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I was considering some ideas for characters to start, and one was a ranger/dervish/shadowdancer... My question is, can the character shadowjump in the middle of a dervish dance or not? Basically it would be kind of like Nightcrawler from the X-Men movies...


rex_subterrae1008 wrote:

I was considering some ideas for characters to start, and one was a ranger/dervish/shadowdancer... My question is, can the character shadowjump in the middle of a dervish dance or not? Basically it would be kind of like Nightcrawler from the X-Men movies...

No, because Shadow Jump takes a standard action (it emulates Dimension Door - which also stops your actions when you finish teleporting), and you can't take standard actions in the middle of a full attack. Dervish Dance simply lets you move your normal speed while making a full attack.



By the way, this build idea is good, but Ranger / Shadowdancer / Dervish is actually a terrible way to go about trying this (every component of that is horribly overpriced and undercapable - this is often true when working with early 3e/3.5 material). If you want nightcrawler, the best approaches are usually based around Teflammar Shadowlord or Crinti Shadow Marauder, both of whom get Shadow Pounce (an ability that allows a full attack as soon as you teleport next to a target, similar to how Sun School works), combined with teleport effects that take different actions to perform (swordsage teleports, Inconstant Location, Dimension Stride, Dimension Hop, etc). 


The ancient term for this that you might see is "multipouncer", and between that and all the other keys (nightcrawler, shadow pounce, etc) you should be able to google up some build advice here, or on one of the other common boards (GiantITP, BrilliantGameologists, or MinMaxBoards).

Weekly Optimization Series

These are NOT all my creations! The lead authors are identified as follows: [TS] Tempest Stormwind, [AR] Andarious Rosethorn, [RT] Radical Taoist, [SN] Sionnis, [DH] DisposableHero_, [SH] Seishi.

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[RT] Uncanny Trapsmith: Get in, make it look like an accident, get out. (Skillmonkey, Stealth/Scout/Infiltration, Unorthodox Methods, Theme)
[AR] Wizsassin: *Everything* is permitted. (Spellcaster, Support, Sneak Attack, Utility)
[TS] Phantom Rush: General Gish Gouda. (Gish, Theme, Setting-Specific(Eberron), Early-Entry PrC)
[TS] Storm Knight: Another kind of gish. (Melee/"Gish", Theme, Setting-Specific(Eberron), Unorthodox Methods)
[TS] Inevitable Nightmare: The weapon you only have to fire once. (Melee, "Unorthodox" Methods (no charging), Reliability)
[AR] Captain Constitution: The number one threat to America. (Melee, TOUGHTOUGHTOUGH, Defense, Theme)
[AR] Nuker: I casts the spells that makes the peoples fall down! (Spellcaster, damage, blasting, damage)
[TS] Dread Lord of the Dead: Let the Reaping Begin! (NPC-only, Variable (combat/casting/leadership), Iconic Villain, Theme)
[AR] Heavy Crusader: No Rest. No Mercy. No Matter What. (Melee, Damage (No charging), Variable, Theme).
[TS] Gun Fu: It's bullet time (Ranged, THEORETICAL, Twin weapons, Theme)
[RT] Face First: We should talk. (Psionic, social, mind-control, info-management)
[SN] Chaingun Porcupine: Never Enuff Dakka. (Ranged, Skirmishing, Spike Damage, Incarnum)
[RT] Always On Edge: The Mortal Draw deals death. (Melee, Generalist, Dungeoneering, Stunt)
[AR] Feral Druid: Real feral taste. Zero druid calories. (Melee, offense, damage, murder)
[RT] Rusty!: Man's Best Friend (Sentry, Support, Backup, Rearguard)
[RT] The T3 (Tashalatora Triple Threat): My Kung Fu is More Powerful (Hybrid, Flex-Function, Melee, Caster)
[RT] The #1 Snoipah: Boom. 'Eadshot. (Caster, Theme, Spike, Trapscout)
[AR] Dreamblade: Rest in Pieces. (Melee, Damage, Single-Class, Combo/Momentum)
[AR] Evasion Tank: “When fighting angry blind men, is best to stay out of the way.” (Melee, Tank, Unorthodox Methods (attack negation), Theme)
[DH] Psycarnum Warrior: ↑↑↓↓←→←→BA Start (Melee, Tank, Psionics, Incarnum, 1337 h4x)
[AR] Heavy Weapons Elf: WHO TOUCHED MY BOW? (Ranged, Cohort, Damage, Unorthodox Methods (ranged ToB))
[RT] Gnowhere Gnome: A little man who wasn't there (Caster, Stealth, Single-Class, Elusive)
[AR] Uberflank: I got your back. (Melee, support, stunt, teamwork)
[TS] Flip the Bird: Everyday I'm shuffling (Ranged, harrier, unorthodox methods (ranged ToB / off-turn movement), support)
[DH] Eat Sleep Gank: Real Ultimate Power (Stealth, Assassination, Spike, Magic Versatility)
[AR] Slash and Burn: Mind, Body, Blade, Flame / Aspects of a greater whole / which delivers death. (Melee, Theme (flex-style), Damage, Stunt)
[RT] Edge of the Light: Cut, Fade to Black (Melee, Defense/Offense, Momentum, Tactical)
[RT] Quiet Murder: Cut throats, not corners. (Melee, Stealth, Harrier, Tactical)
[TS] Wand Overdrive: Say Hello to my little friends. (Caster, support/artillery/variable, wand specialist)
[RT] God Hand: What did the five fingers say to the face? (Melee/Gish, Unarmed, SAD, Theme)
[AR] Zero Buff Time Gish: Try to keep up! (Gish, Speed, Movement, Opportunity)
[TS] Robo Tackle: I Am Iron Man. (Melee, setting-specific (Eberron), positioning, theme, stunt)

