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The Clone Wars have flared across the galaxy, and begin to burn it away. All planets have become involved, not always through their own will.

Most support the Republic, with recently elected Chancellor Palpatine finally brining order and justice to a crumbling society. Some have begun to see that the Republic is too far gone, and support the Confederation of Independent Systems, led by popular Count Dooku.

Small, Mid-Rim planet Danupe ignites as a small band of heroes are about to become embroiled in the conflict. They rest on its’ surface now, unaware of the important role they play to the future of the galaxy…

A starship flies low, coming out of the spaceport, the quickly setting sun glinting off it's sleek metal curves. The wash from the engines splashes over a grimy restaurant. It's low walls may have never been cleaned except from torrential rains and it shows. The faded lettering over the metal blast doors entrance proclaim it The Mynock. Though dingy, it is packed inside, a kaleidescope of species and ages drinking and slopping down strange foods.

Amongst the bustle and din of eating and conversation, some particular characters sit. At one table is a strange white and furry alien with four eyes and a tiny proboscis wearing Jedi robes and siting with a padawan. They've just been noticed by someone across the room, and there's a Bothan at a booth against the wall.

Go ahead and describe your characters and what you're doing, four in the room!
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I'll go first.

A man wearing a brown robe over a simple blue tunic and trousers sits at a table near the middle of the mynock, treating himself to a bowl of nerf stew while fiddling with his audiorecorder. A small, bulging leather backpack is on the table in front of him. As soon as the Jedi Master and the two padawans enter, he quickly lowers his head and tries to discreetly cover his face. He tries to observe them out of the corner of his eye.

Jalek Brodi CL 4
Medium Human Scoundrel 3/Soldier 1
Destiny 4; Force 6; Dark Side 0
Init +10; Senses Perception +8
Languages Basic
Defenses Ref 18 (flat-footed 15), Fort 18, Will 15
hp 47; Threshold 18
Speed 6 squares
Melee knife +3 (1d4+1) or
Melee knife -7 (1d4+2) and blaster pistol, heavy -4 (3d8+2)
Ranged blaster pistol, heavy +6 (3d8+2)
Base Atk +3; Grp +6
Atk Options Point Blank Shot
Special Actions Knack, Dodge, Lucky Shot
Force Powers Known (Use The Force +8) Negate Energy (x2)
Abilities Str 10, Dex 16, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 12
Talents Knack (x1), Tough As Nails, Lucky Shot (x1)
Feats Force Sensitive, Force Training (x1), Point Blank Shot, WP (pistols, simple), Dodge.
Skills Acrobatics +10, Initiative +10, Perception +8, Knowledge (Tactics)* +7, Use the Force +8
Possessions Lightsaber**, knife, heavy blaster pistol, mesh tape, comlink, audiorecorder, 2360 credits

