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You know why we're here today. it's time for another 1001 thread! this time i thought of all the cool magic weapons like the sun blade and salimander and i want you to make the coolest weapon you can think of. i will declair the winner after the next 10 posts then match that against the next 10 and i will give the winner....a congradulatory thanks!
To call me awesome is an understatement.
haha, very funny Waterhammer
The Staff of Gord
Can Cast Entanglement 3x/day
Can Cast Polymorph 3x/day
Increases Caster Level by 1
Only Useable by Monk/Barbarian/Clerics (Multiclass, not either/or)
The Everblade (Major Artifact)
+5 Katana

The Everblade was forged long ago, and is said to be the essence of eternity made manifest. As one of the ten Weapons of Eternity, this is, in a way, the most powerful, and yet also the most subtle. It will see the end of time, and will outlast the whole rest of creation.

The Everblade cannot be broken, damaged, or destroyed by any attack, spell, or effect. Mordenkainen's Disjunction has no effect on it, and the Everblade is treated as having infinite hardness and infinite HP.

The Everblade stops the aging process of the wielder, delaying all aging effects. Also, strikes with the everblade automatically bypass object hardness, as well as /- DR (though /Magic, /Silver, etc DR still applies).

Furthermore, whenever a sunder attempt is made against the Everblade, treat it as though the sunder attempt were reversed, with the Everblade dealing damage to the enemy's weapon.

Standard Answer to all 5E rules questions: "Ask your DM."

The Ugly Stick

Pruned as the ugliest branch, from the ugliest tree, in the ugliest forest, on the ugliest part of the ugliest plane in the abyss, this gnarled club deforms any struck with it. The Ugly Stick is a +3 Great Club, and when carried imparts a -4 Charisma penalty to its owner. But when ever someone is struck by the Ugly Stick it drains 1d4 points of charisma.
since i'm not getting a lot of posts i'm going to declair the winner of the first round.*ahem* the winner is Novacat with the everblade. now for the second round.
((Hey I didn't get to go, can I still try?))
yes and if you win you go agenst novacat, good luck
i forgot to mention, i'm grading on Creativity, Origionality, effert, and coolness.
just for you to know.
Blackshard is a major artifact formed of pure darkness. It is said to be the chipped horn of an ancient, long dead god or demon of night. The blade seems to drink in all light around it. Within 60ft of the blade, the world seems dimmer, as if the day were overcast at twilight. This causes no mechanical effect, but is very unnerving. The wielder, provided he knows a proper command word, can summon a deeper darkness effect centered on the blade at will as a standard action. This effect can be dispelled normally, but the wielder can simply speak the command word again next round. The wielder may also cast shadow conjuration or shadow evocation 3/day. These effects are not subject to spell failure. Blackshard counts as a +3 adamantine longsword, though it becomes +5 when its darkness aura is active, or when there is little natural light present (these effects do not stack).
Sample Command Words and phrases:
-Gather Shadows.
-Hide the Light.
-Eclipse the world.
-Show your dark power.

Destroying Blackshard: As a major artifact, Blackshard is extremely difficult to destroy. Possible ways to destroy it include:
-Teleporting it into the sun.
-Laying it to rest where the body of the god/demon it came from is (a layer of the abyss is suitable).
-Having an avatar of Pelor crush it to dust.
-Bathing it in light strong enough to cause blindness constantly for three days. This would not destroy the blade, but would temporarily remove it's powers (it would retain it's near indestructability, but would otherwise be a normal +3 longsword for a month).

The curse of Blackshard: Blackshard is a blade of pure evil, and though not intelligent, it perverts the thoughts of all those around it. Anyone who comes near the sword must make a DC 25 will save each day they spend within 60ft of it (immediately on the first day, once again if they enter the aura at any point on the next day, etc) or become fixated with it. A fixated character feels that they should be the one to wield the sword, and as such, trys to wield it, and learn everything they can about it. They quickly find as much lore as they can about the blade, learning its powers, the command words that activate it, how they can master it. The fixated character will go to any length to find out more about the sword. After a week, the sword bonds to this wielder, and as long as he lives, the wielder can teleport the sword to his side as a free action at any time. The sword then loses its ability to fixate others.
Then, each subsequent week, the wielder must make a DC 25 will save or shift down one level on the Good-Evil alignment axis. Most wielders voluntarily fail the save each time, truely wanting to be the dark master of the blade. From then on, the wielder becomes a champion of darkness, trying only to rid the world of all that is good and right. He may work in the shadows, secretly toppling nations, he may raise armies, he may simply kill as many good creatures as he can, but the wielder now lives to spread destruction, and will do so until he is slain, and some other poor creature becomes the next champion of the blade.
Soulshatter Blade

This is an unusual artifact. It can be attained by anyone whose mind and soul have been torn to shreds and put back together. Twice. It is a +5 two-bladed sword of blue crystal, and the wielder is automatically considered proficient with it. It has a base critical range of 17-20. It can be spontaneously summoned or dismissed as a standard action from a small pocket dimension.

