CO Diary: MitB Phrenic Binder w/ 3rd party support, a.k.a. Captain Weirdo

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I'm using two 3rd-party books for this character, Secrets of Pact Magic and Villains of Pact Magic (starting tomorrow). We have a hard time getting magic items (setting is Faerunian, Athkatla). Any additional suggestions or advice? Its a high-powered game, and anything 3rd party is usually OK (still requires DM approval). Any thoughts or suggestions (either from an RP perspective or a CharOp perspective) would be greatly appreciated. I kind of want the Shocktrooper line of feats, but also want to make this character as "Bindery" as possible (the 3rd party books allow that nicely). So, I'm kind of torn. (Also, we are allowing full-crossover between the Binder Vestiges and the SoPM & VoPM books, as per the SoPM errata - it is not too powerful for this game).

Some house rules:
Psionics and Magic are different
Crits are different (the difference between the excess you hit by and your weapons crit range get multiplied, and this is the percentage chance to crit)
Critical fumbles exist (and are brutal; uses similar rules to the crits above)
Magic Item purchases are different (basically, first the item has a percentage chance of being in stock, then make a "haggle" roll to determine how expensive it is)

Melgrim Porter
Phrenic Whispergnome Binder 7
(1 LA bought off) xp 23541

Str 15 (-2 racial, +2 enhancement), Dex 18 (+2 racial), Con 16 (+2 racial), Int 18 (+2 racial), Wis 14 (+2 racial), Cha 22 (+2 racial, +1 level 4, +2 enhancement)

BAB +5, Saves: F 9, R 6, W 8, AC: 18 (+1 Size, +4 Dex, +5 armor), Luck: 5, HP: 77

Bluff 16, Diplomacy 16, Gather Information 16, Knowledge (Planes) 13, Intimidate 10, Sense Motive 7, Hide 12, Spot 4, Listen 4, Move Silently 13
Skill Tricks Social Recovery, Group Fake-Out, Timely Misdirection, Never Outnumbered

Feats & Flaws
Feeble, Poor Reflexes, Spirit Imp (SoPM)1, Weapon Pact (VoPM)1, Magic in the Blood (PGtF)1,regional, Extra Known Ability (SoPM)3, Improved Binding (ToM)b,4, Ignore Special Requirements (ToM)6, Suppress Sign (ToM)b,2

Racial Abilities

Small size, +1 to hit Kobolds and Goblinoids, +4 AC vs Giants, 30’ Move, Low-light Vision, Darkvision 60’, Power Resistance 10 + HD

Racial Spell-Like Abilities
(at CL = HD, maximum enhancement possible for “*”)
3 / 3 Silence (self-only)
3 / 3 Ghost Sound
3 / 3 Mage Hand
3 / 3 Message
3 / 3 Defensive Precognition*
3 / 3 Force Screen*
3 / 3 Empty Mind*
3 / 3 Mind Thrust*
3 / 3 Body Adjustment*
3 / 3 Brain Lock*
3 / 3 Aversion*
3 / 3 Psionic Blast*

Class Abilities
Class Abilities
Soulbinding 1 vestige, up to 4th level, 2 Pact Augmentations (+ attack), 2 Bonus Feats (Suppress Sign, Improved Binding), Soul Guardian (Immunity to Fear)

Current Vestige
Andras (ToM)
Extra Known Ability: Power Attack
Weapon Pact: Amon (ToM)

GP 100

Neck Chronocharms – Grand Master, Horizon Walker, Grand Master, Celestial Wanderer, Fateweaver
Torso Vest of Resistance +1
Body Mithril Chain Shirt +2 w/ Armor Spikes
Waist Healing Belt
Shoulders Cloak of Charisma +2
Hand Gauntlets of Ogre Power
Boots Boots of Elvenkind

Non-slotted Equipment
Masterwork Morningstar w/ Lesser Crystal of Return
Masterwork Lance

Consumable Equipment
Wand Reduce Person (50 / 50)

Equipment not on person
Large Warhorse

Combat Stat Block
Combat Summary
Standard Attack
To hit (+5 BAB +2 Str +1 size +1 masterwork +2 pact): +11
Damage: +3 two handed Str = +3

Mounted Mod
+1 to hit (higher ground)

Smite Mod (1 / 5 rounds)
+6 to hit (Cha)
+7 to damage (EBL)

Charge Mod
+4 to hit
-2 to AC

Full-Bore Attack
Mounted Smite Power Attack Lance:
+14 (flat) to hit
2d6+40 (flat) damage

Standard AC 20 (+4 Dex +4 Armor +1 Enhancement +1 Size)

DR 1 / - (while wearing armor and bound)

Standard Saves
F +9, R +6, W +8

Force Screen Mod 7 min 3/day
+5 AC (Shield: standard action)

Defensive Precognition 7 min, 3/day
+3 AC (Insight: standard; +1 swift)
+3 saves (Insight: standard; +1 swift)

Empty Mind 1 round, 3/day
+5 to Will save (Immediate)

Maximum HP: 77
Current HP: 77

Spirit Imp Stat Block

Spirit Imp - Desmondus

Tiny Monstrous Humanoid

Hit Dice: d10 x binder’s level

Hit Points: 38 (1/2 binder’s hit points, round down)

Initiative: +2

Speed: 40 ft., climb 20 ft., fly 30 (10 ft. / 2 binder levels)

AC: 17 (+2 size, +2 Dex, +3), touch 17, flat-footed 15. (The imp’s AC increases by +1 per two binder levels.)

Base Attack Bonus: Use binder’s BAB.
Grapple: As BAB – 10

Attack / Full Attack: Bite, attack bonus BAB-4 (1d3-4)

Space/Reach: 2-1/2 ft./0 ft.

