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I'm starting a Pathfinder campaign soon.
  • We'll be starting at 6th level and going through 10... maybe 14.
  • Stats are 4d6-top 3, 8 times, top 6.
  • It's a homebrew ancient Greece setting.
  • Two traits allowed.

Book list
Anything in Pathfinder
PHB/DMG parts that aren't overridden by Pathfinder
Complete ___
Races of ___
Monster Manual 1,3,4,5
Rules Compendium

Partially Allowed(let me know if you're using them):
Magic Item Compendium
Spell Compendium
Book of Exalted Deeds
Fiendish Codex 1&2
Libris Mortis
Planar Handbook
Deities and Demigods (reference for deities)
Savage Species (a couple templates I like)

Disallowed(unless you have a really really good reason):
Monster Manual 2
Forgotten Realms
Dragon Compendium
Book of Vile Darkness
Book of Nine Swords
Lots of others.

Unearthed Arcana isn't listed in there, but I'm sure's allowed, as he's allowing LA buyoff. Additionally, I can probably talk him into anything reasonable, since he's a fan of char op too and likes to see what a character can really be stretched into.

As far as LA buyoff goes, he's suggesting we take 1 LA and buy it off at character creation because he's starting us partway through level 6. I don't know any templates off-hand (Pathfinder races are generally better than 3.5 races, so I think I'll be going human or elf) that are worth taking though, and most builds ignore them.

I haven't had a chance to roll stats, but I'd like to expect something high for int and then a decent dex/con. I'm going to be playing a controller wizard, and I'm mostly working from Treantmonk's God wizard guide.

The problem I'm running into is that Pathfinder wizards are a bit different than standard wizards, as specialization is pretty much included.

I stared pretty hard at the Conjuration options versus Generalist options, and I think I like the Generalist options more... The conjuration acid arrow at-will is pretty lame, but the teleport at 8th level could be useful given battlefield layout. Since battlefield layout is going to be partially determined by my wizard, I think this could be useful. However, Generalist still gives the same number of spell slots (1 bonus per level), allows greater versatility (not necessarily needed), and has an 8th level ability that grants free metamagic, I think I prefer it... But I'm not sure.

Also, I'm no longer sure which substitutions are worthwhile. Swapping scribe scroll for improved init is tempting, but with XP cost removed, I could go the craft-feat route, reduce the cost of crafting, and work on a supply of scrolls/wands/etc to use in combat to promote versatility. Also, the item version of familiar is nice, as it pretty much just gives an extra spell of the highest level. I don't know that that's worth trading for anything. Abrupt Jaunt always looked nice, but then I'm stuck with Conjuration instead of Generalist, and if I go Conjuration, I get a teleport power for free at 8 anyway. I'm thinking of just maybe just staying vanilla wizard, but... *shrug*

So as you can see, I'm pretty muddled up in all of that.

As for race, I'm leaning toward human, primarily for that feat. Though elves are tempting, as they'll give another (arguably) useful stat boost and a free +2 to spell penetration. That would stack better with spell penetration/improved penetration, but is it overkill at that point? Should I keep the setting in mind and assume that not many things will have spell resistance in a Greeceish setting?

Anyway, can you help me? Has anyone here played a Pathfinder wizard?

Thanks in advance.
I started running a modified PF game, and so far it's mostly ok... The group wizard is an elf, I guess having +2 to 2 decent stat, a bigger HD and the ability to get +1 HP every wizard level (effectively negating the con penalty) was too much for him ;) . However, I made specializations fixed - managing when his character had prepared opposition spells and when not was too much of a pain. Anyway, I think universalist is a very strong option, but I am AFB right now, so I'm not quite sure. Also, I need to think of a way to make crafting more challenging, even at higher levels... Magic is imo a bit too easy in 3e ;)

Anyway, if substitution levels are in there is little reason not to check out the elven wizard sub levels from Races of the wild, especially if you can persuade the DM to up the HD size to the d6 pathfinder wizards use.
Note: Several popular conjuration spells were nerfed in Pathfinder (Grease, Web and Glitterdust, for starters), so keep that in mind. Still, I don't think you can go wrong with a human universalist or conjurer (with Abrupt Jaunt).

Also note: Using a prestige class will cost you bonus spell slots, so you might not want to bother with one.
Oh man I hadn't seen that they nerfed web. I guess it's only fair though. Web was insanely powerful.

And ya I don't know that I've seen prestige classes that are worth losing a spell slot per level.

As far as the elven substitution levels, I'd wonder if that first level ability to get an extra slot would cost the generalist wizard those granted powers. It's basically the same class feature, so I'd be dubious of trying it. Still, I may run it by my DM.
Bump/Update on this.

I've decided to lean more toward crafting. I took the reduced GP cost crafting feat and will be crafting items (scrolls, wondrous, other?) at 3/8ths Retail and selling them to party members at 6/8ths retail. So, if I can fund the majority of my party's starting gold expenditures (5-6 other people, 20kgp starting), I'd be making 30k off of that. I think if I took Craft Arms and Armor, I could get another 10k from that, putting my starting funds around 60k.

I'm avoiding stacking the FR/Eberron crafting feats just because it feels too cheesy, though I was tempted for a while. I'm trying to avoid metamagic, because what little metamagic I want (extend, sculpt) can be obtained through rods. Does anyone have any feat suggestions?

Oh also, does anyone know of a 1LA template with +int? The only thing I could find was Deep Dwelling (or something like that -- the one that gives sensitivity to light) from DM, but unfortunately, it's unusable for RP reasons.
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