The blade has the following powers when wielded:
At manifester level 1st: If the wielder expends his psionic focus, he deals +2d8 damage with the weapon. At every other manifester level, this increases by 1d8. They also gain a special death attack, usable once per month. It instantly kills one creature, but at high risk. When using this, the wielder is automatically reduced to 0 hit points, and must make a DC 20 Fortitude save. If they fail, they take 4d6 damage. If they succeed, the dmage is halved.
At manifester level 5th: The wielder permanently gains +2 to STR.

Example of in-game use
Initially, Cade had a backstory of insanity, countong as the 1st time of soulshatter. He then had a spell cast on him by a lich, that literally blew his mind. A powerful, rather sadistic outsider sent my sorcerer onto his mind. After a long, wierd quest, which involved slaughtering a bunch of corrupt soldiers and finding Cade's concoiusness, we came to a small chamber. After killing the gaurdian, Cade found the sword. He immediately remembered everything, and we went and sealed the portal that was letting evil into his mind. After doing this, we left his mind, and he gained the ability to use the blade.

Later in our campaign, the chracter with this weapon fell into a river of the Everflame. He became obsessed with it's power, sneak-attacked Boccob, and used his intsta-kill ability. The gods are really, really ****** at him, but they can't do squat, for fear of being annhialated.
My turn!

This ordinary stafe is about 6 feet tall. It is closly conected to all druids, and when ever it hits, a random rolled (first a D10, followed by...) spell in the druid spell list (Its hillariuos at low levels). It has always been the center of attention in our campaign.
The Coffin Nail (Artifact)

This weapon at first appears to be a shortspear wit ha bent shaft and a tarnished steel head. It emits faint magic under a detect magic spell and functions as a +1 ghost touch shortspear.

Should the wielder of the weapon be someone with the ability to turn undead it's true power becomes apparant. The first time ther weapon's wielder turns undead while wielding the Coffin Nail the spear immedately transforms in appearance. The head becomes bright and untarnished silver and the shaft is a perfectly strait and balanced rod of ornately carved ebony.

At this stage the spear becomes a +3 ghost touch holy shortspear.

Upon examination among the runes carved in the staff complete words in an archaic form of celectial can be found. they instruct the wielder that this is a weapon to send the undead to thier final rest.

Should the weapon be used to slay an undead creature of equal or greated CR to ther spear's wielderthe spear comes in to it's full true power.

At this stage the spear becomes a +4 silver ghost touch undead bane holy shortspear.

Additionaly on the spear more writing will appear revealing command words to activate specific functions.

-Cast Detect Undead as a 10th level caster at will.
-Cast Gentle Repose as a 10th level caster at will.
-Cast Bless Water at will.
-5/day Cast cure moderate wounds as a 10th level cleric.
-1/day Create a Hallow effect centered on the staff (material components are still required).

Should the spear's wielder die the spear will cease all function and revert to it's origional, non-descript, appearance. Shoudl the owner be returned to live the spear will never again function for that wielder as they have lived beyond thier measure.


The Coffin Nail was created ages ago by a church of paladins and clerics dedicated to slaying the undead. They beleived that no one should live beyond thier measure of life and should someone fall through causes both natural and un-natural they should not be restored to life.

The Coffin Nail was origionaly constructed to battle a corrupt vampire lord who for a price would offer the immortality of undeath to the willing. Seeing this as an ultimate blasphemy the church sent forth it's greatest paladin. The records of the battle are now lost but fragments of the story indicate the church is no more and the weapon lost.

Suggested methods of destruction:

-Gateing it to the negative energy plane
-Being sundered by a dracolich
-Being cursed by an evil god of necromancy
ok i have decided to make the decision at 4:00. now for the winner. the winner is, fnord bear and the coffin nail. congrates on this fine victory
All right! Finally somewhere to put my magic-item-creating abilities to the test. Here goes...

Tiflod- Tiflod is a +5 Distance Precise Quick-Loading Heavy Repeating Crossbow. Tiflod can hold up to 200 crossbow bolts in its extradimensional space, the reloading clip feeds from the extradimensional space, allowing the user to reload simply by rotating the reload lever, a free action. The user may apply all of her attacks to Tiflod, due to the fact that it can be reloaded so easily.
Tiflod was created by a powerful Gnome inventor; it was enchanted by his brother, an extremely powerful wizard. Tiflod was given as a gift to a Dwarven cleric/fighter, a lifelong friend of the Gnome brothers. The Dwarf used it to destroy the great Goblin hordes of Thrikosh the Bloodvicious. Tiflod had been passed down from generation to generation of the Dwarf warrior’s descendants, until it was stolen by a Drow sorceress who slaughtered the entire Dwarven community there. The Drow sorceress was never seen again, and is thought to have destroyed Tiflod before she died. Although most Gnome historians claim that Tiflod could not have been destroyed by the Drow, as it was too powerful a weapon. They claim that she must have merely hidden it.

