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1166- Refuses to use any outhouse other than his/her own.

1167- Makes it a point to discuss in great detail his/her regularuty/irregularity.(You have to see this,it's gotta be like a foot long.....)

1168- A fighter that compliments his opponents(Like Indigo Montoya in the Princess Bride,but minus the six finger thing.)

1169- Eats the most disgusting thing ans swears it is the best,and is alwayss trying to get the rest of the party to eat it. Also this character is severly dissapointed when he goes into an inn and it's not on the menu.(Like pickled rat intestines or something equally as nasty sounding.)

1170- A wizard/sorceror that takes the elemental savant PRC to overcome their phobia of fire/water
1171) Is terrified of walls. Refuses to touch them; insists party members hold doors open for him so he doesn't have to touch those "Wall-Spawned Devils". Will only sleep in the exact center of a room, though he prefers the outdoors.
-Loves Orcish Fat Chicks
-Gets very sad when not drunk
-Excessively hairy - and will kill people who dislike it.

---These are three personality traits that my character - Dilimli Drunkensquirrel, White Wolf Rider of Ergoth (Male Kender Drunken Master) had. He had an entire "Orcish Fat Chick" theory.
people keep saying things I thought of.

Okay, here are some I thought up:

1175: obsessed with using non-weapons as weapons and refuses to use anything that even looks like a weapon. No pitchforks allowed :p

1175b: Weapon specialization: Children's toys.

1176: A half-elf who really is half elf. Up to you whether it's the left half, top half, or diagonal.

1177: Constantly goes off to the right, comes back from the left, or... for example, goes out the exit of the bar, and then appears in the chair next to the person who distinctly saw him/her leave. Claims to have no knowledge of this.

1178: Constantly breaks the fourth wall.

1179: Allergic to cats. Also a cleric of Bastet.

Here are some I plan to use:

1180: TN and is aware of the alignments. Takes notes on every random person's alignment, and constantly tries to "convert" people into a different alignment in order to keep the balance. Will change own alignment whenever scales become largely unbalanced. Always tries to keep the scales balenced, no matter what it takes.

1181: Always eats strong opponents. i.e. eats their hearts for their courage, brain for intelligence, etc. Has some confusion about how this works sometimes, such as: "If the opponent was incredibly stupid, would eating the brain lower one's mental prowess? Does the brain give insight on past experiences AND knowledge? How would the spleen give me power?" and so on. Tries to eat the entire body and be on the safe side. May complain of stomachaches later. Seeks someone who can give him clarification. Makes weapons from opponents too large to eat after eating as much as he can. Stores the weapons but never uses them.

1182: Traps the souls of very strong opponents in gems or whatnot and forges the gem into a magic weapon as a sign of respect. Whether or not he uses the weapon depends on his attitude towards said opponent, and vice versa. Not the same person as 1181.

1183: Loves fighting. Believes in Valhalla and constantly challenges strong-looking people to the death. Considers it respectful. Realizes that not many other people believe this and as a result always takes no for an answer. (and is usually polite about it) ...except for that one person with which the battle was inconclusive... (plot hook!) Yet he refuses to fight this person unless they're both at full health and ready. So he follows the person around constantly trying to badger him into a fight.

1184: Druid with a venus flytrap plant companion (okay, so it's not a quirk so much as it is a different style of playing. Sue me.)

A: Has shoulder angels. Yes, I'm aware it's already been said, that's why I didn't give it a number. Whether or not the shoulder angels are real or not are still up for debate.

Here are some that I forgot to say that belong in the previous catagory and am too lazy to renumber the whole thing.

1185: A rogue who insists on calling his class a rouge.

1186: Wannabe Vampire. Refuses to go out in sunlight, recoils from mirrors, abhors garlic, will not enter a private place unless invited in, etc. No real penaltys for breaking these, except for constant complaining. Constantly seeks out vampires in order to join their ranks.
1186b: Can you guess it? That's right, try making 1186 a druid.

1187: Wannabe prankster. Constantly sets up complicated prank traps that never work or always backfire. Even when they should work. Said traps always work whenever someone else uses them. The reason is unknown. (divine intervention?)

