Rise of the Titans: The Ogres of Kern

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Rise of the Titans


The Legion of Steel and the Knights of Solamnia have met together, along with the king of Nordmaar, to discuss the future of Alhana Starbreeze and her renegade Silvanesti elves. Alhana seeks assistance from the Knights in her effort to penetrate the mystic shield surrounding Silvanesti. The Knights hope to persuade Alhana to give up the impossible task of breaching the shield and instead bring her army north to help strengthen defenses against Neraka. They have heard several rumors that the Dark Knights might begin an offensive soon. In return, they promise to help the elven resistance once they have neutralized any threat that may come from Neraka or determined that the rumors are not true.

Alhana has no interest in sending her army anywhere. The ogres of Blode have been attacking her people outside the Silvanesti Shield. Fortunately for Alhana and her followers, the ogres have been fighting a civil war, which has caused them to attack only sporadically. However, now that they have settled their internal disputes, the ogres are marshalling their forces against the elves again. Alhana fears that the ogres will attack her before she can penetrate the shield. She has sent her ambassadors to Nordmaar to persuade the kingdom, the Knights, and the Legion to declare war against the ogres and thus help her.

Obviously a lot of negotiation needs to be done. Alhana has sent a relatively large diplomatic party north to Nordmaar, where King Kerian has promised to offer support. The Knights of Solamnia and the Legion of Steel have sent a small joint group to escort the elven ambassadors to North Keep safely. Thus our story begins in the port town of Jennison in the Kingdom of Nordmaar where five adventurers await the arrival of the elven ships…

Characters & Players
1. Ran, Male Human Warlord 10th lvl (Played by: Coyote Skyheart)
2. Grumo, Male Half-ogre Fighter 10th lvl (Played by: Arsaga)
3. Krago Hem, Male Human Paladin 10th lvl (Played by: Greymouse)
4. Travok, Male Dwarf Cleric 10th lvl (Played by: Draidden)
5. Sidus Atrum, Male Half-elf Warlock 10th lvl (Played by: Dementedwombat)
6. Ranni Birdwhomper, Female Kender Rogue 10th lvl (Played by: BrotherDave)

Approved by SeTiny


There is a world just around the corner of your mind, where reality is an intruder and dreams come true.

You may escape into it at will. You need no secret password, no magic wand or Aladdin's lamp;

only your own imagination and curiosity about things that never were.

Warning, the following is for player knowledge only

[b][Size=5]Act One


The Ogres of Kern

In which the heroes await the arrival of the elven ambassadors only to discover they have been attacked by pirate slavers and taken to the ogre kingdom of Kern. Charged with the safety of the elven diplomats, the heroes must journy to the ogre kingdom and discover the fate of slaves taken to the slave market at Dragon's Point. They must contend with pirates, shifty captains, and ogres. They may make powerful allies, or end up slaves themselves in the possesion of the ogres. One way or the other, they will discover clues to the fate of the silvanesti elves, and have an idea of where their own path will lead.

Please post only your character sheets


There is a world just around the corner of your mind, where reality is an intruder and dreams come true.

You may escape into it at will. You need no secret password, no magic wand or Aladdin's lamp;

only your own imagination and curiosity about things that never were.

Ranni Birdwhomper
Female Kender
Rogue (Trickster), Level 10

3' 6” tall, 75 lbs, 27 years old
Tanned skin; light brown hair; blue eyes

Alignment: Good

Languages: Common, Kenderspeak

Character Sheet
Experience Points:
Experience Needed:

Ability Scores:
Str: 10 +0 (pts 00)(base 10)
Con: 11 +0 (pts 01)(base 11)
Dex: 22 +6 (pts 16)(base18, +2 racial, +1 lvl 4, +1 lvl 8)
Int: 10 +0 (pts 00)(base 10)
Wis: 8 -1 (pts 00)(base 8)
Cha: 18 +4 (pts 05)(base 14, +2 racial, +1 lvl 4, +1 lvl 8)

Basic Combat Stats:
Hit Points: 68 – Bloodied: 34
Healing Surges: 6/day – 17 hp
Initiative: +11 (+6 Dex, +5 1/2 level)
Speed: 6 squares (base 6), or 30 feet
Senses: Normal
Passive Insight: 14
Passive Perception: 21

Action Points: 1

Basic Attacks:
Melee, Magic Dagger +2, +11 vs AC, 1d4+2, 6+2d6 critical
Ranged, Magic Dagger +2, +17 vs AC, 1d4+8, 12+2d6 critical, range 5/10
Ranged, Flameburst Whippik +2, +15 vs AC, 1d6+8, 14+2d6 (fire) critical, range 10/20

AC: 25 (10 +5 hlvl, +6 Dex, +2 armor, +2 enh)
AC vs OA: 31 (10 +5 hlvl, +6 Dex, +2 armor, +2 enh, +2 racial, +4 cha)
Fortitude: 17 (10 +5 hlvl, +0 Con, +2 enh)
Reflex: 25 (10 +5 hlvl, +6 Dex, +2 class, +2 enh)
Will: 21 (10 +5 hlvl, +4 Cha, +2 enh)

  • Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma
  • Size: Small
  • Speed: 6 squares
  • Vision: Normal
  • Languages: Common, Kenderspeak
  • Skill Bonuses: +2 Stealth, +2 Thievery
  • Kender Weapon Proficiency: You gain proficiency with two
    of the following kender weapons: battak, chapak, hachak,
    hoopak, polpak, sashik, or whippik. (sashik and whippik)
  • Bold: You gain a +5 racial bonus to saving throws vs fear.
  • Nimble Reaction: You gain a +2 racial bonus to AC against opportunity attacks.
  • Insulting Taunt: You can use insulting taunt as an encounter power.
Trickster Rogue
  • Role: Striker
  • Power Source: Martial
  • Key Abilities: Dexterity, Charisma
  • Armor Proficiencies: Cloth, leather
  • Weapon Proficiencies: Dagger, hand crossbow, short sword, shuriken, sling
  • Bonus to Defense: +2 Reflex
  • Hit Points at 1st Level: 12 + Constitution score
  • Hit Points per Level Gained: 5
  • Healing Surges per Day: 6 + Constitution modifier
  • Trained Skills: Stealth, Thievery, Acrobatics, Bluff, Streetwise, Perception.
  • Build Option: Trickster Rogue
  • First Strike: At the start of an encounter, you have combat advantage against any creatures that have not yet acted in that encounter.
  • Rogue Tactics - Artful Dodger: You gain a bonus to AC equal to your Charisma modifier against opportunity attacks.
  • Rogue Weapon Talent: When you wield a shuriken, your weapon damage die increases by one size. When you wield a dagger, you gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls.
  • Sneak Attack: Once per round, when you have combat advantage against an enemy and hit that enemy with an attack that uses a crossbow, a light blade, or a sling, the attack deals extra damage. If you have dealt Sneak Attack damage since the start of your turn, you cannot deal it again until the start of your next turn. You decide whether to apply the extra damage after making the damage roll. +2d8 damage (Backstabber feat)
1: Skill Training (Athletics)
You gain training in the Athletics skill.

2: Escape Artist
You can attempt to escape a grab as a minor action, instead of as a move action. You also gain a +2 feat bonus to Acrobatics checks.

4: Skill Focus (Thievery)
You gain a +3 feat bonus to Thievery checks.

6: Backstabber
The extra damage dice from your Sneak Attack class feature increases from d6s to d8s.

8: Skill Focus (Bluff)
You gain a +3 feat bonus to Bluff checks.

10: Alertness
You don't grant enemies combat advantage from being surprised. You also gain a +2 feat bonus to Perception checks.
Trained Skills:
+18 Acrobatics (+6 Dex, +5 hlvl, +5 trained, +2 feat)
+10 Athletics (+0 Str, +5 hlvl, +5 trained)
+17 Bluff (+4 Cha, +5 hlvl, +5 trained, +3 feat)
+11 Perception (-1 Wis, +5 hlvl, +5 trained, +2 feat)
+18 Stealth (+6 Dex, +5 hlvl, +5 trained, +2 racial)
+14 Streetwise (+4 Cha, +5 hlvl, +5 trained)
+22 Thievery (+6 Dex, +5 hlvl, +5 trained, +2 racial, +3 feat, +1 enh)

Untrained Skills:
+5 Arcana (+0 Int, +5 hlvl)
+9 Diplomacy (+4 Cha, +5 hlvl)
+4 Dungeoneering (-1 Wis, +5 hlvl)
+5 Endurance (+0 Con, +5 hlvl)
+4 Heal (-1 Wis, +5 hlvl)
+5 History (+0 Int, +5 hlvl)
+4 Insight (-1 Wis, +5 hlvl)
+9 Intimidate (+4 Cha, +5 hlvl)
+4 Nature (-1 Wis, +5 hlvl)
+5 Religion (+0 Int, +5 hlvl)
Attack Powers
Melee Basic Attack
At Will * Weapon
Standard Action * Melee Weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Strength vs AC (+0 str, +5 hlvl)
Hit: 1[W] + Strength modifier damage (+0 str).

Magic Dagger +2: +11 attack, 1d4+2 damage, +2d6 critical (+3 prof, +1 rogue, +2 enh)

+2d8 Sneak Attack 1/round

Ranged Basic Attack
At Will * Weapon
Standard Action * Ranged Weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Dexterity vs AC (+6 dex, +5 hlvl)
Hit: 1[W] + Dexterity modifier damage (+6 dex)

Magic Dagger +2: +17 attack, 1d4+8 damage, +2d6 critical, range 5/10 (+3 prof, +1 rogue, +2 enh)
Flameburst Whippik +2: +15 attack, 1d6+8 damage, +2d6 critical (fire), range 10/20 (+2 prof, +2 enh)

+2d8 Sneak Attack 1/round

1a: Deft Strike
A final lunge brings you into an advantageous position.
At Will * Martial, Weapon
Standard Action * Melee or Ranged Weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Dexterity vs AC (+6 dex, +5 hlvl)
Requirement: You must be wielding a crossbow, a light blade, or a sling.
Special: You can move 2 squares before the attack.
Hit: 1[W] + Dexterity modifier damage (+6 dex)

Magic Dagger +2: +17 attack, 1d4+8 damage, +2d6 critical, range 5/10 (+3 prof, +1 rogue, +2 enh)
Flameburst Whippik +2: +15 attack, 1d6+8 damage, +2d6 critical (fire), range 10/20 (+2 prof, +2 enh)

+2d8 Sneak Attack 1/round

1a: Sly Flourish
A distracting flourish causes the enemy to forget the blade at his throat.
At Will * Martial, Weapon
Standard Action * Melee or Ranged Weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Dexterity vs AC (+6 dex, +5 hlvl)
Requirement: You must be wielding a crossbow, a light blade, or a sling.
Hit: 1[W] + Dexterity modifier + Charisma modifier damage (+6 dex, +4 cha)

Magic Dagger +2: +17 attack, 1d4+12 damage, +2d6 critical, range 5/10 (+3 prof, +1 rogue, +2 enh)
Flameburst Whippik +2: +15 attack, 1d6+12 damage, +2d6 critical (fire), range 10/20 (+2 prof, +2 enh)

+2d8 Sneak Attack 1/round

1e: Positioning Strike
A false stumble and a shove place the enemy exactly where you want him.
Encounter * Martial, Weapon
Standard Action * Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Dexterity vs Will (+6 dex, +5 hlvl)
Requirement: You must be wielding a crossbow, a light blade, or a sling.
Hit: 1[W] + Dexterity modifier damage (+6 dex), and you slide the target a number of squares equal to your Charisma modifier (+4 cha).

Magic Dagger +2: +17 attack, 1d4+8 damage, +2d6 critical (+3 prof, +1 rogue, +2 enh)

+2d8 Sneak Attack 1/round

1d: Trick Strike
Through a series of feints and lures, you maneuver your foe right where you want him.
Daily * Martial, Weapon
Standard Action * Melee or Ranged Weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Dexterity vs AC (+6 dex, +5 hlvl)
Requirement: You must be wielding a crossbow, a light blade, or a sling.
Hit: 3[W] + Dexterity modifier damage (+6 dex).
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, each time you hit the target you slide it 1 square.

Magic Dagger +2: +17 attack, 3d4+8 damage, +2d6 critical, range 5/10 (+3 prof, +1 rogue, +2 enh)
Flameburst Whippik +2: +15 attack, 3d6+8 damage, +2d6 critical (fire), range 10/20 (+2 prof, +2 enh)

+2d8 Sneak Attack 1/round

3e: Trickster's Blade
You land an expert blow and follow up with a clever series of feints that bewilder your enemies.
Encounter * Martial, Weapon
Standard Action * Melee or Ranged weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Dexterity vs AC (+6 dex, +5 hlvl)
Requirement: You must be wielding a crossbow, a light blade, or a sling.
Hit: 2[W] + Dexterity modifier damage (+6 dex). Add Charisma modifier (+4 cha) to your AC until the start of your next turn.

Magic Dagger +2: +17 attack, 2d4+8 damage, +2d6 critical, range 5/10 (+3 prof, +2 enh)
Flameburst Whippik +2: +15 attack, 2d6+8 damage, +2d6 critical (fire), range 10/20 (+2 prof, +2 enh)

+2d8 Sneak Attack 1/round

5d: Clever Riposte
You follow up a fierce attack with a series of quick, painful strikes woven between your enemy's attacks.
Daily * Martial, Weapon
Standard Action * Melee weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Dexterity vs AC (+6 dex, +5 hlvl)
Requirement: You must be wielding a light blade.
Hit: 2[W] + Dexterity modifier damage (+6 dex).
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, the target takes an amount of damage equal to your Dexterity modifier (+6 dex) each time it attacks you, and you can shift as an immediate reaction after such an attack.

Magic Dagger +2: +17 attack, 2d4+8 damage, +2d6 critical, range 5/10 (+3 prof, +1 rogue, +2 enh)
Flameburst Whippik +2: +15 attack, 2d6+8 damage, +2d6 critical (fire), range 10/20 (+2 prof, +2 enh)

+2d8 Sneak Attack 1/round

7e: Rogue's Luck
A gifted rogue can turn failure into fortune.
Encounter * Martial, Weapon
Standard Action * Melee or Ranged weapon
Target: One creature
Attack: Dexterity vs AC (+6 dex, +5 hlvl)
Requirement: You must be wielding a crossbow, a light blade, or a sling.
Hit: 2[W] + Dexterity modifier damage (+6 dex).
Miss: Make a secondary attack against the target.
Secondary Attack: Dexterity + Charisma vs AC (+6 dex, +4 cha, +5 hlvl)
Secondary Hit: 1[W] + Dexterity modifier damage (+6 dex).

Magic Dagger +2: +17/+21 attack, 2d4+8/1d4+8 damage, +2d6 critical, range 5/10 (+3 prof, +1 rogue, +2 enh)
Flameburst Whippik +2: +15/+19 attack, 2d6+8/1d6+8 damage, +2d6 critical (fire), range 10/20 (+2 prof, +2 enh)

+2d8 Sneak Attack 1/round

9d: Deadly Positioning
You adroitly outmaneuver your enemy, pushing and baiting him with every stride and strike.
Daily * Martial, Weapon
Standard Action * Melee 1
Target: One creature
Special: You slide the target to any other square adjacent to you before making your attack.
Attack: Dexterity vs AC (+6 dex, +5 hlvl)
Requirement: You must be wielding a light blade.
Hit: 3[W] + Dexterity modifier damage (+6 dex).
Effect: Until the end of the encounter, as long as you are adjacent to the target, you slide the target 1 square before making a melee attack against it.

Magic Dagger +2: +17 attack, 3d4+8 damage, +2d6 critical (+3 prof, +1 rogue, +2 enh)

+2d8 Sneak Attack 1/round

Utility Powers
Racial: Insulting Taunt
With an insight that goes beyond simply name‐calling, you conjure up a verbal barrage that strikes deep into the core of your foes, inciting them to fits of rage.
Encounter * Charm
Standard Action * Close Blast 5
Target: One creature in blast
Attack: Charisma vs Will (+4 cha, +5 hlvl)
Hit: You pull your target up to 3 squares, and your target is marked until the end of your next turn.
Miss: Your target is marked until the end of your next turn.
Sustain Minor (hit): You pull the target 1 square, and your target is marked until the end of your next turn.