I also do Epic Magic Weapons, Minor Artifacts, and Major Artifacts, I didn't know what was acceptable, so I just started with a regular non-Epic, non-Artifact, magic weapon with a short history.
any weapon-like thing is accepted, so go ahead and post your ideas here!
I think I'll wait until the next round, I'd hate to beat myself, [EGO]I'd much rather beat someone else! :D [/EGO]

Well, I'm waiting for others to post...
well then........we have a winner. the winner is darkxarth. by default.
Major Aftifact: Blooddrinker

Physical Description: This +5 vampiric bastard sword is forged of a single black crystal, with five runes engraved into the blade legnthwise. The blade resizes to the wielder as soon as he/she touches the hilt.

Powers: The sword's vampiric ability is unusual. It sucks 10 life from any target it his that relies on blood or a similar substance for it's life processes. However, for creatures such as constructs, undead, elementals, etc., the sword deals no extra damage. These ten hit points drained can be used to regenerate the wielder's health by 10 HP (in which case blood can be seen flowing from the wound down the blade into the wielder's hands), or the blood can be stored in the blade, causing one of the five magical runes to glow red. When all five runes have been filled with blood (50 total HP stored), a faint green ninbus surrounds the blade. It can then be used to make a special death attack. On a successful hit, the victim must make a DC 30 Fortitiude save or have all of it's blood sucked out. 1 round later, the blood forms into a humanoid figure, acting as a water elemental of the same size as the target creature. This must be declared by the wielder before he attacks, and if he misses, the blood is lost.

Destruction: This has several possible methods of destruction, depending on what fits the campaign best.
-Leaving it in a burst cluster on the Positive Energy Plane
-Placing it wihin the heart of a living balor (without killing the balor)
-Handing it, personally, to the god of death.

Example of in-game use: We found Blooddrinker embedded in a voidstone on the negative energy plane. The fighter took it, and it showed no magical or psionic aura. WE thought it was justa powerful mundane sword, until we fought sime demons, and it showed it's true power.
Double Exotic Weapon
2d6/2d6 19-20x2
Special: Whenever you make an attack against someone using Sword-Chucks, unless you possess the Sword-Chuckery feat, you must make an attack against yourself at the same attack bonus.

I had to.
The Almighty Shoe of Chuck Norris

+1 Roundhouse Kicker Shoe (Roundhouse Kicker is a +100 bonus enhancement)

This misterious footgear is a major artifact from an ancient culture, a Greater Deity known as Chuck Norris grant it to it's most faithful follower, a hero named Vin Diesel, since then, the Almighty Shoe of Chuck Norris has been missing in action ( ).

The wearer of The Almighty Shoe of Chuck Norris is now able to do a Roundhouse Kick Attack with a 100th of the power of the original Roundhouse Kick from the Greater Deity Chuck Norris (and that's still plenty of destructive power). A Roundhouse Kick is a special attack and must follow this procedures in this exact order to be executed:
1.- The last person in the place that take a sit chooses a number between 1 and 666, the Roundhouse Kick attack receives that bonus on the attack roll.
2.- If the attack roll is a natural 1 the wearer becomes a Ranger... a Walker Texas one... and the attack stops.
3.- If the attack misses it still hits but deals half the damage.
4.- If the attack hits, the player must say "yipeee", and has 6 exact seconds to roll any dices she can found (can't die the same dice more than once) and calculate the result, then add Strenght Modifier.
5.- If the attack deals damage, The Roundhouse Kick starts a Bullrush attempt with the damage plus BAB of the attacker as the result of the opposed roll.
6.- If the defender is "pushed" at least 10ft, she is automatically prone.

You can learn more about this ancient deity in: http://www.chucknorrisfacts.com/
Before the dawn of time, there existed a deity of enormous power who eventually grew tired of his infinite existence. He fragmented his being into 6 ioun stones of incredible power. While individually mighty, if the stones where to ever be united, their wielder would assume the power of the lost God.
All the Infinity Iouns have the following powers;

Age Immunity (su): Time simply washes over the wielder of the Ioun. The ability functions as the Timeless body special ability, except the user does not die of old age. If the user ever loses their Ioun, they lose Age Immunity and assume their actual age (users who have exceeded their natural lifespan often crumble into dust in a matter of moments).

Innocuous (su): To the Identify spell, the Infinity Iouns seem like normal Ioun stones that grant a +2 enhancement bonus to attribute or some other minor effect. If a user has reason to believe that the Iouns are anything more, they may make a Knowledge Arcana (DC 25). If successful, they gain understanding of the Iouns true power. A Character who learns of the items true nature may make an Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma check (DC 25) to unlock the Ioun’s true power.

Infinity Ioun of Mind (Major Artifact)
The Ioun of Mind reflects the infinite power of the sentient mind. The wielder is granted focused mental acumen and dominion over the wills of others.

Brilliance (su): The Ioun grants the user a +10 enhancement bonus to Intelligence. The user may choose to add their Intelligence modifier instead of their Wisdom modifier to Will saves.

Mental Bastion (su): The Ioun renders its user immune to Detect Thoughts, Discern Lies, and any attempt to magically discern their alignment. The user also gains the Slippery Mind special ability.

Mind Blast (sp): The wielder can assault targets with raw mental energy. This attack is Psionic in nature. The blast is a 60ft cone. Anyone caught in the cone must make a will save (DC 10 + 1/2 users HD+ Int Mod) or be stunned for 3d6 rounds. This is a spell like ability that may be used (1/day) and is equivalent to a 6th level spell.

