself."
"This is true," Calebros says as if the thought had just occurred to him, "But as the young woman pointed out they are 'outcasts'. They have much to gain by performing this task well and no one to protect them if they fail." The Prince's smile might be meant as a comfort or a warning, but his crooked fangs make it rather disturbing in either case.
Qadir begins to speak again when Calebros cuts him off with a sudden shout. "Enough! This is my decision. This problem must be addressed and I refuse to let this fall into the lap of the next Prince." Qadir is normally good at keeping his feelings under the surface but his face twists to surprise suddenly. "Now," Calebros says, reseating himself and turning to the four vampires with a colder tone, "You will take this task on then?"
Not hesitating for a moment, Sykes' face clears of all anger, and he kneels in his crisp black Armani suit, and bows his head in the direction of the Prince.

"I will, my Prince."

He stays there, as still as a dark statue. His head doesn't rise, his knee doesn't quiver.
"The Clan Tremere will always serve the needs of the Camarilla, my Prince." The child lowers his head for a moment.
Lauren's hand slips away from her gun and into her jacket pocket. Producing her iPhone she quickly glances at her calendar and with a light hearted shrug she says, Sure. My schedule is clear and this sounds like it might be fun.
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