Post-War Campaign?

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Well, I'm thinking of starting a campaign with my friends based on three kingdoms just recovering from a 100-year war. Most of the records of history have been lost, many lives have been lost as well. Peace is a new concept for some, and the kingdoms are now trying to rebuild their lands. I'm just wondering, what suggestions do you have for the changes in the world? What changes have been made since after the war? I need help especially on races, since I dont' know how to include all the base races without seeming to stereotypical (like all the elves lived in the woods ind ignored the war entierly, or that the dwarves just hid in thier caves) What role would magic/races/religion play in a post-war setting?

Currently: Magic is looked on as dangerous, and many harbor bad feelings toward magic's destructive use during the war. Most magic-users are higher-class officials who can stay in power, or runaways afraid for persecution. Others are helping to build villages and turning the public outlook back to more peaceful times. Governments have set up new "peace-keepers" to stop any threat of starting a new war (most of these people were troops form the old war) The kingdoms are mostly reclusive now, trying to rebuild thier strength to a once former glory. I don't know exactly how to approach religion, I'm thinkking that the gods had left during the war, and left only "ascended" mortals that live in a different plane that oversee the kingdoms, and they are not happy with the bloodshed....

So what do you think? Any suggestions to make this campaign any better? Mostly Im' jsut asking for campaign world information, I like to have these things make as much sense as possible. Thanks!