*You might not remember this from Jalek's original sheet. This skill was originally 'Stealth', but with JC's permission I changed it, seeing as I had not used it, Knowledge (tactics) was needed in order to be a good Officer (which Jalek will do eventually), and Stealth almost always requires breaking off from the rest of the party and scouting around, which could halt a PbP game for days.
**This is also new. Jalek received this lightsaber in an IC conversation with an NPC, which was carried out through PMing with JC.
(Edit: Inserting statblock)
Kizr'el Inari CL 6
Freedom Fighter
Medium Female Bothan soldier 4 / scoundrel 2
Age 14; Height 1.45m; Weight 50kg
Skin Burgundy & Copper; Eyes Blueish Grey
Destiny 6; Force 8; Dark Side 0
Init +9; Senses Perception +10
Languages Basic, Binary, Bothese, Shyriiwook
Defenses Ref 21 (flat-footed 18), Fort 18, Will 19
hp 68; Threshold 18
Speed 6 squares
Melee combat gloves +7 (1d6+7) or
Melee combat gloves +11 (1d6+9) with powerful charge
Melee force pike +7 (2d8+6) or
Melee force pike +7 (2d8+8) with both hands or
Melee force pike +8 (2d8+10) with both hands and personalized modifications or
Melee force pike +12 (2d8+12) with both hands, personalized modifications and powerful charge
Ranged blaster rifle, sporting +6 (3d6+3) or
Ranged blaster rifle, sporting +7 (3d6+5) with personalized modifications or
Ranged blaster rifle, sporting +7 (4d6+5) with personalized modifications and deadeye
Base Atk +5; Grp +7
Abilities Str 14, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 16, Wis 14, Cha 11
Talents Melee Smash, Personalized Modifications, Stunning Strike
Feats Armor Proficiency (Light, Medium), Martial Arts I, WP (pistols, rifles, simple, advanced melee), Point Blank Shot, Powerful Charge, Precise Shot, Martial Arts II, Deadeye
Skills Acrobatics +9, Endurance +9, Initiative +9, Knowledge (Tactics) +11, Perception +10, Treat Injury +10
Possessions combat gloves, force pike, sporting blaster rifle (with targeting scope), all-temperature cloak, utility belt (3 day food supply, medpac (x3), tool kit, power pack (x3), energy cell (x3), glow rod, long-range comlink, syntherope), credit chip (580 credits)

A lone female Bothan sits alone at one of the side tables, sipping on a cold drink while idly watching other patrons.

The Bothan stands out in more ways than one; for being female, she is lacking in any attributes of femininity. Her muscles are prominent and well-toned, her light brown hair is cropped short, and a small scar runs down her left cheek just below her eye. Her fur is a mix of burgundy and copper.
Her choice of clothing is just as odd; she wears a loose, open vest that does nothing to conceal her body, and very loose pants held together by a utility belt, the only item to insulate her (besides her fur) being an all-temperature coat hanging on her chair. Bandages run across her chest where her breasts would be, possibly the site of a terrible wound. Her forearms are wrapped in bandages, and on top of those, combat gloves protect her hands.
Her weapons are seated next to her, in plain sight; a long blaster rifle clearly outfitted for sniping, and a force pike.

All this, and the girl looks to be hardly any older than a teenager.

At the table of Jedi, a large, though young, human male can be seen.

Those looking on estimate his height to be 2.2m. Though wearing the simple brown and white robes of a Jedi Padawan, his muscular physique is still very evident. He has brown hair, parted in the middle, and piercing brown eyes.

However, those eyes are now looking skeptically to his fury alien companion as he holds a plate of mystery meat drowning in gravy up to his face.

He says, "Are you sure this "food" is safe to eat Master Moudama? It looks worse than Master Shaak Ti's Ulanian Stew."

Kale Arin
Medium Human Male Jedi 6
Destiny 6; Force 8; Dark Side
Init +9; Senses Perception +9
Languages Basic, Ryl, Binary (Understand Only)
Defenses Ref 19 (flat-footed 17), Fort 18, Will 18
hp 76; Threshold 18
Speed 6 squares
Melee unarmed +9 (1d6+6) or
Melee Lightsaber +10 (2d10+11) two-handed or
Melee Lightsaber +10 (2d10+8) single-handed or
Melee Lightsaber +14 (2d10+14) with Powerful Charge
Ranged +7 (By Weapon)
Base Atk +6; Grp +9
Atk Options Powerful Charge, Power Attack
Special Actions Deflect, Battle Meditation
Force Powers Known (Use The Force +14) Battle Strike x2, Surge x2
Abilities Str 16, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 14, Wis 12, Cha 12
Talents Weapon Specialization (lightsabers), Deflect, Battle Meditation
Feats Force Sensitivity, Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers, simple weapons), Martial Arts I, Weapon Focus (lightsabers), Powerful Charge, Force Training x2, Skill Focus (Use The Force), Power Attack
Skills Initiative +9, Knowledge (Galactic Lore) +10, Mechanics +10, Perception +9, Use the Force +14
Possessions Lightsaber (blue), Jedi Robes, Jedi Utility Belt
Gooey gravy slops over the side of the bowl and lands on his fur covered forearm. He pauses, frowning, and dips his head down to slurp that off, eating some hairs along with it.