2u: Quick Fingers
You can pilfer a coin pouch in the blink of an eye.
Encounter * Martial
Minor Action * Personal
Effect: Make a Thievery check as part of this action, even if the check is normally a standard action.

6u: Slippery Mind
You cloud your mind with vague thoughts that shiled you against a sudden mental attack.
Encounter * Martial
Immediate Interrupt * Personal
Trigger: You are hit by an attack against your Will defense
Effect: Gain a +2 power bonus to your Will defense against the triggering attack.

10u: Dangerous Theft
You snatch an item from an enemy during combat.
Encounter * Martial
Free Action * Personal
Effect: On your next action, ignore the -10 penalty when you make a thievery check to pick a pocket during combat.

  • Magic Leather Armor +2 (worn, 1800, 15 lb)
  • backpack (back, 2 stl, 2 lb), containing:
    • flint and steel (1 stl, -)
    • (2) sunrods (4 stl, 2 lb)
    • (10) days’ worth of journeybread (50 stl, 1 lb)
    • 50 feet of silk rope (10 stl, 5 lb)
    • (5) pints of oil (5 sp, 5 lb)
    • waterskin (1 stl, 4 lb)
    • (5) Potions of Healing (heroic tier) (250 stl, -)
    • 20 Whippik Darts in case (spares, 1 stl, 2 lb)
    • climber's kit, containing: (+2 bonus to Athletics checks for climbing)
      • grappling hook (1 stl, 4 lb)
      • small hammer (5 sp, 2 lb)
      • 10 pitons (5 sp, 5 lb)

  • bedroll (, below backpack, 1 sp, 5 lb)
  • Burglar's Gloves (heroic tier) (hands, 360 stl, -)
  • Catstep Boots (heroic tier) (feet, 680 stl, -)
  • Safewing Amulet +2 (neck, 3400 stl, -)
  • belt pouch (belt, 1 stl, 0.5 lb), containing:
    • 2 pp
    • 11 stl
    • 12 sp
    • 20 cp

  • belt pouch (belt, 1 stl, 0.5 lb), containing:
    • thieves' tools (20 stl, 1 lb) (+2 Thievery checks vs locks/traps)

  • belt pouch (belt, 1 stl, 0.5 lb), containing:
    • 6 colored pebbles
    • a green feather
    • a broken leather strap with a shiny brass buckle
    • a rusty nail, bent into an "L" shape
    • an acorn

  • belt pouch (belt, 1 stl, 0.5 lb), containing:
    • a piece of chalk
    • 3 sea shells
    • a wool mitten

  • belt pouch (belt, 1 stl, 0.5 lb), containing:
    • a silver bell with no clapper
    • a whistle
    • a polished wooden knife handle, with no blade
    • a candle stub

  • belt pouch (belt, 1 stl, 0.5 lb), containing:
    • several shiny (painted) "silver" and "gold" rings, set with faceted glass "gems"

  • belt pouch (belt, 1 stl, 0.5 lb), containing:
    • several (cheap) wooden and metal bracelets, painted in bright colors, some of which are decorated with a variety of tiny charms

  • belt pouch (belt, 1 stl, 0.5 lb), containing:
    • several colorful hair ribbons
    • a small ball of twine

  • Flameburst Whippik +2 (belt, 3400 stl, 2 lb)
  • Magic Dagger +2 (sheath strapped to right leg, 1800 stl, 1 lb)
  • 20 Whippik Darts in case (strapped to left leg, 1 stl, 2 lb)

Total Encumberance: 62/100
Magic Item Descriptions
Only one (1) item daily power may be used between extended rests. If a milestone is reached, an additional use of an item daily power becomes available, but even then it must be from a different item.

(5) Potions of Healing (heroic tier)
This simple potion draws on the body's natural healing ability to cure your wounds.
Level: 5
Power (Consumable * Healing): Minor Action. Drink this potion and spend a healing surge. Instead of the hit points you would normally regain, you regain 10 hit points.

Burglar's Gloves (heroic tier)
These fingerless black gloves are embroidered with dark red sigils and improve your thievery skills.
Level: 1
Item Slot: Hands
Property: Gain a +1 item bonus to Thievery checks

Catstep Boots (heroic tier)
These enchanted boots reduce falling damage and enhance your acrobatics and athletics skills.
Level: 3
Item Slot: Feet
Property: When you fall or jump down, you take only half normal falling damage and always land on your feet.
Power (daily): Free Action. Gain a +5 power bonus to your next Acrobatics or Athletics check.

Safewing Amulet +2
This orange amulet reduces the damage you suffer when falling.
Level: 8
Item Slot: Neck
Enhancement: +2 Fortitude, Reflex, and Will
Property: When falling, reduce the distance by 20 feet for the purpose of calculating damage. You always land on your feet after a fall.

Flameburst Whippik +2
A slender, black ironwood rod with a loop of silver wire at the end, which is used to hurl darts at enemies with deadly accuracy, and may also be used as a musical instrument by stretching the loop tight and plucking it.
Whippik (Simple one-handed ranged weapon)
Proficient: +2
Damage: 1d6
Group: Flail, Light Blade
Properties: Small, Load Free
Range: 10/20
Level: 8
Enhancement: +2 attack and damage
Critical: +2d6 fire damage
Power (Daily * Fire): Minor Action. The next ranged basic attack you make with this weapon before the end of your turn becomes a burst 1 centered on the target. Use your normal attack bonus for the basic attack, but against Reflex. Instead of normal damage, each target hit takes ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends).

Magic Leather Armor +2
Leather armor, AC +2, check -0, speed -0
Level: 6
Enhancement: +2 AC

Magic Dagger +2
Dagger (Simple one-handed melee weapon)
Proficient: +3
Damage: 1d4
Group: Light blade
Properties: Light Thrown, Off-Hand
Level: 6
Enhancement: +2 attack and damage
Critical: +2d6 damage
Ranni is a gifted "handler", able to easily slip items out of pockets and pouches without getting caught - so much so that she sometimes does it without conscious thought. She effectively uses her small stature and natural agility to sneak past guards and elude their grasp. She has incredible balance, and her natural acrobatic ability, coupled with the enchantments laid on her boots and on the amulet around her neck, allow her to fall great distances without injury.

Although she is not particularly strong, long practice has honed her ability to climb walls and circumvent other obstacles placed in the way of her insatiable curiosity. And on those occasions when her physical abilities are not sufficient to bypass an obstacle, her innocent appearance and effusive personality often allow her to talk her way past. Her small size, innocent appearance, and keen ears also help her pick up tidbits of information from the streets, and her sharp eyes often allow her to notice things others might miss.

In combat, Ranni is a blur of motion, constantly dodging and weaving around the battlefield. Her feints and flourishes confuse her foes, allowing her to maneuver them into disadvantageous positions, where she can follow up with a sudden strike at their vital areas, while they flail back at her ineffectively. One of her favorite tactics is to single out opponents and sling cutting verbal barbs at them, driving them to lose all reason and fly into a murderous rage; then, when they come charging in, she deftly picks their pockets before slipping spryly out of their grasp like a matador taunting a bull.

Her primary weapon is a finely crafted ironwood whippik, enchanted to send darts flying true to their targets. When necessary, she can even cause the dart to explode, setting fire to everything caught in the blast. She uses that feature sparingly, however, as it takes quite a while for the whippik to recharge afterwards. And on those rare occasions when enemies get too close to allow her to effectively use her whippik, she resorts to the enchanted dagger that hangs at her hip.

In her down time, Ranni is quite fond of dancing, picking out simple tunes on her whippik as she flows around the floor if no other musical accompaniment is available. Her dances often mirror her actions on the battlefield, involving many energetic leaps, spins, and graceful flourishes.
Appearance, Personality, and Other Useful Things to Know
Ranni is a small Kendermaid, with lightly tanned skin, light brown hair tied up in brightly colored ribbons, bright blue eyes, and a bubbly personality. Even after spending the last ten years wandering all over Ansalon, she is still fascinated with the world around her, and her eyes constantly dart here and there, trying to take everything in. She speaks with a high, lilting voice, and her frequent smiles light up her whole face.

She favors practical, flowing clothes that she can dance in, and which won't get caught on jagged projections when she needs to squeeze through small gaps in walls. She has a small collection of shiny rings and bands for her wrists and ankles, which she sometimes wears when dancing to accentuate her movements, but which she seldom wears otherwise. When she is traveling, or may face combat, she wears a finely crafted suit of black leather armor, with a wickedly sharp dagger in a tooled black leather sheath at her hip.

Her favorite weapon is her enchanted Whippik, a slender, black ironwood rod with a loop of silvery wire at the end, which she uses to hurl darts at enemies with deadly accuracy. She can also stretch the loop tight and pick out simple melodies.

Like all Kender, Ranni is inquisitive by nature. She loves finding out new tidbits of information, and will often lurk around the outskirts of private conversations and meetings. Of course, she never views herself as intruding on the privacy of others. She also loves to pick up interesting things and examine them, with every intention of returning them. Unfortunately, she is easily distracted, and often ends up absentmindedly putting the item in a pouch to examine more closely before returning it later. And she generally does return the item...eventually. She never understands the fuss that other people make when she does this, but experience has taught her to refrain from examining items that her non-Kender friends seem to find important. Mostly.

She loves sitting and listening to Bards play, or better yet, dancing to their tunes. Though she did not follow her mother’s path and become a Bard, she has a good ear and appreciates good music when she hears it. Her mother always insisted that she could be really good, both at singing and playing, if only she would practice and accept training. She very nearly sought out that training several times when she was younger. But she has always preferred to dance, which is difficult to do while playing an instrument more complicated than her whippik, and anyway, handling is so much more fun!

She acquired the name “Birdwhomper” after an amusing incident during her travels in Solamnia. She was roaming with a group of adventurers when she spotted an interesting bird with bright blue plumage running along the ground instead of flying. Fascinated, she kept trying to get a closer look, but the bird always ran off a little ways at the last moment. After a while, she got the idea to climb up in a tree, and look at the bird from above. Unfortunately, her pant leg snagged on a branch, and when she tried to free it, the branch broke and she tumbled down right on top of the bird with a loud “WHOMP!” She and the bird both survived, but both were stunned from the impact, and wandered off drunkenly in different directions, occasionally falling down before staggering upright again. Her companions thought the sight of Ranni and the unfortunate bird reeling and stumbling away from each other was uproariously funny, and henceforth introduced her as “Ranni Birdwhomper” to anyone they met.
Ranni was born on the coast of Northern Ergoth, in the area known as Kenderhome, in the small port town of Lemon, in 392 AC (9 SC). She was an only child, but had a happy and carefree childhood, doted on by her many aunts and uncles. She was named after her great-great-great-grandfather, Ran Bellsinger, whose voice, it was said, once charmed an ogre into giving him a piggy-back-ride across a raging stream. Whether that tale is true or made up is a matter for debate, but he certainly managed to charm her great-great-great-grandmother.

Ranni knew from a young age that she wanted to grow up to be either a handler, like her father and her uncle Tavin, or a bard, like her mother. She took great delight in games like hide-and-seek, or see-what-uncle-Tavin's-got-in-his-locked-chest (he always locked some special prize inside for any young Kender who managed to get it open). At moots, she would dance and play games with fierce abandon, then settle down and listen to her mother play song after song until she fell asleep.
Shortly after turning 17 (409 AC), Ranni began to get bored seeing the same faces year after year. She wanted to go out and explore, see new and interesting places, and meet new and interesting people. Her parents recognized the signs, and did their best to prepare her, gifting her with a new set of travelling clothes and a sturdy backpack, and a brand new whippik that her mother carved and tuned herself. By the time the Wanderer's Celebration came around, she was more than ready to go. After visiting with her friends and family who were staying behind, she set out, with a smile on her face and a spring in her step, in the company of a small number of other young Kender who were also starting their wanderlust.

She spent a few months exploring Kenderhome, visiting the various towns and villages where other Kender lived, before making her way to the port city of Hylo. From Hylo, she took a ship across the straights to Hargoth in Coastlund. There, she got involved with an adventuring company, intent on recovering ancient artifacts from a hidden tomb. She didn't care much about the ancient artifacts, but it all sounded very exciting to her, and she couldn't wait to face the challenges she would meet along the way. They did in fact find a tomb, but there were no ancient artifacts inside - just some moldy tapestries and rusted junk, and a few gold and silver trinkets, though she did find an amulet that allowed her to jump out of windows without getting hurt.

The adventurers went their seperate ways after that, and Ranni made her way into Heartlund, to the grand city of Solanthus. There was so much to do in Solanthus, she stayed there for the better part of three years (411-413 AC); joining various bands of adventurers for thrilling adventures, honing her skills by sneaking into locked and guarded homes and other establishments (and jumping out the windows for fun), and doing lots of interesting things.

In 413 AC, she left Solanthus, and spent the next two years wandering around Solamnia. She joined with another band of adventurers, this time with the purpose of finding a lost dragon's hoard. After a long search, and after facing many challenges, they managed to find the treasure, and each shared in the bounty. Her own share included a finely crafted dagger and a pair of magical boots, made of some thin-but-tough material which molded itself to her feet and gave her the grace of a cat. Unfortunately, she needed both, for while they hunted for the dragon's hoard, the dragon was hunting them. Most of her companions were killed, but she and two others managed to escape with their lives.

Soon after that, she had a most disturbing encounter, which altered the course of her life. While traveling through Estwilde, she came upon an old Kender woman, who invited Ranni to join her campfire, and regaled her with tales of the past, when Kendermore was a grand place, full of life and joy and beauty. The next morning, Ranni woke with her head filled with the remnants of dreams and ghosts of the past. She puttered about the campsite for a while, making breakfast and waiting for the old woman to wake up. After a few hours, when the old woman showed no signs of waking, Ranni went to rouse her to bid her farewell, only to discover that the old Kendermaid was dying, and would not rise again. When she could speak, the old woman gave Ranni an amulet and a finely crafted whippik. The amulet, she said, was to be placed in a particular place in the ruins of Kendermore. The whippik was a gift, given to the old woman by her mother, now passed on to Ranni, as the woman had no daughters of her own, and was imbued with great magics.

Ranni didn't know what to make of her "mission", and didn't understand the significance of the amulet, but she was determined to not let the old lady down. So she spent the next several years making her way to the southeast, towards Goodlund, past marauding bands of ogres, to Kenderhome. She found the right place, and reverently placed the amulet on the stone altar she found there. And waited. And waited. And nothing happened. Disappointed, and not sure what she was really expecting anyway, she looked one last time upon Kendermore, then headed west back towards civilized lands. As she left, she felt a stirring of wind in her hair, and a chill ran down her back. Spinning around, she confronted....nothing. But she thought she could hear the faint sound of laughter, and a ghostly voice saying "thank you". More confused than ever, she turned and continued on her journey in contemplation.
Recent History
Saddened from her visit to the ruins of Kendermore, Ranni slowly made her way back through the Ogrelands to Khur, being careful to avoid any ogres she encountered along the way (well, except for that one that she taunted into falling into it's own pit trap - she still chuckled about that one). She lurked around Neraka for a while, then decided to head north.

She was making good time, and had successfully avoided several wandering bands of ogres, when she heard a rumble in the distance ahead of her, followed by a large plume of dust in the air. Curious (as always), she quickened her pace, and a few hours later she could see where a cliff face had collapsed in a landslide. As she approached the rubble, she heard a faint groan coming from behind a large pile of boulders. As she rounded the boulders, the first thing she saw was the huge, hairy leg of an ogre sticking out from underneath one of the larger ones. She kicked the leg a few times to make sure it was really dead, then continued searching. Two more sets of legs appeared to belong to a pair of Knights of Solamnia, by their armor, though she could only see bits and pieces of it.

Surmising that the landslide was probably triggered by the ogre, who was then stupid enough to be caught in it, she shook her head and turned to leave. But as she picked her way back through the rubble, she heard another faint groan, coming from the other side of the boulders that had crushed the Knights. Rounding the boulders, she saw a third Knight, this one only partially buried by rubble, with his leg trapped between two of the great rocks. As she neared him, he let out another groan, and she could see him thrash about in a fevered sleep. Luckily, his leg was only pinned, and appeared undamaged, though from the knot on his head, one of the larger stones must have knocked him unconscious. The boulders were much too heavy for her to move, so instead she concentrated on reviving him, and cleaning and bandaging the gash on his forehead.