1188: Actually is from the future (present day), but intentionally hides it well. Will constantly deny it.
1189: Whenever a person near him/her pollymorphs, he/shepolymorphs into an identical creature, when asked why mubles "curse" in the language of whatever form he is in.
1190: Said person is a barabarian and hates magic
1190:Adventures naked....and only places cloths on once he has finished his goal
Don't know if these have been used

1191 always mixes names up, even if he just meets them
"Hi my name is Sven, I am a knight of the order of the flame"
"Hello Robert, I am here to tell you about the evil plot that the evil Lich Sven is up to"
even mixes up his own name

1192 Wizard/Sorceror who doesn't have spell component pouch, so he/she either A)asks others for components B)frantically searches pockets/battlefield for components, works great for natural caves and a blaster.
1193. Can't really grasp the idea of numbers. This can manifest itself in counting in a mish-mash of numbers, exceeding the amount they're supposed to count to or similar effects.

1194. Head spontanously explodes. Make a fortitude save 20 every 1d4 hours or lose your head. The head grows back out after 2d6 minutes. Refuses to acknowledge this problem.
Paladin of Freedom, chaotic good ranger, or other freedom fighter type who does not use a mount as he considers horse riding a form of slavery. Frees work animals from their pens. May be prone to drinking.

Conjurer who has discovered the secrets to Dremik's Endless Turnips, and frequently summons these mystical vegetables in times of need. Has exotic weapon proficiency turnip and turnip sack defense.

Argues with group about rights of whatever it is they need to kill, including and perhaps especially oozes.
1198 - Believes that a super intelligent parent race of the Yuan-Ti from a secret Transitive Plane are really the behind-the-scenes puppet masters of all the governments in the world, and that they also control several secret societies (Like the Illuminati and Skull & Bones) which are run by evil members of the goodly races. The secret societies are allies of the Yuan-Ti, who believe its better to serve evil than be killed by it. These societies are where the leaders/rulers of the different nations/races are drawn from, all rulers/leaders throughout history have been installed by the Yuan-Ti and their allies, all free elections are fixed, all monarchs/dictators are chosen by them, every thing is predetermined. These Yuan-Ti are purely evil and their only aim is to conquer the earth through their control of the Govenrments and Secret Societies. Also believe that any and all reptiles and amphibans are the secret spies of the Yuan-ti.

I cant take credit for this idea, If it sounds like an iteresting story check out a book called "Children of the Matrix" the authors name is David Icke...its a good read, tho its pretty far-fetched :P
1199-Bard who writes ballad about party's exploits, exaggerating absurdly.

1200-A mute paladin.

1201-Evil cleric who refers to the evil demon-god he serves simply as "a friend".
Dervish whose Dance is the hokeypokey
1203 Fighter places all skill points in craft:Alcohol

1204: (goes with 1203) Fighter sells ale to underage children when not adventuring.
1205) A dyslexic spellcaster. Often casts the opposite of whatever spell he is attempting (reduce, rather than enlarge, etc.). Even more fun with a Wild Mage. Would only work with a fairly understanding party.
1206) Marks all property with "This ______ belongs to _________" (lots of fun when playing a wizard with arcane mark). Kills and Friends included. ex. This friend belongs to Osidious or This hammer belongs to Lepidus.

1207) Will not take action until he has stated a quote to explain why. ex. wiz vs wiz = fight fire with fire.

1208) Is extremely cheap and believes everyone else is but he will place the two silver on a dead persons eyes so they may pay the boatman but also places a dagger so they can get there money back and a boat :D .
1209 Your character is a paladin that refers to other characters as demons even if they aren't evil

1210 A half orc bard that is in love with the idea of singing constantly, only he was trained to play drums...
1211) Is deadly alergic to clean things, like soap. Spells that would make him/her clean does veil damage. Every round in contact with soap he/she takes 1d4 damage.
1212: Your character is an artificer bent on creating a bizarre construct that he refers to as a "mobile suit"
1212: Your character is an artificer bent on creating a bizarre construct that he refers to as a "mobile suit"

1213: Said artificer is also a complete klutz and horrible with tools.
1214: Said Artificer always happens to be an half-orc with a few levels in barbarian who is know to rage when bad stuff happens.
1215 believes vegetables are poisonous
1216) Complains about the price of everything. If often heard proclaiming 'How much?!' and then mumbling angrily about the transaction.
1217) Is always creating hilarious but badly timed offensive jokes. Often about certain races, religions and nationalities, right when hes in their midst.
PC: "Hey guys, did you hear the one about the Lizardman cleric of Heironeus who..."
Lizardman Cleric: "Ahem"
1218) Obsessed with dirt. Insists the party meatshield carry a few bags of natural soil, just in case. Has custom-made shoes so that he can walk on at least an inch of dirt at all times.

