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If a power exists on, for example, on both the Psion/Wilder and Psychic Warrior list such as "Body Adjustment" (lvl 3 psion/wilder, lvl 2 psychic warrior).

Could a Erudite learn the power as a Psychic Warrior in order to take advantage of the lower level and reduced power point cost?

What about Levitate, Psionic?

Would a Erudite be able to learn it from a Nomad to gain the ability to use this power on willing creatures/objects?
Technically, I don't think erudites can learn powers from the psywar list, or from ardents, or lurks, etc. You can learn discipline-specific powers, though, such as for dimension swap, and you'd count as that type of psion for that ability, yes.
Ah yes, I stand corrected, it is only "Discipline Powers".

If you took Expanded Knowledge, did research, or had some other way to transfer the power into a psion or a psion-made power stone, however, you could take it as a power known.

IE, take Expanded Knowledge (form of doom), make a power stone, use psychic reformation, and then learn it from the stone.

But that would take a lot of XP to do.
Kk.. I think I got ya there.
thanks for the reply.
Or, you know, you could just learn it from another psion who took it using advanced learning.
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