"Cliickk Buzzz buuz cclick," a translator unit from his hip begins it's duty halfway through the first ""click". "This food is delicious! Maybe better than Master Ti's! But don't tell her I said that. As with hers, if you're not going to finish yours..."

A louder slurp emanates from him as he tips the bowl back, draining it's contents and leaving a small ring from the bowl on the fur between his eyes.
Rolling his eyes, the young padawan carefully places the mystery plate before his master and says, "Here, knock yourself out."
Raising that bowl to his face, he begins to slop that one up, and now tries to speak, too. It's not a pleasant experience.
"Buuzz z cli buz click c click," the translator is a few seconds slower in it's reaction speed since the language is a bit garbled. "If we are to find our misplaced jedi, we must open our eyes and senses. Get on that. SLURRP!" louder with the bowl so close to his mouth.
(if he was able to hear that)

Jalek cringes and quickly jams his audiorecorder into his backpack, then stands up to quickly, knocking his chair down and rushes toward the exit.
Looking over at the fleeing man, the padawan raises an eyebrow and says, "Hmmm, what's his problem?"

To himself he adds, "Wonder if I should detain and question him?"

Looking deep within, the padawan calls upon the Force for a clue as to what to do. (Search my feelings, taking 10 if possible)
If the Bothan takes particular notice of any individuals, she does a good job of hiding it. The great majority of the time, she is simply leaning on the table and idly sipping on her drink. It wouldn't be remiss to assume that she was waiting for something...
(The roll for the sense force isn't a tough one and you make it easily) Kale, the only young padawan still sitting, quickly and easily recognizes another from the Temple hallways in the fleeing figure. It's the other presence you're having a time placing.

Our observant and casual bothan friend, and everyone in the room, would have to try very hard NOT to hear the clatter of chair and movement. Wounded banthas make less of a disturbance. Even over the din, this seems very odd a telling behavior. The only thing you can't understand is what sparked this in the your human running from the room.

Head down, Jalek is charging for the door, which whizzes open, frightened to hold him up. In his haste, he slams into something almost as solid: a person! Mumbling an apology and trying to squeeze around it, he catches a glimpse of the worried but relieved face of Reis' Master.
"Master Mundi?" you sputter, brow creased.
There is no way Jalek can get out of this one.
"Uhh, greetings, Master... what brings you to Danupe?"
He takes a step back.
"You do, of course. I had a few things to check into and when I returned I found you had-ahem- left us. So I had to find you." Stretching out with the force to the table across the room, he gives Master Moudama a nudge and a slight wave when he looks up. "Could we perhaps find someplace slightly more private?"
He stands back from the door and gestures to you to head out first. Then, taking a moment to stare straight at the bothan, walks out after.

(Poxjedi, I'd like to do this next part in PM, since it would be between Jalek and Mundi? I'll send you one to start soon.)
Turning to his master, Kale says, "You know that guy in the doorway Master?, because I know that other guy from the Temple. Don't recall his name though. What should we do now, Master Moudama?"
"You do, of course. I had a few things to check into and when I returned I found you had-ahem- left us. So I had to find you."

Jalek shrugs and sighs. "It's a fair cop" and obeys master Mundi.
"Click k cli buzz buzz," "There should be more information to glean about our mission," responds the belt unit. "We should see if we can enhance our ear skill to listen in. If we're lucky, we won't hear anything too naughty." A sigh escapes him as he lifts his drink to his mouth, eyes calmly glancing around the room.
"Very well, Master," replies Kale.

Enhancing his perception with the Force, Kale attempts to listen to the conversations throughout the cantina.

