Best "we come in peace as your benefactors" type bad guys...

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This strikes me more as a sci-fi trope than a fantasy trope, but what monsters do you think are the best at dominating people using a mixture of impressive powers, a guise of paternalistic benevolence, and smooth talking/good looks?

The Inspired/Quori from Eberron are, of course, pretty much designed for this role, at least in their capacity as Lords of Riedra. (In their capacity as the Dreaming Dark, they're more oriented toward subtle infiltration and subversion -- which is distinct from what I'm talking about, namely overt domination with a friendly face.)

I think Rakshasas could also do it. They have impressive sorcerous powers. They can look pretty if they want. Even in their true forms, they don't appear "obviously" evil in the same way as a vrock, cornugon, or the like. They just look anthro-tiger (with slightly odd hands), which isn't obviously worse than leonals, who are anthro-lion.

Efreeti also seem like they could do it. Janni could too, if they wanted to do so.

Other ideas?
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