Prismatic Decklists from the Pris PE

There's a decent mix of aggro and control, and one Enduring Ideal deck that seems to be of the combo-control variety - which, incidentally, also plays psychatog and zur, making it undoubtedly my favourite deck ever.

There is also very, very little graveyard removal (1 Phyrexian Furnace and 3 Relic of Progenitus, 1 Coffin Purge, 5 Scrabbling Claws) - no mass graveyard removal and, to my surprise, no Shred Memories. Graveyard strategies look entirely playable and are probably worth looking into.
Effovex - SHHHHH! =) Check out plats traumatize.dec a few posts below. Seems ripe to abuse the lack of graveyard hate.

Thanks for finding this Ham
I might also add the lack of graveyard hate prolly helped my deck sneak in to top 8. Flashback, Madness, and Threshold all suffer from yard hate - the deck just turned out to be not that good.

Quiet speculation in to Roar, Roar, Analysis is still pretty tempting however...
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