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I've done some basic groundwork for my character, but I'd always appreciate a bit more in the way of concepts and ideas. Here's his character sheet (it's for 3.5 Edition).

NAME: Haarkon
RACE: Human.
CLASS: Barbarian
ALLIGNMENT: Chaotic Neutral

HP: 13
Stat Score Mod
Str: 14 +2
Dex: 15 +2
Con: 13 +1
Int: 10 +0
Wis: 12 +1
Cha: 8 -1

Save: Class Stats Other Total
Fort: +2 +1 +0 +3
Ref: +0 +2 +0 +2
Will: +0 +1 +0 +1

Total Touch Flat-footed
AC: 16/15 12 14/13

BAB: +1.
Full Attack: +3 (single handed), +4 (two handed), +1/+1 (TWF).

Skill Ranks Stat Other Total
Appraise (Int) [cc] +1 +0 +0 +1
Intimidate (Cha) +4 -1 +0 +3
Jump (Str) +4 +2 +0 +6
Listen (Wis) +4 +1 +0 +5
Move Silent (Dex) [cc] +1 +2 -2 +1
Survival (Wis) +4 +1 +0 +5

Two Weapon Fighting.
Weapon Focus (Throwing Axe).

Longsword (D8 19-20/x2).
2x Throwing Axe (D6 /x2 10' range).
Dagger (D4 19-20/x2 10' range).

Studded Leather (+3 AC).
Shield, light steel (+1 AC).

Clay Jug (1 gallon), full of mead [ale].
Clay Tankard.
Flask (1 pint), full of water.
Flint & Steel.
2x Torch.

29 gold.
7 silver.

Character Bio:
Haarkon is a Barbarian, and as such is a fairly uncomplicated person. He enjoys fighting, he enjoys drinking, and in a drunken brawl there's none finer. He fights with axe and sword, and isn't afraid to lob one or the other into the face of an unsuspecting enemy.

Haarkon adventures for the fun of it. The lure of treasure can sway him, as can fighting a mighty foe, but equally he'll fight for the promise of a pint and twenty minutes with your daughter. He is not cruel as such, but he can be quite unpleasant at times; he respects only strength, he sees women as servants and sex-toys, he doesn't bathe and he'll pillage the place if you give him half the chance. However, if you can display courage, strength of arm and the ability to hold your drink, he is a valuable ally.

I also did a few notes on Haarkon's people, as another source of reference:

Haarkon bears tattoos marking him as a member of the Varangian Tribe. A Knowledge [local] check would reveal this information (DC 15). A Knowledge [local] check of DC 10 would mark him as one of the local Barbarian tribes.

Haarkon is partaking in a Way, a rite of passage required to enter the Hearthguard. The Way is simply a quest to achieve status and power; to be considered successful, the Warrior should return with riches, trophies and many tales to tell. Again, anyone with local knowledge should be able to guess that it why Haarkon travels in this region.

Haarkon is the son of Ragnar, leader of the Varangian Tribe. For this reason, his Way must be especially glorious - he intends to achieve truly earth-shaking feats of glory to prove his worthiness to lead.

The Varangian Tribe:
The Tribe itself is found quite a way from Haarkon's adventuring place, but not so far as to be unheard of by the locals; it would be considered one of the more distant tribes.

Varangia, the Tribe's village, is located along the coast. They may also have smaller, temporary settlements further inland or elsewhere on the coast, but their central village is the only fixed settlement. The village itself contains a few hundred people.

A typical Varangian warrior would be equipped and skilled much as Haarkon is; they favour two-weapon fighting with sword and axe, usually a Longsword and Throwing Axe specifically. All men carry a shield, usually a Light Wooden shield. The favoured class is Barbarian. Female warriors typically favour ranged weaponry.

All Varangians, with only a few exceptions, are illiterate; they do not use written word. They all speak Common.

Varangian Characters:
A typical 'civilian' Varangian is best represented by the Commoner Class, although there are a few skilled members who may be better represented by Adepts. There would be a large proportion of Warriors (level 1 'warrior' NPC class), with a few Barbarians (level 1 again) around as well.

The Hearthguard represent the ruling elite. These would be mostly Barbarians, ranging from Level 3 to 5. As all Hearthguard partake in the Way, there is a greater chance of seeing some cross-class Hearthguard, typically Barbarian-Fighter, or Barbarian-Ranger. These individuals may have picked up some traits of the outside world, such as literacy or heavier armour.

Ragnar, the Chieftain, would be a higher level Barbarian (level 6-8).

Goods and Services:
Varangia has no shortages of weaponsmiths, armoursmiths or bowsmiths. Axes and swords are easy to come by, as are Light Shields (these items could potentially be reduced to 90% normal value). Other weapons and Heavy Shields can be obtained, but it takes longer. The Bowsmiths favour Shortbows, but again Longbows, or Composite versions of either, can be made if needs be.

Masterwork goods are uncommon; only the Master Smith will be able to make Masterwork goods, and he probably won't sell them to outsiders.

In terms of armour, there's little (if anything) available beyond Light or Medium armour. Most Varangians use Leather or Hide.

So, I've got quite a bit, but I'm always interested in more ideas. Please comment away! :D
Seems like a reasonable character -- someone well-suited as a D&D adventurer in ways that most people wouldn't be. It's a simple, classical character concept, but it's a classic because it works.

I'm curious: do Varangians in general, or Haarkon in particular, have any religious or spiritual views?
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