Earth Spell Lives!
1219) Is a kindly spellcaster who collects Kokeshi (small handcarved cute oriental folk figurines) he likes to animate and awaken them.

This might be a trait of my newest character concept... :D
i dont know what number your on so im numbering mine
1talks to the voices in his head if any on intrupts him the tells them to be quite the voices in his head are talking to him
2reads all of his spell books upside down
3 snc writes in his spell books upside down and backwards so that no one can read them.
above charcter is a barbarion
1223. A ranger who flies into a crazed barbarian like rage when angry. And is crazy, so he gets angry often. and out come the scimatars... Warning: if used, a DM will make any nat 1 be used to trigger the anger.

1224. a wizard who covers his friends with runes. He doesnt say what kind, but they tend to be exploding...

1225. a charactor with high intelegence who mistakes peoples races based only on appearance...
1226. A charactor who gets angry when provoked about his race. IF these two combined...
"well met yon halfling!" "I'm a friggin half elf!" "But you're short!" "IM NOT THAT SHORT!!! DIE!!!!"

1226 Doesnt want to memerize the other adventurer's names. or just doesnt call them by name. "Hey spikey hair!" "Stinky go away!" "Cleric HEAL ME!!!" "Hey Clepto, get your hand out of my bag!" "Can i have some of that ale Dwarf?"
When asked about it: "Why should i call you by your name?! It doesnt benifit me at all! i have more important things to do!!"
Do quirks count if they are part of how members of the race normally acts? Because my Goliath gave members of his party honorific names. The sorceress is SkullSmasher(Always kills by smashing the enemies' skull in), the elf is SideSplitter(He cut an enemy through his shoulder on downward), Small Forget (A halfling/gnome character who always forgets his name), and EasyForget (Another character who forgets his name).
Also, since he is from the highlands, he thought that the sorceress was possessed by a demon because she was saying strange things in her sleep. Then she used some spells to make wind blow around her and other dramatic stuff, cowering him. Eventually, he realized she wasn't possessed, and uses magic. He constantly tells people that she uses magic, and always asks "You use magic like SkullSmasher?" when someone new is known to use magic.
1227: (Almost 1337!) Perpetually calls the other members of the party "morons", often resulting in being tied up and thrown at the Chuul that's attacking them.

1228: Likes tying up annoying party members and thowing them at Chuuls.

1229: Is a Cleric with a Ghost phobia. "Repent you evil... no GET AWAY FROM ME! ACK!"

1230: Likes clipping the toenails of whatever the party kills, keeping them in a belt pouch.

1231: Has a massive craving for... BEETS!!

1232: Plays a nose flute ... just for the heck of it.
1233. A cleric that considers wizards, sorcerers, druids, and clerics of other faiths possesed and constantly raises a holy symbol and chants what he thinks is "Demon begone from this heaten." Which really is "I shall turn you into a jelly donut through the power of cheese!"
1234. Gets laughed at by the party for focusing on profession (doorknob cleaning) so much and becomes so rich he can have true resseerction cost on an army the size of the entire population of the united states.
406) Carves a runic scar on her arm for each sin she commits. Especially good for a LG character.]

1235 Along these same lines, I played a cleric whose city had been overrun by orcs. After seeing her family, most of her city and all her fellow priests and priestesses killed (among other atrocities...) she started cutting herself -- one cut for every person she could not save.
(This is sort of specific and might take a little work)

An arcane spellcaster who is a clumsy, agitated, and nervous character that can cast his/her spells with great skill and control while unconscious due to narcolepsy. Random rolls to determine when narcolepsy takes effect and the character always has a 10% ASF even when not wearing armor while awake.
All right, I'll start looking...ah! Me being a hypocrite should work...