He awoke a short time later, and revealed that his name was Krago, and that he was indeed a Knight of Solamnia, on an urgent mission to the port town of Jennison, on the coast of Nordmaar. Once she was sure he wouldn't fall back to sleep, she sought out and found a large stick, which he was able to use to lever one of the boulders off of his leg just long enough for her to pull it free. And none too soon, for soon after they heard the grumblings of a pair of ogres making their way through the rubble. They urgently gathered his equipment and supplies, and slipped quietly (or as quietly as an armored man with an injured leg could manage) away into the brush.

Ranni didn't have a particular destination in mind, and Krago was determined to get to Jennison. Ranni knew he would never make it on his own, injured as he was, so she took it upon herself to accompany him - scouting ahead for ogres, finding hidden places where they could rest for the night, and generally helping him along, all the while regaling him with tales (mostly exagerrated) of her travels.

By the time they got to Jennison, Krago was fully healed of his injuries, and anxious to be about his business. He purchased a room for her at a nice, clean inn, then headed towards the docks so he could go report to whoever it was he needed to report to (Ranni was a little fuzzy on the details, somehow having done the majority of the talking during their trip). Bored, Ranni wandered around town, looking for something interesting to do.

Before long, Ranni had exchanged several of the items in her many pouches for more interesting things, and had overheard several conversations, picking up quite a few interesting tidbits of information. Like the rumor that a delegation of Elves was scheduled to arrive soon by ship. She had always wanted to meet Elves, and here an entire delegation would be right here, under her nose. Of course she had to find out more, and spent the next several hours ferretting out as much information as she could find. She learned that the delegation would only be in Jennison for a short time, then would head north under the protection of a small contingent composed of Knights of Solamnia and the Legion of Steel.

The Knights and the Legion, working together? With Elves? This she had to see. Maybe they would even invite her along! Surely they could use a good handler on their journey. The Knights and Legionaires were hopeless when it came to such things. Yes, of course they would invite her along. Why, there really wasn't even any point in asking. Besides, they would probably want her to be undercover, to better enable her to gather information for them. Hah! She would start now, gathering as much information as she could, and then slipping quietly into their party. What fun!

She wondered if Krago would know anything about it, being a Knight and all... Of course! The three Knights were probably supposed to be part of the escort. It all made sense! Only...two of them were dead now, so they would be shorthanded. Well, she would just have to make up the difference herself. It was the least she could do for a friend.

Satisfied with her intended course of action, she set about finding out what she could about the area, and making preparations for her trip.

Character Sheet

6'9" 310lbs
Bald, green/brown skin, green eyes
Size: Medium
Speed: 5 squares
Vision: Low light
Languages: Common, Giant

Lv 10 Half Ogre Fighter

Ability Scores (Final | Start | Mod Reason)
STR 20 | 16 | (+2 racial, +1 @ 4th, +1 @ 8th)
CON 17 | 14 | (+2 racial, +1 @ 4th)
DEX 14 | 13 | (+1 @ 8th)
INT 8 | 8
WIS 14 | 14
CHA 10 | 10

Defenses, HP, Init
AC 25 (10 +5 1/2 lvl, +10 armor)
Fort 24 (10 +5 1/2 lvl, +5 Str, +2 class, +2 item)
Ref 19 (10 +5 1/2 lvl, +1 Dex, +2 item)
Will 19 (10 +5 1/2 lvl, +2 Wis, +2 item)

HP 91 | Bloodied 45 | Surge Value 22 | Surges/day 12

Init +12 (+5 1/2 lvl, +4 Imp Init, +2 Dex, +1 item)

Acrobatics 7 (+5 1/2 lvl, +2 Dex, -2 armor, +2 item)
Arcana 4 (+5 1/2 lvl, -1 Int)
Athletics 14 (+5 1/2 lvl, +5 Str, +5 trained, +1 item, -2 armor)
Bluff 5 (+5 1/2 lvl)
Diplomacy 5 (+5 1/2 lvl)
Dungeoneering 7 (+5 1/2 lvl, +2 Wis)
Endurance 15 (+5 1/2 lvl, +3 Con, +5 trained, +2 racial, +2 item, -2 armor)
Heal 7 (+5 1/2 lvl, +2 Wis)
History 4 (+5 1/2 lvl, -1 Int)
Insight 7 (+5 1/2 lvl, +2 Wis)
Intimidate 10 (+5 1/2 lvl, +5 trained)
Nature 7 (+5 1/2 lvl, +2 Wis)
Perception 7 (+5 1/2 lvl, +2 Wis)
Religion 4 (+5 1/2 lvl, -1 Int)
Stealth 5 (+5 1/2 lvl, +2 Dex, -2 armor)
Streetwise 5 (+5 1/2 lvl)
Thievery 5 (+5 1/2 lvl, +2 Dex, -2 armor)

1: Oversized
1: Dual Heritage
1: Combat Challenge
1: Combat Superiority
1: Fighter Weapon Talent (Two-handed Weapons)
1: Armor Proficiency (Plate)
2: Toughness
4: Improved Initiative
6: Potent Challenge
8: Power Attack
10: Weapon Focus (Polearm)

1. At-Will: Melee Basic Attack
Weapon | Std Action | Melee Weapon | Target: 1 creature | +15 vs AC | Hit: 1d10 + 10 dmg | +2 to attack rolls with opportunity attacks (Combat Superiorty)

1. At-Will: Ranged Basic Attack
Weapon | Std Action | Ranged Weapon | Target: 1 creature | +11 vs AC | Hit: 1d8 + 4 dmg | +2 to attack rolls with opportunity attacks (Combat Superiorty)

1. Encounter: Get Out of My Way
Weapon | Std Action | Close Burst 2 | Target: All creatures in area | +15 vs Fort | Hit: 1d10 + 8 dmg and target is pushed 1 square

1. At-Will: Reaping Strike
Martial, Weapon | Std Action | Melee Weapon | Target: 1 creature | +15 vs AC | Hit: 1d10 + 8 dmg | Miss: 5 dmg

1. At-Will: Cleave
Martial, Weapon | Std Action | Melee Weapon | Target: 1 creature | +15 vs AC | Hit: 1d10 + 8 dmg and an enemy adjacent to you other than the target takes 5 damage

1. Encounter: Passing Attack
Martial, Weapon | Std Action | Melee Weapon | Primary Target: 1 creature | +15 vs AC | Hit: 1d10 + 8 dmg and you can shift 1 square. Make a secondary attack (Secondary Target: 1 creature other than primary target | +17 vs AC | Hit: 1d10 + 8 dmg)

1. Daily: Villain's Menace
Martial, Weapon | Std Action | Melee Weapon | Target: 1 creature | +15 vs AC | Hit: 2d10 + 8 dmg and gain a +2 power bonus to attack rolls and a +4 power bonus to damage rolls against the target until the end of the encounter | Miss: Gain a +1 power bonus to attack rolls and a +2 power bonus to damage rolls against the target until the end of the encounter

2. Utility (Daily): Boundless Endurance
Healing, Martial, Stance | Minor Action | Personal | Effect: You gain regeneration 5 when you are bloodied

3. Encounter: Sweeping Blow
Martial, Weapon | Std Action | Close Burst 1 | Target: Each enemy in burst you can see | +17 vs AC | Hit: 1d10 + 8 dmg

5. Daily: Rain of Steel
Martial, Weapon, Stance | Minor Action | Personal | Effect: Any enemy that starts its turn adjacent to you takes 1d10 damage as long as you are able to make opportunity attacks

6. Utility (Encounter): Unbreakable
Martial | Immediate Reaction | Personal | Trigger: You are hit by an attack | Effect: Reduce the damage from the attack by 8

7. Encounter: Come and Get It
Martial, Weapon | Std Action | Close Burst 3 | Target: Each enemy in burst you can see | +15 vs AC | Effect: You pull each target 2 squares to a space adjacent to you. You cannot pull a target that cannot end adjacent to you. You then make a close attack targeting each adjacent enemy | Hit: 1d10 + 8 dmg

9. Daily: Victorious Surge
Healing, Martial, Reliable, Weapon | Std Action | Melee Weapon | +15 vs AC | Hit: 3d10 + 8 dmg and you regain hp as if you had spent a healing surge

10. Utility (Encounter): Into the Fray
Martial | Minor Action | Personal | Effect: You can move 3 squares as long as you can end your move adjacent to an enemy

Large Magic Glaive +2 (1d10 dmg)
Dwarven Plate Armor +2
Magic Hand Crossbow +2 (1d8 dmg)
Crossbow Bolts (20)
Bracers of Mighty Striking (heroic tier)
Gauntlets of Ogre Power (heroic tier)
Casque of Tactics (heroic tier)
Amulet of Protection +2
Surefoot Boots (heroic tier)
589 steel currency


Grumo grew up knowing only his human mother and ogre father - Irda, actually. To hear Grumo's father tell it they evolved to a level above common ogres eons ago. Grumo's father would only ever allow he and his mother to see his true form. Any other time, he would take the form of the ruggedly good looking man that Grumo's mother first knew him by.

Together they lived far from the reaches of any major city. In fact, Grumo had never been to a city at all until he was forced to seek refuge at Thea Harbor along with everyone else in Southern Ergoth as the ice steadily invaded their homes. His whole life he lived as a simple farmer caring for his family's one cow, five chickens, one rooster, two horses, and vegetable patch. He was good at it, or so his mother told him.

Unfortunately, those skills did him no good in the city with over a thousand disparate people crowded together. Nearly every one of those people treated Grumo poorly because, to them, he was an ogre. They knew he wasn't associated with the ogre warring ways, but he reminded them of that threat all the same. Grumo's mother and father tried to protect him as best as they could, but there aren't many places to hide a nearly seven foot tall, three hundred pound half-ogre.

Consequently, Grumo couldn't help but feel somewhat gleeful when he heard Ran Llewyn's inspiring call for able bodied fighters to join with him in reclaiming freedom for his fallen family and people. It was the perfect way to escape the intolerance and also be more than just a farmer trapped in a big city.

In the beginning, the other volunteers merely ignored Grumo. He learned to take on a thick skin and repeatedly tried to disprove everyone's fears - that he was just a stupid ogre and not worth their time. After a few weeks of doing almost all the chores and learning every job on the ship, they eventually grew to accept Grumo. His disproportionate workload had another benefit. He was quickly becoming very skilled at a great deal more than caring for animals and vegetables. He was developing into a good shot with a crossbow. He developed an endurance that came naturally due to his bloodline.

When Ran led them into the city of dwarves, Grumo really came into his own. The dwarves would tease Grumo about relying on the weapon of cowards who fight in the back. The dwarves would not relent, and Grumo found himself charging to the front of skirmishes just to prove them wrong. He wasn't particularly useful, though, so the dwarves saw to it to teach Grumo how to be a true fighter. They taught him how to use his size to control where enemies move on the battle field. They even had a special larger than average magic glaive created to help take advantage of his great strength and endurance. While with them he did still receive disapproving looks and rude comments, but it was the first time that Grumo could remember feeling comfortable around Ran and his fellow soldiers.

However, it wasn’t until a harrowing defeat that Grumo felt true loyalty to Ran. Nearly every man died save Grumo, Ran, and two others. Grumo wondered if the small caravan of refugees was worth the sacrifice. He was especially disappointed after they caught back up to them the next night, and they refused to let a half ogre in the camp.

Grumo was used to it and accepted his exile. Ran didn’t and set up camp with Grumo away from the caravan. That night they talked some, but Grumo just remembered one thing Ran said. “It was my duty to save those people even at such a cost, and perhaps you disagree. Still, I hope that you understand that I feel as much sense of duty to you for serving me so well all these years and moreso after yesterday.” Grumo has been Ran’s shadow ever since. Ran does more than accept Grumo. Ran appreciates him. That rarity is one that Grumo will fight to defend so long as he is able.


Character Sheet

Name: Ran
"Raise your sword. Yes. That is your freedom!"
Homeland: Southern Ergoth
Noble-born Knight, House of Llewyn, Steel Legionnaire
Good, Male, Human (Ergothian)

Medium, 5'9" tall, 185lbs, 37 yrs old

Speaks Common, Giant, Elven, Goblin, Istarian

Ability Scores

Str: 19 (+4) 16 (+1) (+2 race)
Con: 10 (+0) 10
Dex: 08 (-1) 08
Int: 18 (+4) 16 (+2)
Wis: 11 (+0) 11
Cha: 14 (+2) 13 (+1)

Basic Combat Stats

Hit Points: 72
Bloodied: 36
Healing Surge: 9/day (18hps)

Initiative: +4
Speed: 6 squares (30 feet)
Carrying: 70/190 --light load--
Action Points: 1 gain a +3 to attack

Normal Vision
Passive Insight: 17
Passive Perception: 17

AC:26 (10+5lev+4int+4armor++1shield+2enh)
Fort:23 (10+5lev+4str+1rac+1clas+2enh)
Ref:23 (10+5lev+4int+1rac+1shield+2enh)
Will:21 (10+5lev+2cha++1rac+1clas+2enh)
Resistances: 5 poison
Saves: +1 all rolls

Basic Attacks

+14 Melee, +2 lightning longsword, 1d8+6, 14+2d6crit
(Att = +4str+5lvl+3pro+2enh)

+12 Ranged, +1 magic javelin, 1d6+5, 11+1d6crit, range 10/20
(Att = +4str+5lvl+2pro+1enh)

1st-Human Perseverance
1st-Action Surge
2nd-Tactical Assault
4th-Jack of all Trades

Trained Skills [+5trained, +5level]
+13 Athletics (+4Str-1arm)
+12 Diplomacy (+2Cha)
+09 Endurance (+0Con-1arm)
+10 Heal (+0Wis)
+14 History (+4Int)

Skills [+2feat, +5level])
+06 Acrobatics (-1dex-1arm+1item)
+11 Arcana (+4Int)
+09 Bluff (+2Cha)
+07 Dungeoneering (+0Wis)
+07 Insight (+0Wis)
+09 Intimidate (+2Cha)
+07 Nature (+0Wis)
+07 Perception (+0Wis)
+11 Religion (+4Int)
+05 Stealth (-1Dex-1arm)
+09 Streetwise (+2Cha)
+05 Thievery (-1Dex-1arm)

Racial Traits:
+2 Ability score (str)
Bonus feat
Bonus at-will
+1 to fort, ref, will

Class Traits:
Warlord (Leader)
Tactical Warlord
Power Source: Martial
May use cloth, leather, hide, chainmail / light shield / military melee, simple ranged
Combat leader: +2 power bonus to initiative to you and all allies within 10 squares who can see and hear you.
Commanding presence: ally you can see gains +2 to attack and +4 to damage when the ally spends an action point.
Inspiring word power: twice per encounter, but only once per round.

At Will Powers
- Wolf Pack Tactics Standard. Melee Weapon. One creature. Str vs. AC. Hit: 1[W]+str. Before you attack, one ally adjacent to you or target may shift one square.
- Commander's Strike Standard. Melee Weapon. One creature. An ally of your choice makes a melee basic attack against the target. Hit: ally's basic attack damage +4 damage
- Viper's Strike Standard. Melee Weapon. One creature. Str vs. AC. Hit: 1[W]+str. If the target shifts before the start of your next turn, it provokes an opportunity attack from an ally of your choice.
- Lightning sword Free action. All damage is lightning.
- Acrobat boots Minor. Stand up from prone.
Encounter Powers
- Inspiring Word [ ] [ ] Minor. Close burst 5, you or one ally. Target uses healing surge plus 2d6 hp.
- Warlord's Favor [ ] Standard. Melee Weapon. One creature. Str vs. AC. Hit: 2[W]+str and one ally within 5 squares gains +5 power bonus to melee attacks against the target until end of your next turn.
- Steel Monsoon [ ] Standard. Melee Weapon. One creature. Str vs. AC. Hit: 2[W]+str, and four allies within 5 squares may shift one square.
- Surprise Attack [ ] Standard. Melee Weapon. One creature. Str vs. AC. Hit: 1[W]+str and one ally within 5 squares makes a basic attack with combat advantage against their target of choice, with a +4 power bonus to hit.
- Shake it Off [ ] Minor. Ranged 10, you or one ally. Target makes a saving throw with a +2 power bonus.
Daily Powers
- Lead the Attack [ ] Standard. Melee Weapon. One creature. Str vs. AC. Hit: 3[W]+str, until the end of the encounter, you and allies within 5 squares gain a +5 power bonus to attack rolls against the target. Miss: Until end of encounter, you and allies gain only a +1 power bonus.
- Stand the Fallen [ ] Standard. Melee Weapon. One creature. Str vs. AC. Hit: 3[W]+str. Effect: each ally within 10 squares can spend a healing surge plus 2 hp.
- Knock them Down [ ] Standard. Melee Weapon. One creature. Str vs. AC. Hit: 3[W]+str, and the target is knocked prone. Every ally within 10 squares can move 3 squares, make a melee basic attack against their target of choice, deal no damage and knock their target prone. Miss: half damage, target prone.
- Stand Tough [ ] Minor. Close burst 5, you and each ally. All targets regain 12 hp.
- Tactical Shift [ ] Immediate interrupt. Ranged 10. Trigger: a creature hits your ally with melee or ranged. Effect: The ally can shift 5 squares.
- Lightning sword [ ] Free action. Use when attack hits. Target and each enemy within 2 squares take 1d6 lightning damage.
- Shield of protection [ ] Standard. You and adjacent ally gain resist 10 all damage until end of your next turn.


