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I was reading the Invisible Spell metamagic feat (from Cityscape) the other day and thinking about how it could be used...

Cityscape wrote:
You can modify any spell you cast so that it carries no visual manifestation. All other aspects of the spell, including range, area, targets, and damage remain the same.

Some spells are completely pointless if invisible, eg Silent Image... I wouldn't allow summoning spells to be invisible... Wall of Iron or similar could be turned invisible, and very painful for something running into it head-first...

But what about a spell that normally creates a flash of light and blinds or dazzles the target? Would the target still be blinded or dazzled even without the flash?


I think if its reliant on the visual effect then it would not work like the flare spell (see below). Nothing says it does not work if invisible, but I think that would fall to the DM to make that ruleing on a case by case. Invisable Faerie Fire is kinda pointless, lol. But the invisable wall thing could be awesome to trick a group to charge into it, then topple the wall on them.


Flare -

~~This cantrip creates a burst of light. If you cause the light to burst directly in front of a single creature, that creature is dazzled for 1 minute unless it makes a successful Fortitude save. Sightless creatures, as well as creatures already dazzled, are not affected by flare.


You brought up a good point in the spell description... "Sightless creatures, as well as creatures already dazzled, are not affected by flare." Therefore, any spell that mentions no effect on sightless creatures would have no effect if invisible...


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