Telepathy (sp): The Ioun of Mind grants the user telepathic ability. The user may use Detect Thoughts at will, and may send a telepathic message to anyone whose surface thoughts they are reading (allowing two- way communication).

Spell-Like abilities: The user of the Ioun of Mind may use the following spells as spell like abilities;
Comprehend Languages (4/day), Daze Monster (4/day), Hold Person (3/day), Discern Lies (3/day), Confusion (2/day), Feeblemind (2/day), Antipathy (1/day), Insanity (1/day), Weird (1/day)
Caster level is equal to the user HD. Saves are Intelligence-based.

Infinity Ioun of Power (Major Artifact)
The Ioun of Power represents boundless might. The wielder is granted awesome physical power and boundless endurance. The stone also replenishes spiritual resources easily.

Might (su): the Ioun grants the user a +10 enhancement bonus to Strength. The user calculates lifting and carrying capacities as if they where one size category larger.

Endurance (su): the Ioun grants the user a +10 enhancement bonus to Constitution. The user becomes immune to fatigue, exhaustion, sleep effects, energy drain and disease. The user no longer needs to eat, sleep or breathe, but must still rest to restore spells.

Powerful (su): The user gains the Powerful Build special ability.

Resilience (su): The user gains + 5 Natural Armor (stacks with other Natural Armor), DR 5/- and Fast Healing 5.

Replenish (su): The user can gain an additional use of limited charge ability (such as Rage, Smite, Spell-like Abilities, Stunning Fist and Turn Undead). This ability may also recharge a spell slot of any level. Replenish may be used up to (1+Cha Mod) times per day.

Infinity Ioun of Reality (Major Artifact)
The Ioun of Reality represents the power of matter and energy. The stone allows incredible power of the very elements.

Barrier(su): The Ioun bends the elements to protect its user. The user gains a deflection bonus to AC equal to (4+Cha Mod).

Power Blast (sp): The Power Blast is an elemental ray with a range of 100ft. It is a ranged touch attack that affects a single target and allows no saving throw. The Blast deals (1/2 users HD) d6 damage, 1/2 of the damage dealt is an energy type of the users choice (selected each time the blast is used). The available energy types are acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic. This ability may be used (1+Cha Mod) times a day. This is a spell like ability that may be used (1/day) and is equivalent to a 6th level spell.

Warp Forms (sp): The Ioun of Reality grants great power over physical forms.
This is a spell like ability that functions as Polymorph any Object, except it may also duplicate the effects of Fabricate. This ability may be used (3/day). Caster level is equal to the user HD. Saves are Charisma-based.

Ultimate Resistance (su): The Ioun of Reality grants its user resistance to multiple forms of energy. The user gains Resist Acid, Cold, Fire, Electricity and Sonic 10. The user also gains Spell Resistance (12+HD).

Spell-like abilities: The user of the Ioun of Reality may use the following spells as spell like abilities;
Detect Magic (at will), Light (at will), Mage Hand (at will), Magic Missile(4/day), Shield (4/day), Darkness (3/day), Daylight (3/day), Dispel Magic (3/day),Fly (2/day), Globe of Invulnerability: Lesser (2/day), Telekinesis (2/day), Disintegrate (1/day), Limited Wish (1/day), Prismatic Spray (1/day). Caster level is equal to the user HD. Saves are Charisma-based.

Infinity Ioun of Souls (Major Artifact)
The Ioun of Souls represents the spiritual essence of living (and otherwise) creatures. The wielder is granted insight into and control over souls of other beings.

Force of Personality (su): the Stone grants the user a +10 enhancement bonus to Charisma. The user may choose to add their Charisma modifier instead of their Wisdom modifier to Will saves.

Spiritual Mastery (su): The user gains control over his own spirit. While their true alignment never changes, they may project any alignment they wish (including none!) and will register as that alignment to any alignment-based effects. Changing alignment is a standard action, and the user may display their actual alignment as a free action.
Any of the user’s natural attacks or wielded weapons are considered to have the Ghost Touch quality and automatically bypass alignment based Damage Reduction.

Soul Blast (sp): ): The Ioun of Souls is capable of unleashing a devastating attack that drags the souls of sentient creatures directly into the Ioun. This functions as a Finger of Death spell, except it effects any sentient creature and the target must make a Will save (DC 10 + 1/2 users HD+Cha Mod). Users who fail this save are slain or destroyed, and their spirits are drawn into the Ioun of Souls (see the soul world ability).This ability even effects targets normally immune to death effects (such as undead or awakened constructs).This is a spell like ability that may be used (1/day) and is equivalent to a 7th level spell.

Soul World (su): The user can draw spirits of the recently deceased into the Ioun of Souls. This functions like the Soul Bind spell, except multiple souls can be drawn into the Ioun. The maximum number of souls the Ioun of Souls can hold is (1/2 users HD). If this maximum is exceeded, the soul that had been there the longest is released to make room for the new arrival. Trapped souls inhabit an idyllic demi-plane, where they exist free from worry or want, and can freely interact with other trapped souls.
The user may also communicate with any of the trapped souls. This requires intense concentration and the user can take no other actions and is considered flat-footed while doing so.