12,000 steel (no more than 5,000 on a single item)

5000 +2 lightning longsword
1800 +2 magic hide armor
3400 +2 amulet of health
0520 acrobat boots
0680 light shield of protection
0360 +1 magic javelin returns to hand after thrown.

Standard adventurer's kit (15 steel)
- backpack, bedroll, flint and steel, belt pouch, trail rations, 50 ft hemp rope, 2 sunrods, waterskin

Coin pouch: 225 steel

Wish list
- elven battle armor
- cloak of survival
- dynamic belt
- diadem of acuity

Character background:

Ran (pronounced more like Ron as in Ronald)

Ran Llewyn is the second born scion (son) of House Llewyn, Southern Ergoth. His family’s lands are the gentle plains and woodlands that border Morgash Lake, and he spent his early youth in his father’s keep in Thea Harbor. The Ergothians kept to themselves, concerned less with the great battles occurring on the main continent across the channel than with keeping the peace between a land filled with the more numerous elves and ogres in the midlands and thanoi walrus-men in the icy south. From an early age Ran was trained to lead his father’s men as a commander. His elder brother was trained in the courtly ways of rulership, while Ran would be the military strategist his family could count on. He also learned the ways of battle at sea. Sailing was a passion for him, first in the calm waters of Morgash Lake, then out in the ocean’s channel. The Ergothians lived on islands, and they knew that the best way to keep out the Knights of Takhisis would be by controlling the channel between them and the mainland.

But this comfortable life did not come to pass.

The dragon overlords filled the skies of Krynn, and many landed on the main continent, but there was one, a great white, that broke off to land in Southern Ergoth. His name was Gellidus, or “Frost”. These dragons had powers never seen before on Krynn. Massive, the size of small villages, they dwarfed the native dragons and destroyed any that contested with their power. As many of the dragon overlords did, Frost changed the landscape he conquered to suit him – and virtually all of the island has been reshaped into a frozen desert. The ogres and thanoi of the land allied with Frost to survive, and together the dragon and his armies pillaged and burned one town after another. Thousands of humans and elves perished by sword and winter’s cold. The fields became barren, frozen. Icebergs floated in the deep lake of Morgash. The House of Llewyn stood against these terrible foes, and was crushed. All of Ran’s family and kin are dead, killed in the fighting. All of his lands forfeit, his family’s treasures sitting in the Hoard of Gellidus. The ships that the Ergothians prized became their retreat, the escape of refugees. When Ran’s ship landed on the shores of Northern Ergoth, and those people that were left of his gathered on the beach, he spoke to his people as the last of his House.

He told them that the Llewyns and their lands were no more – that his people were free to settle where fortune found them, and he encouraged them to seek out relatives or some place far from the dragons. “But for those that can fight, stay with me. See your sword? Lift it up. That is freedom! As long as blade is held, we hold a certain freedom from all that is tyranny. Some cry despair. They say we have no homes, no lands, nothing left of honor to defend and protect. I say that is not so! See the road where you stand. That is your home! Where your two feet carry you, that will always be yours. My sword stays lifted!”

The warlord is born, and those that could fight joined his rallying cry. His men boarded their ships, and Ran engaged in piracy against the Knights of Takhisis up and down the length of the channel, striking at ships laden with treasures and sinking the boats carrying provisions of war. The loot he secured, he sent to aid the common defense of men against the tyranny of evil sweeping over Krynn. This age was known as the age of despair, and to his men and the people he helped, he and his small raider ship, The Black Dog, were a brief respite from their misfortunes. As his crew became more skilled and cunning, their reputation grew. After a delivery of goods to Solace, he was approached in the Inn of the Last Home by a burly dwarf. The dwarf looked at the young human noble and the massive half-ogre who was never far from his side. “You the Captain of the Black Dog?” … “Who wants to know?” The dwarf straightens up, a disciplined soldier to the bone. “Travok, Ambassador of Thorbardin. The king is recruiting adventurers from Solace … Yes; I thought you might be interested.”

The dwarves had unearthed a forgotten section of Thorbardin, a ruined city lost to the ages. The historians believed it to be an entrance to the fabled treasure city of Tharkannon, but so far all expeditions down there had failed. The king decided to commission adventurers to explore the ruins and try to find the fabled Axe of Reorx. If found and wielded by a dwarf, it might prove powerful enough to destroy one of the dragon overlords.

And so it was that Ran’s crew abandoned sea-faring for a time and trekked the depths of Thorbardin, discovering treasure and monsters alike. It was here that Ran found the Lightning Sword, lost in the tomb of a dwarven general. When the adventurers returned to the surface and brought the axes they’d found to the King, they were handsomely rewarded. It was here the royal armorsmith crafted an extra-large suit of armor for ran’s second-in-command, Grumo the Half-Ogre.

Returning to Solace, they chanced upon a desperate Steel Legionnaire. The Steel Legion was apparently in need of a boat, and there was an urgent quest to Nordmaar. Finding he had much in common with the soldier Cilas and the Legion’s principles, he agreed to help – the Legion could make use of their ship and they would be their newest navy regiment, “The Stormriders.” There was still the problem of sailing to Nordmaar. It was far into unfamiliar northern waters, though the current favored them and would help speed the journey. He made some inquiries and learned of a young sorcerer in town also trying to seek passage to Nordmaar, Sidus the Astronomer. Ran met with the young half-elf, and was suitably impressed with Sidus’s knowledge of the sky. “If you can calculate our position by the stars while on our ship, then I will be able to navigate the ship safely to Nordmaar’s coast.” A deal was struck, and the ship set out for a long three-week voyage up the western coast of Ansalon and then east the length of enemy territory until they reached the northern jungles of Nordmaar. Once docked at a port town, the newly appointed legion carried out a series of missions in Nordmaar, traveling south to engage in the defense of the semi-nomadic human tribes of the plains against the newly formed dragonborn desert nation of Teyr.

It was here that the Regiment of the Stormriders met its last battle, holding at bay an advance force of a dragonborn army in the mountainous region of Teyr, acting on intelligence that the army was going to sweep through the plains and set easily half of the nomadic lands to fire. Ran sent word for reinforcements, and told his men to stand their ground.

The battle was against impossible odds. Time and time again the larger dragonborn army clashed against their defensive position. Each time his men fell, and Ran inspired them to stand up with rallying cries. The dragonborn were the worst of enemies. Exceedingly crafty, excellent at tactics, the dragonborn were created for war. Their bodies would turn to stone when killed, trapping weapons inside before they crumble to dust. Or the fires within them would explode in death, wounding the soldiers that struck the final blow. His men fought on, dying one by one, buying time for a people and a land that wasn’t theirs. They fought until there was only four of them left standing, the dragonborn army surging against their final hold-out, and Ran himself badly wounded. It wasn’t until the last moments that the welcoming roar of hooves announced the arrival of the plains riders, an advance division that crashed into the dragonborn tide and lifted the survivors off to safety. The regiment of the Stormriders was no more. Ran’s sailing days, too, would never be what they used to be as his wounded leg never fully recovered, and while he could walk and fight as well as anyone, his dexterity would never be a sailor’s best.

Ran and the surviving members, including Grumo and Sidus, made their way to Jennings where the Legion had one more mission for them, especially suited to the Ergothian’s talents. Elven ambassadors were arriving by ship, and they would need safe escort to North Keep to plead their case to the King.
Sidus Atrum
Male, Half-Elf, Starlock

Medium, 6', 140lbs
blond hair, grey eyes, pale skin
Speaks Common, Elven, Primordial

Str: 8 (8) -1
Con: 18 (15+ 2 race+ 1 lvl 4) +4
Dex: 10 (10) +0
Int: 15 (15) +2
Wis: 13 (11 +1 lvl 4 +1 lvl 8) +1
Cha: 18 (15+ 2 race +1 lvl 8) +4

Basic Combat Stats:

Hit Points: 75
Bloodied: 37
Healing Surge: +18, 10/day

Initiative: +9
Speed: 6 squares (30 feet)
Action Points: 1


AC: 19
Fort: 21
Ref: 20
Will: 22

Arcana +12 (+5 lvl, +2int, +5 trained)
Bluff +14 (+5 lvl, +4cha, +5 trained)
Insight +16 (+5 lvl, +2wis, +2 race, +2 feat, +5 trained)
Intimidate +14 (+5 lvl, +4cha, +5 trained)
Perception +11 (+5 lvl, +1 wis, +5 trained)

Racial Traits:
Low Light Vision
Dual Heritage
Group Diplomacy

At Will Powers:
Eldritch Blast
Dire Radiance

Encounter Powers:
Half-Elf: Thunderwave
1st lvl: Dreadful Word
2nd lvl: Ethereal Stride
3rd lvl: Frigid Darkness
7th lvl: Sign of Ill Omen

Daily Powers:
1st lvl: Dread Star
5th lvl: Hunger of Hadar
6th lvl: Dark One's Own Luck
9th lvl: Summons of Khirad
10th lvl: Shielding Shades

Other Class Features:
Prime shot
Shadow walk
Warlock’s Curse
Fate of the Void

Action Surge
Dark Fury
Human Perseverance
Improved Fate of the Void
Improved Initiative
Skill training (perception)

Adventurer's Kit
Ghostphase Cloth Armor +2
Rod of Corruption +2
Shadowfell Gloves (heroic)
Amulet of Protection +2

Sidus was born Luthar, son of a Qualinesti elf mother from the Legion of Steel and an apprentice mage who could not bring himself to take the Test. As Luthar grew up, his father attempted to make his son an apprentice of the art of magic, take the test, and succeed where he had failed. Despite his father's best efforts, young Luthar proved reluctant to learn. He always seemed more interested in daydreaming or playing with his friends than applying himself to his studies. His father believed his son's laziness was the result of his own lack of talent. On Luthar's 18th birthday his parents sent their son to the Academy of Sorcery to continue his education under more practiced instructors.

Even under the influence of the most accomplished mages in Krynn, Luthar was still an unpromising pupil. The Academy held many more distractions that kept the apprentice from his work, the other apprentices soon learned to appreciate his strong personality and easy-going manner. However, Luthar's true passion was the heavens. It was in the Academy's observatory that Luthar first began studying the night sky in detail. He had learned from childhood of the moon gods, the three spirits that brought magic to the world, but never before had he studied the other celestial bodiesd. If a mere three celestial bodies were responsible for all of the mage's power, how much more power could be gained by the study of the innumerable others?

Luthar began devoting more and more time to his astronomy. The long nights spent squinting through the lens of a telescope made him haggard and pale, and his studies suffered more than ever. His fellow apprentices noticed the change in his personality, and began to jokingly call him "Sidus Atrum," Dark Star in magician's speak. Much to their surprise, Luthar took the joke seriously and began calling himself Sidus in earnest. What the other mages didn't know is that Sidus was taping into powers that were far beyond the knowledge of most mages.

Sidus began to dream strange dreams, visions of glowing orbs suspended amidst tracts of incalculable darkness, oceans of glowing gas floating through the void. At times he could almost hear them calling in a language he could not understand. He felt their power and the danger associated with it. Anyone with a weaker will than his could loose himself in the visions; give up his sanity to the distant powers, but not Sidus. He kept his wits despite the vague murmurings in the back of his mind, but knew he must be always on his guard in case some new threat to his mind emerged. The other apprentices barely recognized this serious and withdrawn individual as the lighthearted Luthar who had arrived at the Academy. They gained a newfound respect for the man, and also a sense that something was not quite right about him (though none of them would openly admit it).

Eventually, the time came for Sidus to leave the Academy. His 25th birthday passed and he knew little more of the mage's art than when he was first admitted. His fellow apprentices were ready to face their Test and he was still struggling with the most basic of spells. The master mages declared him a hopeless case and sent him back to his father. They breathed a collective sigh of relief when the pale figure departed from their school. His constant failure in magic and obsessive interest in the sky had weighed heavily on their minds.

When Sidus knocked on the door to his parent's house he was shocked to find his father alone. His mother had been called up to Nordmaar on urgent business for the Legion, something about the Dark Knights gathering strength and threatening the entire realm. When asked about his experience with the mages, Sidus said only that he had spent many hours studying and that he learned much. Sensing the change in his personality, his father left it at that.

Sidus remembered his mother's devotion to good; she taught him that while his father attempted to teach him magic. Unlike his father's efforts, Sidus took to his mother's teaching with vigor. One of Luthar’s favorite daydreams was him as the rescuing hero. While his childish visions vanished into the void between the stars, his dedication to do good remained with him through his transformation. He knew he had to find his mother and help her if possible.

Once Sidus reached the headquarters for the Legion of Steel he was initially turned away because of his unusual appearance and the air of strangeness that hung about him. He persisted in his request, however, and his confident speech appointed him a place among the legion. His first assignment involved a group of seafarers called the Stormriders, commanded by a warrior named Ran. Sidus was to make use of his superior knowledge of the sky to guide the ships where they needed to go. He did so with ease and the riders always arrived at their destination. Sidus didn't participate in the raids and ambushes the group frequently organized. He was supposed to be a guide only and, quite frankly, the actions he might take in the midst of combat unnerved him somewhat. Finally, the time came for the Stormriders to made their last stand amidst the treacherous mountains of Teyr. Despite his continual refusal to participate in combat, the desperate situation required every able bodied being to fight. Sidus was provided some basic warrior's garb and he readied himself to fight but could of shake a sense of dread that was hanging over him.

The astronomer's first minute of battle was almost his last. He was approaching the front line while trying to force his muscles to remember the quick sword lesson he had received just minutes ago. A dragonborn infiltrator who had crept through the front line sprang upon him seemingly out of nowhere. Sidus panicked, he had to call for help, and screamed the first word that came to his mind. It was a strange word, a word that had not been spoken aloud in a lifetime. Instantly a brilliant beam of light shone down from the sky and enveloped the two figures in its radiance. Sidus could feel the heat and thought that he would be incinerated. Much to his surprise, he was not harmed but he was transformed. When the light retreated into the sky Sidus was wearing simple black cloth apparel in place of his newly acquired armor, and held an obsidian rod in place of his sword. There was nothing left of the dragonborn except for a pile of ash. More shaken than ever, Sidus continued toward the battle. If he could just remember that word he might have a chance...

The battle was all a blur to Sidus. Despite the long nights he spent studying and the secrets he had found spelled out against the heavens, he had never used the full extent of his power before. That day he used all the secrets he knew, and some newly revealed to him. He learned which of the mumblings in the back of his head fortold the future and which told only lies. He learned which words to speak in order to call down aspects of what he had seen through his telescope and in his dreams to punish his enemies. Most importantly, he discovered once and for all that he was the one in control. He used the power he was offered, but did not let it use him, and he remained sane where many others would not. He was no longer afraid and this allowed him to fight even harder. Sidus came to himself some time later and found that he was one of the only survivors clustered behind the final defensive line. Ran was there, though badly wounded, along with other men Sidus did not know so well, all that was left of what had once been the Stormriders. Needless to say, the other survivors were at least as surprised at Sidus's transformation as he was.