(Use the Force check, followed by Perception. Repeat as neccisary)
Kale, the check goes well. You use the force and can the sounds come to you as if you were right there.
A round human smashes his belly against a table as he yells at the monitor, his team continuing their losing streak.
Pointed horns wave mournfully as the zabrak bartender says, "He's a lieutenant with the Republic, stationed locally, which is good for him and his lady. They been together years, but once Geonosis hit, she wants to tie the knot." A bulbous mon calalmari head shakes, taking it in with a garbled sigh. "That battle, it changed people. Hope it never comes here. Who knows what happens to those poor kids."
Mumbled voices still carry as a human and a twi'lek at a far back both discuss in almost a whisper. "I hear there was an artifact found close by," the twi'lek barely breathes. The human puts his head closer in and replies, "Jedi relic I'm told. Some Jedi came through town last week. You think they'll take it with them?" A slight shrug from the twi'lek. "I don't want somethin like that laying around here." This get a nod from his companion. "You hear from Taleem, yet?"

"Well hello furry and gorgeous," slurs the voice of a young man as he saunters up to the table Inari is sitting at. He falls more than sits and the unpleasant look that crosses his face as his drink splashes out is comical or sad.
"What are you doing all alone in a place like this?" The young man is handsome, with dark features and short brown hair, but gives the impression of a pilot, which may be no good. "Waiting for me, I hope?" an expectant look of hope burning in his eyes.
The odd Bothan seems unaffected by the man's arrival, idly leaning her head on one elbow while her other arm stirs her drink with a straw. She never seems to look up at the man.

"That depends", she says nonchalantly, looking down into the colorless liquid of her drink.
"What're you here for?", she asks, finally looking up at him from where she sits with a somewhat cocky expression...
(assuming I heard exchange between Inari and spacer)

Catching his master's eye, Kale says, "There is a human and a Twi'lek talking about our lost friends in the back. Seems our friends came through here a week ago. It also appears that bothan over there may be about to find trouble."

Kale indicates the direction of the Bothan to his master with a nod and says, "I think I'll walk over and make a new friend."

Rising, Kale starts walking quickly over to Inari's table.
One eyebrow on the spacer shoots up, as his head swings back, mouth falling slightly open.
Two full, slow blinks later, a smile cracks his face open. "YOU'RE ONTO ME!" he hollers, breath almost making you drunk. "I'm here..HEE! Come closer," he mumbles, keeping eye contact, but moving across the table. He grasps the edge of his coat, putting you on edge. "For the kowakian monkey-lizard!" Out of his coat, he pulls a stuffed monkey-lizard, flopping it into a cute sitting position on the table between you. "This..THIS is what I'm here for. You too? Are you a kowakian-ic too?" His eyes blur a bit, but he manages to sit mostly vertical.

Until Kale arrives at the table...
The Bothan, oddly enough, maintains her composure in the face of the drunkard, but can't help but raise an eyebrow at what he produces.

"A Kowaki-what?...", she begins, before seeing the man approaching her table. Her look suggests without words: "Oh, what now?"
Putting on his best boyish grin, Kale walks up to the table and says to the Bothan, "Hello my Bothan friend. I hope you haven't been waiting long."

With a quick over the shoulder thumb point to his master, Kale continues, "I know we told you to pick out a table, but Moudama wanted to sit over there. Won't you come join us?"

Looking the Bothan full in the eyes, Kale winks at her, and waits to see if she understands the out he has given her.

(Not sure how you want to handle this. Persuasion followed by Aid Another for Inari's check, if she makes one? Or perhaps just Aid Another? Or Deception, that could work.)
(Kale rolled persuasion to change Kizs' Attuitude form unfriendly to indifferent.)

It looks like she has caught on to your story and sees where it's going. Now it's just a matter of seeing if she'd rather stay with the drunk spacer or take her chances with something unknown.