Spell-like abilities: The user of the Ioun of Souls may use the following spells as spell like abilities;
Calm Emotions (4/day), Shield of Faith (4/day), Cure Light Wounds (4/day), Cure Moderate Wounds (3/day), Death Ward (3/day), Remove Curse (3/day), Cure Serious Wounds (2/day), True Seeing (2/day), Undeath to Death (2/day). Caster level is equal to the user HD. Saves are Charisma-based.

Infinity Ioun of Space (Major Artifact)
The Ioun of Space represents the relativity of size and distance. The wielder is granted the ability to warp and skew space and they see fit.

Coordination (su): The Ioun grants the user a +10 enhancement bonus to Dexterity. The user may take 10 on any Dexterity based skill.

Relative Space (su): The Ioun of Space users always treats the gravity of any plane they are on as Subjective Directional Gravity (DMG pg.148).The Ioun of Space also provides with user with a continuous Non-Detection effect (as the spell).

Spatial Awareness (su): The Ioun of Space gives the user extraordinary sensory abilities, allowing total awareness of their surroundings. The Ioun of Space grants its user unerring direction sense. The Ioun’s wielder is immune to maze spells and can never become lost. The user also gains Blindsight, Evasion, and Uncanny Dodge as special abilities.
The user can automatically detect the use of astral projection, blink, dimension door, ethereal jaunt, etherealness, gate, maze, plane shift, shadow walk, teleport, and similar spell-like or Psionic abilities within 100ft of the user.

Twist Space (sp): The Ioun of Space lets the users banish targets to a twisting, bizarre pocket dimension. This functions as a Maze spell, except the Intelligence check to escape is (DC 10 + 1/2 users HD+ Wis Mod). If the subject doesn’t escape, the effect ends after (1+Wis Mod) hours, forcing the subject to leave. This is a spell like ability that may be used (1/day) and is equivalent to a 8th level spell.

Spell-Like abilities: The user of the Ioun of Space may use the following spells as spell like abilities;
Longstrider (4/day), Locate Object (4/day), Blink (3/day), Dimension Door (3/day), Teleport (2/day), Scrying (2/day), Dismissal (1/day), Teleport: Greater (1/day), Dimensional Lock (1/day). Caster level is equal to the user HD. Saves are Wisdom-based.

Infinity Ioun of Time (Major Artifact)
The Ioun of Time represents the ebb and flow of time. The wielder is granted the ability to manipulate time.
Insight (su): The Ioun grants the user a +10 enhancement bonus to Wisdom. The user may take 10 on any Wisdom based skill.

Anticipate(su): The ioun grants it’s wielder an intuitive insight into the immediate future. The user may use his wisdom Modifier instead of his dexterity modifier for Reflex saves and Initiative checks.

Time Stutter (su): The Ioun of Time allows it’s user to briefly rewind the time to alter the outcome of an event. As an immediate action, the user may re-roll one roll he just made, or force another creature to re-roll a roll they have just made. The subject keeps the new roll, whether it’s higher or lower than the original roll. This ability may be used (3/day)

Temporal Onslaught (sp): The Ioun of Time is capable of ravaging creatures and objects with centuries of time in mere moments. This functions as a Disintegrate spell, except the Fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 users HD+ Wis Mod). Targets struck by Temporal Onslaught also suffer 2d6 +5 strength damage (as Ray of Enfeeblement, minimum 1 strength). Targets damaged by this attack appear aged in proportion to the damage inflicted. The user may also choose to only inflict strength damage, in which case the target is de-aged back to early childhood. The target returns to their true age as they heal the strength damage.This is a spell like ability that may be used (1/day) and is equivalent to a 6th level spell.

Spell-Like abilities: The user of the Ioun of Time may use the following spells as spell like abilities;
True Strike (4/day), Augury (4/day), Haste (3/day), Slow (3/day), Freedom of Movement (2/day), Contingency (2/day), Legend Lore (1/day), Foresight (1/day), Time Stop (1/day)
Caster level is equal to the user HD. Saves are Wisdom-based.
Bob_The_Wizard and Reighnhell, you guys are scary... awesome, but scary.

Well, maybe I'll try against these guys, but I don't know what kind of chance I stand against them...

The Rod of the Unseeing Eye- This magic rod is a Major Artifact. It is approximately a foot and a half long, made of a metal called Black Adamantine. On the top of the rod is an orb two inches in diameter; it resembles a large, unblinking eye.

The Rod of the Unseeing Eye was created by the blind prophet/mage Alagar eons ago. Born blind to a poor farming family, Alagar never had much hope for the future. But a deity, many believe it was Boccob, granted him strange powers. At the age of seven, Alagar began having dreams, visions of the future. His father found this information troubling, and, when Alagar turned twelve, he took his son to apprentice under the Great Wizard Babi. Normally, Babi charged exorbitant prices for apprenticeships, but he found this strange boy to be interesting, and apprenticed him for free. Babi taught this blind boy how to use the natural power that flowed through the air all about him, magic.

