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How big is a Great Wyrm Red Dragon? I may just be being dumb here, but I've been trying to find it via google, in books, etc... But, I just can't find it. And, I mean in feet, not it's size category. The range for the size categories is a bit too general for what I need, you know? Thanks!
I'd guess 100' to 140' (feet) from head to tail. Big enough to fill up about a third of a football field. Head probably the size of a minivan.

Just going by some of the pictures out there in the books, and the general size comparison chart.

About the size of your typical airliner, basically.
Draconomicon p51:
Overall Length: 120ft
Body Length: 35ft
Neck Length: 35ft
Tail Length: 50ft
Body Width: 15ft
Standing Height: 22ft (shoulders to ground when on all four)
Maximum Wingspan: 150ft tip to tip
Minimum Wingspan: 60ft (Smallest space it can fly in)
Weight: 1280000lbs

This numbers may vary by as much as 25% (Drac p36).

If you're going to run a dragon encounter you really should get a hold of the Draconomicon. It's really good.

The Collossal Red Dragon Miniature Colossal Red Dragon Miniaturehas a base of 40ftx40ft (not 30 as the link says). It's 12 inches rearing. Got a wingspan of 34 inches (if you could stretch the wings that is). Compare it to an average human miniature of 1 inch and you can have some fun.