"Hey, pal!" the spacer exclaims, waving his stuffed monkey-lizard. "I dunno what you think you're doing, but I was having a conver- a c-con." He rubs the toy on his forehaed for a moment. "Talk! I was talking with this woman!" He gives it a strong flourish this time in your direction while raising his eyebrows, daring you to claim he wasn't.
The Bothan produces a look of bewilderment, accompanied by an exasperated sigh. She gets up and attempts to place herself squarely between the two.

"Now, now, calm down! There's no need for violence here. The barkeep wouldn't stand for it. We were talking, and we'll just keep it that way, alright?", she says as soothingly as she can at the moment, doing her best to keep a fight from erupting on the spot.
Keeping his smile, Kale says to the Bothan, "Now, now, we are only talking."

Turning his head to the spacer and talking quickly so the spacer will have trouble following everything but the more booze part, Kale says, "I'm not saying you weren't talking to the lady, nor that you couldn't talk to her later. Just that the three of us already had plans to meet up. You wouldn't want to come between old friends that haven't seen each other in 3 stellar years would you? I'll tell you what, why don't I run you a tab and while we catch up over there, you can enjoy yourself over here. Then when we are done, you and the lady can pick up where you left off, all on me. That's called a win-win situation, don't you know?"

Kale then flashes the old pearly whites at both of them.
His eyes waver for a few moments, wide and clearly lost. "It's cool! I don't want to be the third person at a three person- four people? I don't want four people to..." he trails off, more confused.
"I know where we're not wanted. We're not wanted want-I mean here! So we'll go." He grabs his sloshing cup, scoops his stuffed animal into the crook of his neck and wanders off with a nod that turns into a giggle inducing stumble.

(Well done, gang! Averted conflict with people skills!)
(whoop, bring on the RP experience!)

Watching the drunk spacer stumble off, Kale says, "Phew, glad that worked!"

Turning to the Bothan, Kale then says, "Well, I'm glad that didn't turn violent. Hi, my names Kale, Kale Arin. It's nice to meet you."

Kale then bows in the universal greeting.

"I am sorry to have interupted like I did, but I didn't want to see either of you come to harm. If you don't mind me asking, what is your name?"

Kale then politely waits for a response.
The Bothan looks at the odd drunkard who stumbles off, and then back at Kale, a kind of distant look to her eyes. She shakes her head and, instead of answering the question, says, "Y'know, I really didn't need any help with that. I'm really not one for that whole 'knight-in-shining-armor' routine...". She rolls her eyes at this statement, but folds her arms and continues, "The name's Kizr'el. Or just Kiz', whichever fits your fancy."

She pauses to add, "Oh, and don't bother calling me a b**ch. I've heard that one more times than you can count."
Unphased by her stand-offish attitude, Kale says, "Oh, it's ok. You can't please everyone. It wasn't about being a knight in shining armor. I just felt like helping. I don't really care if you wanted it or not."

Cocking his head to the right a little, Kale continues, "But I am impressed. You must be a very strong fighter, to go around attempting to insult new aquaintences. Perhaps you would really like to join me and my master? I would love to hear your insults of him, he can be quite a handfull, don't you know? It would be great if he could catch some flack from someone he doesn't know. Who knows, perhaps we could even get him to bathe more than once a month?"

With this surprising statement, Kale smiles at Kiz, and awaits her reply.
Kiz's look of annoyance morphs back into her earlier look of bewilderment, and adds, "Where in the world did all that come from? I didn't insult you -- hell, I didn't even insult that lame drunkard over there", she says, sweeping her arm wildly in his direction - "...and, you know, there's this little thing called 'pride' that I'd like people to respect! It's as though everybody thinks I'm too weak to fend for myself -- forget it." She pauses in her rant and gives Kale an inquisitive look, one eyebrow cocked.

"Why do you care so much? Isn't "master" over there gonna get annoyed if you talk with me too much?", she asks with a tinge of spite, looking over his shoulder at the odd Talz Jedi master.
With a razed eyebrow and a confused look, Kale says to Kiz, "Hmmm, why would my master get annoyed? Are you trying to be my new master? Because I don't swing that way. I'm more of a one master kind of guy, don't you know."