Within ten years, Alagar had mastered as many kinds of magic as the Great Wizard himself, and, more importantly, he had learned to control his “sight.” Unfortunately, no magic could restore his regular eyesight; it seemed immune to all forms of magic healing that Babi knew. That didn’t discourage Alagar though. With his newfound magical powers, Alagar began adventuring, starting from Babi’s tower with one of his master’s old friends, Hakra. Hakra was a female Elven Monk, and protected Alagar from people who sought to take advantage of his blindness. In time, Alagar and Hakra grew close, after all, Hakra was only a child by Elven standards, and Alagar was a young, handsome man. It didn’t take much longer for them to realize that they had fallen deeply in love with each other.

Sadly, this love was not meant to last. Only scant months after their marriage, Alagar had a vision of his new wife’s death. She was going to be killed by an assassin sent to kill Alagar himself. Alagar didn’t tell his wife about his vision, but he did his best to wipe out any local assassins and hitman he could find. Some people believe that his meddling with the assassin’s guild is what caused them to send an assassin after him in the first place. Regardless, come the assassin did, and, despite Alagar’s defenses and precautions, the assassin killed his wife. However, Alagar’s newly created Shield Guardian destroyed the assassin, but it was too late for his wife. The assassin had trapped her soul in a magical gem that disappeared when he was killed.

Needless to say, Alagar was very distraught after that. He cursed his blindness, he cursed his old master for not curing it, he cursed the gods for his magical sight, but most of all, he cursed himself for failing his beloved Hakra. His weakness inspired him to create the Rod of the Unseeing Eye. Never again would he be caught at unawares by sneaking enemies.

The Rod of the Unseeing Eye is a powerful artifact that grants its wielder many abilities.

- True Seeing continuous as long as the wielder holds the Rod
- Detect Magic, Detect Evil, Detect Good, Detect Law, and Detect Chaos at will
- Greater Arcane Sight continuous as long as the wielder holds the Rod
- Nondetection continuous on the wielder of the Rod
- The wielder of the Rod gains Darkvision out to 120 ft
- Greater Scrying 10/day, with the Rod as the focus
- Guards and Wards usable 5/day
- Sanctuary 3/day

The Rod of the Unseeing Eye also grants the wielder a +10 insight bonus to AC and attack rolls.

Whew... this is an extremely powerful Artifact, and is currently held by the Great Slaad Lord Korl.
World-shattering Adamant Claw
Apearing as a black ribbon, the true power of this major artifact becomes known when tied around the arm of a creature with a claw attack.

The ribbon transforms into a tattoo, emblazoning in sylvan script the name of the artifact. The claws on the affected arm bleed a black miasma and a appear to be much more solid and tangable than other objects.

The affected claw attack ignores hardness, Dr /- and armor and natural armor bonuses to AC.

The World Shatterning Adamant Claw is an intellegent item (Int 20, Wis 24, Cha 18 Ego 32) that seeks to break any and all man made structures and items, urging its wearer to use it to this purpose.

The Claw cannot be removed except by a wish or miracle, or following the death of the wearer.
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The competition heats up...
AAARRRRRRGGGG!!!!! this is so hard! but i will have to present the winner. the winner is reignhell with the 6 ioun stones. that was hard.
These items were created by a powerful cryomancer, now long dead.

Staff of the Uttercold
This staff is about four feet long, made of solid blue ice that's as hard as iron, with a vein of frozen blood down the center. The ice never melts, and the temperature within five feet stays at about -30 degrees F, causing frost to form on most surfaces that the wielder is near. The cold puts out nonmagical fires and torches that come within five feet. This staff deals 1d6 points of cold damage to everyone that touches it, including the wielder (though the cold resistance granted by the staff negates this.)
The staff is sharp as a razor at one end, allowing it to be used as a +2 javelin. It grants cold resistance 10 to the wielder. It has the following powers:
- 1/day: Delayed Blast Coldball (like fireball, except with cold damage), Globe of Invlnerability (fire spells/effects only)
- 2/day Cone of Cold, Flesh to Ice, Freeze Armor, Wall of Ice
- 3/day Coldball, Ice Knife, Orb of Cold.
When wielded by a creature that also wears the Robe of the Uttercold, the cold resistance increases to 20. The staff bestows one negative level on any creature handling or using it that does not have the Lord of the Uttercold feat. While this never results in actual level loss, it cannot be overcome in any way, including restoration spells, while the staff is in the creature's posession.

Robe of the Uttercold
This robe is pure white, and glistens as though coated in frost (it is). It has icy blue trim, embroidered with snowflake patterns. It emits an aura of incredible supernatural cold, causing the temperature to drop to about -80 degrees F in the wearer's space. Anyone touching or wearing the robe takes 1d3 points of cold damage per round, though because of the robe's granting of cold resistance 5, the wearer takes no damage.
The robe grants +6 to AC, as the Greater Mage Armor spell, and anyone attacking the werarer unarmed or with natural weapons takes 1d6 damage from a small burst of ice. When the wearer also wields the Staff of the Uttercold, the cold resistance increases to +20.
The robe bestows one negative level on any creature handling or using it that does not have the Lord of the Uttercold feat. While this never results in actual level loss, it cannot be overcome in any way, including restoration spells, while the robe is in the creature's posession.