In the days following the battle all the survivors were commended as heroes, hailed as champions, and immediately sent out on another mission. Sidus fervently hopes that this one will be less eventful. He knows he is capable of using his power now, but that doesn't mean he wants to.


Sidus is a very withdrawn individual, on the verge of brooding. This is not the result of an attempt to isolate himself, he is merely preoccupied with higher matters and has little time to spare for simple friendship. Anyone who can earn his trust (a lengthy process requiring much effort and demonstration of a dedicated personality) will find Sidus a very loyal man and very capable of demonstrating professional comradery. His skill of speech and force of personality is neigh irresistible, when he can be bothered to show it. No matter what their relationship to him, everyone can detect something different about Sidus. He has something of the aura of isolated mages, but even more distant, were that possible. He bears no grudge against the more traditional magic users, but does believe they are restricting their power by relying on only the moons.


Sidus wears simple black cloth clothes, completely forgettable save for his cloak. It resembles a piece cut from the night sky; a light, almost insubstantial, robe that glows with pinpricks of starlight. If you watched it long enough you'd swear the points of light moved in mirror of the heavens. He also wears a glowing stone clasped around his neck, a gift from his parents when he ventured to the Tower, and a black gauntlet over one hand. He carries a length of obsidian rod inscribed with patterns of constellations. His eyes are a pale grey, but will sometimes change color, becoming as black as the night sky when he unleashes the energy stored within.
Krago Hem


Name: Krago Hem
Solamnic Knight (Knight of the Sword)

Rank: Sergeant of the Sword is the second rank after knight in the Order of the Sword. It is the rank of Knight Officer within the order and it is the rank where the knight is placed into a leadership role. A Sergeant of the Sword is usually the second-in-command of a company.
The Measure of the Sword teaches the value of Courage, Heroism, and Faith as key components of the honorable life. To the Sword Knight, life is a continual struggle against Evil, both in the world and within the Knight's own heart. Courage is necessary to resist the terrors and temptations of darkness, while heroism involves self-sacrifice and daring effort to force back Evil and aid the innocent and virtuous. It is from Faith, meanwhile, that the Knight's commitment to what is right springs, as well as the strength that can sustain him when all else seems lost

Race: Human
Class/Level: Paladin/10th
Experience Points: 00
Experience Needed:
Medium, 6'5" tall, 188 wt, 35 yrs old
Graying hair, very lt blue eyes, light (tanned)/weathered skin
Diety: Kiri-Jolith
Alignment: Lawful Good

9-16 Str: 20 +5
1-11 Dex: 11 +0
2-12 Con: 12 +1
0-08 Int: 08 +0
5-14 Wis: 16 +3
5-14 Cha: 14 +2

Basic Combat Stats
Hit Points: 81 – Bloodied: 40
Healing Surges: 11/day – 21 hp
Initiative: +05 (+0 Dex, +5 1/2 level)
Speed: 5 squares (25 feet)-5armor
Vision: Normal
Passive Insight: +23
Passive Perception: +18

AC: 27 (10 +5 1/2 lvl, +8 Armor, +2magic, +2 Shield)
Fort: 24 (10 +5 1/2 lvl, +5 Str or Con, Pal +1, Human +1, item+2)
Refl: 21 (10 +5 1/2 lvl, +0 Dex or Int, +2 Shield, Pal +1, Human +1, item+2)
Will: 22 (10 +5 1/2 lvl, +3 Wis or Cha, Pal +1, Human +1 , item+2)

Basic Attacks
+15 Melee, Bastard sword, 1d10+8
(Att = +5 str, +5 1/2 lvl, +3 prof)
+13 Melee, Resounding Flail, 1d10+6
(Att = +5 str, +5 1/2 lvl, +2 prof)
+14 Melee, Dagger, 1d4+6
(Att=+5str, +5 1/2 lvl, +3 prof)

+08 Ranged, Hand Crossbow, 1d6+1, [load free], range 10/20
(Att = +0 Dex, +5 1/2 lvl, +2 prof)

Action Points: 1

Trained Skills
+10 Religion (5trained+0int)
+12 Intimidate (5trained+2cha)
+7 Endurance (5trained+1con-4ACP)
+13 Insight (5trained+3wis)
+12 Diplomacy (5trained+2cha)(human bonus)
+12 Athletics (5trained+5str+1item-4ACP) (student of sword)

Untrained Skills (-4 ACP)
+1 Acrobatics (+0dex-4acp)
+5 Arcana (+0int)
+7 Bluff (+2cha)
+8 Dungeoneering (+3wis)
+8 Heal (3wis)
+5 History (+0int)
+8 Nature (+3wis)
+8 Perception (+3wis)
+1 Stealth (+0dex-4aCP)
+7 Street Wise (2cha)
+1 Thievery (+0dex-4ACP)

-1st-Student of the Sword
-(human bonus)-Power Attack
-2nd-Weapon prof (bastard sword)
-4th-Novice Power
-6th-Weapon focus (Heavy Blade)
-8th-Acolyte Power
-10th-Adept Power

Racial Abilities:
Ability Scores: +2 str
Size: M
Speed: 6squares
Vision: Normal
Skill Bonuses:
Other info: +1 at will attack power for chosen class, +1 feat, +1 class skill, Human defense bonuses: +1 Fort, Ref, Will

Class Abilities:
Role: Avenging Paladin
Power Source: Divine
Key Abilities: Str, Cha, Wis
Armor Proficiencies: All
Weapon Proficiencies: Simple and military Melee, simple ranged
Impliment: Holy Symbol
Bonus to Defense: +1 (Fort/Ref/Will)
Hit Points at 1st Level: 15 + Constitution score
Hit Points per Level Gained: 6
Healing Surges per Day: 10 + Constitution modifier
Trained Skills: Religion; Dip, Endur, Heal, His, Insite, Intim, Rel

At Will Powers

Pal: Divine Challenge
At-Will * Divine, Radiant
Minor Action
Range: burst 5
Target: One Creature in burst
Effect: You mark the target. Target remains marked until you use the power against another target or if you fail to engage the target.

Pal: Lay on Hands
At-Will * Divine, Healing
Special: wis per day, only 1x per round
Minor Action
Melee touch
Target: One Creature
Effect: You spend a healing surge but regain no hps. Instead target regains hps as if it spent a healing surge.

Lvl1: Holy Strike
At-Will * Divine, Radiant, Weapon
Standard Action
Melee weapon
Target: One Creature
Attack: Str vs AC (+6)
Hit: 1[W]+str (radiant dam). If you marked target bonus damage wisdom mod.

Lvl1: Enfeebling Strike
At-Will * Divine, Weapon
Standard Action
Melee weapon
Target: One Creature
Attack: Cha VS AC (+6)
Hit: 1[W]+Cha. If you marked the target, it takes a -2 to attacks until end of your next turn.

Lvl1: Valiant Strike
At-Will * Divine, Weapon
Standard Action
Melee weapon
Target: One Creature
Attack: Str +1 per enemy adjacent to you vs AC
Hit: 1[W]+Str

Encounter Powers

Pal: Divine Mettle
Encounter * Divine
Minor Action
Close: Burst 10
Target: One Creature in burst
Effect: Target makes a saving throw with a bonus equal to your cha modifier.

Pal: Divine Strength
Encounter * Divine
Minor Action
Effect: Apply your str modifier as extra damage on your next attack this turn.

Lvl1: Piercing Smite
Encounter * Divine, Weapon
Standard Action
Melee weapon
Target: One Creature
Attack: Str vs Reflex
Hit: 2[W]+str and target and # of enemies adjacent to you (wisdom mod) are marked.

Lvl3: Sweeping Blow
Encounter * Martial Weapon (ftr encounter)
Close: Burst 1
Standard Action
Melee weapon
Target: Each creature in burst you can see
Attack: Str vs AC
Hit: 1[W]+str +1/2 str

Lvl7: Thunder Smite
Encounter * Divine, Thunder, Weapon
Standard Action
Melee weapon
Target: One Creature
Attack: Str vs AC (19/20 crit)
Hit: 2[W]+str (thunder) and target knocked prone

Daily Powers

Lvl1: Paladin's Judgement
Daily * Divine, Healing, Weapon
Standard Action
Target: One Creature
Attack: Str vs AC
Hit: 3dW+str damage, and one ally with 5 squares may spend healing surge.
Miss: One allye within 5 squareds may spend healing surge.

Lvl5: Martyr's Retribution
Daily * Divine, Radiant, Weapon
Standard Action
Target: One Creature
Attack: Str vs AC and spend healing surge
Hit: 4dW+str damage (radiant)
Miss: half damage

Lvl9: Thicket of Blades
Daily * Martial, Reliable, Weapon
Standard Action
Close: Burst 1
Target: Each creature in burst you can see
Attack: Str vs AC
Hit: 3dW+str damage, and the target is slowed (save ends).

Utility Powers

Lvl2: Boundless Endurance (ftr power)
Daily, Healing, Martial, Stance
Minor Action
Effect: gain regeneration 2+wis when bloodied.

Lev6: Wrath of the Gods
Daily, Divine
Minor Action
Close: Burst 1
Effect: Add cha modifier to damage until end of encounter.

Lev9: Clensing Spirit
Encounter, Divine
Minor Action
Range: 5
Target: You or one ally
Effect: Targets makes a saving throw with a +2 bonus

+2 Plate Armor (worn, 50wt)
Heavy Shield (left arm, 15wt)
Fine Clothing (worn, 6wt)
Holy Symbol (neck, 1wt)

Hand Crossbow (belt left, 2wt)
Dagger (belt right, 1wt)
Flail (belt right, 5wt)
Pouch (belt right, .5wt)

Bastard Sword (Back Center, 6wt)
Backpack (center back, 2wt)

bag 1wt

Standard Adv kit (33wt)
Crossbow bolts x40 (4wt)
Everburn Torch (1wt)
sunrods x5 (5wt)
Flint/steel (bp, -wt)
Trail Rations, 10 days (bp, 10wt)
Hemp Rope, 50 ft. (bp, 10wt),
Waterskin- water (backpack, 4wt)
5 Torches (backpack, 5wt)

Coins- 263 steel, 0sp, 0cp (pouch, -wt)

Physical Description: Krago is lean and muscular man in his mid 30's. He is a tall and powerfully built man, standing just over six and a half feet. He has graying brown hair, and light blue eyes. Normally, he wears a moustash, but shaves his beard routinely. His wrinkled and weathered face give him the look of a veteran warrior, that along with the various scars from previous battles. Taking great pride in his gear, his armor and weapons are always immaculate. His shiny platemail and shield bears the symbol of his order, twin swords crossed over a great helm. His favored weapon, Frostbite, is a finely crafted bastardsword cold to the touch. Its frosty edge is always razor sharp.

Background History: Background: Krago Hem was born on a hot summer day in the year 382AC. He was but an infant at the onset of the Chaos war. When The Knights of Takhisis invade Ansalon, taking over much of the land, his father was lost to him. His father, Korum Hem was a Solamnic Knight and was killed in a skirmish with the Knights of Takhisis. Still a baby he and his mother were taken as slaves. Eventually they end up at Neraka (387) where the Knights of Takhisis are in the process of rebuilding their order and setting up their home. For 12 more years Krago slaved away his childhood here. He grew into a powerful young man surviving the trials of a harsh slavery. At the age of 17 he was sold to an ogre merchant from the lands of Blode. This was actually a good thing, for on the way the ogre merchant and his guards were attacked by a group of Solamnic Knights. Krago Hem was finally freed from a tortured life of slavery. The Solamnic Knights, Knights of the Sword, took the prisoners back to their camp.

The Sword Knights where in Blode helping to fight back the advancing ogres and Knights of Takhisis. There were 10 in all including Krago, all strong young men eager to extract some revenge on the ogres of Blode and especially the Knights of Takhisis. Krago Hem eargerly sought the training of the knights and learned the tatics quickly. He was a natural, an exceptional soldier with the heavy blade. Unlike the knights though, he fought and killed for revenge. Some 15 years of slavery had taken its tole on his spirit. He was but a killing machine, a mercinary in the ranks of noble and honerable knights of the sword.

For the next 3 years Krago the nine former slaves fought along the side of the Knights of the Sword. They fought side by side, but were never truely a part of them. They did their share of killing, but in turn many were killed until only Krago remained. It was at this point that Krago Hem's life took another turn and part of Krago was ready for such a change. The Sergeant of the Sword, Brann Azra , a leader within the Sword Knights was a most honerable and couragous knight. He was also a hard man and for some reason he had always been watching Krago from a distance. He had at times been harder on Krago then the other former slaves. At the time Krago didn't know why, but later would find out he was trying to build that ever important moral code, the foundation on which the knighthood was built. Brann Azra though a hard man was also a noble man and an honerable man. As it turns out, Brann Azra knew Krago's father. In fact, Krago's father had died saving Brann Azra when Brann was just a fledgling knight. Korum Hem was a Sergeant of the Sword in Brann's unit and had been Brann's commander. He had died saving the lives of not one, but 20 young knights.

Brann Azra was now going to repay Korum Hem. It was a debt he had always carried but never believed he could repay. For the next 5 years Brann literally beat the teaching of the knighthood into stubborn and headstrong Krago. He also told him of his father and his selfless acts of courage in the face of great evils. Krago at first didn't like hearing about the father he never knew. While in slavery the Knights of Takhisis and lied and slandered all the childern's fathers calling the weak and cowardly. They had said they were the reason the weak Solamnic Knight had fallen so easily to them. Finally though Brann fored Krago to face the truth and in the end it opened his heart and rebuilt his broken spirit.

Now Krago was at the ripe age of 26 and he had learned much under the guidance of Brann Azra. The two had developed a strong relationship. Brann treated Krago as a son and Krago as a father. For 5 more years the two fought side by side in and around the Khalkist Mountains and the ogre infested lands of Blode. By the time Krago reached the age of 31 he had developed into a strong and respected Knight of the Sword. He had fought in countless skirmishes against the ever invading ogres of Blode and the Knights of Takhisis. Until on day Brann fell to an ogre club and spear.

It was then that Krago was asked to fill his position among the Knights of the Sword and since then has served it well. He is a tough, but respected Sergeant of the Sword just as Brann was. Most of his time as a commander was working spent working with the dwarves of Thoradin who were constantly threatened by the increasing ogre presence. That was until recently. He was called to the comander's cavern, Haylis Ariakas, a Captain of the Sword and leader of the Sword Knight wing. He was told he was chosen to lead a secret mission of the utmost importance one that could lead to the breaking of the Dark Knights next offensive. He led a small detail of knights to the port town of Jennison where they would meet up with a command of Knights of Steel. There the two groups would escort a group of elven ambassadors to North Keep safely in a effort to get the elves to join forces and crush the Dark Knights once and for all.

Krago eagerly accepted the command, as he always did. He chose two of his best men and the three head north to the Kingdom of Nordmaar. Along the way, his command was attacked. A band of ogres had set up a rockslide that took Krago's command by suprise. Of the 3 only he survived thanks to a halfling named Ranni. Ranni had been trailing the knights for a day or so and heard the rumble of the landslide. As she came upon the scene she found 2 crushed knights and one 1/2 buried, but still alive knight. With her aid Krago was able to escape into the brush before the ogre's came down to check their handywork.

Being a man of his word, Krago had no choice but to push on to his destination. He hadn't failed on a mission yet and wasn't going to start now because of a hurt leg and some lost supplies. What suprised him most though was that the little halfling woman followed him and even helped him along. Strange as it may seem he grew fond of her over the journey, even her exagerrated stories of her travels. Krago shared some of his tales too (when he could get a word in), of his slavery under the dark knights and how he came to be a Sergeant of the Sword. Eventually the two reached Jennison where Krago had to part ways to see to the mission he was on. He did make sure Ranni had a room at a nice hotel and that he'd be back to pay for her tab.

Personality: Krago Hem is known to be both courageous and confident. He is faithful and loyal in his beliefs and to his friends. If either is threatened he fiercly defends them with his life. It is his enduring faith that has seem him though many a trials. He is both clever and resourceful when he puts his mind to it. A reliable knight when called upon, but he relentless in his completion of the task. He is honerable, lives by his word, and expects the same from others. Lastly, he is a proud man, and often seen as stubborn.