1237: Homophobic homosexual

1238: A good-aligned sadist
My character Locke (NG Human Wizard 5) Was only slightly stolen from final fantasy 3 (Or was it 5?). Here are a few of his quirks he got from experimenting on himself

1239 Prematurely grey hair

1240 Occasionaly sneezes snowflakes.

1241 Water has a tendency to freeze around him. While drinking and bathing etc.

1242 Coughs up black feathers when frustrated.

1243 Icicles form on his nose while sleeping

1244 His breath can always be seen even on hot days.
1239 Prematurely grey hair

1240 Occasionaly sneezes snowflakes.

1241 Water has a tendency to freeze around him. While drinking and bathing etc.

1242 Coughs up black feathers when frustrated.

1243 Icicles form on his nose while sleeping

1244 His breath can always be seen even on hot days.

These are really bizarre traits Sir Pudding. I especially like #1244, it would work well for an elemental mage dedicated to ice and wind.

1245) He distrusts his shadow and often keeps an eye on it.
1246) Isn't a very good melee combatant yet still she collects weapons, out of sheer fascination on the subject of course.
1247) Has an unexpected best friend for his race (such as an Orc and Elf, a Tiefling and Aasimar)
1248) Hates the folky well-known songs most bards play. Instead he seeks to propagate his heavier, faster, more politically aggressive style. ;)
1249) Has extroadinarily long hair infact it is longer than she is taller.
1250) Spellcaster who owns a bizarre pseudonatural familiar which (despite its appearance) acts like a cat and infact quite friendly and normal in behaviour.
1251) A village-raised demonic character who has absolutely no evil or savage thoughts whatsoever. Those who know him just arent surprised by red skin and horns anymore.
1252) Dislikes the folky well-known songs most bards play. Instead he seeks to propagate his melodic, arty, more emotionally passive style. Doesn't like the character from quirk #1248 ;)
1253: A high int/low wis spellcaster who is fond of making wands, but sets the command words as very common words or phrases so he won't forget them. He must then be extremely careful not to use that word, because the wands in his belt will blast, melt, freeze or transmute his feet off. Alternatively, (and this is for DMs, too) he creates a staff with a common command word, and is forever blasting holes in ceilings by accident.
1101. Insists on holding weapons and items oddly, especially swords and knives.
1102. Has an unexplained fear of any living creature without hair.
1103. Makes exaggerated somatic and verbal components whenever casting
1104. Always keeps spell components to spells he doesn't even know.
1258 (It think.): Actually a nudist, but generally goes unnoticed, as they are also an Illusionist. Exceedingly uncomfortable in crowds... :P

1259: Arbitrarily assigns names to party members as he feels inclined (ex: "Shinysword McLeatherpants! Could you hand me that backpack?" or "Braidbeard, watch out, you're about to spill that ale.")

1260: Pyromaniac. Bwahaha.

1261: Prone to random bouts of evil laughter, despite not being evil.

1262: Makes voodoo dolls of the entire party, and burns them regularly.

1263: Has an obsession with finding that rarest of creatures, an albino squirrel, and worships its image daily.

1264: Says all actions will happen "..by the grace of the Purest of Squirrels," or "according to the will of his Squirreliness."
406) Carves a runic scar on her arm for each sin she commits. Especially good for a LG character.]

1235 Along these same lines, I played a cleric whose city had been overrun by orcs. After seeing her family, most of her city and all her fellow priests and priestesses killed (among other atrocities...) she started cutting herself -- one cut for every person she could not save.

I was planning on making a Half Elf Paladin. He seeks to save those who cant defend themselves. This is because When he was out exploring his town was attacked and his mother and six siblings(the father was away) where killed. He bears a scars(3 coming from each eye like crows feet) and one on his forhead for his mother. He made these scars so that everyone he met who made eye contact would see the scars, when asked he would explain about his failure to protect those he loved. "The scars on my face will die and decay with my body, but the scars on my soul will never leave, and i will not rest until no one else will suffer such a tragedy"
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