Both items grant resistance to the efects of extreme cold environments.
Nice Uttercold things, pretty awesome. But, I'd like to submit... Scourge.

Epic Weapon
Scourge is a Chaotic Flaming Burst Keen Unholy Greataxe +7. Forged by the Demon Prince Xigyac for his war against the Celestial forces of Heironeous, this weapon grants several magical benefits to its wielder.

It grants Magic Circle Against Good 3/day, Detect Good at will, and Unholy Word 3/week. However, after exactly one week of owning it, and every week thereafter, the owner must make a Will save DC 28, or become Chaotic Evil. Additionally, the wielder must make the Will save to resist becoming Chaotic Evil if she uses Scourge to slay a good being. The save increases to 33 if the wielder slays a Celestial or Half-Celestial being with Scourge.
well it's time to anounce the winner. the winner is Bob the wizard with the staff of utter cold
Ah well... Bob beat me fair and square there. Scourge is cool, I think, but the Staff of Uttercold is cooler. (Get it? Uttercold, cooler? :D )

So, I now present another Epic Magic Weapon, Giantslaughter.

Giantslaughter is a Holy Power Eager Keen +6 Greatsword.

It was forged by the greatest Dwarven weaponsmiths of the time for the Dwarf-Azer Paladin, Slayblade the Merciless. He used it against the Fire Giant warlord, Dwarfburn, in a colossal clash, ending the deaths of both Dwarfburn and Slayblade. This weapon is reported to have been destroyed when it fell into the earth at the feet of the dying Dwarfburn, but may have survived. A story says that it was recovered by an Efreet who then, seeing that he could not wield it himself, supposedly hid on the Plane of Fire where it remains to this day. Whether or not this story is true, is still discussed by ancient Dwarves on cold winter nights.
Flig & Tig- Flig and Tig are a pair of Returning Throwing Axes +2. They are intelligent weapons, and consider themselves brothers.

Flig: Int 15; Cha 8; Wis 16; AL LG
Flig can speak aloud, but is very gruff in speech, and seldom talks. He gives free use of the Improved Intiative feat.

Tig: Int 12; Cha 16; Wis 9; AL LG
Tig also communicates through speech, but, unlike Flig, rarely shuts up. Tig grants the use of Charm Person (DC 14) 1/day.

Yeah! Dwarf axes rule!!!!!!! :D

and now another winner. the winner is darkxarth with the giantslaughter.
The companion to the Sword-Chucks, the Sword-Chuckery feat.

You have trained in the art of wielding the ultimate weapon, Sword-Chucks. Why you would do this is unknown; presumably, it stems from being dropped on your head and eating paint.
Prerequisite: Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Sword-Chucks), BAB +6, Wisdom 4 or lower, must have been dropped on your head and eaten paint as a child.
Benefit: In your hands, Sword-Chucks do 2d8/2d8 damage, with an 18-20x2 crit. You also do not risk attacking yourself with the Sword-Chucks. You can also spin them around really fast, which looks either really cool or really stupid.
Normal: Sword-Chucks do 2d6/2d6 with a 19-20x2 crit, and every time you attack with them you must attack yourself at the same attack bonus. Also, spinning around Sword-Chucks without this feat tends to sever your own limbs.
Isn't this a WEAPON competition!

Mawl- Mawl is a Two-Bladed Sword. Both of its blades are +5 Brilliant Energy Defending Ghost Touch. One end is also Keen, and the other end is Fierce. Mawl was originally wielded by a fiendish warrior, one of the greatest swordmasters of the era. He was finally destroyed by a pair of celestial warriors who were sent by the deity Heironeous. Only one of the Celestial warriors survived the cataclysmic battle. The surviving Celestial warrior took Mawl and hid it on the Negative Energy Plane. Stories tell of a powerful Nightwalker who claimed Mawl for his own. However, this Nightwalker has since been reported as having been destroyed by a group of powerful adventurers on a quest for Heironeous. The whereabouts of Mawl, are now completely unknown.
it is time for the winner. the winner is darkxarth, because the Sword-chuckery feat is not a weapon.
Okay, that's three wins for me, two by default.

Oh well... here goes nothing...

Disappearing Blade- The Disappearing Blade is a +5 Brilliant Energy Ghost Touch Force Longsword. The hilt of the Disappearing Blade has many intricate carvings, among them is a secret button that, when pressed, extends or retracts the blade. When the blade is extended, the whole weapon is approximately 3 1/2 feet long. When retracted, the whole weapon is only 10 inches long. The hilt is a shining, Mithral rod, and the blade is a slender, glowing, green energy blade.
Major Artifact: Staff of the Everflame

This artifact is unbelievably powerful, but this power comes at an equally high price.