Kale then says, more to himself than to anyone, "Though it never hurts to at least listen to an offer."

With a serious look on his face, Kale says in a serious tone, "My dear new friend, I am sorry if I have offended you with my rude behavior. Please feel free to make your offer without interruption from me."

Kale waits patiently (and seriously) for Kiz's offer of new masterhood.
Kiz simply gives Kale a blank look, her jaw dropped in utter confusion.

"W... what? I never made an offer of... just what are you trying to pull, here?", she asks. With a sigh of resignation, she throws her arms up into the air and continues, "No, no, don't answer that. Let's just go see this "master" of your's so I don't have to listen to any more of your karkin' deception..."

With that, she grabs her cloak and weapons, most certainly not trusting of anyone to watch out for her...
His face lighting up, Kale says, "Excellent! I'm glad I was able to convince you to join us. I have the feeling we will be the best of friends!"

Leading Kiz over to his master's table, Kale proceeds to tell his new friend all about his favorite kinds of food.

"...and strawberry icecream, but only from Zillie's on Irodonia, and Ryzo's steaks at the Coruscant Starport, and..."

Arriving at the table, Kale ceases his prattling and says, "Ah, here we are! Master Moudama, look, I made a new friend. Her name is Kizr'el. 'Or just Kiz, whichever fits your fancy.' But don't worry if you want to call her a b**ch, because apparently she 'has heard that one more times than you can count.'"

Turning to Kiz, Kale continues, "Kiz, this is my master, Foul Moudama."
Master Moudama inclines his head towards the new arrival, waving a hand airily in her direction. "Cli-click buzz-buzz bbuzz cli-buz-click," he states, matching his gestures. A shiny unit on his belt immediately launches into a lengthy translation, "It is an honor to meet you, Short One. I'd like you to know that I can count pretty high. I am older than you both, so that inherently allows me access to more numbers in my counting power. I shall cal you Kizr'el or maybe Short One form time to time if that is pleasant to your ears."

He scootches around the booth so you both have room. "Buzz-click (I see Kale has inducted you to a verbal tour of galactic foods. We Jedi are spoiled in our amount of travel and access in experiences. Sadly, the training of our Order forges us into beings with no people skills) Buzz-click."

With that statement, he reaches over the back of his booth and borrows a drink from the next table over. This earns him a startled yell quickly stifled due to his furrowed, brows.
After sitting down, Kale gives a confused look to his master and says, "No people skills? I kept a drunk guy from getting hurt and made a new friend! Seems to me I'm doing fine, for a guy with 'no people skills.'"

With that, Kale gives Kiz three self-satisfied nods while saying to no one in particular, "mmm-hmmm, mmm-hmmm."
Kiz simply stands in place, taking it all in, a dumbfounded look on her face.
"I... I don't get it. I'm not that short, am I? ...and that was a figure of speech, I don't care how much counting power you have!", she cries indignantly, gesticulating in a wild manner.

She sighs, and adds, "No people skills, indeed... Karkin' straight, that...", before taking a seat beside the eccentric Kale.
Smiling at Kiz, Kale says, "So, can we get you anything to drink or eat? I'm sure we can afford to treat a friend to a meal or two."

Lookin over at his master, Kale then adds, "Right master?"
Taking a swig of his new drink, he likes it enough to knock it back and slurp it all down. "Click-clic-buzz buzz" The metallic voice fills in "As long as Master Yoda doesn't check the account!"

He waves his hand in the air, flagging down the waiter.

At this moment, Jalek walks back trough the whizzing open blast door
Kiz blinks and shakes her head, letting out a soft sigh and saying, "Yeah, fine. Just some bantha steak, I guess. I already got enough to drink."

She then turns around to see the same man that burst outside just a few minutes ago.

"What in the...?"
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