Thanks for Destroying Prismatic, DCI

Enduring Ideal is no longer banned
Rude Awakening is no longer banned
Wild Research is no longer banned

Enduring Ideal and Awakening are simply resolve and win. Wild Research is untap and win. (Use the instant ability to get Circular Logic if they cast a threat; otherwise tutor for threat.)

Diabolic Tutor is no longer banned
Upheaval is no longer banned

Diabolic's utility is too powerful. Upheaval with enough floating mana is resolve and win.

I was pretty sure that, well, no one has actually TRIED this new format.

Can you share your relevant data that shows how this change has indeed destroyed the format?

To me, it looks far more interesting than the previous aggro filled meta that existed before the V2-V3 migration.

Which was before the real duals came out, and before we had two blocks of aggro creatures pumped into MTGO as well.

Combo and control might actually have a chance in the meta, which doesn't seem horrible to me. At least, until said cards actually warp the format. If they do, then I'm 100% behind rebanning them. Until then, I think they deserve a chance to prove themselves problematic.
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I'll re-post my response here from the main thread. - - - -

I suspect Wild Research will turn out to be too powerful. Will be fun to play with for a while again tho. I bought my 4 at 60 cents a pop to enjoy until DEC 19.

Rude Awakening I think you're recalling the days when everyone had to run rampant growth, harrow, kodama's reach, etc for mana fixing and thus accidentally accelerate their mana and land count. In the modern deck a lot of acceleration is artifact/creature based and color fixing is based on the dual/fetch land combos. So rude awakening isn't overwhelming. If I can get to 10 lands against an aggro rush perhaps I deserve to win?

Upheaval is a similar situation. First I need > 6 mana (likely 9). Even assuming I get there removal has gotten cheaper then when upheaval was banned. We now have swords, all kinds of edicts, &c. Again upheaval is a tool for the control player - the whole point of the changes (I think) were aggro was dominating the format.

Enduring Ideal is a tough one; but I'm sure willing to see what happens. Combo needs to be around but it could be the case that sideboards aren't big enough to fight against this type of combo.

Who cares about diabolic tutor?

Whatever you think of the changes they have shook up the format; I've been deckbuilding for the last hour - should be fun again for a while to play something other than aggro!
Holy! Am I happy I kept my ideals! Enduring Ideal and Zur the Enchanter are two of my favourite cards ever, and they go pretty well in the same deck. I was very sad when they banned ideal.

The new B&R list IS pretty weird though. Bribery was banned, which is unexpected and more in line with the "unfun" policy than due to its power level. Eternal Witness is a strong card, but ban worthy?

Jitte, Sylvan Scrying, Tolaria West, Mana Crypt and Steelshaper's gift all didn't need the ban hammer, I think. Detritivore is way slow and costly as a land destruction spell, and encourages playing with more basic lands, but may be too dominating, I've never played with or against it. I have played it in Rav/TS standard though and was never impressed with it, even against the UR Urzatron decks it was meant to fight.

Demonic Collusion might have been banworthy. It has been a very, very good card to me in 100-card singleton, for sure. It's kinda slow and all though, so it should probably be alright.

Overall though, I think the B&R list for prismatic is pretty nice, and certainly much better than it used to be. How it is supposed to be destroying Prismatic I don't understand, considering the format was already dead in the first place. A good shake is way better than nothing at all.
I think I'm most excited about quiet speculation being good to go again. Nothing like deep analysis, roar, roar to put a kink in the aggro deck.

Its also an excellent utility spell now with the artifact destruction flashback card in addition to ray of revelation.

I think graveyard hate is going to have to be more in force now; especially since reanimator/combo reanimator strategies were always pretty decent to begin with.
Pretty glad I'd say Eternal Witness finally got banned somewhere. Now only if in the other large deck formats we wait, to dismantle most copy cat recursion decks.
I am having a hard time believing that unbanning ideal/awakening is a problem when the average control deck is usually two turns dead by the time it has enough mana.
I am having a hard time believing that unbanning ideal/awakening is a problem when the average control deck is usually two turns dead by the time it has enough mana.

This was kind of my thought as well.

They're very, very strong cards. Of that, I'm 100% sure.

However, they're also quite mana intensive before you can even start to win with them. Aggro has so many options for dealing with them that I find it hard to believe that they can't keep the pressure on and/or preemptively prepare for those cards if they need to.

I'm actually interested in building decks for Prismatic again...
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How many people would consider playing in a format that's basically prismatic with a banned list of Battle of wits and Sundering Titan?

Maybe give the decks an extended sideboard, 30 cards or so.

We could run some PREs, start the games as freeform (does freeform allow for larger sideboards?). I think it'd be interesting. I'd be willing to host and even set up a website ala

Edit: I really should have thought of this two months ago and not now that we get a shiny new B&R
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