How does the maneuver Diamond Nightmare Blade really work???

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The maneuver Diamond Nightmare Blade (p 62 tome of battle) states that if you can make a concentration check equal to your opponents AC, you make four times your "normal melee damage". So if you make your concentration check a guy with strength 16 (+3) and a spear (1d8) would deal 4d8+12. But what if my the bard in the party buffs me with Dragonfire inspiration (gives +8d6 fire damage) and my weapon is magical (+4d6 acid). When you use the maneuver do you then multiply all the dices with 4? For a total of 4d8+12+48d6- (4*1d8+3+4*8d6+4*4d6) Is that how the maneuver works
you never multiply dice. Just use the same rules you'd use for multiplying on a charge or a critical hit...except this isn't a crit, of course.

So, you'd do weapon dmg x 4, + fixed bonus(es) x4, + all your dice of dmg, and you're done. Simple and easy. You never multiply dice effects!

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You are sort of wrong buddy, the concentration vs. AC only makes him flat-footed. Then you need to make a normal melee attack against his flat-footed AC as part of the same standard action used for the maneuver to get the effect of extra damage. If you fail the concentration vs. ac you simply make a single, regular melee attack vs his full normal AC.

However for the bonus dice, it is as the previous poster says, never multiply bonus damage dice, only base damage dice(exceptions to power attack damage and things like charging with a lance etc.)
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