1800 +2 Magic Armor
3900 +2 Frost Bastard Sword (silver)
0520 +1 Resounding Flail
0360 +1 Dagger
0360 +1 Hand Crossbow
0680 Wavestride boots
1000 Gauntlets of Ogre power
1000 Bag of Holding
0200 Potions of healing x4
1800 Amulet of protection +2

15 Standard Adv kit (33wt)
02 Crossbow bolts x40 (4wt)
50 Everburn Torch (1wt)
10 Holy symbol (1wt)
10 sunrods x5 (5wt)
30 fine clothing (6wt)

11737 Total

Race/Sex: Dwarf/Male
Class/Level: Cleric / 10th
Experience Points: 20,500
Experience Needed: 26,000
4’7” tall, 195 wt, 75 years old
Fiery Orange hair, Emerald Green eyes, Light Earthy Brown skin
Diety: Kiri-Jolith
Alignment: Good

Str: 16 +3 pts 07 +1 at 4th
Dex: 10 +0 pts 02
Con: 16 +3 pts 05 +2 racial
Int: 10 +0 pts 00
Wis: 18 +4 pts 05 +2 racial, +1 at 4th and 8th
Cha: 14 +2 pts 03 +1 at 8th

Basic Combat Stats

Hit Points: 73 – Bloodied: 36
Healing Surges: 10/day – 19 hp
Initiative: +5 (+0 Dex, +5 1/2 level)
Speed: 5 squares
Senses: Low-light
Passive Insight: 24
Passive Perception: 19

AC: 26 (10 +5 1/2 lvl, +8 armor, +1 enhan, +2 shield)
Fort: 19 (10 +5 1/2 lvl, +3 Con, +1 enhan)
Refl: 18 (10 +5 1/2 lvl +2 shield, +1 enhan)
Will: 22 (10 +5 1/2 lvl, +4 Wis, +2 class, +1 enhan)

Basic Attacks

+12 vs AC Melee, Battleaxe, 1d10+9
(Att = +5 1/2 lvl, +2 Prof, +3 Stat, +1 enhan)
(Dmg = +3 Stat, +2 enhan, +2 belt, +2 feat)
+8 vs AC Ranged, Crossbow, 1d8, range 15/30
(Att = +0 Stat, +5 1/2 lvl, +2 Prof, +1 enhan)
(Dmg = +0 Stat)

Action Points: 1

+01 Acrobatics (+0 Dex, +5 1/2 Lvl, -4 ap)
+05 Arcana (+0 Int, +5 1/2 Lvl)
+04 Athletics (+3 Str, +5 1/2 Lvl, -4 ap)
+07 Bluff (+2 Cha, +5 1/2 Lvl)
+12 Diplomacy (+2 Cha, +5 1/2 Lvl, +5 trained)
+11 Dungeoneering (+4 Wis, +5 1/2 Lvl, + racial)
+08 Endurance (+3 Con, +5 1/2 Lvl, +2 racial, +2 enhan, -4 ap)
+14 Heal (+4 Wis, +5 1/2 Lvl, +5 trained)
+05 History (+0 Int, +5 1/2 Lvl)
+14 Insight (+4 Wis, +5 1/2 Lvl, +5 trained)
+07 Intimidate (+2 Cha, +5 1/2 Lvl)
+09 Nature (+4 Wis, +5 1/2 Lvl)
+09 Perception (+4 Wis, +5 1/2 Lvl)
+10 Religion (+0 Int, +5 1/2 Lvl, +5 trained)
+01 Stealth (+0 Dex, +5 1/2 Lvl, -4 ap)
+07 Streetwise (+2 Cha, +5 1/2 Lvl)
+01 Thievery (+0 Dex, +5 1/2 Lvl, -4 ap)

Languages: Common and Dwarven

-Ritual Caster
-Dwarven Weapon Proficiency: proficient in hammers and axes and adds +2 to damage with them.
-Armor Proficiency – Scale
-Armor Proficiency – Plate
-Dodge Giants: +1 to AC and Reflex vs. Large or larger foes.
-Shield Proficiency – Light
-Shield Proficiency - Heavy

Dwarven Abilities:
-Dwarven Weapon Proficiency: proficient with hammers.
-Cast Iron Stomach: +5 bonus to saves vs. poison.
-Encumbered Speed: armor or heavy load does not affect your speed.
-Dwarven Resiliance: Second Wind is a minor action.
-Stand Your Ground: can move 1 less square when forced and gain an Immediate save to avoid being knocked prone.

Cleric Abilities:
-Channel Divinity: Invoke a channel divinity class feature or other power encounter.
-Healer’s Lore: add Wisdom mod to hp healed by cleric healing powers.
-Healing Word: use Healing Word as an encounter (special) power minor action.
-Ritual Casting: gain Ritual Caster as a bonus feat.


-Righteous Brand
-Lance of Faith

Encounter Powers:
-Divine Fortune
-Turn Undead
-Healing Word
-Divine Glow
-Split the Sky
-Strengthen the Faithful

Daily Powers
-Avenging Flame
-Weapon of the Gods
-Flame Strike

Utility Powers:
-Cure Light Wounds
-Cure Serious Wounds
-Mass Cure Light Wounds

Dwarven Plate Armor +1 (worn, 50 wt) 520 gp
Heavy Shield (off-hand, 15 wt) 10 gp
Vicious Battleaxe +2 (main-hand, 6 wt) 2,600 gp
Vicious Crossbow +1 (left shoulder, 4 wt) 520 gp
40 bolts (quiver, 4 wt) 2 gp
Bracer’s of Mighty Striking (arms, 0 wt) 520 gp
Belt of Vigor (waist, 0 wt) 520 gp
Amulet of Health +1 (neck, 0 wt) 680 gp
Magic Holy Symbol +2 (symbol, 0 wt) 1,800 gp
Adventurer’s Kit (back, 33 wt) 15 gp
Climber’s Kit (backpack, 11 wt) 2 gp
Everburning Torch (backpack, 1 wt) 50 gp
Residium (backpack, 0 wt) 1,400 gp
Ritual Book (backpack, 3 wt) free

Rituals in Book
Gentle Repose – free
Tenser’s Floating Disk – free
Brew Potion – 75 gp
Make Whole – 50 gp
Water Walk – 100 gp
Detect Secret Doors – 125 gp
Enchant Magic Item – 175 gp
Cure Disease – 360 gp
Disenchant Magic Item – 360 gp
Leomund’s Secret Chest – 360 gp
Speak with Dead – 360 gp
Raise Dead – 680 gp
Remove Affliction – 680 gp

Coins- 3 pp, 6 stp, 0 sp, 0 cp (pouch, 0.2 wt)


Torvak was born in 344 AC at Hillow, the Neidar (hill dwarf) colony of Thorbardin. His father was a miner and his mother an apothecary/healer, non-magical. At the time of his birth, the Gods were gone and it was not till 4 or 5 years later that they returned, so there were no clerical healers at that time. He grew up in a very normal dwarven way, learning about the earth, and mining, and training with weapons so that he could be a part of the militia. He grew up during the War of the Lances, but it ended before he was old enough to join in the fighting. He was 9 when that war ended. He loved the stories of the heroes of that war, especially Flint Fireforge, a neidar just like him.

At the age of 20 he joined the dwarven army and served in both defending Thorbardin from its many enemies and would volunteer for escort duty to the caravans that the dwarves would send out for trading. Over the next few years he was in plenty of skirmishes with goblinoids, orcs and ogres. His real trials came after the Second Cataclysm in 383 AC. He was in Thorbardin when the attack came from within and though he did not play a major role in the fighting he was right in the midst of it and started making his way up through the ranks and making a name for himself, both as a cleric and as dwarf willing to step in and fight right alongside the troops. The Summer of Chaos was short, but very eventful. Especially when after Chaos was driven from the world, Takhisis stole the world and hid it form the other gods. This caused major strife and turmoil among the priests of the world.

Then the real trouble started when the huge dragons from who knows where started showing up, starting with Malys’s arrival at the Misty Isle in 385 AC. Then things got worse with the Dragon Purge starting in 387 AC and the new dragons using rituals to absorb the spirits of the dragons of Ansalon and the dragons start fighting over territory. That was the year that Sara Dunstan founded the Legion of Steel. Not long after that Torvak joined the Legion and has served in it every since. Some of his time was spent in the Thorbardin branch of the Legion.

The next almost 30 years were constant fighting against the dragons armies and then against the Nights of Takhisis when they made their return. He was in Thorbardin in 412 AC with the Draogn Beryl tried to conquer Thorbardin he helped in the defending, right up until the dwarves decided to seal of Thorbardin from the rest of the world. He was one of the many dwarves that disagreed with this decision and he joined Severus Stonehand who lead some of the dwarves out of the mountain refusing to ignore what was happening on the surface.

Since that time, right up until now (419 AC) Torvak has served the Legion of Steel and has earned a fair amount of prestige and respect form others of the Legion, turning down a couple of offers of command of his own section of the Legion. He feels that would hinder him too much and not leave him free to go where he is needed.

So now he finds himself in the town of Jennison in the Kingdom of Nordmaar waiting with four others for the arrival of the elven ships bringing the elves that they are to escort to North Keep.

Even though he can no longer feel Kiri-Jolith Travok still follows the tenants he learned as a follower before the gods disappeared. He believes that peace can only be achieved if everyone works together in unity. To this end he fights against the evil in the world in the hopes that if it can be removed then the good people can live in peace and prosper. Although he comes across as very war-like, his true goal is to be able to sit in peace at his home with his wife and kids, which he does not have yet, a live a long a quiet life.

Travok is true to his friends and is more than willing to put himself in harms way to defend them or anyone he sees as unable to defend themselves.

He admires the Knights of Solamnia, but joined The Legion of Steel because he too feels that the code the knights have is way to restricting and if you are going to win the war against evil, then you need to be willing to do whatever is needed to get the job done.

Travok is a fairly muscular average height dwarf. His skin is the color of light colored soil, his hair is fiery orange and his eyes sparkle a bright emerald green. He is an intimidating figure in his dwarven plate armor and heavy shield, both of which still bear the symbol of Kiri-Jolith. His battleaxe and crossbow are never far from his side. Aside from the weapons and armor all he carries is his backpack and whatever he has in it.
Wash: "Yeah well, if she doesn't give us some extra flow from the engine room to offset the burn through, this landing is gonna get pretty interesting." Mal: "Define interesting." Wash: "Oh god oh god we're all gonna die?" Mal: "This is the captain. We have a...little problem with our engine sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then...explode."

Scene One: Ill Tidings

The heroes sit within the shade of the Lost Anchor, an open-walled inn on the wharf of Jennison. A light breeze blowing off the ocean does little to disrupt the oppressive humidity and swarming flies that populate the area. Today marks the tenth day that the heroes have been waiting for the elven emissaries. The innkeeper, a large man with a round belly and a days worth of stubble on his face is polite as always, seeming rather smug as he takes yet another silver pieces in payment for the group's drinks.

And so our story begins. Please post speech in blue, thoughts in itallics, names in bold, and OOC in gray or sblocked.

For those interested, the drinks provided by the Lost Anchor are honey mead (not ale) and rather good. The season is early summer, and it is currently late in the afternoon (roughly four o'clock) on the tenth day the group has been in Jennison.

Feel free to RP amongst yourselves. I wouldn't mind hearing a bit of what some of you have been doing for the past nine days in the port city.


There is a world just around the corner of your mind, where reality is an intruder and dreams come true.

You may escape into it at will. You need no secret password, no magic wand or Aladdin's lamp;

only your own imagination and curiosity about things that never were.

Grumo sat back and enjoyed the brief but familiar smells that came with the ocean breeze. His days on a ship were certainly in his past, but it marked the beginning for him. He will always be grateful for that, and the saltwater air always reminds him so.

Grumo leaned forward again and reached out his empty hand for the tasty mead that he's grown somewhat accostomed to here. His other hand, though, firmly gripped his weapon. The glaive was more than just his way of life now. It was a sentimental prize that never lets him forget his friends of Thorbardin and their lessons to him. Their teachings were often not requested but eventually they were appreciated - which reminds him...

Travok, I don't think I ever said thank you. It's no secret that I follow my commander, but had you not shown up in Solace looking for help, I would never have had those great experiences with you and your people. So, thank you.

Grumo gave a glance at Ran who was also lost in his thoughts for a moment as the breeze blew in. He gave his commander a slight nod and went back to sipping his drink in quiet.
Arsaga, only Gurmo's thoughts should be itallics. The rest should be normal


There is a world just around the corner of your mind, where reality is an intruder and dreams come true.

You may escape into it at will. You need no secret password, no magic wand or Aladdin's lamp;

only your own imagination and curiosity about things that never were.

Sidus sits at the table nursing a cup of mead. His posture is hunched slightly forward and his face wears an expression halfway between discomfort and resignation. Even with the shade, black cloth and a full cloak is not a friendly attire for seafront weather. Taking a sip of mead he thinks disparagingly Between the bartender and the clothes washer I'll soon be out of money if these messengers don't arrive. At least they haven't tried to "make friends" yet. Hopefully they keep it that way.

Each night he gazes up at the stars and memorises their location against the black. Every new location he visits always reveals new stars in the heavens and changes the positions of the familiar ones. As he thinks about the night sky ripples resembling constellations form in his cup.

These introspections never distract him for long, and his thoughts turn back to his first battle against the dragonborn; they seem to turn there often of late. He wondered again what all had transpired during the blank spot in his memory. Maybe he is better off not knowing. Still looking down into his cup he breaks a long silence and mutters to no one in particular, It gets easier doesn't it, fighting I mean?

Before the words were even out of his mouth he wanted to take them back. Shouldn't have said that. My companions don't have the highest opinion of my sanity already. If they know I'm still brooding over that battle they'll think I've completely lost contact with reality.
Since arriving in Jennison, Krago has spent his time in a variety of places;
1. Temple of Kiri-Jolith (if there is one, if not a temple dedicated to good gods).
2. The hotel he has set Ranni up in making sure his obligations are covered there as far as paying her tab, and making sure she's not going overboard. ;)
3. The Warf itself: walking the docks and making his presence known.
4. The Lost Anchor: Trying to get to know the men and women he's now obligated to work with on his next mission.

Over the last 10 days, Krago has gotten into a routine of how his spends his day. Early morning breakfast is spent at the inn he and Ranni are staying at. Next he makes his way to the temple for his daily prayers to missing gods. After his prayers he heads to the warf and see if his charges have arrived. He spends some hours among the people of the warf area trying to developed relationships and spread the teachings of the knighthood. He pays particular attention to warf children giving aid and advice where he can. Usually as noon comes around he heads to the Lost Anchor to eat and talk with any of the knights of steel who may be present. Usually after a few hours he takes his leave of the tavern and looks to spar with any of the knights of steel who may be willing. He tries to learn their styles and techniques for fighting as he's not use to fighting along side them. Dinner he eats at the Anchor again building what relationships he can and he usually stay after dark before retiring to the inn where he stays. There he takes the time to take care of his gear, cleaning and polishing his armor and weapons.

Across the table from Sidus, Krago shakes his head. I guess its never easy at times for everyone Sidus. Its the waiting that gets to me the most. Once the fights on, that when I feel most at ease. Getting to his feet, Krago stretches his burly arms. The veteran swordknight's shoulder and backbones pop and crack as he pulls his arms tight. Popping his neck a few times by jerking his head side to side he looks to Grumo his favorite sparring companion. How about it Grumo, are ya up to crossing blades this fine afternoon before dinner? Krago is a man of routines, it is when he feels most comfortable and his days here he's gotten into what one may call a routine. After lunch and an mead he's ready to stretch his legs and get a workout. As usual he seeks one of the knights of steel to spar with. Today it happens to be Grumo.
Grumo smiles when asked, but out of formality and perhaps habit he first looks to Ran for leave. He speaks not a word, nor does Ran for that matter. Yet they both understand one another, and Grumo smiles again after Ran gives an approving nod.

I might prefer grappling. Though today, Krago, I promise not to sit on you again if you promise not to twist my knee this time. Or maybe we should stick to weapons and work on my defense again for when you do that thrust attack?
Krago's words seemed strange to Sidus. Waiting worse than actually fighting? The Astronomer was used to waiting all night for a 10 minute glimpse at a new star. He knew waiting, and it was nothing compared to what he was feeling now. Maybe they don't black out during battle. If I just knew what happened, in the mountains, I could live with it.