[TS] Holy Fire: Just getting warmed up! (Casting, damage, theme (fire), theme (sacred), blasting)

[TS] Groundhog Mage: ♪Let’s do the time warp again♪ (Casting, stunt, setting-specific (Faerun), spell stamina / versatility, spontaneous wizard)

[RT] Captain Charisma: All she wants to do is dance (Hybrid (melee/support), SAD, Theme (criticals), Theme (flex-style))

[TS] Assassin's Speed: A blade in the crowd (Melee (technical), iaijutsu, SAD, theme (Assassin's Creed), tutorial)

[RT] Something for Everyone: A.K.A. The Last Sorcerer RT Will Ever Build (Caster, Damage, Trapscout, Takedowns)


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Seishi: I think it might be fun to have a one-off [game] tuned fairly, but with the intention of wiping the party. 

DisposableHero_: if [my campaign] has taught me nothing else, it is that with this group, nothing tuned fairly will ever wipe the party

RadicalTaoist: I've been throwing **** at this group that's 5 levels over CRed in DFN, and have yet to wipe the party.

3.5: Definitive Shopping List (gear guide PDF)


5e Eberron homebrew rules (PDF) (Artificer, Warforged, Changeling, Kalashtar, Shifter, Dragonmarks) | Discussion thread

Here is a similar build in style (though not in actual classes) - it uses Shadow Sun Ninja to get the Shadow Stride/Shadow Blink maneuvers onto a warblade chassis, as warblade has a far better recovery mechanic than swordsage, and a shadowpouncer wants to more or less spam its teleportation maneuvers. I used Sun School here instead of Telflammar Shadowlord, just to do something a little bit different. Alongside Snap Kick and Planar Touchstone (Oxyrhynchus), you can still get three attacks on each teleportation.
Here's the basic build stub. I can't find the maneuver list I had written out, but I do recall that it had a pretty heavy Diamond Mind focus, and used Stance of Alacrity to utilize counters without using up the next round's swift action (which I'd want to use for Shadow Blink). The Shadow Sun Ninja levels are timed to take Shadow Stride and Shadow Blink when possible.
Human, Warblade 15/Monk 2/SSN 3
1. Warblade1- Darkstalker, Martial Study (Counter Charge)
2. Warblade2- 
3. Warblade3- Martial Study (Shadow Jaunt)
4. Overwhelming Attack Monk1- Power Attack, IUS
5. Monk2- Combat Reflexes
6. Warblade4- Sun School
7. Warblade5- Ironheart Aura
8. Warblade6- 
9. Warblade7- Snap Kick
10. Shadow Sun Ninja1- 
11. Shadow Sun Ninja2- 
12. Warblade8- Stormguard Warrior
13. Warblade9- Blind-Fight
14. Shadow Sun Ninja3- 
15. Warblade10- Robilar’s Gambit
16. Warblade11- 
17. Warblade12- 
18. Warblade13- Planar Touchstone (Oxyrhynchus)
19. Warblade14- Improved Initiative
20. Warblade15- 
It's also worth mentioning that Master of Nine and Telflammar Shadowlord share a lot of qualifications. There are a lot of Mo9/Telflammar Shadowlord builds if you do a bit of googling, but my own version goes with Human, Warblade 7/Monk 2/Crusader 2/Master of Nine 5/Telflammar Shadowlord 4 (again, I like the warblade chassis for adding maneuvers you intend to spam, so I tend to go that route). My version of the build uses dragonmarks to pick up Dimension Door, the only difficult qualification for Telflammar Shadowlord. But like I said, there are a lot of versions of that basic build, so do some googling and you'll see a ton of options.
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