Special Attacks: Possesses 1 granted ability presently usable by the binder (if any). Alternatively, the imp can use a weakening touch supernatural ability: the touched target suffers a Strength penalty equal to 1d6+1 per two binder levels. The affected target’s score cannot drop below 1. After using this ability, the imp must wait 5 rounds before using it again. Ability DCs equal 10 + 1/2 the imp’s Hit Dice + its Constitution modifier.

Special Qualities: Darkvision 60 ft, improved evasion, empathic link with binder, does not sleep. At binder level 3, the imp can deliver touch attacks for the binder. At binder level 5, the imp can speak using one language of the binder’s choice (common). At binder level 11, the imp gains SR equal to the binder’s level +5. And at 13th level, the binder can scry on the imp, as if using scry, once per day.

Saves: As binder’s saving throws, modified: +0/+2/+1.

Abilities: Str 3, Dex 15, Con 10, Int 9, Wis 12, Cha 5. The imp’s Intelligence increases by +1 per 2 binder levels.

Skills: As binder, or the following, whichever is better. Balance +5, Climb +10, Disable Device +4, Hide +10, Listen +3, Open Lock +4, Spot +10. These are racial skills for the imp. Apply an additional +1 rank per Hit Die to any racial skill.

Feats: Weapon Finesse, Flyby Attack, Fey Heritage, Fey Presence

Alignment: Same as binder.

Granted Ability: Amon’s Fiery Breath

What the 3rd part feats do
You acquire another granted ability for yourself.
Prerequisite: Two or more acquired supernatural abilities.
Benefit: Add to your list of known abilities one additional ability of your choice from a spirit of any level less than the highest level of spirit that you can bind.

You can bind a spirit to your weapons and armor.
Prerequisite: Able to bind spirits, Charisma 15.
Benefit: You can bind a spirit to a suit of armor, shield or weapon by swapping item bonuses for spirit levels on a one-forone basis. You can only bind one spirit into an item, and you have can only have one weapon pact at a time.
The bound spirit’s granted abilities become available to you as if you had bound the spirit to yourself, provided the item is on your person. You are limited to your usual number of actions per round. You have no access to a spirit’s abilities when the item is not on your person. Only you benefit from the item. Sealing a spirit into an item makes it more resilient and potent. For each spirit level, the item gains +1 to its hardness rating and 5 additional hit points. A sealed weapon does +1 hit point per spirit level, while sealed armor provides DR 1/- per spirit level. Finally, you enjoy an empathic link with the item such that you always know which direction to move to find it.

You gain the services of an imp-like spirit.
Prerequisite: Able to bind spirits.
Benefit: You gain a familiar-like spirit imp.

Character Background
Melgrim Porter is the “adopted” son of the famous Porter Portguard, current Lord of Alhastar, known for the destruction of the dark prince at the end of the Age of Worms series of events, who helped defeat the dark deity Kyuss, the Worm that Walks. Porter used his wealth and the vast connections and spies to seek out exceptional individuals throughout the realms afterwards, both to keep tabs on such creatures, as well as coaxing them into his network. Melgrim was one such individual.

Melgrim Porter does not know his true parents. He grew up in the streets of Ashanath, scraping by. He became mixed up with an information broker named Thadeus Cantin, working for the Shadowmasters, and at a very young age was gaining information from minor nobles and merchants, getting blackmail information from them. When he uncovered a secret that should not have been known about the Shadowmasters, Thadeus turned up dead, strangled with his own entrails. Melgrim sensed the attacker still in the area, and ran back to the streets.

He was not doing well, when he ran into one of Portguard’s agents. The agent immediately recognized Melgrim’s abilities of deception and stealth, and suspected much, much more. He convinced Melgrim to return with him to Alhastar, and given Melgrim’s exception intelligence and cunning, rose through the ranks of trainees easily. He met Portguard upon graduation, in a private ceremony, and Portguard immediately recognized the talent. He took Melgrim into his personal cadre, and trained him in the ways of Pact Magic.

Melgrim currently is in Athkatla working as an information gathering agent for Portguard’s network. He is old friends with Helsin, and when Helsin mentioned that he was connected with the thieves of Athkatla, he took the opportunity to join in.
You might consider some of the SLA metamagics, like Quicken SLA, for your phrenic abilities. Of course, it will be a few levels before you qualify for that one...
You might consider some of the SLA metamagics, like Quicken SLA, for your phrenic abilities. Of course, it will be a few levels before you qualify for that one...

I'd also consider a bloodline, as they'd add to both your SLA and Binder abilities. :D

I've thought about both, but the advice is appreciated :D. The Bloodline thing is great, but I expect this to get into epic, so even a single bloodline level would mess up the +16 BAB (now, I could do a few Barb levels, and end up like that other build, and just advance Binding in epic, but I'm just not sure).
I edited that out, but you were too fast for me. :D Yeah, after considering it a bit more, I thought you're better off without the bloodline, unless you multiclass.
Another thing is the Psionics =/= Magic is in effect. I got the DM to say "OK" to magic in the blood, and he'd probably OK the SLA feats, but he might nix it if I get out of control (although I don't think I will - he's running a DMM: Persistant Cleric, for goodness' sake).

Anything for a:
Spellthief 1 / Wizard 5 / Unseen Seer x / Arcane Trickster x to keep up w/ the power curve (set by the character above and a typically strong Cleric)? 3rd party is OK, remember.
The wizard should have no problem pulling his weight if he knows what he's doing.
The wizard should have no problem pulling his weight if he knows what he's doing.

That's the crux of it, isn't it... Well, I steered him away from the straight-Arcane Trickster trap. Him dropping webs on me and the before-mentioned cleric wasn't great on helping combat (I was playing an Incarnate, but am very, very bored of that now).