As Grumo and the knight prepare to spar Sidus makes up his mind to go watch them. Despite his personal rejection of physical might, the half-elf was impressed by anyone with the dedication to master a trade, and the two had fighting down to a science.

Watching them should keep my mind busy, if I observe hard enough I might even find out what makes them so relaxed about fighting. Sidus leaves his half finished pot of mead for the flies and follows the pair. He speaks in a normal tone, surprising since he usually speaks softly. His voice is clear and surprisingly pleasing to hear but his speech is formal and his inflection awkward as if he is not used to talking.

If you wouldn't mind, might I observe your combat ritual?

Is Sidus coming off too brooding? I'm trying to play an insecurity complex but it might be sounding more psychopath.
5. Keeping the paladin out of trouble. Jennison can be a rough town. ;)

Sidus seems to be coming off fine to me.

Ran has been edgy of late. He'd worked with his regiment for years, and while he doesn't regret his decision giving the order to stand and fight, losing so many men he knew personally was a hard blow. He is glad for those that survived. Grumo is a reassuring steadfast presence, and Ran is happy how Sidus found this new side to him that rose to the occasion. Men will talk about Sidus the Astronomer. Ran is also still not used to the strangers stepping up to him on the street, asking if he really was Ran the Ghost of Ergoth, or Ran the Draconian slayer, or Ran of the Battle of the Black Hills. "Aye" he'd respond, and they'd slap him on the back and buy him a drink. How about Ran the widowmaker? They won't say that in the histories, I bet. But on quiet balmy days like today, when I see the women staring out to sea wondering if their fisherfolk husbands and sons will return today, I almost hear Zeboim's whispers in the waves. He gives an grimace. Entirely coincidental, but the Ergothian name for Zeboim was Rann, the feminine version of his name. That is if the gods still existed. They are just legends now, lost since the Chaos War. Still, the sailors continued to pay tribute to the sea goddess before leaving on a voyage. Those that didn't risked her wrath.

Rann is itching to get out on a boat and find those elves. He is half convinced the fey creatures have suffered some hardship at sea - a lost mast, torn sails - or have found themselves lost in the strange currents off Nordmaar. But the legion's orders were clear. Sit and wait. Sit on this busted leg and wait. Fitting end for a veteran, right?

Ran would periodically visit the wharf each day to check with the captains of incoming ships whether they'd sighted or heard of the elven vessels in port at any of the locations they'd passed.

When Grumo and the paladin practice grappling, Ran watches with some interest, though his mind is clearly somewhere else.

Travok, "Tell me again how you came to Nordmaar. Last time we saw you was Thorbardin. Is it true then, they've sealed the whole place off? I'm grateful you stayed surface-side to help."
Sorry it took me so long to post. My login has been messed up most of the day, but I finally manged to get back into the forums.

Bored. Bored. Bored. Bored.

The first few days after they arrived in Jennison, Ranni spent a considerable amount of time exploring (both the streets and inside various buildings), ferreting out what information she could on the Elves and their mission. Which, she admitted, wasn't much. But it was still fun learning about the people in the town, and seeing the interesting things they kept locked up. She already knew about six affairs (including one between a respected merchant, with a wife and four children, and his young shop assistant, Sven), two vendettas, and a band of urchins with a neat little pickpocketing operation going on. She kept an eye on the urchins when she could, to make sure they were not getting in too much trouble, and to see that they didn't take anything that anyone was still using. If they did, she quietly swapped the item for some food or other trinkets, and slipped it back to the owner, all without the owner or the pickpockets realizing what had happened. It was fun, and a great way to keep her skills honed.

When she got tired of poking around, she started following Krago as he made his rounds around the town. She quickly found that he had established a routine, and smiled when she saw the way he tried to help the unfortunate children. Especially since many of those same "unfortunate" children ran with the gang of pickpockets, and she had overheard several arguments between them and the other children since Krago had started coming around. It seemed he was having a positive influence on at least some of the children. He truly is a good man, she thought, fondly. Too bad he's so fussy about silly things like picking locks, and not taking stuff that other people aren't even using. Still, it's obvious that he needs my help, so I'd better stick with him.

Her thoughts returned to Krago's mission. When are those Elves going to get here? I really, really want to meet them. And I'm bored! Bored, bored, bored. This mission sounded fun when Krago told me about it, but I'm tired of waiting. Sigh.

She had put her time to good use, though, learning as much as she could about the Steel Legionnaires who would be accompanying Krago as guards for the Elven diplomats. They all seemed to hang out together at The Lost Anchor, and it was easy to slip unnoticed among the patrons there. She spent a lot of time watching and listening to their conversations, as they whiled away the days waiting for the Elven ship, which seemed like it might never come. She especially enjoyed watching Krago spar with the big half-ogre, Grumo. The two of them were headed out for another bout right now, and Ranni slipped quietly from the tavern so she could watch the bout. Sounds like they might try some unarmed combat this time. She considered the half-ogre, who stood only a few inches taller than Krago, but was easily twice as broad. This should be amusing.[/i]

She watched Grumo while he warmed up. He's a wily one, that Grumo. For an ogre, at least, which isn't saying much, but still....much smarter than those brutes I played with down in Goodlund. She felt a momentary pang when she again thought of Kendermore, then shrugged it off. He has kind eyes, too. And Krago seems to like him well enough. I guess he'll do.

Now that Half-Elf, Sidus...he's an odd duck...always staring up at the sky, like he expects to find answers up there. And if he's not starting at the sky, he's talking to himself. I feel kind of sorry for him. I hope he finds whatever it is he's looking for.

And the old dwarf...Travok?....he kind of reminds me of Uncle Rufus. All gnarled and wrinkly on the outside, like old leather or tree bark. But solid. Dependable. Bo-ring. I'll have to see if I can loosen him up a little. She giggled at the thought.

She caught sight of Ran and Travok coming out to watch the bout as well, and slid closer sho she could hear what they were saying. Something about sealing of Thorbardin. She wondered what it was like in the Dwarven kingdom. She'd never been there, but she thought it sounded really interesting.

Now, Ran... She regarded the man thoughtfully. He's always watching. Watching and planning. Almost spotted me watching him, a couple of times. She got a little indignant at the thought. The famous hero. Grumo practically worships the ground he walks on. The other Legionnaires seem to look to him for leadership, too. Even Krago get on well with him. She silently cheered her friend on as he tried to take Grumo down, then winced when the stronger half-ogre turned the tables on him. Her thoughts turn back to Ran. Still, he doesn't seem to get a swelled head about it. I'll have to keep an eye on him, but he should be all right.

When the bout was over, she stepped out in the open briefly, caught Krago's eye, and smiled encouragingly at him. Then she gave him a wink, whirled around to show off the new hair ribbons she'd found just lying around in the shop down the street, and dashed off to find something fun to do.
Krago nodded says, Grapple it is, and as always don't hold back. Give me your best as I will you. then he headed out the door to the place he picked out to do his sparring just recently. Over the last 10 days, crowds as started to develop around where Krago sparred and no matter where he chose to move to the crowds followed. The last 3 days he'd given up and just chose an open area. As he and Grumo made their way their, the crowd followed and grew. The two had sparred more than once, and the 1/2 ogre was always an entising draw to the locals.

Krago is by no means a small man. He stands just under 6 1/2 feet tall and weighs nearly 200lbs. His body is ripped with muscle, from years of a steady regiment of training and fighting. Grumo on the other hand doesn't really stand much taller than Krago, but he easily weighs double that of Krago. In a grapple this gives the 1/2 ogre a distinct advantage to say the least. Krago uses these times to try different techniques for grappeling with larger, heavier men. He's never had the chance to practice with a 1/2 ogre before and he's learn everything he can.

As the crowd circled around Krago and Grumo squared off eyeing eachother, Krago only having to look up ever so slightly. (If I get time I'll try to type up a fun wrestling match, but I don't know if that will happen. I picture both giving as good as they get, but Grumo always coming out on top in a grapple contest.) ;)

Krago gladly accepts Grumo's hand and the 1/2 ogre helps the knight to his feet. Krago laughs a bit and smacks the 1/2 ogre on the back letting him no there's no hard feeling for that last toss that put the paladin on his head and then flat on his back. Ya haven't used that one before Grumo. Next time I'll be ready for it. Now how about a drink to wash the dust down before dinner. The swordknight heads out toward the tavern then dusting himself off starting with shaking the dust from his head. He's got a slight limp after the bout, but nothing that won't go away if its properly tended to and nothing he's not use to dealing with. Today Grumo had lured him in like a snake and struck so quickly. It twas a good tatic, one he wouldn't fall for again. Their next crossing of swords Krago and Grumo would be much more evenly matched or maybe he'd see if Sidus felt up to a bit of some sparring. Krago had more easily found some commonalities with the warriors in the Knights of Steel. He was still working on building a connection with the spellcaster. He had also considered seeing if Ran and he could square off against Grumo to develop some common tatics of fighting together. He had heard Ran was good at such things from Grumo.

Ranni had caught his eye for a brief moment before she ran off down the street. He eyes her new ribbon and only shook his head. He often felt like a father watching over a curious child with that one. It was a role he actually found he liked, as he did with other children. Limping slightly back down the road one of those children came up beside him shaking his head. Why do you keep fighting that big one. You knew before you started he'd tromp you. I thought knights were sapose to be tough and deadly with their blades, but you let him toss you around like a raggy doll. Krago stopped then looking down at the boy as he finished dusting his hair out and said in all seriousness, I actually thought I did fairly well this time. As far as loosing, well here's a bit of knightly wisdom you should remember. Sometimes getting tromped, as you put it, helps a man keep things in a the proper perspective. The boy looks up at Krago not really picking up on what point he's trying to make so Krago adds Know your limits little one and you'll live to fight another day and if ya do take a beatin learn from it and don't let that mistake happen again. Krago reaches into his pouch then and pulls out a silver piece giving it to the boy. Now go get yourself a proper meal and make sure you spend it on food this time. I do keep tabs on you after all. As the little boy runs off Krago watches him. He truely reminds him of himself when he was but a lad.

Putting those thoughts behind him Krago enters the tavern and joins the Knights of Steel at a table. Its not their usual table, which feels a bit uncomfortable to the paladin as that table is empty, but he no-the-less pulls up a chair and orders a mead and the cooks special for the night. So, what's the plan. How long you all want to wait here for those elves before we get a boat and go for a look?
If I get time I'll try to type up a fun wrestling match, but I don't know if that will happen. I picture both giving as good as they get, but Grumo always coming out on top in a grapple contest.

I'd love to read it. I would like to take this opportunity to point out that I have no qualms with being the underman. Any time Grumo matches up in anything be it physical or intellectual, don't be afraid to be true to the scene and the characters. I don't mind if that means Grumo looks a little bad.

As Krago fell to the ground head first, Grumo winced and immediately felt quite embarrassed. He quickly darted his head around while slouching his shoulders and trying to seem as non-itimidating as he possibly could. That's exactly the kind of thing that will cause these people to be scared of you. Be ready for the name calling and do your best not to make eye contact.

Grumo began to get the feeling that Krago wasn't just being knightly as he was trained, but might actually be going out of his way to make friends. He would have to talk with Ran about it, and see what he thought. Grumo had good sense, especially after his travels these last few years, but his lack of true education left him unprepared to truly assess people and situations quite as well as his commander.

Grumo snapped back from his thoughts as soon as Krago mentioned the boat and elves. He knew that Sidus and he were still coping with the devastating massacre where they lost all their friends. Ran, though, was a different story. To Grumo, it seemed his commander was getting a bit anxious as Krago seems to be now. He wondered if they knew something that he didn't.
Sidus follows Krago and Grumo to the open square where they practice their moves. He falls in at the back of the crowd that forms around the dueling pair. Strange, even one as alien as I can blend into a crowd with so little effort. People are so simple. They need someone to protect them. If only I could fight.

The epic match did indeed distract Sidus from his brooding thoughts. He had not watched them more than once or twice, and never with his full attention. What intrigued the Astronomer most was the systematic way the combatants shifted from attack to attack, like this was second nature to them. What Sidus thought of as simple brutality these men had elevated to an art form. Maybe that's why they aren't scared to fight, they practice so much it becomes second nature. He shudders slightly at the thought. Maybe I should practice fighting. I might be able to get used to it as well.

Sidus ponders this thought on his way back to the tavern. He walks slowly, remembering his first day in the town when he was so wrapped up in thought he tripped over a street vender and upset the entire display. He reaches the tavern just as Krago asks the question So, what's the plan. How long you all want to wait here for those elves before we get a boat and go for a look?

We were told to wait here in Jennison until the ambassadors arrive. Still, ten days is rather excessive notice. It may be prudent to go looking for them, but we should leave word for the Legion and Knights in case they have new orders for us. I would not want them to think we were neglecting our duty.

Having clearly stated his opinion, Sidus has nothing further to say. He sits back and waits for the group to arrive at the decision. His thoughts once again drift to the sky and the mysteries that are revealed there.
Oooh, that's pretty! Ranni picked up the headband decorate with multi-colored feathers. And soft, too! She started to put it in her pouch, then remembered what Krago had told her. Why should I have to ask first? It's obvious the lady isn't using it right now. She reluctantly put it back on the nightstand, then picked it up again. Just one feather. She quickly plucked a bright orange feather from the headband, then put it down again and stuffed the feather into her pouch. There. Krago can't complain about one feather. With a last look around, she quietly slipped out the window, dropping effortlessly down from the second story to the ground. She looked around to make sure she hadn't missed someone watching, then made her way back to the Last Anchor, hugging the shadows all the way there. Sigh. I think that was the last house, too. I've been inside all the others already. Now what am I going to do for fun.

When she got back to the tavern, she found Krago and the Legionnaires huddled around a table. Sidus, the half elf, was saying something about the overdue Elven ship. "....It may be prudent to go looking for them, but we should leave word for the Legion and Knights in case they have new orders for us. I would not want them to think we were neglecting our duty."

I wonder if something happened to the Elves. They should have been here ages ago. She slipped quietly back out of the tavern, and headed for the docks, determined to listen to the sailors, the harbormaster - anyone she could find who might know something. She'd keep at it all night if she had to. Somebody's got to know something.

skill checks
I don't know if you're ready for skill checks at this stage of the game, but just in case, Ranni is going to try to sneak around down by the docks and find out whatever she can about the missing ship. Unfortunately, she didn't roll well on either check, so maybe she was too agitated to be as effective as usual. Still, she does have pretty good bonuses, so....

Streetwise: (1d20+14=18)
Stealth: (1d20+18=26)

Of course, if you allow her to "take 10" on the checks, she'll have a 24 for streetwise and a 28 for stealth.
By the way, I hope nobody is annoyed that Ranni is not really interacting with anyone except Krago, yet. I'm playing her as if she still plans to tag along with Krago on the mission, and doesn't want to give the Legionnaires much chance to refuse to allow her to come (whether they would or not). So she's slipping around in the shadows until something happens, biding her time and keeping herself occupied.
Ran nods as Sidus contributes to the conversation. It isn't a bad idea, leaving word with the knights before venturing off to look for the elves. Still...

"Sidus, we could leave word and look for them - granted, it isn't a bad idea. But the map complicates things. Here, let me show you." He unrolls a navigational map of the area, explaining some of the more esoteric symbols as he points out the continents. To the unaided eye, the Ergothian maps seem a bit strange. Instead of the usual focus on mountains, forests, and land trails, these are but a blurry edge where instead enormous detail is drawn into the shifting currents, reefs, and winds of the sea. Much of it is unknown, and in a few places there are blank areas depicted by large sea monsters where few sailors have emerged alive.

"See here, this is Silvanost. It is the eastern edge of the southern half of the continent. Just north of Silvanost are the hot mountains and desert of Khur and the ogre-lands. Though the land route is the quickest way to the Blood Sea of Istar, I doubt they picked up a ship on the other side. Instead, I think they entered the Bay of Balifor, bordering Silvanesti, and went around this large mass of land sticking out to the east. See it?"

"Ranni will recognize it, that land, all of it, is now the Desolation - the land of the great red dragon. Those waters are also a nest of pirates, as Flotsam, here, is a well known hangout of skulldoggery cuthroats. So if I was them, I'd have sailed far away from the coast and circled around Desolation, then head straight west till I hit land. Depending on the skills of their navigator, they will hit either Kern or Nordmaar. This is after crossing the Blood Sea, which has well earned its name. The Blood Sea is the last resting place for the ancient lands of Istar, sunken in the last cataclysm. Sailors say there is still a great whirlpool at its center, ready to suck in the vessel that steers too close. The sea has calmed in recent years, but it is still a place that strikes fear in sailor's hearts."