History:This staff was discovered by an elven planeshifter named Jvellos Gladonel, when something went wrong with his plane shift spell. He was drawn to a demiplane, and, after passing the test of the Guardian of the Everflame, was given this staff. However, he, after losing a spell duel to his archnemesis, lost his soul to the power. The staff has since been found by many other mages, none of whom have been able to resist the power. When it's wielder goes to the demiplane, the staff disappears to the astral plane, to hide until the Guardian of the Everflame commands it to appear, to be found by an unwitting mage.

Physical Description:The staff is made out of a rod of completely unadorned gray metal, about 1" thick and 4'5" long. The metal is incredibly hard, but very light, weighing only about 6 pounds. It is extremely slippery for everyone except the intended wielder (whatever mage, to their perception, 'happens' to pick it up. In reality, the Guardian of the Everflame selects them to find it.). There is a white, unhewn, quartz-like crystal at one end, which forever burns with white fire.

Abilities:The staff has six powers:
-It is always burning-hot, dealing 1d6 points of fire damage to anyone who touches it except the intended wielder, for whom it is merely uncomfortable.
-The fire at the top continually emits light as the light spell, though this can be suppressed by the wielder at will.
-Anything that touches the crystal at the end of the staff is disintegrated by the power of the Everflame, taking 36d6 points of damage on a successful melee touch attack. Half of this damage is fire damage, and the other half results directly from divine power, and thus is not subject to resistance or immunity to fire. The damage can be halved with a successful Fortitude save (DC 30).
-The flame can be shot at a target, disintegrating it as above on a successful ranged touch attack. This use, however, deactivates the staff for 2d4+1 rounds while the flame regenerates.
-When the crystal is stabbed into the ground, an elder fire elemental with the firespawn template is conjured. If the elemental is killed before dismissed, the staff is deactivated for twenty-four hours.
-The staff emits no magical aura, no psionic aura, and cannot be supressed in any way.

Destruction:It can only be destroyed by throwing it into the heart of the Everflame on the Gaurdian's secret demiplane, which is unaccessable by any means except by the invitation of the Guardian.

Curse of the Staff:The incredible power comes at a high price. Slowly, over the course of 2d4 months, character's skin becomes blackened, charred, and tough as leather, granting a +2 natural armor bonus. When the character dies, they reappear on the Demiplane of the Everflame, and become neutral evil NPCs with the firespawn template subservient to the Guardian of the Everflame, who appears to be slowly gathering an army of powerful spellcasters to take over the multiverse. Their souls cannot be retrieved in any way, as thay have been used to sustain the Everflame. None have ever been seen off of the demiplane again, and they show no signs of wanting to leave. Yet.

Firespawn Template:This gets applied to the fire elemental summoned by the staff, and, eventually, the wielder.
-All current and future hit dice change to d12s.
-Skin becomes black and charred, and eyes turn red, except in the case of the fire elemental, which simply changes to white fire instead.
-Gains +6 natural AC bonus, stacks with any other natural AC the base creature has.
-Gains the following special abilities as a 6th level pyrokeneticist: Fire Lash (acts as a whip made of fire that deals 1d8+1d4 points of fire damage), Hand Afire (one hand engulfed in flames, dealing no damage but adding 2d6 fire damage to unarmed strike), Bolt of Fire (launches fire at one target, ranged touch attack, dealing 6d6 damage), Weapon Afire (flames engulf one wielded or natural weapon other than unarmed strike, adding 2d6 damage on a successful hit), Nimbus (body engulfed in flames, CHA increases by 4, any touching body take 2d6 fire damage, gains damage reducton 5/magic, usable 6 rounds/day).
-All fire damage dealt is doubled. All cold damage dealt is halved. This is not already factored into the pyrokeneticist abilities above.
-Gains the fire subtype.

If you're wondering, the Everflame is a corrupted form of the magic used to create the universe.
The scythe of Mihael

+12 silver anarchic holy/unholy vorpal keen Scythe (note: despite being a holy weapon, the scythe does not harm creatures of an evil alignment when in that form. The opposite, however, is not the case. Also, creatures of a subtype inimical to the scythe's current form are harmed when wielding it)

The scythe of Mihael is named after its one known wielder, the fallen deva Mihael. The origin of its powers are unknown, though some speculate that Mihael himself stole the souls of celestials captured by the Baatezu to power it before his fall.

Physically, the scythe resembles an ordinary farming scythe, with the handles torn off and the blade straightened out, in the same manner as revolting peasants would turn their farming tools into weapons. The scythe's blade has silvery runes along the back of the blade, reading in celestial "loyalty", "kindness", "wrath".
At the wish of the wielder, however, the runes glow golden and change into the celestial words for "betrayal", "heartlessness", "hatred". A fourth rune, "freedom", changes colour as well, although the meaning remains unchanged. (this is when the scythe becomes unholy)
A long strip of parchment that seems to flutter to some ethereal breeze is wrapped around the shaft, with the names of a million celestials upon it. Some speculate that the names change over time; certainly, no-one has ever found the same celestial twice.

Special powers:
The scythe ignores the hardness of objects, and doubles the damage gained through the use of power attack.
Dang... so much for winning this one. Oh well, I still like the the Disappearing Blade.
time to anounce the winner. the winner is bob the wizard with the staff of everflame.
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