"So, assuming the vessel didn't become the snack of a large hungry dragon, they could be anywhere along the coast of Kern, or stuck out in sea due to this problem... the currents."

His hands trace a line, going clockwise around the lands of Krynn. His hand follows small arrows that are displayed on the map.

"The currents of Krynn flow southward on this side of the coast. Some of you may remember how when we came here, we traveled from the western coast of Ansalon northward and east. Partially why I did that was that we were sailing with the current. The elves, however, are sailing against the current, which is very difficult to do, and can be highly dependant on a good rowing crew or a favorable wind. In addition to the usual problems, this makes it easy for pirates to chase such vessels down - thus why the area is such a notorious pirate haven. Its a pretty mess all around, and not a voyage I'd envy."

"If the elves didn't make it, my bets are they wound up along the coast of Kern, into the waiting arms of a pirate nest. They could be holed up anywhere along this coast, all hostile territory. If any place would know of the elves hitting the coast, it would be Flotsam. But those that make it to Flotsam will be hard pressed to leave. Its no casual excursion to check up on the elves, which is why I've been questioning inbound captains instead of taking a jaunt down the coast. We'd have to leave word that we would be gone at least a week. I would rather the Legion's agents in the area send word on the next ship to Nordmaar. Then we would know where to go, instead of tagging back here on occasion."
Travok sits patiently with the others as they wait for the elves to show up. He wishes this place had real dwarven mead and not this sickly sweet honey mead. Yuck!

To Grumo's statement of thanks,

You are welcome, but no that we feel just as obligated to you for the help you gave us. We don't make and give those gifts to just anyone you know?

To Ran's querry,

You are correct, the dwarves have closed Thorbardin. Myself and others who disagree with locking ourselves away and hoping to avoid the events that are affecting everyone else, chose to leave before they closed the doors. We are now out here fighting for everyones freedom. Seeing as how I was a member of the Legion already, just working out of Thorbardin, I reported to the nearest base we had and one thing led to another and I was assigned to this task.

He enjoys the wrestling match. Krago neds a few lessons from the dwarves on taking a larger opponent down. Remove the legs and bring them down to your size.

He is concerned when some start talking about going out and looking for the leves.

I have to agree with Ran. We have no idea where they are or which route they took. Going out and looking for them would leave us searching half the world. We need to wait patiently for either the elves to show up or for the Legion to send us new orders.
Wash: "Yeah well, if she doesn't give us some extra flow from the engine room to offset the burn through, this landing is gonna get pretty interesting." Mal: "Define interesting." Wash: "Oh god oh god we're all gonna die?" Mal: "This is the captain. We have a...little problem with our engine sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then...explode."
I am most impressed with the roleplaying thus far, and as for post lenght, wow I picked a good group I think

One thing I would like to make clear that seems to have been overlooked. The Lost Anchor is open-walled. Meaning that the tap room is more of a courtyard, and the characters can see the wharf from their table.

The wrestling match between the human knight and the half-orge draws a small gathering of the regular patrons at the Lost Anchor. Many of them have seen the two wrestling before, but its clear by the looks on some of thier faces that not everyone is aware of the two combantants companionship. An old woman seems horrified as she watches Krago being tossed around, and a younger man has to lead her away when she starts to call for someone to help the noble knight against the ogre.

When the match comes to an end, the gathered spectators wander back to their meals and mugs, some of them chatting about the match they had just seen. Grumo is unsurprised when he catches a few comments from one group of men arguing about wether its wise to let the half-ogre walk the streets of Jennison. They give Grumo a few critical glances but otherwise ignore the group of strangers.

Down on the docks, Ranni's questioning dosen't gain her much information. Most of the sailors and porters simply ignore the kender and hope she'll go away. The few friendly ones she talks too don't have much to say. No one has heard anything about elven ships in the area, but there are plenty of rumors about pirates in the Blood Sea Isles. She also hears that a man who once sailed with the pirates is supposed to be living in Jennison, in a small shack near the wharf. He goes by the name Pell the Wicked, but no one knows anything more about him.

As the sleepy afternoon gives way to a slightly cooler evening, the heroes hear a cry from the wharf. It is a call they have heard many times before, ofcourse; the harbormaster is announcing that a ship has entered the harbor. Perhaps this time the ship will bring in the elves the heroes are waiting for so that they can finally move on toward North Keep. however, as theyb watch, they spy two ships entering the harbor. The heroes can recognize one of them as being a coastal patrol ship for the kingdom of Nordmaar. It tows a battered vessel that lies low in the water.


There is a world just around the corner of your mind, where reality is an intruder and dreams come true.

You may escape into it at will. You need no secret password, no magic wand or Aladdin's lamp;

only your own imagination and curiosity about things that never were.

Ranni is disappointed that none of the sailors or other wharf denizens seem to know anything about the overdue Elven ship, other than that yes, it is overdue. Frustrated, she is about to head back to the Lost Anchor when she hears the harbormaster announce the arrival of a ship in the harbor. She quickly finds a high spot and looks out over the harbor. At first, she is elated, thinking that the Elven ship is finally here. Then, when she sees that it is actually a coastal patrol ship towing the battered hulk of another ship into the harbor, she is dismayed. Is that the Elven ship? Was it attacked by pirates? Are the diplomats safe?

Hopping down, she dashes quickly back to the Lost Anchor, calling out to Krago as she nears the establishment. "Krago! Krago! Did you see? They're towing a ship into the harbor! It might be the Elves!" Excited, and eager to know what's going on, she grabs Krago by the hand and starts pulling him towards the harbor. "Come on! Maybe the harbormaster will know something! He'll listen to you."
Krago gets to his feet, leaving his half eaten meal at the table and follows Ranni as she pulls him down the warf. After a few steps he too sees the towed boat. His eyes go wide as he battered vessle. You may be right Ranni, let's hurry as they may need help. Ranni no longer needs to drag the Swordknight along as his booted feet can be heard echoing on the wooden warf as he rushes toward where the ships are going to dock.
While the other members of the group debate their course of action Sidus is mulling over what he saw in the square that day. When Sidus thinks of something, he keeps at it untill he has observed all sides of the issue, and that can take a very long time.

What is it about them that lets them fight so easily? What skill do they have that I lack? It can't be fear of danger. My studies have placed me in danger many times. Maybe it's just lack of practice. When I began to observe the stars I knew little about them, but now I posses more knowledge than anyone else I've met. Perhaps the same holds true for combat. Tomorrow when Krago and Grumo spar I will ask to join them. It will be interesting to see the look on their face.

Before Sidus could think any farther on the matter a call came from the harbor that a new ship was docking. The astronomer began to walk towards the source of the noise. If it was the elven ambassadors then they could finally get on with their assignment. Despite any misgivings he has about combat, Sidus has no reluctance to help others.

As Sidus exits the shade of the tavern he is almost bowled over by a Kinder charging in. Much to his surprise she runs directly to Krago and bursts out talking very rapidly. The two then begin to walk towards the dock at great speed. Sidus wonders what two such contrasting personalities could have to do with each other. He breaks into a jog, unusual for him, and voices his question to the paladin once he catches up.
Krago, who is this new arrival?
Krago turns as he moves by Sidus, Ranni says she's spotted a battered ship being towed into port. It could be the elven vessel. is all the paladin gets out as Ranni drags him past Sidus. ....
Travok was already heading out towards the dock to see if the new comers had any news on the elves, when he sees and hears about the damaged vessel. He finds it funny when the Kender starts trying to drag Krago to the docks bouncing about like a little child.

Oh, there is a story there that I just have to hear.

He rushes off to the docks with the others.
Wash: "Yeah well, if she doesn't give us some extra flow from the engine room to offset the burn through, this landing is gonna get pretty interesting." Mal: "Define interesting." Wash: "Oh god oh god we're all gonna die?" Mal: "This is the captain. We have a...little problem with our engine sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then...explode."
Grumo will just wait until Ran makes a move for the docks. I won't post anything until after Coyote.
Ran looks at the expectant look on Grumo's face. "I'm coming... I'm coming..." he says in mock surrender, and troops off after the others heading down the street, though his pace is more sedate. Already, civilians are gathering to witness the oddity at the docks and he joins the throng.
As he follows Ran towards the dock, Grumo begins listening to the crowd. Someone may already know something or offer insight while thinking outloud or talking to nearby friends.

As the group makes their way down to the docks, they pass a few sailors hurrying to get more help for the damaged ship. As they pass Grumo catches a couple words of their conversation, including the name of the damaged ship. Its the Zephyr's Song one of the three ships that was supposed to be carrying the elven ambassadors.

Reaching the docks, the heroes get a better look at the Zephyr's Song, and its obviouse the ship has suffered through some rough times. The sails are torn and tattered, with evidence of recent patches in several locations. The same holds true for the hull, which is pocked with arrow and ballista holes as well as larger tear on the port side, which looks to be the result of a glancing blow from a ram. Portions of the ship also show signs of charring, probably from flaming missiles of some sort. The ship lists dangerously to port, indicating that she is probably taking on water and that the crew must be constantly bailing out the hold just to keep her afloat.

The heroes meet no resistance if they try to board the Zephyr's Song to get a better idea of the situation. Onboard, most of the elven crew is exhausted, most of them having collapsed into unconsciousness on the deck or in the quarters below. A handful of human sailors from the coastal patrol ship work the rigging as they secure the ship to the dock and begin unloading the injured elves. The harbor master stands mid-ship bellowing orders to the humans, directing some down to the hold to help with the bailing and repairs, and the rest to escort the wounded elves to rooms at the wharf taverns.

A few feet from the harbor master a lone elf stands among the chaos, checking on the elves that are being carried up from the quarters below. Unlike the majority of the elves, he dosen't seem critically injured, though bandages have been wrapped around his head and left arm. An insignia on his tunic marks him as the elven captain of the Zephyr's Song.

To break it down, there is plenty for the group to do if you want to get involved. The ship is taking on water so they need able bodies to help bail out the hold and patch the hull. there are also roughly two dozen seriously injured elves in stable condition that need help getting to rooms at the local inns. Or if you just want to hurry the story along the heroes will want to talk to the elven captain at some point and get the full story of what happened. I leave the decisions up to you.


There is a world just around the corner of your mind, where reality is an intruder and dreams come true.

You may escape into it at will. You need no secret password, no magic wand or Aladdin's lamp;

only your own imagination and curiosity about things that never were.

Having no shortage of experience with ship duties, Grumo shouts "Clear the way!" as he rushes on board. With a sense of urgency yet clearly under control Grumo takes over the bilge pump where he can be of immediate impact due to his natural strength.
Sidus is shocked when he sees the ship. With the damage that ship suffered it shouldn't even be floating. And the wounded, they kept working untill they droped where they stood. These elves must be excellent mariners indeed. Before he has time to think any more a dock hand approaches him and says roughly Don't stand around gawping man, help keep this ship afloat. Sidus is still admiring the courage of the crew and simply states his assent then boards the ship to help.

I have to help, what can I do? Can't tend the rigging or bail the ship. Let the strong ones deal with that. Helping the wounded, my mother always told me to help those in need. It is why I joined the order after all. Very well. Sidus begins to assist the wounded to the dock, letting the elves that can walk lean on him and carrying the ones that can't. All the time he mutters reassuring words such as You're going to be just fine. or A drink and a meal will do you good. He doesn't have much experience with this kind of thing, but at least he's doing something. Sidus is so focused on getting the crew off the ship that he fails to notice the elves he helps actually seem to gain some strength from his encouraging words.

Wow, I hope IC likes me this much all the time.
The elves Sidus helps off the ship seem to take to the warlock easily, offering a few snippits about what happened to the ship like, "We were attacked. Took us by surprise," and, "Five ships, never seen that many pirates working together." As they are passed off to men on the docks to be escorted to inns, a few of the elves ask Sidus to join them for a drink later, to thank him for his help.

Nice roll You now have a relationship with a few of the elves from the Zephyr's Song who will always be happy to talk with Sidus and pay for his drinks


There is a world just around the corner of your mind, where reality is an intruder and dreams come true.

You may escape into it at will. You need no secret password, no magic wand or Aladdin's lamp;

only your own imagination and curiosity about things that never were.

Travok jumps right in and helps with the injured, after all that is his area of expertise, injured combatants. He helps to carry some of the more severely injured and then takes time going around talking to the elves and seeing to their wounds. He listens carefully to what they say and how they respond to certain topics.

Diplomacy: 17
Healing: 20
Insight: 31
Wash: "Yeah well, if she doesn't give us some extra flow from the engine room to offset the burn through, this landing is gonna get pretty interesting." Mal: "Define interesting." Wash: "Oh god oh god we're all gonna die?" Mal: "This is the captain. We have a...little problem with our engine sequence, so we may experience some slight turbulence and then...explode."
Ranni is so excited as they make their way down to the ship that she can't contain herself. She jumps up and down, slips her hand out of Krago's so she can run up ahead a bit and see what's going on, then impatiently runs back and grabs Krago's hand again in an attempt to hurry him along.

When they finally reach the ship, she is dismayed to see it's condition. What happened? Were they attacked by....? She pauses mid-thought as shee catches sight of the crew on board the ship. Are those Elves? Yes, they're Elves! She runs forward to see better, then calls back to Krago. "Krago! There are Elves on board! And they're hurt! We have to help them. I'm going to see what I can do."

With that, she scampers onto the ship, dodging nimbly around the legs of the larger folk. Realizing she's not going to be much help with the bailing or other tasks requiring brute strength, she scrambles up into the rigging to get out of the way, and to see if she can help make sense out of the tangle of ropes. She's thrown a little off balance by the rolling of the ship on the water, but soon finds her sea legs.

Athletics: (1d20+10=25)
Acrobatics: (1d20+18=21)
Perception: (1d20+11=22)

I wasn't really sure what all to roll, here, since there's no "use rope" skill in 4e. Hopefully she can be useful up there, though. I figured Athletics and Acrobatics for climbing and navigating on the ropes, and Perception for seeing where the tangles are and where the ropes are supposed to go. Or she could probably just take-10 in all of those and still do pretty well (or better in the case of Acrobatics - what a lousy roll!)
I don't have much time to post but here's what Krago would do.
1. Find the most critically injured and use his lay on hands ability to heal them. He can do this 3x's a day, and only once per round.
2. Next he'll help save lives carrying any elves he can. Athletics checks:28, 27, 31, 13
3. If all the wounded are off he'll help with the ship.
Diplomacy: 31

Ran joins Sidus in the greeting committee. Some of his heritage shines through for a moment, as he remembers the courtly etiquette of his family and offers a courteous welcome to the elves, respecting their customs. "Welcome to Port Jennison. You made it. You must be tired and hungry, we have rooms for you at the inn over there." he points. "Let me give you a hand with that." He helps another elf over the side. He then begins some introductions in Elven.

"I am Ran, House of Llewyn, Steel legionnaire. These are my companions. We and the Knights of Solamnia are pledged to protect you on your journey to North Keep. You may rest peacefully tonight. Shinare the winged one smiles upon you."

"Captain, how may we assist you?"
The elven captain gives Ran a tired look and only suggests that he help get the wounded to shore and get the ship repaired enough to float on its own. Apparently he is too concerned for the well being of his crew to bother speaking more with the stranger at the moment.

It takes several hours of work before the ship is repaired enough to be left for the night, and the elven crew has been spread out to a dozen different taverns along the wharf where the most wounded are being tended by healers. It is only after everything is finished that the heroes recieve word that the elven captain would like to speak with them in his room at the Lost Anchor.

When the group arrives, the captain is seated on the edge of his bed, bandages still wrapped about his head and arm and a very tired expression on his face. He manages a small smile when he sees the assembled group before speaking, "My men have told me you are the ones the ambassadors were ment to meet with here in Jennison. My name is Rythas Starbreeze," he introduces himself before drinking thirstily from a mug of water by his bed.


There is a world just around the corner of your mind, where reality is an intruder and dreams come true.

You may escape into it at will. You need no secret password, no magic wand or Aladdin's lamp;

only your own imagination and curiosity about things that never were.

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